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It's all about me, Lily!

Happy 4th Birthday Lily!!!

October 1st 2013 12:53 am
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Happy Birthday to our Lily bug! We can't believe you're already 4 years old! You've been so much fun and a challenge. This past year we spent some time in training classes. You continue to be so smart. You are quick to learn new tricks and really love showing everyone what you can do. You're a little shining star!

You have been walking at the harbor, in the park and on the beach. You love exploring new places, but you mostly love to greet other people. At home, you're the boss of everyone except NeeNee. You have fun bossing the boys around LOL!!! You are also quite a hunter, having caught a few birds. Every day you go on bunny control, and announce to the entire valley when you spot one.

One thing you have stopped doing is trying to escape our yard! Big accomplishment BOL!

Now that we have an RV, we will be traveling some. It'll be fun to see how you like it. You've traveled in a car, but it'll be different to live in a vehicle full time during a trip. Well, it should be an adventure!!!

Happy Birthday sweet Lily!!! Let's have an adventure today for your birthday.

love mom


Dogster Diary Pick and a New Trainer!

February 21st 2013 9:50 am
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Life is good! Thanks for picking my diary today Dogster!!! It is such a great way for us to catch up with each other and to meet new friends.

Yesterday, mom and I went to a new trainer!!! We're working on basic obedience right now. I love it because I get lots of treats BOLBOL!!! Tanya, my new trainer says we did great. I already knew some of the stuff like come and sit, but mom is learning what to do when I decide NOT to listen. I get distracted easily, but Tanya has some great tricks to get me to pay attention. My biggest issues are jumping all over people when they walk by and barking at other dogs. One of our friends came in and I jumped all over her, and wouldn't quit BOL!!! Part of the problem is that everyone always says "what a cute dog" and pets me, and lets me jump on them. So mom is working on getting me out of that. Not an easy task. A really cute 3 month old Jack Russell puppy came in after me, and I was barking a lot. A lesson for next week! Tanya says one of her dogs used to do that so we'll work on it. She has performance border collies who are really well trained, so there is hope for me she says. Tanya says I'm really smart and she could see me doing freestyle dance in the future. Sounds like fun - especially anything that lets me RUN FREE BOLBOL!!!

The best thing about training, is that mom sees the good in me. She may stop calling me the Maiden of Mayhem if we keep this up!



Walk by the ocean

February 14th 2013 1:29 am
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Today was my turn to walk with mom. Since her 2 knee surgeries, she only takes 1 of us every day for a walk. We walked on a trail along the coast, up above the ocean. Some of it was paved and some was dirt. I got to smell lots of different animals in the grass. There were some other people and dogs. I love people and I bark at the dogs BOL! Where we were, there was about 100 million steps down to the beach. Mom tried to trick me into running up and down the stairs, thinking I'd get tired. I went down one set and then back up. Mom told me to go down again, but I tricked her and stopped on the second step to wait for her. She can't walk on too many stairs so she wouldn't go down with me. So I ran back up BOL! I did get to chase one seagull, but I was on a leash so I couldn't catch him. I didn't even bother chasing the blackbirds after that.

It was a great walk. Mom says next time we'll go to one of the beaches since I did so well. I can't wait until it's my turn again!


Diary of the Day!!!! THANKS!

December 26th 2012 1:07 pm
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Thanks for choosing me as Diary of the Day!!! Woo hoo Dogster Rocks!



Merry Christmas!!! And my story about catching a bird!

December 24th 2012 8:40 pm
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Merry Christmas to all of my friends!!! We're really excited to open our presents tomorrow. Winston was hiding in the room when mom was wrapping presents. He says we're going to get some fun things!!!!

Mom has been recovering from her second knee surgery this past week. This is has been going on since her first surgery last month! So she hasn't had much time to help us write our diaries. We can't wait until she's better so we can go hiking and running on the beach again.

One of the things she forgot to help me report is that I caught my first bird!!!! That was the end of last month. Mom & Dad weren't in the house, but when Mom came in she found me holding the bird in my mouth. I wouldn't drop it, so she said "let's go see Daddy". I so proudly carried it out to Dad and still wouldn't open my mouth. Finally, Dad got me to open my mouth and the poor birdie was no longer with us. Mom made me leave it with dad, then she brushed my teeth and washed my face!!!!!! Pfffooooey!!!! Then mom found the little nest I left on the couch where I was taking care of my bird. Sheesh mom, it's just a few feathers!! Then we were all in the front yard and mom asked me "where is the bird?" She always asks me where stuff is when I do things I shouldn't do like get out of the yard, because I always show her! I'm VERY honest. So I took her to a corner of the yard where there is a big bush. Mom wonders if that's where I caught it. But then she caught me standing in the strawberry planter jumping up towards the low branches of a tree where birds hang out. So now I have her confused BOLBOL!!! Dad asks me when I'm in the living room, and I look up at the ceiling. He thinks I must've brought it in when it was still alive and maybe it flew around. Needless to say, I've been hunting ever since but haven't let on where I got that bird!

Haha, you schnauzers!!! I beat you to catching the first live animal in our house (besides bugs!).

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



Happy 3rd Birthday Lily!!!

October 1st 2012 8:45 am
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Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! We are so glad you came to live with us. You've been a little ball of energy! You wrestle and play with your brothers all day. I see you chasing the boys and then they are chasing you. You've learned to howl daily with the pack. You've learned to hike with the best of them. You get so much attention every where we go, because you are SO cute! You've become a daddy's girl! You sleep snuggled up with him every night. You've made daddy reinforce the fences several times BOL! You love to find a way out of the yard and wander around. You've even learned to run over to Jack's and chase chipmunks and birds. You're so smart, you only need to be shown something once before you understand and do it. But you have a bit of that shih tzu stubbornness and independence. What a cute personality you have and a LOUD bark!!! Everyone in the neighborhood knows if something is going on at our house with your loud alert system.

We love you very much, sweet girl. We'll do something fun for your birthday to celebrate YOU!

love you,


OUR Christmas tree

December 13th 2011 6:23 pm
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We added a photo of OUR Christmas tree with cards from our friends! We're allowed to sniff and play with it as much as we want since it's ours! We received 24 cards so far to our pawrents 3 BOL.

Finnegan insisted that at the top of the tree, we posted a photo of Uno and her brothers. You know Finnegan loves Uno! So NeeNee insisted that a pic of Dixie from Dallas and her sister get posted near the top too. Dixie and NeeNee came from the same place & were rescued the same day. Our moms met up near Dallas at Sheree's Dog Rescue. After a couple of days of visiting with Linda & Sabrina, they took off with our moms.

Then we have cards from a mix of shih tzu pals and schnauzer pals, other pups and a CAT!!! on our tree. It's SO pretty!

We hope you're having a fun holiday too. Thank you to all of our friends for your beautiful cards & photos. We feel really lucky.



Happy Second Birthday, Lily!

October 1st 2011 8:37 am
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Happy Birthday, Lily! You've been with us 7 months now, and you sure have brought a new energy to our household and pack! We first met you at Lauren's house with your playmate 2 year old Robert. He would be running across the house chasing you, and then a few seconds later you'd by chasing him. You were the best of buddies! However, you were getting aggressive and biting! Robert's new baby brother was just born and so I suggested that you come home with me to get some training. We went to the vet for your checkup, and she said you were perfectly healthy. Then we bought a carrier and brought you home on a plane. You tried to get out the entire 6 hours! You were inexhaustible, and that should've been a clue about your energy, BOL!!! You immediately started wrestling with your brothers, and you haven't stopped yet!!!

We worked with Uncle Matty and you've learned some basic commands. We need to get back to it so that you can be more consistent. You are so smart, you learn after being shown something once! You are attached to Finnegan and mimic everything he does. You two buddy up and chase squirrels together, each taking a side of the tree. You play a little with NeeNee but she has been secluded after her surgery, so more to come in the future. You've become a great traveler, having gone to Oregon twice now. You are so cute in your car seat!

You're such a little cuddle bug and a happy one at that! We're glad you're with us. You'll get to see Lauren this week, I can't wait to hear what she thinks!

Happy Birthday baby, and many more to come.
love mom

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