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What? I'm not a cat?

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It's my birthday!!

March 3rd 2014 6:46 pm
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2474 dogs including yours truly celebrate their birthday today!!! I know I had said my last diary was the previous one, but I just found out that the site is staying?!

I was thought to be 6 months old on my Gotcha Day October 3, 2010 so mom decided my birthday is March 3 :) I am 4 years adorable today!!!

I woke up to two inches of snow and a big BIG long toy!! Mom got my new friend from my favorite store PetSmart. She also went out and bought me a plain hamburger from McDonalds!!! Score!!! I am a good boy and can pose with my burger without eating it until I hear, "ok".

It. Was. Delish!!

Happy. Birthday t me and all the other dogs!!



January 20th 2014 1:41 pm
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While I wasn't on Dogster as long as my kitty brothers, I made some good friends who I will miss dearly! Although!! I've reunited with a few on FB!! If you wanna stay in touch PM me so we can :)

I've had so much fun on here and I will miss seeing my friend's pictures and reading their diaries. I didn't get as much time on here 'cause my cat sibs HOG the computer!!

Seriously, I love them but I'm the BIGGEST!!! (and smartest).

I hope you all have a wonderful life and just know I will miss you guys!! Sad woofs. This will be my last diary until Dogster closes in March. My cat brother Boogers will continue to write until it does.



January 16th 2014 8:04 pm
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So sad to hear about Dogster/Catster shutting down :(

I'm gonna miss all my friends, reading your diaries, looking at all the kyoote pic, etc.

Sad woofs :( Mom's been on FB for 7 years but what will I do? It was nice having dog friends since I live with stinky cats!!!


10 years!!!

January 14th 2014 6:06 am
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My friend Petey just gave me a huggggeeeee cake to help celebrate Dogster's 10 year anniversary!! I had no idea as mom has been gone for a week and just returned home yesterday!

Oh how I missed her!!! She missed a cold weather snap as she was in GA for a week visiting a good friend :)

Hope the bio field flees get fixed soon!!! Time to enjoy my cake!



January 2nd 2014 2:52 pm
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So as many know, after the holiday's stores have huge sales. Mom had some Kohl's cash and DSW dollars to spend and decided to check at PetSmart since it was next door. She found the holy grail!!! My favorite peanut butter bones!! They're originally $4.99 each but were on sale according to the tag $3.49. So mom bought 4, along with cat food, etc.,

When she got to the register they rang up as $1.17!!! So mom came home with 4 of those, one large bone, and a chicken flavored bone.

Fast forward to yesterday January 1st. Mom wanted to get a fish (so now I have a fish sibling named "Hermione", and decided to stock up on the bones. So she bought 4 more!!! They had more larger ones but I eat them like candy bars so mom just kept with the 7 inch candy cane shaped ones. I still have the big BIG bone for later!!! :)

I hear mom is leaving me again for a trip to GA. I'm sure my pet sitter will bathe me in these delicious bones :)


Momma's home!!!!!!

December 25th 2013 6:52 pm
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Mom is home after 9 days in MN!!! Oh how I missed her!!! When she walked in the door, she dropped all her stuff and gave me (before the cats too!!!!) hugs and kisses!!! I missed her!!!!

Once she unpacked, she gave us our Christmas gifts!!! I got two packages of Busy Bones and a new Snoopy stuffed squeaker toy! The cats got treats and a sleigh scratching post. Mom got Grandpaw some wild rice from MN, chocolate covered cherries, and this cover for microwaving food. We all chipped in and gave mom money.

She had a great time in MN. She ran 2 Miles two times, and did Zumba twice with friends and grandma. Mom gave herself two cheat days and will be back at the gym tomorrow and back on trying to loose he last 10 lbs.

While in MN she bought a shirt, new Coach zippy wallet, new pair of workout sneakers and fancy "Bob's" (sketchers) slippers.



December 8th 2013 1:04 pm
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Woof?! I'm a DDP! I haven't been one in a long time, it's always my brothers who are.

Today is a cold, sleet day. Funny how mom was in shorts and flip flops 4 days ago!!!

I had fun playing in the snow and mom will be forcing me to bundle up if the snow stays. It's supposed to melt by tomorrow but we'll see since we are getting a winter mix.

I've been bugging mom with my new toy :) I can't help it! I love it!


I saw Santa!!!!

December 7th 2013 2:40 pm
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I saw and barked with Santa today at PetSmart!

The picture (main picture) was taken by mom with her cell. For $5 I got to sit and pose with Santa and the money was a donation to an animal shelter. After I posed and got my professional picture, mom said, "Eeeee, pick out a couple of treats and a toy and we will buy these and donate to the organization. How does that sound?"

So I picked out small assorted milk bone flavors, a bag of Blue Buffalo soft chicken treats and a squeaky toy for a special dog. The lady was very appreciative and I was just happy to get attention from everyone!! I was told I was "cutttttttte" and a few people asked if I could be petted. Of course!!

I must have been a GOOD dog this year!



December 6th 2013 1:30 pm
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I've been a good dog even though I've heard "bad dog" this year!!

Mom went to lunch with a friend and they exchanged gifts. I got this hugggggeeee reindeer/hedgehog toy that grunts BOL!!! I gave them doggy treats and a stuffing free toy.

Tomorrow I'm going to see Santa Paws at Petsmart. I'm not a huge fan of this weird man, but mom insists I do this for her. Oh, ok, anything to be a good boy!



December 3rd 2013 3:43 pm
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So last week mom decided to take up running. Yesterday she was gone for an hour at the gym where she ran a mile, did weights and just worked her upper body. She came home and said, "Eeeeee, wanna..." JUST those words get me all excited! So I didn't hear the word "run".

I have never ran other than outside!

So I thought we were going for a walk... Wrong... We went for another mile run! I was confused!

When I got home, mom made a protein shake, and then heard me puke :( Maybe it was a shock to my system? I don't know, but I'm ok now!

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