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Milton's Barks!

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Momma Go Away!

February 3rd 2011 3:43 pm
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What is wong wiff moms??? I founded a neeto toie n da yard an her toook it fwom mes!! Grrrrr. I was juss bein a normul terrier hunten de cwitters. I was swapen de tar owt of da mouse an tossen im wiff my ferocis teefies. Momma maded me weev im n da yard! Her uncle scooped im wiff de shobel :( Gotta gos lowk fer mores :D
Milton-1 Mouse-0


Abandoned and Left to Fend for Myself

January 7th 2011 9:04 pm
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My mom left me for 5 whole days :( Of course she called every night to see how I was, but still she abandoned me, sob, sob.
Mom's aunt passed away so mom had to leave town to clean out her apartment and other stuffs. The uncle she stayed with is allergic to doggie dander, so she couldn't bring me :( But guess what!!!!!!!!! I got to stay with my furless brother and his wife :) The BEST part is they have 2 dogs! We played and played! I couldn't help myself and marked in their house a couple of times, oops! I had to leave a little something for them to remember me by right?
Mom about went crazy with no computer and I missed all the action on Dogster.
I hope everyone had a great New Years! Luv to all :D


My Life Flashed Before My Eyes

December 28th 2010 3:34 pm
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I got into BIG trouble last night! Mom's uncle left a pill on the coffee table and I snatched it up and ate it! Uncle Sam said "oh it won't bother him it's just for my shingles". Well Mom did not think that was true, so she hoped on the internet and found a site where other dogs had eaten the same thing. She gave me some stuff to make me ralph, boy did my life flash quickly! Mom stayed awake most of the night keeping an eye on me while I slept peacefully. Today you would never know I ate that pretty blue pill!!
Santa was sure good to me because I held off being a bad pup!! I have been reading about everyone elses Christmas and it looks like us pups made out :D
Wishing everyone a happy New Year!


Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!

December 24th 2010 4:19 pm
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Me and my momma want to wish every pup and peeps on Dogster a very Merry Christmas! I got my wish of a furrever home and hope all the others can get one too.
Santy Paws will be here soon!!
Luv to all, Wuffs and wags


Milton's First Rule!

December 5th 2010 1:36 pm
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Deer Diory, I am puten into ritten my ferst rule. If you are on "my" floor it meens it ar play time with Me!! Mom shud not play wit the Christmas tree, but wit Me! It took some convincen but she gave up decoraten and focused on Me. Why did she keep putten me out to "potty" later? Goofy mom :D



November 30th 2010 10:39 am
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Everyone here on this "dogster-fing",(Zaidie speak), are great! Just look at all my yummy bones and prezies! What a lucky guy to have all this, and my forever home too! I am taking a break from doing zoomies in the backyard to write this. Thanks again everyone :D


A Great First Day!

November 27th 2010 4:38 pm
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Thank you to all my new Pup Pals! What a first day....I received my 1st pals, got my 1st rosette (pumpkin pie yumm), and 92 bones! I love bones,mmmmmm! I have been doing zooms all through the house today in celebration! Like Zadie says "this dogster-fing" is great, with all the great pups and peeps :D
Bark at ya later!

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