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I Am The 2012 Easter Bunny!

April 8th 2012 5:48 am
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Oh My! I was honored to have received "The 2012" Easter Bunny Of The Year at PDPC! I fell right off my Throne when I heard the news! Thanks you so much PDPC and by the looks of everyone;s pages on Dogster/Catser I did a good job! BOL!

I love my picture Buttercup..Thank You! Well I have been up all night hoping through dogster/catsetr town filling everyone's Easter Baskets so I am hopping back down the bunny trail that leads to my house and am going to bed after such a long fun filled night

Monnie aka Easter Bunny 2012


April Fools Was A Wonderful Day Instead Of A Joke Filled- Day!

April 3rd 2012 12:05 pm
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Hi Pals,

When I signed onto Dogster April First and checked my mail their was Bailey and Buttercup in my mailbox informing me that I Was The Royal Dog Of The Month in PDPC! I shook my head blinked my eyes and thought..April Fools Joke Right? I ran to the group and sure enough it was posted as True!!

OMD, I was so excited and I got to do an interview and everything I was wiggling and panting cuzz you see I'm a little shy about things like this but they are all so fun and friendly there's no room to be shy! Everyfur was congratulating me and making me feel so special.

It's great being Royalty even if it's just for 1 month cuzz I get to wear this beautiful crown and sit on the most gorgeous throne!

Thank You PDPC for making April Fools Day Wonderful and for not pulling a joke on me!

Love and Hugs,
Monnie or "Mon" The Jamaican Gurl;)



February 27th 2012 10:26 am
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Momma received a phone call this morning saying I was DOTD and she couldn't believe it and it came and a most perfect time as it really made her smile!

She is still busy with family at the moment but said I could write individual thank you's when time allows but until then...Thank You So Much for all the kindness,love,pmails, rosies and most of all your furiendship♥

Lexi, Roscoe and I will also send our thank yous for all the prayers, phone calls, flowers and rosies that everyone so thoughtfully gave in the passing of our Auntie Marsha♥

We Love You All So Much♥

Monnie, Lexi, Roscoe and Momma Pat


My Momma Is so proud of me

February 23rd 2012 9:25 pm
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I made my Momma so very happy today and when Mommas Happy everyone is happy! BOL

As you know my little brofur Roscoe came to live with me in August and I accepted him for the most part but didn't ever like him. Momma doesn't believe doggies in the same house should be kept separate but I did growl whenever he came in MY Living room. I would let him lick my face all over and I would lick back but just over the partition. He sneaked into My Living Room several times but I would just sit on the couch and not move as he jumped and played. Well guess what..Momma has been wrking with both of us and TODAY we were turned loose in our fenced yard with Momma and Daddy both in there and also a HUGE pan of water just in case a fight started but we didn't even sniff each other..we just took off playing! Oh it was so fun! I ran and chased him just like I did with Lexi but let me tell you Roscoe is a fast little pupper. We played tug, chased each other around for a 1/2 hr and when we were broguht inside we both sat next to each other for lots of good doggies and ear ruffles and then the treat jar came out! I love my treats but I LOVE MY BROFUR EVEN MORE. What an exciting day it was at our house today!


Lookie where I'll Be Staying

February 21st 2012 8:24 pm
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My Parents have planned their trip to DC and Maryland for their daughters wedding in Sept and this is where Roscoe and I will be staying where Monnie and Roscoe will stay Everyone is very well trained and there a vet on duty so Momma won't have to worry the whole time she's gone. She will miss us of course but feels good about leaving us at such a wonderful place. We will go there a feww times before Sept to get us used to it. First several times will be just 1/2 days, then an over nighter then a couple full days with over night stays. Then come Sept we will stay the whole week. I think it's going to be way fun!


I'm Playing With Nina From Survivors

February 2nd 2012 4:40 pm
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OMD! I am playing the survivor game at PDPC with cast member NINA and believe me I know we will have a great chance of being the sole survivor cuzz she is one tough cookie and I'm safe with her as she is a retired Police Officer! WHooo Hoo this girl knows how to survive on the streets of LA and I'm going to help her survive this challenge!! She has competed in several Swat Team competitions as the only female so the men don't have nothin on us...What A Great Team we are!!!


DAWG Does the excitement ever stop???

January 7th 2012 10:09 am
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I sure hope it doesn't stop mainly because I love it when friends stop by to visit my page and leave nice comments and I get to leave them thank yous.

Mr Sir Jack Freckles commented that I was one of the DDP's today and THANKS Mr Jack as I would have never known and THANKS Dogster for choosing my entry!

WOW, A happy wonderful Christmas and now 2 exciting days in a row. OMD I don't know if this ol gurl can handle it! BOL! If this is the way to start the New Year off then I am soooooooo in;)


OMD! I Won The KKC Winter Wonderland Contest

January 6th 2012 8:19 pm
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I am so excited to have won the Winter Wonderland Contest and thank you to all who voted for my Snow Climbing photo. It was from last yr as we are having an unusually warm winter up north here and have very little snow right now. I want to go snow climbing so bad;( There's still a few months of winter left here so hopefully we will get some snow yet. In the photo I am about 20' up.

Congratulations to Chloe whom won 2nd place and Howard Jr on his 3rd place win. And to the kitties Ashley and Angel on their wins.

There were some great entries and I enjoyed seeing all your photos.

Thank You Again KKC for having the contest and to all who voted.

Love and Hugs,


I Barked And Barked Until Momma Got Up

December 13th 2011 9:13 pm
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Dear Santa,

I really am a good girl even tho I barked and woke Momma up several times while she was napping today. It was important and I knew it was;)

First I saw the UPS Truck pull up so I barked and Barked! Momma woke up and came in the living room and said, Monnie shush No barking in the house remember...Then she saw a pkg on the porch. She brought it in and Roscoe started spinning in circles and I barked some more. OMD! I won the box full of JW Toys and Momma started jumping up and down and squealing and making more noise than me Santa! She went back to sleep as she didn't get to finish her nap and I started all over again..BARK! BARK! BARK!

This time it was the Mailman! Roscoe and I got our package from our Secret Santa at PNP and it was full of toys! I got a Christmas Stocking full of PINK tennis balls, a chewy rope and a Loofa! and also a Nice long furry toy with no stuffing and Roscoe got the same gifts all in Blue. They even included a pretty photo of them self in a frame for Lexi! Thank You Secret Santa...We love our prezzies.

AND Then BARK BARK BARK..The mailman came and left yet another git for Lexi, Roscoe me and even Momma!This we can't open until Christmas Eve and Momma has to open her part on Christmas Morning so she has it sitting on her night stand to open as soon as she opens her eyes Christmas Morning. She's just like a kid at Christmas;)

Poor Little Brofur was so over the top excited he couldn't decide what to chose first so he took one, ran, dropped it and ran back and forth for each one. He was so wired Momma had to take them all away except for 1 and hold him and gently stroke him for 15 minutes to settle him down. Then he sucked his penguin pillow and fell fast asleep.

We'll be posting the pictures tomorrow.

Thank You everyone and Thank You JW♥

Merry Christmas To ALL


Thank You But I'm Not Ready

October 11th 2011 9:26 am
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Dear Diary,

I am writing today to say thank you to the boy furs who have sent gifts and pmails asking me to go on a date and also several have asked me to be their girlfriend and I tried to be kind and let them know I do appreciate the beautiful compliments, flowers, gifts and notes they have sent but had to gently decline the offers. It's not that I don't think they are all nice furs and each is unique in their own way but I am once again very shy and find it hard to date. I will however dance with them and have fun at parties and hope we will always remain good friends. Like Lexi always said..Only Time Will Tell...I will know when the time is right but that time just isn't now and I hope you all understand that and do not take it personally as that would make me feel just terrible.

* Blushing*

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