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September 19th 2012 10:15 am
[ Leave A Comment | 1 person already has ]'s still taking us jogging..every morning..(when its not raining) and night..
Mom & Belle,got us a new,med size blue football..we love to fetch it..I mostly steal it..from knobby..Oh..and we both, can catch, now!!I love to naw ,on the flattened football..its our favorite toy...
I've had some kind of skin funk..all summer..we've made numerous trips ,to the vet..we have powder,antibiotics,medicated shampoo,and special kibbles..(lamb&rice)they are like small itchy spots...that'll turn into huge itchy spots..but they're going away now...I think, its due, to the cooler weather...
Hope all my friends out there..are ok...Thanks Petey..for the banner...that's what got me on here today...your message..THANKS!! I needed reminding...
Mom still cooks bones for night...Yay!!
OK mom's going to the gym w/ Belle...TTYL woofs&hugs, Pete



October 1st 2012 9:45 am
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well..we haven't been doing,anything different..Running w/ mom,every morning..and rollerblading at night...OH...Mom & Belle,have been letting us go outside.w/ the chickens...Mom kept me,on leash,for the first week..but now ,she almost trusts me..not, to try and eat them!!I mostly stay by her side...even w/o the leash..I don't want, to get in trouble.and be regulated to the house,again!!
Ta ta! , Pete



October 2nd 2012 10:32 am
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well..this morning..Mom took me to the vet,AGAIN...I've had some kinda, skin issue.since the beginning of summer.I have special shampoo,special kibbles,antibiotics,a pill for itching,fish oil pills,special powder & lotion..Let me see,I think that covers' it.The vet,says I'm allergic to something...the next a test (400 bucks) to see what I'm allergic to..Oh..and he gave me a shot...for the itching..which seems to work,for awhile..then I get the itchies again...he also said..its bc ,of my white skin..So I have no idea... ,went to the pet me some Natural lamb & rice,dog food..No wheat,no corn,no soy..Maybe this'll help..She also got another dog squeaky..for my X-mas stocking...I haven't, seen it yet.

we didn't go running ,this morning..It was raining..BOO!!! we tried...we also went by,the dog park..Irresponsible owners everywhere!!so, we didn't, go in!!

also I've gained 5 lbs...according to the scale (in vet office)..that makes 10,altogether...since I was fixed..Healthy weight!!!I'm now a porker!!Mom calls me"her little potato"..LOL!!

Till Later,



October 7th 2012 12:05 pm
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well ..this morning we went running, the bike trail...Mom put Knobbys' packs on him..Empty to start we ran along the trail..she picked up empty water bottles,paper,& aluminum cans..and put them in Knobbys' pack..Needless to was the time we were done..He was exhausted.from carrying it!!Oh well.better him,than me!!LOL!
We've gone running every morning..and rollerblading,at night..Oh..and mom cooks me bones ,everynight...I like, beef bones best.
Other than that..nothing else to report..But we did chase Belles' little cat,up the tree today..We both, got yelled at!!= dislike..
Have a nice evening!! TTYL,



November 23rd 2012 6:42 am
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Well,I've been very well behaved,lately..(Knobby does all the misbehaving!)
I mind my own business,like a good dog..
I have 2 spotches,left.from my summer scratching spots..but that's all..Almost all gone..And my fur ,is getting very long!!NICE!!
I think mom's going to give us a bath,outside,today..Its supposed to be 76 degrees.We'll see...cause we have no hot water,outside..cold only!!BURRR!!
Oh..MOm got us a kong football,that squeaks!!but Knobby, had it tore up, within the week!!Its gone now..(in 2 pieces)Disappointment!!I loved, to squeak that football!!
Ok..Hope everyone got treats,on Turkey day!!I got a whole plate full of food.Mom made a roast!!YUM!!The only thing I didn't eat,was the squash=dislike!!Ok,then..TTYL Hugs..Peter



January 21st 2013 5:42 pm
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well..quite alots been going on,lately..Mom,got a job..She takes care of 9 dressage horses,5 days a week..which means,I have to wait at home..But she always gets home before noon..
We've also been rollerblading,every night.and running,w/ mom,on wk-ends..
She tries to spend as much time w/ us,as possible..But I still get lonely,when she's at her job..but I wait ,patiently.
Today,she took us,for a ride,in the car,too..We went to the veggie stand,and the post office.
Also,I've been getting beef bones nightly,uncooked..Mom thinks its too hot out,for a cooked bone..and after rollerblading,a cold bone ,is in order!! has to get some sleep,she gets up VERY early,to go to the barn..TTYL, always,



January 17th 2014 5:05 am
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Well. mom's been pretty busy lately..working 2 jobs..But she takes me running ,every afternoon, & rollerblading,at night..I've grown accustomed to staying home, waiting for mom...I don't prefer it, but what can I do??
Mom's taking another ski trip, the end of Feb.. she worries about me constantly,when she's gone..But Belle's here to look after me...She's only gone 12 days,this time...It'll pass quickly...Ok...Just wanted to say hi!! to all my friends!! Bones for everyone!!

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