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February 6th 2012 6:33 am
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well mom has taken..both of us ..rollerblading.everyday..since Belle is gone to orlando...for the wk-end..we've also been seeing alot of raccoons..outside our fence...they deserve a good woofing& barking!!!Mom took us rollerblading at the park..yesterday..Yay!!!but broke the passenger rear won't go up or down!!!TTYL...Pete



January 27th 2012 12:55 pm
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well..yesterday mom gave me a haircut..clipped on top,only..Like a hunter clip ,for horses...I feel spectacular!!Much better!!although,mom..put a shirt on me last night...she thought i might get cold!!LOL!!!
and yesterday afternoon..i had a bath,outside..its been really warm ,down here,for being winter and all...
and mom's been cooking bones for me,everynight....all's good!!!!

till then,Peter



January 24th 2012 5:54 am
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are there any other,intact males out there??the vet says I need fixed...My kahunas' cut off!!!AWWWWWrrrgghhh...BC my anal hole is a bit large...My mom took me to the vet..he squeezed it..a lot of stinky fluid came out...But its still a bit swollen..he says this's the beginning...says I'll get tumors and such...any advice??? thanks,peter


the following fri..

January 20th 2012 12:59 pm
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well ,Belle & mom,have persisted,in taking us life's good!! but took me to the vet...he squeezed my anal gland..boy!!What a stink!!!I smelled up the whole office..worse than a skunk!!!But..I'm all better,now....

Mom had noticed that it was swollen...she couldn't get anything to come out of to the vet...but it was ok..I'm not so scared anymore..they're all very nice, & happy to see me...
that's it for now...Hoping to rollerblade tonight!!till then,



January 11th 2012 1:39 pm
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I forgot..Mom found another TICK on me!!!just last time...Belle pulled it off..then I was thoroughly examined!!!No others were found!!!Ok...Peter



January 11th 2012 1:31 pm
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well mom & Belle have persisted in taking us ,rollerblading,everynight...Oh and we had a bath in the tub..a couple days ago....besides that..everything's about the same..I've been eating the dog a good dog!!!till then,



January 6th 2012 5:38 am
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well ,Mom & Belle have persisted, in taking us rollerblading everyday.yesterday we went to the park....
also..last found a TICK on me!!Nasty creature!!!and i get the flea & tick medicine...the very first!!!

the other took both of us,rollerblading..She took me the south gate..Knobby went around the block 5 times..boring!!!If he wasn't so bad!!maybe he could go to the gate!!!



January 2nd 2012 1:17 pm
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well mom & Belle have taken us rollerblading everynight...around the neighborhood....its a lot cooler out..Nice!!!we had a trauma ,on New years,though..We heard some firecrackers ,and took off like a shot,Pulling Mom along...then there was a cat in the road..Mom grabbed knobbys' prevent him from chasing after it...then we got back to our circle...and the little dog from the corner..came out to greet us...But we all made it back safely..Needless to say!!!Mom's been out to the stables,working every morning...I've missed her...later,Peter



December 30th 2011 5:43 am
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well mom & Belle have persisted in rollerblading..everynight..around the neighborhood...But last us both,herself..she had a bad,startled,moment..when a small(she thought was a cat)ran across the road..Knobby ran full ahead...burning toenails on the get it!!!But we didn't have a wreck!! It was a small kickaround dog!!LOL!!!Well that's all for now!!
also mom bought us a 3 lb,bag of rawhides!!when we went to petco!!Yay!! Later,Peter



December 24th 2011 2:59 pm
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well mom & belle have persisted in rollerblading..Everynight.around the look at Christmas lights...maybe 2 more nights....then back to the park...thank you, everyone for the mistletoe..and a Merry christmas to all..and to all a good night!!!!later,peter

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