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Shy talks!

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My Gotcha Day

November 13th 2013 10:50 am
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Today is the anniversary of my Gotcha day. I have spent 3 yrs with my new family and it has been the best 3 yrs ever. In fact, I don't even remember my former family. They gave me up when I was 7 yrs. old...that's pretty sad. I love my momma...she is so good to me. I love just spending the whole day with her...and I love to hear her talk with her family....hearing voices lulls me to sleep!
I am a happy dog...I never thought I would be when I ended up in Animal Control almost ready to be put to sleep. Thank goodness for the Rescue group that took me away and then my momma found me. I am such a lucky dog...
I love my life...I go the park every morning to run off leash with my friends. I have so many doggie friends there. I have a new brother, Cody. He is on dogster also. He's cute.
Thanks for sharing my day everyone!


Many thanks for the birthday wishes

February 23rd 2013 12:36 pm
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I want to thank everyone who has wished me a happy sure is a great feeling knowing I have so many friends. Thanks to Dogster for the bones and special thanks to my friends for the rosette and heart. I am a lucky dog to have so many friends and to be part of the birthday stroll on Dogster.

THANKS everyone! You helped make my day so special!


Today is my birthday!

February 22nd 2013 10:09 am
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Thank you, Dogster, for my birthday gift of 25 bones....I shall enjoy each one sooooo much! I will post my birthday pic later today....I have on my pink princess birthday crown, my new Thundershirt which is one of my birthday presents, and my dumb-bell, another birthday present. My mom read a study from Tufts University Veterinary school on thundershirts. The study proved that dogs in a hospital setting who were very stressed and cried, barked, paced, panted or stopped eating, became much less stressed while wearing a thundershirt and even went to sleep! Since I get sooooooo scared of thunder and fireworks, I got my thundershirt! I will be soooo happy if it really works. I'm learning retrieving at my dog class and I needed my own dumb-bell so I got it for my birthday.....I LOVE all my new things!
Happy me....I love my family!
Love, Shy


Sheep herding

October 2nd 2012 2:53 pm
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Ohhhhhh...sheep herding is AWESOME! I LOVE my trainer, Laurie. She is so nice and she lets me do fun stuff! My first session with Laurie was to evaluate my herding instincts. She said i had a lot of natural instincts and that I was in real good shape for my age! I have been for 4 lessons since my evaluation and its wonderful! I am learning certain commands and that part is done in a small pen with 4 sheep. I have to learn to focus on the sheep and follow the commands given by Laurie. My FAVORITE part is when Laurie lets all the sheep into the big pasture and lets me go! I fly through the pasture after those sheep! I run after them, bark at them, and nip at their heels...just what I am supposed to do! Sheep herding is AWESOME!


Mid-August 2012

August 21st 2012 10:03 am
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Hi Everybody!!
I haven't been on dogster for a long family is very busy in the summer! We went to Florida and it was alot of fun. I love to swim and play with my toys in the water! I even chased some big herons and when they flew away I found myself in deep water...and guess what? I SWAM!! WOL (woof out loud)

I also went to a very fancy hotel in Delray Beach, FL called the Colony Hotel and Cabana Club. It was a real old fashioned hotel...big, old southern charm. They love dogs there! When housekeeping came in to make my mom's bed in the morning, they also made mine with a clean sheet!! Imagine that?? !!

When we got home, I went back to my obedience lessons. I am in an advanced class. I LOVE to go there...I wag my tail the whole time! Last night my trainer worked on BIG distractions and I did my recall right past that big old bone that he put in my path...I never even looked at it..just went straight to momma!! She said I was such a GOOD GIRL!! Now, guess what? She's gonna take me to sheep herding lessons! Now THAT sounds like fun! First I have to get evaluated,....sounds like a whole big bunch of fun to me! I will write all about it after I do it!

So,that's all my news for's good to be back on's always fun. Now I want to see what games I can play!! WOL

Bye for now...Love, Shy


DNA Results!

March 16th 2012 9:26 am
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Well,,,,my secret is out!! Mom got my DNA results back!!

OK.....I look like a German Shepherd, right? ... Well my secondary breed composition IS German Shepherd!!
I don't have a primary breed composition cuz neither my dog mom or my dog dad were purebreeds.
Now, the "in the mix" analysis is VERY interesting....are you ready???
Here it comessssssssssss........................

Doberman Pinscher YOU know my secret too! You can look at my photos and see that I do resemble the German Shepherd...just my coloring is different and I am smaller. BUT do I look like a Beagle??? Seriously???
What about Doberman Pinscher??? Do you think I look like a Dobie? I don't think so either!!

Mom says all that really matters is that I am ME...cute little ole ME...
WOL....this was fun!



Today is my Birthday!!

February 22nd 2012 6:46 am
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Happy birthday to me!! Today is my real birthday...I am 9 yrs.old. My mom says I act more like I'm 2!! I love to run and play with the dogs at the park. I had my regular morning walk at the park...met all my doggie friends. Then I went to the beach with my family and walked the boardwalk where I am allowed to be during the off-season. It's still winter here on Long Island, but the winter has been mild...Mom says yippee...but I LOVE the snow! We stopped at the picnic area to have lunch...the fishing boats come in here. I had my very own hot dog for lunch! What a great birthday! I got a whistling tennis ball for my Chuckit for my birthday too..I can't wait to try it out in the park!
Mom is going to post my birthday picture...she bought me a pink tiara that says Happy Birthday...I look soooo pretty in it!
I am a lucky dog!
Thank you to everyone at Dogster for wishing me a happy birthday and most especially for the 25 bones you gifted me with...I LOVE them!
Bye for now...


Christmas preparations

December 9th 2011 5:47 am
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Wow, Christmas is so much fun...I keep walking up to our Christmas tree and sniffing's so pretty. I have 2 is a bone with my name on it and the other is a "WOOF" ornament with my picture. My mom is going to post a photo of them on here. I also have a new pink parka with a matching scarf...Mom says she will put that photo up too.
I miss Chloe....even though I always wanted to chase her, I loved her in my own doggie way. She went to the Rainbow Bridge in Oct.
I'm afraid to go and see Santa...he will scare me and I will bark at him! Mom says I can just make a wish list in my doggie heart.
I love snow!! When will it snow??
OK... I think I said everything I wanted to say...bye for now...HO HO HO


My Gotcha Day

November 13th 2011 8:26 pm
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Today is my Happy Gotcha Day. I have been with my mom for one year now. I am the happiest, luckiest pup in the world. My mom rescued me from a very scary shelter. I was almost gonna be put to sleep....but here I am living a safe, loving, quiet life with my new family. I am so thankful!

Guess what happened to me today? We went to the park as we always do every morning during off leash hours. I get so excited that I bark and wag my tail practically off my body!! Well, 2 dogs came rushing at me and both attacked me. One bit my ear and it was bleeding. My mom took me to the vet and I got 3 stitches!! Poor little me!! Why did those dogs jump me like that?? I love all dogs and I love to play with them in the park. These 2 dogs bared their toofers at me and snarled at me. I didnt know what to do so I tried to get away...I NEVER bare my toofers!!

Anyhow I am OK now...just a little sleepy from all that excitement!! And to think it was my Happy Gotcha Day...getting stitches is no way to celebrate...but my mom gave me treats and hugs..and that ALWAYS makes me happy!! G'nite everyone..XOX


Hi to all my fur friends!

September 14th 2011 3:17 pm
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I just wanted to say hi to you all...My mom has been real busy and hasn't had time to get on my page and let me play games! I LOVE to play games! I've been having such fun this summer running with my pack-mates. We chase squirrels, jump logs and play in water holes when we hike through the woods...OH, IT'S SUCH FUN!!
I still go to Doggie school...I'm in the advanced class now..
I learn all kinds of required elements for the shows although I don't think I will be going to any. My trainer said that there are some matches where mixed breed dogs can be entered...but I think I would be way too nervous!! I want to get a costume for Halloween and go to the park near us where they have a doggie parade...doesn't that sound like fun? AND I want to play in the doggie olympics too.
I have such a good life now...I'm a happy dog...always smiling!

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