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Silence, I Kill You.


January 23rd 2012 2:17 pm
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Sorry it's been so long! It seems all I do these days is work and walk the dogs! I have so little time to play on Dogster anymore...

I am doing the next DDPC5 contest (under groups) if anyone else is interested in joining. It's a photography contest here on Dogster and is SO FUN! I did it with Gunner last round, this round I'm going to focus on Pixie. :) I'm excited to see what shots I take and for the challenges to start.

It's been calm lately, thank DOG. I think, too, giving our foster dog back to PAWS and quitting rescue was hard for me. It broke my heart and made looking at these pages tough. I hope she has gotten a forever home.

Pixie is doing wonderfully! House training is 100 proof! She hasn't had an accident since last July (unless she is scared/excited, even then it's a rarity!). She is also rocking at agility, starts her novice class (with Gunner) next month. She is very handler focused and works well as my side-kick (she doesn't ever leave my side anyway...).

Gunner and Paisley are doing well too. Paisley went into a sort of anxiety after Peggy left and created a total wake of destruction in her path for nearly a month. I eventually put her on Prozac (no, really). We're off the medication for the last week and she has been wonderful. I think she just freaked out when Peggy left. She is so sensitive to my moods (and Velcro to boot! She doesn't even like it when I'm in the bath-tub and tries to dry me off with her tongue! LOL!) I'm sure she picked up on how sad I was and took it out on the house. I'm trying something new with her, since she prefers simplicity to the rigor of Rally-O and Agility, and she is starting to pull. If she takes to those beginning steps, I'm going to invest in a scooter. I'm taking it slow, we're just working on commands for now, and when her harness comes in we'll be working on pulling a tire down our dirt road. Maybe this will be simple, something she can use to run out some energy, and fun for both of us. It would be nice for her to enjoy something.

Gunner is doing awesome. He has proved himself to the local hunters as a serious tracker, and has a reputation of being "the best I've ever seen." I wish they all knew how much work I put into that dog. It seems they chalk it all up to natural ability and don't give any credit to the person who taught him to behave, even on a trail. I'm the dog-obsessed girl with the amazing spoiled dog who can kill a blood trail... it drives me crazy! He is also excelling in agility, we start the novice class next month, by the end I hope to start competing with him and Pixie!

Anyway, there is an update on whats happening with my fuzzies! Have a great week!


I know that DOE just didn't!!!

May 23rd 2011 5:01 pm
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Oh no. I am so POed. You won't believe this.

We went for a walk right? And I'm all, like, stayin' close ta Mom 'cause that's what I'm sposed ta do (and not ta toot my own horn, but I never leave Mom's side).

Anyways, like I was sayin', we was all walkin' through our woods like we do every day and out comes this doe. Well, she's all actin like she's the $#!% and like she ain't scared of us so she starts runnin like she's gonna run us over. Well, Gunner like, looses his mind 'cause he's just crazy an I'm standin in the middle of the trail not sure what to do.

Well that hoe, I mean doe, just comes right up and STOMPS on me! Yeah, that doe stomped me right in the dirt!

I rolled over an' Mom said she heard me say, "Uh- uh! I KNOW THAT DOE JUST DIDN'T! GET BACK HERE SKANK!"

I then took off into the woods to further terrorize her.

My girls, Peggy and Paisly had my back.

Gunner was stuck howling on a leash with Mom.

We came back 10 minutes later, a little banged up, but that doe got a piece of me.
Then Mom, looking a tad frazzled, let us in the house.

I brought her my ball and demanded she trow it!




Why can't I pee in the house???

May 20th 2011 11:55 am
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So, Momma's not letting me have ANY freedom because I pee in the house. She says that I'm not supposed to pee on the floor.

I don't know why. I mean, there is PLENTY of room to walk around that spot on the carpet. Right? Instead, Mom tied my leash to herself and I'm not allowed to run around unsupervised. Not fair. Gunner and Paisley can. So can Peggy, the current foster.

Mom say's they're all housebroken. She also says it's not MY fault, I'm just being a "terrier". Something about me being rotten and independent.

Then she says something about me being too cute.

Which I am. How else could they handle me? BOL.



April 30th 2011 2:46 pm
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Sooo, in case you don't know my pawrents were unable to adopt me out (Momma cried...) Naturally I knew I was home the second my paws touched their doorstep.

It's been a bumpy road, but Mom says I'm finally capable of staying in my kennel without pottying in it, although sometimes I get so excited or scared I pee right where I'm standing!
But it's getting better, I don't pee every few minutes anymore because I'm much more confident.

We've been working on something Mom calls the basics an it's terribily boring. I don't know why I should do things like sit, leave it, down, stay, or bow more than once. I mean, I already showed her I know HOW to do those things. WHY does she. Ask me again? Ugh.

Mom also says we're working on 'socializng' or something. I don't see the point in this either. I love Mom, I love Dad, I tolerate the the other dogs, I don't bite... Sigh...

I also love the kitty. We have so much fun chasing each other!

K... Gotta go!

Lick, lick, licklicklick!!!
Pixie Bell


Up until now...

January 30th 2011 9:12 am
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I was born to a litter of 9 rat terrier puppies in some guys back yard. During that first 6 weeks of my life, my doggie-dad was hit by a car.

The human in control of things couldn't sell all of us because there were too many of us. So most of us were given away. I was given to a young woman with a newborn baby. I stayed there for a few weeks when the woman decided that she couldn't keep me anymore. So she posted ads for "free-to-good-home" and almost gave me to the pound. But the pound (thank goodness) charged $100 to take me from her and the woman didn't have that much money...

One day, the woman drove me out into the woods. She looked at me with big eyes and told me goodbye. Of course I didn't understand what she meant, so I just waggled my whole body and tried to kiss her out of it. But it didn't do any good. The next thing I knew, I was sitting next to a cattle guard on a dirt road watching my mom drive away.

I waited for a long time for her to come back. But she never did. Finally, I decided to explore while I was waiting. I heard a dog barking down the road and decided to go play. After playing for a minute, I sat down of the front step of the home and a big truck pulled up. Out stepped and man who picked me up and looked me over.

He took me in the house and gave me a bath. A woman came home soon after that. I was just so excited to see people that I kissed them, and kissed them, and kissed them. My whole body wouldn't stop moving and I think I even peed a little.

That night the humans stuck me with something sharp and forced a lot of not-so-tasty things in my mouth. But what ever they gave me made me feel a little better. It wasn't long before I realized all the fleas were falling off of me.

I'm still with these people and their two dogs (and kitty). They love me and treat me just like their own puppy. But my temporary Mom says they can only keep me long enough to find me a forever home.

Will you be that forever home? I really want somebody to love me furever!

I'm a good dog, I swear! I chase the squirrels outside, I will sit in your lap for HOURS and hours, I am the best car rider in the world, I play nice with the kitty, I'm nice to little kids, I get so excited to see people (I love them all, even the bad ones!), and I sleep all night in a kennel!

I may accidentally potty if I'm too excited...but my temporary Momma says that I will get better as I grow up!

Anyway, I have to go play now. But I hope to talk to you soon!

Kissy, Kissy,

Pixie Bell

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