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What? I'm not a cat?

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Fence and new toys!

February 19th 2011 1:01 pm
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WOOF!!! 36 hours later my fence is 90% done!!! Day 1 they did the posts and cement and that took 6 hours 'cause out where we live, I swear, we live on bedrock!! They had to jackhammer 8 holes! The rest were easy and done in 1 hour, but the 8 bad holes took 5 hours!!!

Day 2, they frame the posts with 3 horizontal beam thingies. We're having a 5 foot Wyngate and a foot of Lattice on top of the Wyngate.

Today, day 3, they got both gates up, and the Wyngate part! The lattice won't be in until Monday, but I got to play in my fence!

IT WAS SO FUN!!!! Mom said this is my bday/Christmas gift forever! New construction homes, like ours, don't have a fence installed and mom said her money tree is getting smaller after building a deck and all in a few months span.

I also got 3 new toys!!! They're outdoor toys! WOOF! Pics to be posted soon!


I WIN!!!!

February 14th 2011 8:26 am
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So my mom and dad decided to get ME afence. You see, our backyard is pretty private and there's a mini conservation behind us.

THEY were not going to get a fence as it's a pretty view... I however, wanted a fence :)

I'm spoiled, I know... And they gave in :) Now that I can use stairs, I can be let out from our deck into the fenced yard. WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Although they said this will be my bday gift for many years to come BOL!!


New Clothes!

January 28th 2011 11:14 am
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WOOF! Aren't I stylish in my new clothes? You see, Boogers' was on Catster LONG before I even came to live with my pawrents. 4 years ago he met Calvin and co. They had a doggie but he's at Rainbow bridge.

Well my mom asked their mom if they could make a quilt for their bed 'cause my fur makes their white down all, well... BLACK :) Plus we have 6 evil cats too.

She kindly said "sure" and also included my red coat and green rain coat!! How kyoot do I look?!?! Thank you guys so much!!! I'm only 9 months and I will gain a bit, so the clothes will fit better. Doesn't matter 'cause I think I look kyoot and mom said I'm wearing them even if I don't like them :)


Black doggy nails

January 25th 2011 12:25 am
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So I, like many dogs, have black nails. Our vet has showed mom a few times how to cut them w/o hurting me.

While he does it, it MAKES sense, but she's afraid to cut too much. She takes off 1mm each month but I still have those doggy "tap shoes" 'cause they're not as short as the vet does them.

Poor mom :)

Then she tries to brush me. This FEELS weird!! I'm like, "Mommmmmmmmmmmm don't! It tickles!" and then she gets all annoyed.

I like to keep her on her toes :)


Why mom why?

January 17th 2011 6:19 pm
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Mom bought me a blue reversable dog coat!! Ahem? Doesn't she see my nice furry coat that's on my body? Appawrently she wants to keep me all stylish and extra cute :)

I didn't like it at first but I learned to deal with it and when I went for a walk tonight, it actually felt nice! I just hope the dogs in our block don't make fun of me BOL!


I'm a DDP along with my cat brother PorkChop!

January 6th 2011 10:23 am
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Woof! I'm going to try and steal his thunder but it doesn't look so good! Although he has been complaining that I've been getting diary honors more than the cat part of our family! :D

What can I say? I'm cute and spoiled and the baby!

Concats though to my brother PorkChop!


Where's the snow?

January 4th 2011 6:38 pm
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Woof! All the snow we got (a big whopin' 1/2 inch) is gone! Oh how I miss the snow!

Not much is new other than that my pawrents and grandpaw were sick all of Christmas-New Years. Mom had a cold that lingered, although it was a MILD one. Then Grandpaw had a short lived mild cold, and daddy got sick Dec 30!

Meanwhile they bought a new treadmill and haven't been able to use it much!

I'm told they wanna see if I'll take to the treadmill. I'm not sure if I'm up for that! What I'm up for is for them to install a fence in our yard! *hint hint* Nah, mom said she would but after taxes are paid. I hate taxes and I don't know what those are :D

After Christmas, mom and dad bought me a few smaller bones 'cause I'm having a hard time with my HUGE bone. Hey, I'm only 9 months!! Although I'm about full grown we think. I've grown, but I won't be a HUGE Lab 'cause I have a mix of something in me.


First Christmas!

December 25th 2010 9:42 pm
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Woof!! Who knew Christmas could be so fun?! As mentioned before, I got a HUGE dog bone a few days early 'cause mom felt bad that I ate up my bone...

Well, Santa did come and I got two stuffing-free toys!! One was a skunk, and the other a raccoon!

And when my pawrents ate their dinner, I got some food scraps! Normally they let me lick the plates (on occasion) but this time I got some FOOD!!! :D

I feel SO LUCKY to have found my furever home a few months ago, and for having friends!!!

Merry Christmas friends!!


DDP again?

December 21st 2010 3:07 pm
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Woof? I'm a DDP again?! Normally my evil cat brothers take the spotlight on Catster, but this has been my month!

So far today was a good day! The FedEx guy came and when he brought dad a package for mom, he gave me a milk bone! How nice of him!

And last night, since I ate the last of my favorite raw hide bone, my pawrents felt bad for me and gave me my NEW bone! It's larger than me! I'd post a picture but that has to wait until Christmas as mom woke up this morning with the start of a cold. Dad's been taking care of her as her throat hurts. I too have been keeping her company :)

I'm told I'll get two more gifites on the actual Christmas Day :)


Diary of the Day!

December 18th 2010 7:04 am
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Oh my evil cat brothers are jealous as some of them haven't been DOTD and they've been on catster for about 4 years!

I just woke up mom by jumping on her in bed (I'm still proud that I figured out those stairs) and once she woke up she checked her phone and saw I had mail! ME!

I have 3 new friend requests which I'll gladly accept and I'm the DOTD! I hope this is a sign of what's yet to come! Maybe my pawrents will bring home nom noms 'cause they're invited to a lot of block parties this week!

Have a great weekend and see Santa Paws at PetSmart (last weekend) :) He was quite nice and said I was super cute and a very GOOD dog (why do I hear BAD dog at times?!)

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