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hello my freinds

Well my owners think im going down hill

December 6th 2010 3:59 pm
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Well my owners have been worrying about me constantly ive completely gone deaf and i can see like im in a heavy fog certain objects i can see when i get up close to them but that limp has completely gone away they let me out side of the fence this weekend so i could walk around the yard since thats how i get my exercise i can run but i run really slow and its just best that i dont go running with Tommy since runs faster than i do so they would be waiting for me to catch up alond side of the car some people evidently think its not safe as long as Tommy is running along side of the car to where they can see him i dont see why thats so horrible i think its great that they are at least putting the time into exercising him



October 12th 2010 4:37 pm
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im so mad that they wont take me with tommy on a run i know why they arent but at least they can give me a ride i like those i love those long rides to the vet they treat me like a queen but i get homesick so its always good to stay for a while but in the long run i like coming home anyway i wonder what tommy thinks of running next to the van



October 10th 2010 11:19 am
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Its been cold out so im slowing down really fast but am still going to make it hopefuly right now my owners think i have cancer which they say isnt good tommy can smell the difference and he says hes here for me and he will help me make it through i know i dont have much time left to live but im making the best of it my owners will keep you updated on my condition


Im so sad

October 6th 2010 7:20 pm
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today was kind of boring i sat around until Tommy's mom came and got him then i was upset cause i didnt know if he would come back he did them she let us out to run around in the yard for a while she gave us treats and brushed our teeth which i dont like at all it feels ultra wierd so after she put us in our pen she was in the garden picking carrots which i really like they are really good they also feed us raseberries tomatoes stawberries and all that good stuff thats so good for us well i got to go good night all my puppy pals have a good one


Today was okay

October 5th 2010 6:37 pm
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well today i got upset because my mom and her dad didnt take me with tommy i barked and barked cause it stresses me out when they take him from my company but she said i couldnt go because i cant run or jog for a long period of time cause i have joint problems and im to old i understand that but i still wanted to go for a ride

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