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Milton's Barks!

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A Baby Brother!

April 18th 2014 6:50 pm
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Mom got me a little playmate! His name is Mr. Stubbs and he is 4 months old. He sure could use some friends. This is his id # 1323394. Thanks!


Thank You!

January 25th 2014 9:36 am
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What a surprise to be Dogster's Diary of the Day! Thank you everyone for the gifts and warm wishes. We have felt such love and acceptance here. Everyone will be in our hearts forever whether we keep in touch or not. Love and best wishes to all. It is an honor to share this day with 2 pals! Sorry Mom doesn't know how to do those links Zoe.


A Blog!?!?

January 22nd 2014 7:07 am
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Mom may have created a blog for me, I'm not sure. It is If you can't find it I will be so embarrassed for my typist!

On another note, Mom got her refund from Say Media. She had just renewd in Dec.

Thanks for reading!


We are droop'n around here!

January 21st 2014 10:07 am
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First off let me say thank you to everyone who has sent gifts and Pawmail. Love is strong and warms the heart. Mom has been so down since hearing the news about Dogster that she has trouble sleeping. Since I get to share the warm cozy bed, that means she wakes me up stirring around. I let out sounds to let her know I am not happy! Last night she did better. Life goes on and we will recover.

Mom is thankful that the setting on FB Dogster Pals was changed to private. Now she is comfortable with the page. We will try to stay in contact. Mom is not very good with computers and hasn't been able to get onto Fuzzy's website.

Please know that we love you all and your special parents.


Getting Dizzy!

January 10th 2013 9:22 am
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Looks like I'm in the DDP loop! I was never picked fur nothin and now a week doesn't go by before I'm picked again! I'm not complaining mind you, I just love attention, bol!

Thank you to Angel Whisper, Dixie, and Zaidie fur the rosettes! Momma thinks I'm gonna get spoiled if this keeps up. So what is wrong with that, I ask???

I need to go lay down now....



January 7th 2013 5:40 pm
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Woohoo! I was one of the Diary Picks today! Two honors in the last two weeks! I can tell it is going to be a good year!

When I was DOD mom gave me a bath :( For DDP we had an extra long walk, thank dog, and a drive to the post office :)


From Street Urchin to Dog of the Day!

January 2nd 2013 9:29 am
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OMD! Thank you Dogster fur this great honor! A special thanks to all my pals fur their love and prezzies fur my page! You are the best! ♥

I never thought I would ever be a DOTD! I think I'm hyper ventilating. I better go bark at the neighbors and let every pup in the block know. Bol!Bol!


Birthdays are Great!!!!

November 16th 2012 9:17 am
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What fun birthdays are. I get all sorts of yummy gifts on my page, and personal messages from friends. Momma plays extra long with me, and the best thing is...... I got CHICKEN fur a snack at lunch. Dinner time I got more CHICKEN mixed with my kibble!!!!!!!

Thank you every pup fur making this the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!

Duncan & Hamish
Flicka & Family
Harley Davidson & Family
Abbie & Family
Tripod & Family

♥ you all!


With Humble Thanks

November 11th 2012 3:14 pm
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There are so many good Pups and Peeps on this Dogster thing! Mom and I forgot all about it being my Gotcha Day until she saw all the notices of gifts fur me in her email. What a great surprise!!!!

Thank you for all the thoughts, prezzies, and notes everypup! If I leave anyone out it was my bad.

MJF, Whitley, Toto & family, Rudy & family, Duncan & Hamish, Hunter & family, Zaidie, and Zoe!

Good sniffs..........


Bestest Barkday Ever!!

November 16th 2011 8:19 am
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This is one very thankful pup! I found my furever home and have the bestest pup pals in the universe! Thank you all for the birthday wishes and prezzies! My little heart is so full of love it's ready to xplode!!

Momma took me in fur my check-up and I am up to a whopping 9.8 lbs! They gave me not 1, not 2, but 3 shots. I was such a good boy and didn't cry that I got a treat! Course it wasn't as good as the treats mom gives me. Next year mom says I won't need so many pokes. Thank dogness!

I got lots of luvin and treats from mom fur my special day. Then seeing all the luv from you all just sent me over the top :D Many thanks again ♥

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