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May 12th 2011 10:05 am
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well mon we didn't go's vehicle was in the shop..but the rest of the week we went rollerblading in the park everyday( tues & wed) early..also we both get a bath outside yesterday...and today mom got our heartworm preventative fr the vet...and i had chicken livers' for dinner one night .chicken gizzards another night.. tonight its beef heart.. YAY!! my fav!! & bones for sure!!
also i'm a great coon chasing dog!!!I can hear them fr inside the house...!! i keep a good watch over the chickens!!


sat & sun

May 8th 2011 1:50 pm
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well yesterday mom took us both rollerblading early in the is sun.. the day we stay home.. but i've been going out regularly to check on the chickens...that's my job...also last night mom cooked me something new for supper..chicken livers.. i didn't like them so much at first..but today i polished them off for lunch...tasty..yum!!hoping for more chicken livers & bones for dinner!!!later,peter


thurs & fri

May 6th 2011 2:45 pm
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well yesterday it rained all day so we didn't go anywhere. but mom did give me a bath in the T.U.B. which i love!! today she took us rollerblading early this morning.. boy!! were there a lot of squirrels...left and right!!!i could hardly contain myself!!
hoping for cheekmeat & bones for dinner!!later,peter



May 4th 2011 2:56 pm
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well this morning mom took us both rollerblading. i also think its time for a clip job on me!!i'm getting real hot again!!but the good news!!i've got a full time job!!!guarding the chickens in their coop!!making sure no nasty raccoon gets them!! i love to just lay out there by the coop and keep watch!!!hoping for cheekmeat&bones for dinner!! later,peter


mon & tues

May 3rd 2011 5:22 pm
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well both days mom took us rollerblading. but yesterday Belle took knobby.also they were working on what they called a "chicken coop"...i think they finished it today because the itty bitty birdies were in it.. Its my job to guard them and make sure no awful raccoon eats them.
oh and last night we had a raccoon chasing episode again.. it (raccoon) wove in & out of these palm bushes we have and both me and knobby chased it. I of course made my raccoon chasing noise!!!mom came out to see what all the noise was about and it ran over her slippers trying to get away from us!!i think we wore that raccoon out!! It won't be back here again!!! later,peter



April 30th 2011 11:16 am
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well mom took us rollerblading this morning early... then we got to go where??? to the stables with the TB rescue.. i love to go there. there's lots of new things to explore...but mom doesn't like it when i get out of her sight!!she calls me...i always come right away!!!well most of the time anyway..I also follow her when she rides(a horse)..i'm good at that...hoping for liver & bones tonight!! later,peter



April 29th 2011 8:25 am
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well mom's taken us rollerblading everyday this week..maybe tomm we'll get to go to the stables with her...hopefully...also she found a website that has a whole bunch of dogs like(but not like) me.its the arizona white lethal Australian Shepard rescue.but most of them are blind & deaf.. but they look almost identical to me...hoping for liver & bones tonight!! later,peter


sun & mon

April 25th 2011 12:46 pm
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well yesterday being sun & easter we didn't go anywhere.. but mom brought home a bagfull of leftovers for us.. i didn't like it so much.. but knobby wolfed it down...
today we went to the dog park.. yay!! i was very well behaved!!i didn't even look for a fight!!!knobby was running around w this big white poodle and then a pointer.( both females). they came zipping by me a few times but i had no inclination to join in the chase...i'm so beyond that...
ok hoping for liver & bones for dinner...
oh and mom & belle brought home 7 baby chicks last week.. i'm very interested in them.. but they won't let me get close enough to taste them...they're going to build a chicken coop for them..
ok..ta ta....peter



April 23rd 2011 9:31 am
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well yesterday mom took us rollerblading at the park ,today also. the today she took us out to the stables while she rode Bruno.. boy!! what fun!! we ran and ran around, i almost got stuck in the mud, and i went into the horses big water bucket to cool off!!(and get a drink!!) now i'm sleeping for the rest of the day!!!Maybe I'll get some bones tonight!! later,peter


wed & thurs.

April 21st 2011 10:33 am
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yesterday morning mom took us rollerblading at the park.. she thinks she's gonna take us late this aft...when its not so hot out...also she's supposed to help Belle build the chicken coop today or tomm.. you know they brought home 7 little chicks???I just want to smell one once....hoping for liver & bones for dinner..later,peter

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