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Howls at the Moon - The Tail of a Husky

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Not Good Changes

September 8th 2014 8:30 am
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Sakaris hu-mom here,
once again we disappeared, my husband was in an accident on Good Friday (not so good for us), and he passed away.
We've missed being here and seeing all of our friends, but my depression has really taken its toll on our lives lately.
Not much else has happened with us, we adopted 2 cats in May.

I'm slowly trying to piece my life back together, and ease the pain for our 2 daughters. We will be around for a while, hoping that talking to our friends here might take our minds off some things. We look forward to catching up with you all.


Its been a long time!!

February 25th 2014 2:29 pm
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Hi pals,
we've been away from Dogster for a long time. Just wanted to pop in and check on you all. Life has gotten in the way and we just havent had enough time :( we have a new human in the house shes 6 months old now. Im doing great and we will try to put up some new pictures soon. Mom says shell let me stop by all of your pages soon and catch up
We miss you all
Hugs and Woofs


Vet Exam

November 9th 2011 6:44 pm
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My apologies for not posting sooner, we are both exhausted.

She recieved a clear exam from the vet and other than being exhausted and a bit dehydrated she is fine

She has done a lot of sleeping since she's been back home right now she is curled up in my bed under the covers.

It's hard seeing her so exhausted but I'm happy that she is safe and home

She will go back for another check on Monday (vet said it isn't necessary but just to be sure I want to take her back). She has had some diarrhea today called the vet and he says it is probably from stress and just to watch it.


Safe At Home

November 8th 2011 1:08 pm
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Sakari found her way home today.

Thank you all for praying for her to be reunited with her family. She is happy to be home. I have never seen her tail wag so fast!

She is exhausted and has a few cuts but otherwise seems fine. She will be going to the vet later on today to get checked over and make sure everything is ok.

OMD Dog of the Day! Thank you so much Dogster. I was so upset earlier that I failed to notice :-( She is certainly grateful.

We will update after her vet appointment with the details.

*hugs* to you all for praying for our girl and helping her find her way home and for all of the gifts you left on her page. We could never have better friends then the ones in this wonderful Dogster community.


A Sad Day

November 7th 2011 1:47 pm
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Sakari was stolen last night from my mothers house.
I am completely lost. We have searched non stop since it happened I was at a livestock show when it happened and my mom called. I rushed right over and we searched all through the night.
We have notified everyone we can think off and we just pray that she is returned to us.
It would mean a lot if you could keep her in your thoughts and pray that wherever she is she is safe.


Fly Free Abby

June 1st 2011 5:21 am
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My pup cousin Abby went to the bridge yesterday, the day before her 3rd woofday. Abby was poisoned by her owners neighbor. She was a sweet pup, loved everybody she met. Abby we will miss you, but know that you are now safe and flying free with Sadie Jo and so many other wonderful pups.


One Crazy Week !

May 16th 2011 7:48 am
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Last week was one of our worst week, I think we got hit by the bad luck truck !

Mom was going to take me on my 1st trip to the big dog park at the lake for a Husky meet up, well we got to the end of our dirt road and the car died ! Mommy pushed it back to the house and said we can't go anywhere now. That made me sad because my favorite thing to do is go places. We have lots of land here, yes - but, I gets tired of only seeing my family I like to meet new pup - it's exciting! We still aren't able to go anywhere, Mom says it's going to cost $700 to fix the car, and we just don't have that kind of money - then Daddy called and said the guy from the car lot where we got our car called him and told him he would bring a loaner car to our house for us to use - AND - he will get his mechanic to fix the old car for FREE !!!!
We weren't able to make the auction, butcher, or store last week so we are running out of food and the puppies are running out of milk :(
Mom had a job she was going to be starting last week, but she wasn't able to since the car died on us, she is bummed about that because we really needed the extra money.
Which brings me to this, why is it that humans need all this money? I have no money and I get along just fine !!

Daddy started his new job last week to. He was supposed to stay in Dallas but had to rent a car and drive to Wisconsin to get a truck and now he is SICK with pneumonia ! Hopefully he will get better soon, he was admitted to the hospital last night and we are praying that he will get better soon - mommy is very sad because he is so far away.

We want to apologize to our pals for not being around as much as we normally are and not stopping by your pages me, It's just been really crazy! Hopefully it will get better soon.

Hugs to you all


Pictures and other stuff :-)

May 1st 2011 2:21 pm
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Here are some pictures of the new foster puppies

Hi there

Little spotted one

Black and White

Stretch and Yawn

sweet baby cuddles


momma and baby

lots of babies

sweet little baby

There are 6 puppies, 3 boys and 3 girls :-)

Momma made our new brother Red a Dogster page today, he would love it if you would send him a friend request.


Been to long !

April 30th 2011 7:39 am
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Mom just realized it has been over a month since we typed a diary entry, bad Mommy !!

We have been really busy around here. I went to the vet to get my rabies vaccination and they said I weigh 52 pounds now. Mommy says I'm getting to be a big girl - They asked Mom if she is sure I'm a Husky not a Mal - don't these people know their dogs ?

Last weekend was Easter and my human sisters 2nd birthday pawty :) Mommy made some home made cakes for the birthday party and the 1st one she did was a lamb. Well silly Mommy put it in the outside fridge that is on the porch - well everyone knows that is for MY food - so of course I had to open it and eat the cake 8-D Mommy was upset about the cake but laughed at me because - well who can resist my cute face covered in icing ?

We had some storm damage from the small tornadoes we had, but Mommy got it all fixed up ! We are praying for everyone affected by all of the storms (((hugs)))

Yesterday morning while Mom was making her rounds she heard whining in one of the barns and found a Momma doggy and puppies, 6 of them. She put them in her cart and drove them to the house, she says they will be staying here with us for a while :-) She has posted flyers to see if it is somebodys pet but most likely the poor girl was dumped out here to fend for herself, Mommy says no way is that happening ! They have to bottle feed the puppies because Momma dog has no milk, she is very skinny and Mommy is taking her to the doctor on Monday to make sure she is ok.
Daddy said we can only afford 2 fosters at a time and we now have 9 - Mommy says it will all work out.

New pack member -
our long term foster boy Red is now a member of our pack. Mommy says it has been 3 years since he came in to foster with us, and she just can't see sending him somewhere else since he is now a senior boy (8) and has gotten used to being in our home and with our family (plus mom has gotten attached). He will be alternating between our house and Moms sisters house the same as he has been, but Mommy is no longer looking for him a home. We think he is a Bullmastiff mix, but we aren't sure. Daddy says he looks like a giant bully with wrinkles BOL. We will make him a Dogster page soon :)

I guess that is all for now, we will try to keep this thing up better from now on.



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March 24th 2011 12:04 pm
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