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Abigail's Annals

My First Adventure

April 3rd 2011 5:34 pm
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Very strange things were happening around my house the other day. Dad brought down some very strange bags from the attic, one was what he called a suitcase and other one was a portable feed station. For two days Mom was putting stuff into these two bags and it seemed like of my stuff was going into that funny green bag. Mom just keept saying “You have an adventure coming up, so you better get ready”. Ready, how was I supposed to get ready if I didn’t even know what an adventure was? While they were packing they kept looking at a website with cameras on it. They said it was for road conditions into Lake Tahoe. I don’t know what they were looking for but all of a sudden Dad yells, “OK it’s clear we can go today”, then Mom gets on the phone and after a few minutes says “We have the Bear Den at the Fireside Lodge” and they started running around like crazy people and told me today was an “Adventure Day”. Just great and I still didn’t know if I was ready or not. Dad started throwing all the bags and stuff into the Princess Mobile and I started wondering if maybe we would be going somewhere. I stayed right behind Dad so you know that meant a lot of trips back and forth into the house. Then all of a sudden everything stopped and we had lunch like nothing was going on. I wasn’t sure if I should eat or not, but I went ahead and ate it, it’s always better to err on the side of caution. Right after lunch was done Mom told me to go outside and potty and that we would be going soon. So I ran outside did my business and raced back inside to get my collar and to set off. The center row was made up real nice for me with a blanket and a folded up bed to fill in the gap between the seats so I could lay down right behind Mom and Dad.

I knew we were in for some kind of fun when we passed the exit for the vet, so I settled in for the drive. Did I ever tell you guys how much I love drives?, I really do. When we crossed over the big river I knew we would be going a really far way and now I was really getting excited. We made our first stop about 35 minutes in so that Dad could get some gas and that Mom could get a potty break. She told me I would need one too, I told her I was OK but I didn’t mind the walk around and I did see some plants that needing watering. After we left there, Mom gave me a stuffed Kong and I happily worked on that as the road passed by. Our next stop was about an hour and a half later at a place called Fresh Pond. This stop was something different; first off the ground was white. How could ground be white? And on top of that it was cold and very slippery. I wasn’t too sure if I liked this stuff or not but I went with Mom as she told me it was time for another potty break. Mom called the stuff “Snow” but to me it seemed like tasteless ice cream. After about a half hour there we took back off to continue our journey. As we climbed higher into the mountains we came upon this outlook that gave us a view out over this very large lake. The road down to the lake was along this very high cliff and Dad opened the window for me so I could stick out my head and enjoy the sights and smells. That part of the drive was very fun, but Mom keep worrying about me and she keep telling me to be careful. Once we got into town we went to this place called the Fireside Inn, it looked real nice and I was all ready to get out and look around but Mom told me I would have to wait while they checked in. Dad came out a few minutes later and put me on a leash and took me into the big room. The first thing that happens as I walk in, was that this Yellow Lab girl named Kona comes and greets me and says welcome to the Fireside Lodge. I had to say hi and we did some butt sniffing to get to know each other. We spent a few minutes in there meeting all sorts of new people and being asked if I was the new one, The New What? After that we went to another room and I was told that this would be our room. Mom said that this was the Bear Den. It was very nice, there were two very large beds and I was told the one against the wall would be mine, so I jumped up and made myself comfortable. After Mom and Dad unloaded the car and unpacked everything Mom said it was time to take a walk around to see what was here. That snow stuff was all over everything except the road so we walked some down the road and then we went over to this area that had a bunch of cabins. Dad chased me around in the snow banks and that’s when the snow became kind of fun. Watching Dad slip and slide was kind of fun and I just kept dancing around him. After a bit of playing we went back to the room to hang out for a while. Kona came by and scratched at our door to see if we had any extra treats. Kona hung out with us for about an hour when Mom said it was time to go get dinner. Kona went back to her office and we set out in the PM in search of food. Mom and Dad heard about this small place in a liquor store that served hot pasta dishes to go. When we got back to the room Mom made my dinner and we all settled in for a good meal. Dad gave me some of his Chicken Alfredo with noodles. Man was that stuff good. I was taking a nice nap with a full belly when they woke me up around 8:30 to go to the common room. Once again Kona was there to meet us and she seemed real excited to see us when Dad went into the kitchen and to my surprise pulled out a couple of Frosty Paws. Well I had to enjoy a FP with my new friend, so we both laid down on the rug and enjoyed our FP’s side by side.

The next day was even more fun. After breakfast we took off for the Nevada side of the lake. We stopped at a place called Zephyr Cove which has a National Forest next to it (you know, pups are leash free in National Forests). We walked along a trail in the snow when we came up to the lake. I was in Doggie Heaven, I ran right down to the beach and started biting the waves. This is my favorite game, but this time I had a beach to run along and I had a lot of waves to get. Mom made me stop for a few minutes so that we could take next year’s Christmas photo. I played for quite some time while they walked along the shore. Mom and Dad had to drag me off the beach because I could have spent the rest of the day here. From there we continued around the lake back into the California side to Squaw Valley. I couldn’t wait to get out the car; Dad had to catch me as I jumped out. Mom got my travel bag together and off we went into the village. Our first stop was the pet store where I got to do some shopping. I looked at some real nice collars but Mom said no way (They were over a hundred bucks, whatever that meant). From there we took a little stroll around when we came up to this nice restaurant which had outdoor seating. Mom and I waited outside while Dad went in to see if any tables were available for us. They gave us a nice table up against a short wall so that I could lay up next to it. Mom put down my blanket and I laid on it like the good girl I am. Mom and Dad shared a Pear and Gorgonzola pizza. They gave me a piece to try but I liked my frozen yogurt that Dad got me at the pet store. After lunch we walked to the skiing area. This is where everyone comes off the mountain and stops for a drink or a bite to eat. There I met Porter, he was one good looking Rotti Man, and did he have a thing for me. He was almost twice my height and had a very nice coat. He was playing with a ball in the snow when I came to greet him. He spun around so fast he kind of scared me, but when he got a good look to see who was up his butt he just had to sniff back. We hopped around each other for a few minutes and then just settled down to sniffing while the pawrents had their conversation. From there we went to this patio area to get some family photos, I couldn’t keep my eyes off these flying little cabins that were carrying people up the mountain. After some more walking around the village we went back to the car to go back around the lake to our hotel. We couldn’t go completely around the lake because the road was closed for the season for part of it. Once again we went from California thru Nevada into California. Just as we got into California we stopped at the Heavenly Valley Village to get Mom some cookies from her favorite Nestlé’s store. When we got back to the hotel I had to tell Kona all about my day. That evening was almost the same as last night, except that I did a lot of sleeping from pure exhaustion. They had to drag me up for dinner and I almost didn’t make it to the common room for ice cream with Kona. That night I slept like a rock, I hardly moved at all.

I was ready to continue my adventures the next day but Mom and Dad said we would be going home today. Man was I bummed. Before we left and after breakfast Mom and Dad took Kona and I out behind the hotel, which is also a National Forest. There was a plowed trail for us to walk on but Kona and I darted around in the snow together. Snow is much more fun when you have a friend to play in it. After saying all our goodbyes we took off down the mountain to head home. After an hour’s driving we once again stopped at Fresh Pond and I had no problems out on the snow. From there we drove another hour to our friend’s Jeff’s house. I have never been to his house before and to tell the truth I’ve only met him once before. I had a lot of fun out in his back yard. He has this cool lawn that has this view out over a field and it was fun to watch the birds circling around. Jeff and Dad went out to get lunch for us and when they came back we had a nice picnic in the backyard. A couple more hours of hanging out and then we were finally on our way home. We made one last stop at the new rest stop in Vallejo to get a good look at the bay and to make a quick potty break. As we pulled up to my house it came to me that adventures are good things and I’m sure I’ll be more than willing to go the next time Mom and Dad yell “Adventure Day”

See Ya’ll later, Abigail


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