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The Varmint Hunt...

June 7th 2011 8:26 am
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One day in early fall Daddy Samoa told the girls it would be a good day to take a hike and get some lessons at the same time. Daddy Samoa was very fond of nature hikes and often took the girls with him, teaching them about plants and rocks and all kinds of things, but especially about his favorite topic - "varmints." Dad was a Professor of Varmintry and a known expert on all different kinds of creatures that fell into that classification. He wanted the girls to get a solid background in Varmintry, even before they entered school, so he had been teaching them since they were so small they had to be carried.

For the hike the girls got into their khaki shorts and tee-shirts from last years camping trip. Buttons had a pith helmet she liked to wear, and Zipper had an old beekeepers bonnet that she had put ribbons and sparkles on. She decided to wear that. "In case we run into any flying varmints! Our heads will be protected." she explained to Daddy.

Daddy smiled and got out his Varmint Identification Manual. "Let's head up to the hilltop, there have been reports of some Varmints up there!" he said.

Zipper and Buttons held hands and skipped along the path. Daddy came along behind them, with a backpack full of instruments and a box lunch that Aunt Savvy had fixed for them with chicken and biscuits and chocolate cookies. They climbed the hill, steadily as the path wound through the trees and over a little bridge near a brook.

"Don't get too far ahead girls...I don't want to lose you!" called out Daddy as the girls climbed and climbed. They had lost sight of Daddy by the time they got to the top of the hill and Zipper had a fun idea! "Let's hide and pretend that WE are varmints!" she said. Buttons laughed and laughed and they both got under a great big bush and hid themselves.

They could hear Daddy puffing as he got to the top of the hill. "Now, where did those girls get to?" he asked himself. Zipper and Buttons giggled. Buttons could just see Daddy who was looking all around and then sat down on a big rock. He fanned himself with his explorer's hat.

Zipper tickled Buttons to try to get her to laugh, but Buttons smothered her giggles. Daddy looked over at the bush they were in and started paging through his Varmint Identification Manual. Zipper whispered "do you hear that?" very quietly into Buttons' ear.

Buttons COULD hear a noise, coming from the bushes behind them. "what do you think it is?" she whispered back to Zipper.

"i hope it isn't an angry varmint!" said Zipper, hugging onto Buttons very tight. The noise grew louder. And louder still!

Zipper and Buttons became very worried. This was not funny! A varmint might appear at any moment!

The bushes behind them began to rustle. And rustle harder!

Finally, Zipper and Buttons could stand it no more! They jumped up and ran from the bushes and straight into Daddy, knocking him clean off the rock. "Help, Help!" they cried. "A really BIG Varmint is in those bushes!"

All three turned to stare.

And Aunt Savvy scrambled out of the bushes, carrying a jug of lemonade. "I forgot to send you anything to drink! On the way up I lost the path! What on earth is the matter?" She said, seeing their startled faces! "You look like you have seen a Varmint!"

They all laughed and laughed!


I love you Jellybean...

June 3rd 2011 1:25 pm
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What happened to the Tails of Devotion? Anyway, this is mine for you and I didn't think I would be writing one so soon. Grandma was the one who was determined to get a Cocker Spaniel. I never mind adding on a dog, but didn't really care what kind or age or sex or whatever.

But that was before I met you. You are my baby jellybean. I love you more everyday! You are such a tough little creampuff and so loving, in spite of all the trouble you have had in you little life.

No more trouble, sweet girl. Happy times from now until forever!


The Swimming Lesson...

May 12th 2011 7:37 am
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One day Aunt Savvy decided that the girls needed a swimming lesson. She herself was a champion swimmer in her youth and still loved to take a dip in the farm pond after a warm day of baking.

So on a hot summer day, she told the girls to get their swimsuits and towel because it was time they learned water safety. While they got ready she fixed a nice picnic snack of warm biscuits and honey along with some strawberry jam that she had put up the summer before.

Soon Zipper and Buttons came running down in their little gingham swimsuits. Zipper has a fluffy pink towel and Buttons had a blue one. It was hard not to run around with excitement, but Aunt Savvy had them walk, holding her paws as they made their way across the field to the pond. On the promise of some picnic lunch, Dad Samoa had offered to carry the picnic basket and he followed along behind. "Could be a good place to spot a varmint!" he said. Aunt Savvy told him to quit peeking in the basket.

Finally they got to the pond and Dad sat in the shade with a bottle of lemonade and rested while Aunt Savvy took Buttons and Zipper into the shallows and demonstrated some swim strokes. Then she held a paw under Zipper while the pup tried to paddle. The water churned and churned, but when Aunt Savvy took her paw away, Zipper started to sink!

Buttons had been waiting on the bank, and without thinking she jumped in to help Zipper. She splashed and chugged her way over and grabbed Zipper around the middle. Together they splashed and wiggled and then noticed that Aunt Savvy was laughing.

"You are swimming!" she said. "Not very well, but you are - now lets work on style."

And so they had a lesson and by the end of it they could dog paddle AND swim underwater just a bit!

Then they wrapped up in their warm towels and ate biscuits and honey under the tree. Swimming was hard work!


The Adventures of Buttons and Zipper McGee!

April 23rd 2011 1:18 pm
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a new series, starring Cookie and Dublin Rose)

Once upon a time in a quiet village surrounded by green fields lived two little puppy girls. Their names were Buttons and Zipper McGee. They were twins, or at least they were the same age and were growing up together. They lived in a big house with their Daddy who was an inventor and scientist. His name was Professor Samoa Bear. Professor Samoa’s specialties involved varmint identification and control. So Buttons and Zipper had many books about varmints in their little library. Their Aunt Savannah lived with them too and she was a prize winning cook and baker. She had many trophies in a room off the kitchen. Buttons and Zipper loved to go and polish the trophies and pretend they had won them for all the wonderful things they could do.

The most wonderful thing they could do is have adventures and this little book is about some of them.

Once Aunt Savannah asked them what they would like for dessert. The idea of dessert was such a wonderful thought that it took them quite a while to decide. Finally Zipper said "lets run over to the berry patch and pick some berries. We can have a berry cobbler!" And Buttons thought that was a wonderful idea. So off they ran and in no time they were at the berry patch. Then Buttons realized that they had forgotten to bring a pail to put the berries in.

"We can use my scarf. If we fold it, it can hold a lot of berries!" so Buttons took off her scarf and folded it to make a little cloth basket. In no time at all the two had filled it with lots of fat and juicy berries. When it could hold no more, they decided to take it to Aunt Savannah and maybe she would let them help make the cobbler! What fun! So they started skipping back to the house, being careful to hold the scarf between them so that no berries were spilled. They walked past the field where the big scarecrow sat and laughed to see a big crow sitting on the scarecrow's hat. The crow told them that if they liked to laugh, it knew the funniest joke than anyone had EVER told. "Climb over here and I will tell it to you!" said the crow.

Buttons and Zipper really wanted to hear a funny joke so they both started climbing the fence. About halfway up, Buttons lost hold of her part of the scarf full of berries and Whoops! They all fell to the ground.

"We will pick them up after we hear the joke" said Zipper and kept on climbing. Buttons followed her. Just as they got to the top of the fence and over the crow took off, flapping his wings. He flew over their heads and over the fence and landed near the spilled berries. "I love some berries!" he said "And the funniest thing! Two silly puppies just brought me a whole bunch of them!" and he ate them right up and flew away.

Bad Crow.

Buttons and Zipper went home with the empty scarf. It was all stained pink with berry juice, but no berries were left. Aunt Savannah gave them both a big hug and said "How about a peach cobbler, instead? And you can help!"

Then they were happy again.


So Far, So Good!

April 4th 2011 8:44 am
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Well, Cookie seems quite happy at her new home. She loves all the stuffies and other toys and has about 10 tennis balls to chase and her own bed (pink!) and blankie.

She also enjoys running around her new back yard and sniffing at everything.

We took her on three walks since she came home and she is awful on leash, but is so hyper and flighty that she is going to be an "on leash" dog, so we are working on that. In the meantime, I am getting lots of exercise by running along with her on leash. Do ME some good!

She has a terrific appetite and should add on the pound or three she needs to gain in no time. She is definitely not fussy with her dinner!

More news as it happens, but it looks like Cookie has found her place.

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