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Lexi, My Wonder Dog

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Updating our lives...Feb. 15,2015

February 13th 2015 9:47 pm
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Hi to all our pals!!
We have missed you all soo much! Mamma tried to get on here back in December.....someone from Dogster gave mamma a new password and we are just getting back to this tonight. We furkids are doing good...poor mamma and daddy have had quite the life here lately...grandpa passed away June 29th and grandma passed Jan.23....daddy had open heart surgery on Jan.12th...he spent 11 days in the hospital. We furkids stayed with our friend, Kimi...she takes good care of us but we sure missed mom and daddy...anyway daddy came home on a Friday night about 5:15 p.m. and Tuesday.....4 days later almost to the minute at 5:15 p.m...mamma got the news that her mamma and our grandma slumped over in her chair and was unresponsive..she never regained conscienceness(sp) again. Sooo we have ALL been through alot as a family but now mamma says we are trying to regain our here we come to Dogster. We have lots to share with you and will in the upcoming our grandpa and mamma always wanted us furkids to have a sunroom...well we do now and we LOVE it! We will have to post a pic of it in the days to come.
Lexi & Family


Update on my family

November 11th 2013 5:58 pm
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Hi every fur and pawrent,
I have corralled mamma and told her we HAVE to update our friends...we have had sooo much going on and it just dosen't seem to has gotton a little better though.....the latest news is my grandpa is going to be moved to a nursing home in another state..he will live by mamma's brother and his wife....we will miss our grandpa terribly but he will be better off there mamma grandpa(human) always loved me best...thats what mamma says and I know it to be true..well just a couple weeks ago my grandpa didn't know who I was or recognize my name or made us sad...but anyway mamma's brother and the rest of the family feel like mamma can't do this all alone and grandpa will have better care at this new place..and mamma's sister in law works there so she will see him lots and this new home is about 3 blocks from her brothers house. Mamma says it is out of love that we have to let grandpa go so he will get better care and more attention. My human grandma won't go see grandpa and hasn't since last July. Our daddy as you know has some problems but he and mamma are very strong and doing their best to stay happy and just "carry on."
As far as our dog family goes...we have had some changes...some of you will understand and others of you won't ...mamma says she gets that...but we had to let Natti and Teddy go to other homes. Natti esp. made daddy awfully nervous and one night she attacked me pretty bad and mamma was sooo upset...daddy too....they just knew they couldn't spend their lives "policing" Natti so we let Natti go...thats the sad news but the great news is she got a great home. Infact the lady who is Natti's new mom and has been for abt 7 months loves Natti to death! She knew Nattis from before and when mamma asked her first if she wanted Natti...she cried and cried, she was sooo happy. It just happened that her old doggie had gone to the Bridge and she had been very depressed and sad and the day mamma offered her Natti was also her birthday! She thinks Natti is her angel!! We are happy for Natti.!! Teddy...oh how we loved Teddy too but it ended up that Teddy had what the professionals involved called a huge "prey drive"...and all he ever wanted to do was run us down...he even thought Tiny was a toy and our fear was he would pick him up and toss him in the air! It wasn't easy letting either Natti or Teddy go but in the end the pros said we couldn't train the prey drive out of Teddy...that was just part of him and he got to be a big boy!! He was sooo smart..anyway he has a family who loves him very much..they live in Nebraska and he has a brother just like him (same breed) and we have seen videos of them playing and he is having a blast. We are also very happy for Teddy! The rest of we furkids are fine....oh Sadie and Heaven returned to their home many months ago also..after daddys diagnosis. They were mamma and daddys grand dogs. After daddys diagnosis at first mamma and daddy decided they would have to change their life styles which meant no more dogs...but after awhile ( acouple months) they decided to go back to the life they loved and make the most of it sooo we have added 2 fur kids to our family....thats another nights writing though. Our new baby sister has only been here 3 weeks...she is an awesome and fun little gal and we also have a new girl mamma and daddy rescued...both are working out just great and will probably finish out our family. We hope this reaches you all well and happy.
Lexi and family!


Just to Let you know...

July 28th 2013 7:37 pm
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Hi Every fur and pawrent....well when it rains it pours mamma grandma had a stroke July 15th and my mamma's world has been tipped upside down once again....she just had to put grandma in a nursing home this past Sat...Grandma is actually doing pretty well all things considered but with BOTH my grandma and grandpa in the nursing home...well it keeps our mamma real busy! We just want you all to know we miss our friends here at Dogster and send our love to all...hopefully one day we can be back running with the pack!
Lexi and Family



May 14th 2013 10:43 am
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Hi everyfur and every pawrent,
We have been gone for a little while...mommy and daddy went on a 20 day trip! Mamma thought she'd die with out us with her but she made was the longest time away from us she had ever been.Daddy too. We are also facing an illness with my daddy that isn't going to go also will not take him away from us soon but we have had to make some adjustments to our lives....then mamma esp. has been missing Angel and got somewhat depressed over that but she is trying to do better. We see LOTS of our very special friends have left us gifts and comments and mamma says we will get to you all one by one. Thank you for remembering us.


Spa day today

March 11th 2013 4:53 pm
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Hi every fur,
We had a pretty nice day today..we had spa day which means we had baths, trims, etc. done by mamma. We had some extra special play time and togetherness time today too....we are snowed in...9-10 inches they said we got...we sure can't wait for the nice weather to get here!!
Angel has been gone a month today and we are all doing a little better...we are trying to find a new normal with out Angel being's hard but we are doing it.
I go in for my check up March 26th and we are gonna see about something more for my arthritis. Well better go and give the other sibs a chance...I know Teddy has alot to say!


Maintenance Day

February 28th 2013 1:55 am
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Hi Furiends and Family,
Yesterday our Kimi came in her vehicle and she and mamma loaded us all up to go to Kimi's for our "maintenance day." That means Kimi8 does the things mamma dosen't do like trim nails,pull hair out of the ears and any touch ups she thinks we might need. We like going out there cuz she has this HUGE fenced ion yard to play in and lots of other doggies to play with. We all came back pretty tired though. BOL!
Our Angels urn came yesterday....mamma tried to upload a pic of it on Angels page but it won't go so far..she will keep trying. I don't know what we are going to do today for sure yet...we sure wish we could have some nice weather to go for walks and stuff....but March is coming soooo maybe???
Well you all have a good day.


I'm feelin kinda "punk"

February 18th 2013 3:14 pm
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Hi Friends,
Do you know what "punk" means?? It means I feel sad and mopey...mamma is worried about me...I haven't acted myself in a long time but lately here its been wayyyy worse...about a year ago we had a full blood panel done on me and a thyroid test and it all came back good...thats when the dawgy Dr. said I needed a half a baby aspirin twice a day for my arthitis..I go creak creak alot. I am gonna be 5 yrs old in August and mamma and I wonder how many 5 yr olds you might know that are slowed down from one thing or another?? MY cousins are all older then me and much more active.
I got to sleep with mamma on the couch last night and then after a few minutes I was pretty much my old self...Demi and Heaven came and laid with us too and that was good...mamma might have me sleep with her again tonight.
Any thoughts for me??
Later Friends,


Well HI!

February 14th 2013 11:28 am
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Hi ya all,
Mamma is like a roller coaster today...up and down and up and down...but I got to go for a ride with mamma and my cousin, Lilly...we went to our Kimi's house and Kimi groomed Lilly totally and mamma had given me a bath and hair cut but mamma dosen't do nails and hair in the ears so Kimi did that for me and also my cousin, Sadie. Mamma says all the kids and grand dogs are good for a week (BOL!) before one of us will need somethin else.
Kimi gave me a new sweater for Valentine's Day!!! I LOVE it but then you know me, I LOVE clothes..I shoulda been a hoo-man! Mamma says she is keeping sooo busy today that she can't this case, thats a good thing! You all have a good day...I gotta go strut my stuff some more in my new sweater...mamma had new outfits for all of us for today but she got so upset and preoccupied with Angel that she 4 got..but I reminded her!! Now if she could find her camera she could take some pics of us!!
Later..Love to all,
P.S. I was missin my Angel pretty bad and I was pretty sad..and watchin mamma's every move so getting out of here for awhile was good for all of us!


Please make my mamma happy again!

February 13th 2013 6:53 pm
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Hi Furriends,
Well as you know I am the spokesdog for our family...and many times thats not fun...ya know we lost our Angel...she went to mamma is sooo sad...I follow her every where and watch her every move ...I too am sad...I haven't smiled since Angel left...I am the oldest now...I was here first ya know and I'll be 5 this summer....I used to guard Angel when she first came to this house...cuz this is MY, mamma, and daddy..and you go by our rules or else! Mamma had this rule..NOBODY HURTS ANGEL, NOBODY..and nobody ever did...Angel was such a sweet soul, she never got in the way and never got upset with us kids...we all miss her! Daddy is doing pretty good but I saw him hug mamma tonight and rub her back when she said,"I'm having a tough time tonight." Mamma does try to be strong for the rest of us.....I hate seeing her sad. We aren't doing anything special..just the usual..mamma and daddy wanted to take us for a walk today but mamma just couldn't do it...she feels dead inside....we'll talk soon..mamma says better days are comin...I hope they come soon!


Ohhhh Christmas Dress...Oh Christmas Dress....

November 8th 2012 2:07 am
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Hey guys and girls,
How are ya??? We are busy here...but I just had to share with ys...our Christmas dresses came in the mail yesterday and I am SOOOO see I LOVE dresses. My mamma has put me in dresses since I was 2 months old and I LOVE them! Just wanted to share!
Take Care....

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