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Diary Of A Princess

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May 1st 2013 8:51 am
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Woo hoo! I am diary pick today. So exciting. Thanks to all my palsies for all thw love and prezzies. We are all doing relly good over here. Enjoying the hot weather. I am hoping mommy can get us a little pool again soon so we can stay cool and have fun splashing around. Hope all you pals are having a wonderfur day! Woofs and licks, Bella



April 22nd 2013 8:58 pm
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Hey pals! Thank you so furry much for the lovely borthday wishes, and photos, and the gifties. It truly made my day super special! Just wanted to pupdate you all since many of you are asking how we are all doing. Caleb is growing so fast. He is nine months old already! He is getting ready to crawl and is a crazy rolley polley around the house. He is truly a blessing. He is the most easy going and happy baby ever. Louie and Miller are doing good too. Being the lazy boys they are. Bol. Mommy is doing good. Shes begining to be happy again and enjoy her new life. She has a big day tomorrow and we will know more about efurrything with the non sense very soon. Hopefully it will all be over soon and we can truly move on with our lives. Thank you all so much for the support and the love. We truly appreciate you guys! Xoxoxo Bella


My Birthday!

April 18th 2013 7:16 am
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Yip yip yip! Its my Birthday! Dog oh dog how thinga fly by. This past year has been a rollercoaster, but my furmily and I are pushing thru!I will be celebrating today with my mom, unfur bro, and his little cousin. I love spending time with little kiddos. That way I get lots of pets, belly rubs, and tastey treats that they drop. Thanks for all the love today guys! Miss you all!


My 4th Birthday!!!!

April 18th 2012 9:22 am
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Its my partay and Ill bark if I want to, Bark if I want to, Bark if I want to, You would bark too if it happened to you!!! Dog oh Dog! I made it to the big number 4!! Woo hoo! Me and mom are guna go to Petsmart later and get me some prezzies! And you all know there WILL be Frosty Paws for dessert tonight!! Yumm!!! The weather is furbulous here today and we've allready been outside with mom watering the plants and grass. Efurry thing is getting so green and pretty!!! I love spring and summer!!! Well, I better get going and enjoy my beautiful day!! Thanks to all my palsies for the nice messages and comments and gifties and photos! You guys are the bestest!!


Dirt Dirt Dirt!!

January 5th 2012 12:32 pm
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Hey pupses!!! Happy late new year to all my palsies! Thanks to all da furs who sent me and my furblings the fabulous misletoes during Christmas! And thanks to Dogster to having free special gifties for the holiday! We all love that!! Anypaws, we went camping last weekend... in the DIRT! Ew! BOL! It was kinda cool. I got in trouble cause I was outside all day with the peoples and mom put us inside for a little bit I decided to poo and pee on her bed. She wasnt too happy about that. She got over it tho and cleaned it up and we snuggled all night. The desert was fun but Id rather not be in the dirt!!! Maybe next time we can go camping at the beach or something! That would be so fun!!!


Just a woof...

October 31st 2011 11:09 pm
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Dis are just a woof I just thought up. I tink dat Dogster needs to come up with an app for the smarticle phones. I tink dis would be furry good for those of us pups who are on da go and busy busy busy!!! Any thoughts??? BOL! Miss you palsies!


Escape Artist!!!

September 18th 2011 10:54 am
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I am a total escape artist! Since we've been kicked outta the bed and have been sleeping in cumfy soft cages, efurry things been okay. Untill now. I dicided I was SICK SICK SICK of sleeping all alone! So i managed to escape the other nite outta my crate and went to bed wif mom. She realized I was there sometime in the night and just let it slide! BAD IDEA! Well last night I was crying cause I had to go pottie, a usually ritual in the nite time. Well once we came back in and I was put back in my bed I wasn't having it! I cried and rocked the soft cage for an hour untill dad got fed up and made mom take me out!!! BOL! I tell ya pupsies!!! Keep your pawrents up all night and I promise you will get your way!!! BOL!


Why? Dogster? Why??

August 15th 2011 11:46 am
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Oh why dogster do you hab to be soooo addicting!!! We gotta get on all thee time and check on all our friendsies!!! But why oh why when we click on our friendsies pages do you insist that we see their page multiple *and by mulitple I mean upwards of 27+ times* all ober our computer screen!! Its dem fleas again I tell ya! It neber happens on any ober site only dogster. Its getting worse and worse. We hafta go get mommy so she can take the battery outta the computer so it finally stops and then we gotta wait for it to start up again!! This really stinks!!! Do any of you pups have this problem??? It r weally annoying!!! Other then that not much to report other then I love rolling in the grass in the backyard. But I think its soooo hot outside that its killing my beautiful green gwass. Its not so full and long and pwetty right now. Hopefully dad can fix it when he gets home tomorrow!


Pawlaying Hard!!

August 9th 2011 8:42 am
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Hey Efurry pup!!! Dog o Dog me and my brofur Miller have been pawlaying hard lately! Especially when Dads outside with Louie! Its easier when hes outside cause his big butt doesn't get in our way! BOL! We run up and down the hallway, off the couch in the living room, of the bed in the bedroom and under the kitchen table and coffee tables!!! Its a blast!!! But, when were all done and tuckered out, my whiskers aren't what they used to be! my Whiskies are brokey and frayed!!! What the woof??? And its usually only on one side!!! So now I look lopsided!!! ughhh!!! Do you pups loose your whiskies when pawlaying hard??? Im interested to know. :)


Tacos... Yumm

July 21st 2011 3:01 pm
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I've decided that my new furvarite food is tacos. The other nite Dad got sum and wasn't able to eat them all so mom had the last one when she got home from work. Since Louie was in the other room mom shared sum of the meat with me and Milly. It was super delicious. Mom usually doesn't let us have table food but she was in a great mood that nite. We're getting a new bed!!! Horray! Mom finally decided it was time to get us all a new mattress! So they are delivering it on Friday. I can't wait to sleep in my new CA King bed! Yay!! Stay cool pups!!! Woof!

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