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What? I'm not a cat?

My spiffy page and NO MORE Elizabethen Collar!

October 9th 2010 2:57 pm
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WOOF! Check out my pawsome page! And it's made by a... CAT!!! YES!! I know!! Ms. Pansy, who's my brother Boogers' bestie made it! I loves!! I loves my ducky too! Thank you Pansy!!

My Elizabethan Collar is OFF fur good! Why? So I had to get a larger one yesterday. Took mom 20 minutes to get me INTO the car (I'm not used to the stairs and she CAN'T lift me up, especially with my ouchies). Well I went from a 15 cm to a 20 cm collar. It was longer so I wasn't licking my ouchies.

Today mom saw mid afternoon that I had my bottom jaw stuck as the collar was IN my jaw area! Sorta like if you had a collar stuck in your back teeth. Mom cut the collar off STAT! I'm freeeeeeeeee!

She emailed grandpaw the pics and he said I'll be ok even though it came off 3 days earlier than planned. Mom's dog as a kid, Benji, never had a collar! Lucky dog!

I almost sat by Boogie but I almost sat ON him too, so he moved. Close huh? Porkers smacked me again but I didn't mind. Tiski still hisses every once in a while and the other 3 come down only when I'm in my crate at bedtime... Hmph!




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