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What? I'm not a cat?

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I'm a Pumpkin 2012!!!

October 17th 2012 4:05 pm
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So mom found my Halloween costume for 2012! I'm a Pumpkin!! Target had some inexpensive and cute shirts and mom thought I'd look handsome (see new main picture on my Dogster page).

She had to pick up Tiskers' medicine and saw my costume. She had finished paying and was walking out of the store when she spotted a ladybug squishy dog toy!! It's like my favorite brown bear and Gotcha Day green frog, but in a ladybug form! I love the "dreads" on these toys at Target! Super fun to play with!!! Thanks mom!!!

What are you going to be for Halloween?


Gotcha Day!!!

October 3rd 2012 10:40 am
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WOOF!!! 2 years ago I was adopted!! I was thought to be about 6 months when I was adopted and boy have I grown! I'm also spoiled too but mom says that's the way dogs should be treated :)

Thank you to my friends for decorating my page and wishing me a Happy Gotcha Day :)

Mom is going to do a few errands and then is going to pick me up something extra special!



October 2nd 2012 6:51 pm
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Man, I'm getting spoiled by all the walks!! No complaints here! I hope we get a lot of snow as I love snow. The only bad thing about snow is that there are no walks in the snow.

The weather here has been gorgeous and mom has been taking me on long walks! I see a dog every once in a while in their yard, but mom won't let me mingle. She's always afraid that a dog might get nasty. It has happened before (not by me of course) and I have good reflexes, but mom says I'm her baby and NO ONE is to snip at me!

I'm going to post a new picture of me, hope you enjoy!


Bath and a walk?

September 23rd 2012 7:39 pm
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Ok, so I got my 2nd bath ever a week ago and now I smell extra cute and good, like strawberries in fact! Mom wanted me to be clean for the winter months. At least I got extra treats out of it.

I'm continuing to enjoy the cooler weather!! I went for a long walk today. I saw a few doggies in their yard, one barked at me behind his fence (doggy had a HUGE BIG LOUD WOOF).

Boy do I get tired after a long walk. I sleep for a good 2 hours uninterrupted and am knocked out. Mom is going to try and walk me daily now that it's cooler. I just don't like hot weather since I'm so black and dark furred.

Hope my friends are doing well!


Long walk!

September 9th 2012 10:28 am
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It finally cooled off and mom took me for a long walk. I talked with a few neighbors and was gold I was "cute". Can't complain :)

I was a good dog and didn't do any unmentionables that would require mom to pick up :)

I'm looking forward to the cooler weather so I can get in some walks. The summers here in VA are terrible. Sometimes it's hard having dark black furr as the sun just heats me up!

Hope all my friends are doing well :)


Me? BAD?

August 17th 2012 7:45 am
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So yesterday mom let me outside. Sometimes I see bunnies and chase after them as it's great cardio. I never catch them.

But what mom thought was a bunny wasn't! She's not sure what it was! It was round, bigger than the big bunny I saw the other day, NOT a possum, but something that moved slow.

I ran out, saw it, and expected it to run. It didn't... Then I ran around the nearby tree and then it ran. Sorta. Sorta wobbled off. Mom saw what was happening and lost her cool. I, along with her don't think I have ever heard her yell so loud! I ran after the animal and to my surprise caught it! Like leaped on it! Mom was afraid I'd get hurt and yelled so loud! I looked at her, and the animal struggled to get under our fence but was gone.

I didn't get hurt, and am up to date on my shots and flee/heart worm meds. Mom said she was so worried that I'd get hurt or hurt the animal. Mom's throat hurt all night from yellow "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" SO loud. Like, really, it was loud...


Doing ok!

August 12th 2012 6:05 pm
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Sorry friends that I haven't written in a while. Some bad thing are happening at our house now, and I can't bark about it.

Just know that all of us furries are doing well and mom is looking after us.

I can't believe the summer is over! I've had a few playdates with my friend (who isn't on Dogster). A former neighbor's dog as mom is friends with his owner. He's about 10 pounds but we play and like each other :)


Yuck! Melon?!?

July 16th 2012 5:53 pm
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So mom bought some Can't-e-lope, Watermelon for a snack and cut it up. Naturally what is hers is MINE right? She gave me a small piece of each melon and all I can say is... YUCK!!

I don't like that melon stuff!!! It was squishy and I spit it out. Even t he cats didn't like it! You don't think she was trying to poison me???

Nahhhhhhhhhh :)

I'm going to forgive her 'cause dad's grilling tomorrow and I like what he grills!! Hope my friends are doing well!


Internet is back!!!

July 1st 2012 4:17 pm
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Mom was quite cranky 'cause we didn't have the 'net for 48 hours!! So we got hit by that BAD BAD storm on the 29th. It came super fast and a large piece of our siding fell off :( But no one was hurt AND we didn't loose power thankfully as it was 102 that day (and has since been 97!!!)

2 million were without power :( One of dad's friends out in Fairfax, VA took his cat (illegally BOL) to a hotel so they could cool off! I don't blame them!!

Well, we never lost power but our net went down. Then 12 hours later, our cable went out which we don't care 'cause mom doesn't watch tv. But dad was mad 'cause it was day 1 of the Tour de France! 12 hours later though our cable came back on.

So mom noticed the modem had no blinking lights, so she called comcast to see if the outage was done. It was, but our modem died! So the next day for the tech's to come out and fix? July 6th!! Mom was maddddddddddd!

So she bought a new modem and after an hour, she had it set up with comcast and got a $20 credit for the outage.

I MISSED MY DOGSTER PALS but I'm backkkkkkkkkkkkk!!


Do YOU eat cat food???

June 28th 2012 6:36 pm
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So both me and my 6 cat brothers have dry food out 24/7. The lil' brats get moist once a day, usually around 9-11pm (Mom gets up at 3pm). The ritual is this:

-Mom says, "Want moist? FOOD?" And the cats go nuts.
-Mom opens 2- 3.5 ounce cans and divides it into 6 portions.
-Tiskers always jumps on the counter while mom dishes out the food and is fed first
-The other brats get theirs shortly after.

MEANWHILE... I sit... And sit... AND SIT... Waiting for the bowls to go 99% empty. Them mom says, "OK!!" and I lick up what they didn't eat. Usually I get the spoon while I wait for the cats to eat.

Does this happen in your house? I don't get moist food as mom is not sure what is GOOD moist dog food (she's still scared of the recalls).

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