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What? I'm not a cat?

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Happy 2nd Birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

March 3rd 2012 1:48 am
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2382 dogs and I share a birthday today on Dogster!!! We really don't know my exact birthday but I was adopted October 3 and was thought to be 6-7 months old (not 3 like the organization thought I was), so mom did the math and said it'll be March 3!!!

My cat brothers still joke that my Birthday and Christmas gift will always be my fence BOL! But I did get a few toys a couple weeks ago. All I really need is love, food, friends and my family including the sometimes evil cat siblings of mine :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend like me!



February 24th 2012 3:20 pm
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Wow, always a great feeling to see I'm a DDP!! Thanks for the pretty blue ribbon Pepper CGC (who by the way, has some amazing ribbons adorning her cute self!!!) and thanks for all the pawmails and comments on my winning diary!

Today is super windy!! But that didn't stop mom from buying me some bones to chew on (this was before she knew I was a DDP!!).

Hope all my friends have a great weekend and be sure to enjoy the nice weather!! I am a bit sad we didn't get a snow storm (LOVE snow) but hopefully we'll get more next year to make up for the lack this year :)


My cat brothers aren't too bad...

February 20th 2012 1:49 am
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Ok, I admit it... I am not embarrassed to say this either... The last photo on my main page was taken about an hour ago and it is of me and 5 of my 6 cat siblings (the 6th is laying on his cat bed on the floor).

Yes, I Ethan, am turning into a cat like my diary title has proclaimed for over 1.5 years... If you can't win? Join them right?

Usually the 2 tuxedo cats lay with me and Tiskers so it was a rare moment for this photo!! Mom was talking to dad on the phone and took it so it's a bit dark as it was 3am when she took it (dad's on midnights and mom is a night owl).

Get back to me tomorrow and my opinion on my brothers might change :)

BIG BARK OUT to my cat sibling Hondo as he's COTD today!!


Shopping and Bunnies?!?!

February 15th 2012 4:26 pm
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So mom and dad took me to Petco. We usually shop at PetSmart but mom wanted a Starbucks and that's near Petco. While there, I got to pick out a few early Birthday gifts! My 2nd bday is next month but since I'm not a HUGE fan of car rides (They're ok) I might as well pick out things!

I got this blue textured ball that bounces high, a double pack of KONG tennis looking balls (LOVE THOSE!), and a new green soft squeaky looking football! You see, last year dad ran over my green froggie with the lawnmower... I also got some doggy snacks!

I also saw a Bunny in a big glass cage. He was staring at me and I got bored :)*See new pic*

Of course, my EVIL cat brothers got stuff too... Ugh


Leave my food ALONE!

February 4th 2012 1:48 pm
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FOR SALE!!! A black and white cat sibling of mine!!! WHY?!?!

So my brother Boogie likes my dog food :( He, with this pesky paw, will scoop up a pawful while I chomp on my mouthful of dry kibble!

I did growl a tiny bit the other day at him, but you think that stopped him? NOPE!

So now while he hovers over my bowl, and while mom tells him to "Shooo" I get all paranoid and start to inhale my kibble. He doesn't get any this way but sheesh!

Ok, ok... I'm guilty of eating the cat kibble a few times, but I LISTEN to my pawrents! When they said, "NO! Bad!!" I listened.

Seriously, who wants my cat brothers? :)



January 20th 2012 9:21 pm
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Ok, still not much and not enough to make a snowman! But we have a good 1/4 inch of snow! BOL!!! I know, I know! Mom said she's from MN originally and normally they get a lot of snow but not so much this year.

I want midwest snow! LIKE TONS!!

I did go outside and went nuts though in the snow! I love it!!! Mom worries I'll slip down the deck stairs so I have to go down stairs from the basement. I get a lot of exercise! :)

Yesterday I was left alone for 7 hours!! That's the longest E-V-E-R as mom had to take daddy to the ER. He's fine but needs to see a Cardiologist as his EKG isn't 100% (he blacked out at the movie theater and mom freaked!). I'm such a good dog! No messes while left alone!



January 14th 2012 1:38 am
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Wow, my cat brothers are Jell-ussss!!!

They also still eat my kibble but a lot less now that I'm no longer being free fed. I had a good sense of portion control, never over ate, stopped when I was full. Heck, I'm 48 lbs of MUSCLE and in tip top shape!

But now I'm eating 2x a day. Doesn't bother me but seriously, it's really sad that my cat brothers eat MY dog food BOL! Ok, I have eaten theirs... A couple times, but I'm a good dog and when I'm told NO!! BAD!! I usually wise up quickly.

Hope my friends have a great weekend!


Stop eating MY food!!

January 6th 2012 5:03 pm
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Dang cats! My cat brothers Boogers, Mittens AND Tiskers kept trying to eat my food all day!

Mom switched me over to Blue Buffalo like the cats and I quite like it and apparently they do too!

Ugh, I don't get mean or territorial, but I do look up and just can't believe it!! So I put my head down and sleep the insanity away.

Dang cats, who wants 3 cats???

I did hear mom say they WILL be grounded if they keep it up!


Opened gifts!

December 23rd 2011 9:46 pm
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I was a good dog this year (and daily) as I got a big bone for Christmas as well as the CET Hextra dental chews!!!

We opened gifts last night (the 22nd) 'cause Dad works Christmas weekend and won't be able to celebrate until the 26th with us.

I got a bunch of goodies to eat when they were done with their Christmas meal and ate a bit too much as I was a lil' sick later that night.

I'm going to post a picture, and although it's fuzzy (I really didn't want to pose, I wanted to chew my bone darnit!!!) you can see me all happy :)

Wishing all my friends a safe and Merry Christmas!!


I met Santa!

December 18th 2011 12:48 pm
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Sure I met Santa last year but this year he looked a bit thinner. Hmmm

He was nice and very patient with me 'cause I was a bit scared at first. The dog before and after me were also a bit scared but we all warmed up!

Off to post my picture of my picture for you all to see!! Don't tell mom this but I think I saw her sneak something that looked like a bone to the cashier... Hmmmmm?? :) I know my kitty brothers got a few things too!

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