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Lake Michigan

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I am so very sad and in tear's

February 6th 2014 9:24 am
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All my dear fun friends I will miss you all so very much. No I have not been on a lot lately but I still always think of you. If you would like to stay in touch please e-mail mommy with your name and your mommy's name so she knows its for me. Love you all. Hope we can stay forever.


I am so very sad and in tear's

February 6th 2014 9:24 am
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All my dear fun friends I will miss you all so very much. No I have not been on a lot lately but I still always think of you. If you would like to stay in touch please e-mail mommy with your name and your mommy's name so she knows its for me. Love you all. Hope we can stay forever.


Feb. 14, 1913 Woof, Woof, Woof

February 14th 2013 7:10 pm
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Doing the Happy Dance here,Today is my got ya day, When daddy picked me to look after my new mommy and keep her from being sad ,becouse of her Duchess, going to the bridge. Mommy had Day Care with 1 little girl this morning. I helped , by play with her while mommy was tearing up paper with a metal thing. We go outside and run and play. . she puts me in the car, this big yellow thing is stopping and my friend is going on.Mom knows I would go with the little girl so she puts me away. She also knows I could go into the busy street. She takes care of me. We play ball for a while, then I chase the birds away so mom can feed then. Then-its in garage so mom can put food and water out for Samantha, shes our new cat that showed up 1 day and never left. Mommy build a kitty door for her too. We played more then went in and feed our other fur friends 3 cats. I got a treat and we hugs for a while. them she got busy again. day care my buddy came in and we played. Got lots of hugs and kisses. I got a woof ,soft blanket to lay with.daddy came home we went out and I got a pice of stake daddy had left. I had a great big wonderful day so going to go get next to mommy and rest. Happy Valentines day to all.


May 25th 2012 5:49 am
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Morning everyone, sorry I have not been on in a long time. Mommy and I are vegging on the couch right this minute.She is trying to do spring cleaning to the max. never seen her like this in my 2 years and 3 months being with her.She told me her shots in the back help her with the bad pain she gets so she is trying to get a lot of things done inside and out. Yesterday we cleaned the area where she said my fur family were layed to rest.( Sam, Sassy were mommys and daddy's first kitty's. Lucky, the rabbit he was there very first baby together,He came with them from Detroit. 10 other Kitty's and 4 more bunnys are also there.) Weeding ,raking, trimming around all the trees ,there in the shade She has an Elf ,and other thing out there too. Small frece in the back. I layed out there for a while, its a very peaceful place to be,There is a bench for mommy too. See the picture of me in the van, the yellow building behind, it was moms shop a long time ago. She had a class room in one room and a shop for buying crafts in another room.Closed end of 93.Her dad helped with wiring and drywall to get it ready. Got her folding chairs ,9 brown and a white one for teacher (her)Feb. 94 he went to be with God,next to the rainbow bridge.So the building has been for storage. Her dads, daughter, grand kids and a lot of her day care things. Moms going to retire in a year or 2 so she is cleaning out anything she is not using or needs in cottage and house. I have been with her laying on couch in cottage or going in and out. Put I am with her,to let her know I love her and she is not alone doing all this.Takes her a long time she has to rest a lot. Got to go she is going to vacuum in a little bit., I will take more later have a great day.


A Surprise Easter morning.

April 8th 2012 5:40 pm
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Hi everyone, Was a very sunny morning. Daddy let me out when we got up.I was not out long when he called me back in real fast. We hurried upstairs where I heard daddy tell mommy Hurry look outside.Mom and I went to the window ,where we had a good view of our yard and field behind us. We had three cows out back and do not now where they came from. Mommy got the camera and took some photos. Well the Easter bunny needs milk for the chocolate bunnies right. Slowly they left here,I barked to them to be very careful when you cross the street. They went to the old corn field.Two cars with lights on came and stopped. Moved them way out back could not see then any more. Mom had called a couple people to see if they new anyone with cows. I think they went home after helping the Easter Bunny. So i had a fun morning.


Tues. April 3

April 3rd 2012 5:53 am
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I ask Mommy to bring me her laptop so I could let you know whats going on today. She said only for a minute she had things to do. I do not now what it could be she got a call her 2 kids are not coming, they went to grandma's. Mommy said we could go to Battle Creek to the craft store to find somethings to make with the kids tomarrow. Three coming. I was all for it, love going for rides with mommy, shes fun. BUT at 6:30 am the THUNDER MOSTER came with his friend lighting. And guess what this little girl is in hiding I"M NOT GOING ANYWHERE, EVEN FOR ICE CREAM. No sir no way. I ask mommy if she would wait till the monster is gone and the happy sun is here. Mommy love me and said OK. She is going to stay with me, in hiding till its over. Sorry got to go, got to get under my blankie. Thunder Monster in outside.


Its almost Easter

April 1st 2012 7:04 pm
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Hi everyone, I was out in the yard today and saw something moving under the pine trees. So over and under I went. Guess what, it was the Easter bunnys helper. He was maping out homes with kids so no one would get missed getting there Easter Egg. He told me the Easter Bunny sometimes needs our help getting across big open fields and when its a long way between homes with sweet little kids. Without our help he would not make it. You know, with all the jumping he has to do that night and carrying all the pretty eggs, jelly beans and peeps. I talked to mommy about this and she said yes that I was a good girl and very special that the Easter Bunny picked me to help him in Girard Twp. She said she will pack a treat for me and some carrots too. I called him to let him know. Is anyone helping in there town? Have a good evening to all my friends.


Friday Morning

March 16th 2012 5:06 am
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I was going to come on yesterday morning and call for HELP. I am afraid of the thunder and boy did we get a lot.Very, very early I got up in bed between mommy and daddy ,I am safe there .Daddy is my hero when we have a storm. Mommy is OK when daddy's at work but he was at home. Thursday we had a lot of it too. They said some hailing town but we mostly got the noise very little rain. By the way the turkeys out back were very noisy and some Crane noises too. The noise I do not like is when mommy lets me out befor she gos to bed. its like the get just other side of pines and then they start howling. When I was little mommy heard them and hurried me up to get in house.


What a great day.

March 14th 2012 6:15 pm
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What a great day so pretty outside, lots of great smells too. Mommy throw my yellow flat ball a lot today. I have a lot of fun with it and my others I have.. Forgot to tell you I keep my fun toys under the outside table, there's room under there for me too.Mom made me a little club house under the slide, I sometimes share it with my human boy, hes 4 and lots of fun. I was digging under there and he came in lay ed beside me and helped me dig.What a great guy.But them his dad came and got him, by buddy, His dad had his fur-friend with him. She told me she always gos to work with her owner, rides in the big truck to. Will I am really tired so going to take a nap. Have a good evening my dear friendly your the best.


Valentines Day.2012

February 14th 2012 11:39 am
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Hello every one Happy Valentines Day to all my friends. This is a very special day for me, this is my 2 year got ya day. My sweet loving daddy picked me out special, just for my mommy as she was very lonely and sad after her Duchess went to the Rainbow bridge. Funny how I was born in 09 and my sister went to the bridge in 09 too. I now I make my mommy very happy and daddy too. Its been pretty cold out put now that mom feels better she takes me out every day to play ball and yes she puts on my pink sweater so I do not get cool. You should see her all bundled up. Her coat is white so she can hide in the snow for me to find her. So much fun. Have a fun day every one Love you all WOOF, WOOF

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