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What? I'm not a cat?

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Merry Christmas!

December 25th 2012 8:44 pm
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WOOF!! Sorry I have been MIA for the past week or so. My mom was in MN visiting her friends and family and just got back today, Christmas!

I missed her SO SO MUCH! I'm a huge momma's boy and while Grandpaw was here watching over us, it's not the same. I wanted my MOM!

When she came home, I was oh so happy and gave her kisses :) And get this? Santa Came!! He got me 2 rope toys, a bag of peanut butter treats, a stuffed Snowman toy and a Stuffed Reindeer Hedgehog looking toy! I must have been a GOOD GOOD dog! Even though I sometimes hear "Bad dog". :)

Mom shared her dinner with me which was Shrimp Cocktail and meatballs (chili sauce and grape jelly). Mom didn't want Turkey, Ham, etc., as she had that all over Christmas with her family. Fine by me!

I do hope all my friends had a great Christmas! For now, I must got and upload a picture of my goodies and most importantly, catch up with mom! :)


DDP family day!!

December 20th 2012 5:24 pm
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Woof! Today I celebrate being a DDP with my cat brother Mittens! He hasn't been a DDP this year and was well overdue. Yay for him and me :)

I think I will celebrate with a few extra treats and will take a nice long nap on the ottoman. Hope all my friends are doing well :)


Gifts from my bestie Toby!

December 14th 2012 3:56 pm
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Remember me barking about my buddie Toby? Well he is my bestest and his mom is my mom's bestest!

Today they exchanged Christmas gifts and guess what? Me and Toby exchanged gifts! He doesn't really play with soft toys and is sorta picky with treats. But he DOES love to dress up! So I picked out a blue argyle sweater and he looks handsome in it! I also bought him a stage 2 jar of baby food to see if he likes that for a snack :)

He got me a HUGE Beef flavored rawhide bone (Got one knuckle off already), a pack of 4 toys (rope, tennis ball, stuffed Badger, and a bone shaped squeaky toy). Thanks dude! He's not on Dogster as he's just too dang busy.

I'm going to attatch a picture of my buddie Toby :) We played outside for a while and I was running around him in the back yard. Mom and Traci were laughing while Toby was like, "Dude, you're crazy" :) Hope my friends have a great Christmas!



December 7th 2012 3:29 pm
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Yes!!!! I got my own plain burger from the Golden Arches!!!! I. Love. My. Mom!!!!!



December 6th 2012 6:23 pm
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Woof!!! I'm a DDP today!!! Tomorrow is the day when mom will stop by the Golden Arches to purchase me a plain hamburger!!!! She has to pick a few things up and will buy me this yummy goodness on her way home!

I. Can. Not. Wait!!

The weather has been weird here. It was 75 on Tuesday and today, Thursday, it's 40ish! I prefer the cooler weather as I hate the hot sun on my black fur, but I can't be outside too long as my coat is thin.

Have a great weekend friends!!!


Cats aren't so bad!

December 1st 2012 1:07 pm
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So my brother Boogers who is a cat has a Birthday this month. He has a bestest ever friend who lives in Canada and she sent him a huge box of goodies!

But guess what!!! She sent ME goodies too!!! 'Cause I'm just so dang cute :)

I got a bag of "Beef Eaters Healthy Wraps". They're these chicken wrapped veggies! They are delish! They take a while to eat too so that's always a plus! I also got a bag of Pur Luv Chewy Bacon Flavor Bites! Yummmmmm!! Me and my brothers always laugh at how their pet treats are written in English and French! For example:

Assortiments de Legumes Enrobes de Poulet? Means Assorted Chicken Wrapped Veggies!

So I'm a bilingual dog! I bark in English and French! Oui!! Thank you Pansy!!!


Lucky me!!!

November 29th 2012 2:46 pm
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Wow! Mom felt bad that I have never had an entire hamburger of my own and she felt bad she left me alone for 8 hrs! (Grandpaw did dog sit me and my siblings).

To make it up she came home with my very own McDonalds plain hamburger!!!! I was in heaven!! It was relish!!! Mom's best friend always gives her dog one and mom wanted to do the same! My best bud is Toby, he's a shitzu. He's coming over tomorrow to help mom decorate our tree. Also I got Toby's marabone dog treats as they were too big for him! Thanks dude!

I need to get I'm in dogster!


Does your tail wag when you dream?

November 24th 2012 6:22 pm
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I'm told that my tail sometimes wags when I dream! Mom was watching a tv show and she heard and felt my tail wagging. Sure enough I was sleeping and having a good dream while my cute black tail wagged :)

Mom said it was sooooo cute :) what can I say! I'm cute and when I dream my tail wags!


Happy Thanksgiving!

November 22nd 2012 9:05 am
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Wishing all my friends a Happy Thanksgiving! I've only had turkey deli meat, never a real turkey TURKEY. Mom has never made a turkey and she is not one to be eating turkey for days as left overs. Why doesn't she just ask ME if I want the turkey? I'd gladly take that off her hands!

Mom only likes Turkey, mashed potatoes, and buns as far as Thanksgiving food is concerned. She makes a funny face when people mention: stuffing, cranberries, sweet potatoes, deserts, green bean casserole, etc. Yeah I know right? THAT stuff sounds good to me!!

My brothers catster bud did give me turkey leg so I'm all set. I'm told mom will give me a special bone and extra treats today :) Thankful she's my mommy!!!!


Vet visit!

October 25th 2012 10:04 am
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So I'm a healthy 43.80 pounds! I needed my nails trimmed, got my annual exam, and had a "Vac Lyme Disease, Vac Bb/PI/CAV-2 Annual". So I'm all set! I had my 3 year rabies last year.

I also went to the vet with my brother Hondo as he had an abscess on the base of his tail and is on meds. If that doesn't work then it has to get lanced. Poor guy.

Mom got Subway for lunch and of course I got some of her sandwhich! Yum!!!

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