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Hi Everyone

November 12th 2010 10:35 pm
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I am Missy a 3 month old Shih tzu puppy, mommy got me from a breeder friend a few weeks ago. I am a very smart little girl mommy says, learnt 5 tricks so far this past week. I go to puppy classes once a week for socialization and to maybe learn something mommy dont know already,bol.

Princess and I get along fine as long as i dont touch her kong,mol.

I just wanted to say a quick high and mommy says she will make my page look pretty tomorrow for sure.

TTYL Love Missy



February 8th 2011 7:04 pm
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Hi all
I quick note to say hi and to tell you all how much I love the snow it is so much fun. I am in puppy classes still and doing great. I can come,sit,heal,down,give 10,paw,leave it and roll over.

Love you all Missy


I am working so hard

February 21st 2011 8:32 pm
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I have been working so hard on my training this past week, I am now learning and I am pretty good at : crawl, sit pretty, back up, put them up, come to left side, stand up, go to the mat and take a bow.

I can do: sit, stay, stop ,come, down, roll over, give ten, paw, turn, heal on and off leash, watch me, leave it and go to bed.

Mommy wants to get me my CGN title then start competing in Rally O classes after that. She says I am pretty smart but then again we work on stuff 2 x a day. Even my 9 year old human brother works we me daily.

Take care
love Missy


June 18/2011

March 1st 2011 6:59 am
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That the date I take my CGN test. Mommy is hoping we both will be ready. My trainer says I should be fine to take it now but mommy says I need more work,bol.

Mommy is thinking about new things to teach me this week as she is running out of things right now. Any one have any ideas?? and I was also wondering if any pup out there knows a pup that would'nt mind helping mommy with my page?, she will give them zealies as payment as we have lots.

Thank you and take care
Love Missy


I passed my Intermediate Classes today

March 20th 2011 8:03 pm
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I did it, I did it!!!!!
I passed my Intermediate classes today and I am on to advanced classes. My teacher said he can't beleave how smart I am for 7 months old, he said mommy must work really hard with me,bol.

I start advance classes in 2 weeks and I am so excited about it and so is mommy.

I just wanted to tell you all,
Love Missy


Its been a while

July 19th 2011 11:19 am
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Hi everyone

I am now 11 months old and have grown fast, I am getting fixed tomorrow as mommy says that there is enough unwanted dogs in the world and we don't need to add more. I think she is right and besides I like my figure, bol.

I have also finished another 2 sets of dog classes since I last posted with another starting in the fall.

I even look different as my hair is all gone, mommy says it was just to hot for me in the bad heat we have been having here. I will get her to post a new set of picture I don't even look like my self ,bol.

Well I need to run and eat as I cant after 6:00 pm because of my surgery tomorrow.

Love Missy xoxoxoxox


I am starting my PSD training.

May 8th 2012 10:00 am
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Hi Everyone

We went to the pet friendly video store today and Missy was so good, we were in there for about 20 min and she sat beside me at a heal or laid by my feet. People in line were saying things to me about how well behaved she was and how Missy was watching me so closely. We practiced settle, down, sit and watch me in the store.

She did so good I am proud of her and me.



SD seminar

June 4th 2012 5:10 pm
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Hi Everyone
I just came back from a three day SD seminar/workshop with my human mommy and I did WONDERFUL!!.

Mommy had to be in classes threw out the three days and I was a star even the people who ran the seminar were impressed how well I did for not even being 2 years old. When mommy got her certificate they even announced how well I did. Me and mommy learned so much and met some wonderful people and pups while we were there.

The sky is the limit now, I just wanted to share how well I did with you all, next step we got to our first SD training session with a private trainer we found.



Today we went to post office and Canadian Tire

June 6th 2012 11:12 am
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Me and mommy walked to the post office and Canadian tire and I was great, I got alittle spooked with a noisy shopping cart but mommy redirected me and I was fine.



I went on a subway ride and did my first escalator ride- going to Woofstock

June 9th 2012 8:54 pm
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I had a long fun day today, we went to wolfstock and learned and experenced alot of new stuff but did GREAT!!!!. Mommy is impressed daily on how well I am doing with my training and she realized that all the past training has paid off big. Mommy got me lots of stuff at woofstock and meet some great pups to.

Love Missy

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