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Writing As I Promised I Would

September 29th 2011 6:45 pm
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Dearest Friends,

I said I would write tonight so here I am.

I was Matron Of Honor for Lexi as she married Zak and what a beautiful ceremony it was! The Wedding location was so beautiful and Zak was so happy to have the wedding on the beach with the beautiful ocean that Lexi loves so much as a backdrop! The waves were lapping ever so gently along the white sand shoreline as they said their beautiful vows that it made for the most perfect Fairytale wedding. She arrived by a horse drawn carriage along with her Daddy Buddy who gave her hand in marriage to Zak and as he did so Zak, Lexi and Buddys eyes all welled up with tears. You can read about the rest of the wedding and reception in Roscoe's diary and on Lexi's page you can watch the video of the surprise wedding gift he presented to her. What a loving husband he is to her. Thank You Zak for making my Sisfur so happy♥

Today I was chosen as one of the DDP's and it was so exciting. When I signed into my mail I saw a message of a receiving a rosie from Xena and her wonderful loving family and that is how I found out! I was so excited and Momma was so proud of me as you see with Lexi on her honeymoon for a week I have been doing all her postings in her groups and with being an admin in 9 of them it was a tough job! I don't know how she does it to tell you the truth but I am managing and I hope she will be proud of me! I have met a lot of wonderful furs that I hadn't met before and it makes receiving this honor so rewarding.

Thank you everyfur for all the pmails, gifts, comments and most of all for your gift of your Furiendship...

Love and Hugs,


OMD, I Have so much to write about

September 29th 2011 12:38 pm
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Dearest Diary,

I have so much to write about but have been so busy posting for Lexi all over/Dogster/Catster that I have not even had time to write about her beautiful wedding and now must write about the fun of being DDP.

First I will say Thank You HQ and To all my furiends I will write the new entry tonight as I am crazy busy trying to do what Lexi normally does but being she is still off on her honeymoon with her new husband Zak I promised I would do it for her.

Please stop back and read my new entry tonight:)

Hugs and Love,



September 19th 2011 10:00 am
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Dear Dogster/Catster,

Please release Gizmo and Luke from the dog/cat of the week spots. It was wonderful to read all about them but now I would like to see another dog/cat honored there. For all of our pals out there please feel free to copy and paste this message and spread the word to Dogster/Catster that we would like to see Gizmo and Luke set free. FREE GIZMO (and Luke)!!!!!

I’m hoping that if others post the same message that their pals will agree and do the same thing. Maybe if there was a mass movement Dogster/Catster would move this situation up on their “to do” list and set them both free. I admit I am sort of in a panic here because I only have 6 more days before we hit the road again and I will not have access to the internet so my campaign will either be a success or stop short of getting them free.

Please be aware that this is a very hard request for me to make because I am used to just taking what I want. I did put a lot of thought into it and have been second guessing myself wondering if it is an appropriate thing to request because it could end up in a huge failure where no one will join in on the cause. I decided that not trying was a failure in it's self so what do I really have to loose? I just want to get the word out that Gizmo (and Luke) need to be free and I'm hoping it happens before we leave next weekend.


I Have A Owie

September 8th 2011 11:32 am
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Yesterday when Momma was walking me a lady new to our neighborhood walked by us with a pittbull mix and as the passed he grabbed my face. Momma had me on the 2' braided leather lead so was ale to yank me away but if you look at my picture you will see he just grabbed me and didn't attack as there was no growling or crazy eyed look. We don't blame the breed as we know anything with teeth can bite at any given time.

The right side of my face swelled and made it hard to eat my kibble;( It;s still swollen but I am being good and taking my antibiotics and letting Momma put the triple wound stuff on. She's more worried about the puncture I received on the side of my face.

The lady was nice about it, paid the vet bill and left a deposit should I have to go back in. She was told by the police to put the dog down or anytime it is outside it must be muzzled and she chose the muzzle. Mommas glad she kept him♥

Thank you for all the prayers and love.

Love You All Bunches♥


Another exciting day for me!

April 30th 2011 10:57 am
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WOW! Teddy just let me know my Easter background won 1st place at PDPC. Thank You Sweet Teddy! I never expected to win but am so happy I did..who wouldn't be huh? It's such a fun loving group and I love you all bunches.

I have had such an exciting week, beautiful Easter, fun chasing the deer, winning honors and such..I am so blessed having the loving family I have and such loving friends!

Shepherd Smootchies,


I Ran And Ran And Ran Some More!

April 25th 2011 3:56 pm
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OH My Goodness it's been a long winter way up North here and Easter Sunday the weather started to get warm and lots of sunshine! Today We woke up to beautiful sunshine once again and I heard Momma say to Daddy..It would be a nice day to go to the woods.. Well, when I heard my favorite word "Woods" ( I love that word more than the TREAT word) I started wiggling and spinning in circles cuzz I knew where I was going. Momma filled my water jug, took a bottle of water for herself and when she opened the door I zoomed to the truck where I was still wiggling. She opened the door and in I leaped! We were off....

Well let me tell you this.. We didn't even make it all the way to the back woods cuzz as we passed the last football field there stood a whole herd of deer grazing on the new grass shoots and enjoying the warm morning sun. Momma put my 25 lead on and I was off dragging her along. Momma put me inside the fence so I couldn't get the deer but OMD They were running along the fence and me right along side of them on the other side. They are smart and when they figured out I couldn't get them they just started walking and grazing again and I was running back and forth,back and forth but they didn't even look at me. After 20 minutes of running and my tongue hanging down to my knees Momma said, Let's Hit It, so I sat in front of her as she hooked me back on the lead and I walked very slow to the truck and drank my water and Momma drank hers. We were not used to this warm weather and Momma turned the A/C on for the ride home. We arrived home, Momma checked me for ticks, wiped me down with a bath towel of tepid water and gave me a big hug and I laid in front of the patio door and took a nap while she napped on the couch. The Morning was good to us:)

I just know now that the weather is finally warming up Momma will let me once again Run And Run And Run Some More....


Christmas Is Over

January 2nd 2011 12:07 pm
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Am I Glad Christmas Is Over You Ask? No, I will miss Christmas because I got lots of extra attention from all the company we had at our house and all the fun prezzies and treats Santa brought and the company sneaked to me, the special gifts and cards from so many dogster pals. BUT.... New Years is a whole nother story..OMD! I had to sit with a New Year Tiara on my head, then a New Years Hat! Wotrh the treats I got..Again I say No cuzz I think it's silly but Momma enjoyed it so I listened cuzz I love her bunches and like to see her laugh and laugh she did when I looked so unhappy in the stoopid Tiara.

On a good note I am looking forward to a good year ahead spent with days in the woods, summers in the fields and swimming in the creek and going for rides in Mommas vehicle. Maybe I can go to Moose Lake again and play with my friends Trygg, Hobie and Willy who I used to play with everyday until they moved.



I Have The Best Secret Santa

December 20th 2010 2:48 pm
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Oh! My Goodness.. Christmas came early today! I got a package in the mail and it was full of wonderful smells:) It was from Molly who was My Secret Santa and all the gifts were wrapped so pretty. Momma put them next to the tree and I sniffed and sniffed and then RIPPED! Inside one I found a Big Stocking full of stuffies and toys that squeek...then I found another good one that was a long green loofa doggie and my tail started wagging so fast and my front feet were bouncing off the floor then I found the bag of treats...Dawg...I picked them up gave them to Momma and she let me have 5 of them! Momma has never let me have 5 treats at one time so I knew these were special! Thank You Molly..I love my gifts and it was so kind of you. Merry Christmas My Friend!



One Year Ago Tomorrow ......

December 11th 2010 4:00 pm
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Tomorrow will be My And Angel Buddys First Wedding Anniversary on Dogster.. We were married aboard Your Key To Happiness Cruise Line and shared our Special Wedding with friends and family on the Alaska Cruise on Dec 12, 2010... Oh what a happy day it was for us. Nervous of course but so very excited. I am writing this a day in advance as tomorrow will be a hard day for me. Those that know us well know My Sweet Buddy went to the bridge on Jan 7th but I vowed to love him Always and Forever and I do. He lives in my heart and lives on dogster in spirit as does my Sisfur Lexi who Left in July to go to the Bridge also. I feel alone sometimes even in a crowded room just like when I first came to dogster. I am once again shy and afraid to venture out to far but do play in groups with friends I feel comfortable and safe with and I thank them for that friendship!

Please take a moment to listen to the song on my page that I Dedicate to My Sweet Angel Buddy and My Sweet Sisfur Lexi.."WHO YOU'D BE TODAY"

(((Fly Free You Two Beautiful Angels...Fly Free...)))

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