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(former) stray statements

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One year later

September 4th 2011 4:34 pm
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Hey dogsters!

Long time no write. Sorry I've been preoccupied. And the computer was packed up so I couldn't write. More on that later.

It's been one whole year since I've been with my new family! It's been a good one. Things have really changed since my arrival. Especially this summer. We had to pack up and move and me and Sienna were scared a lot. But then all the traveling made us bond really tight. We are the best of friends. We don't like being parted at all. We use each other as pillows. I follow her around like a...puppy. I also made better friends with the cat.

My new place is pretty good because it has a BIG yard with lots of branches with squirrels running all across them. It's like they are here just to entertain me. So much fun. Me and the cat share time looking out the window but then I go out and run myself ragged chasing them from side to side of the house. One of these days I'm going to climb the tree and get one of them. You think I can do it? Or maybe one will climb down and let me have a chase.

My mom and dad say they are so lucky because I cuddle so much more now! Our new bed has no place to hide underneath and so I have to go on top. It's a little crowded with another dog and cat to share with not to mention the humans but I still take my share. Mom says my fluff is even bigger. Good thing it all grew back tenfold after my mange.

Ok better sign off and eat Sienna's dinner (already had mine--we share) if I can sneak it. Lots of love to all my dogster pals. And some catster ones too I guess. You cats better watch out though, I'm gonna chase ya!

Love, Ellie


no plumbers!

March 10th 2011 5:47 pm
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Hey pups.

I am happy to say my fur is growing back and I am looking more like a regular pup instead of a bare legged pup. But I still have some knotted fur. My parents got a furminator which I hated so much that I peed when dad was combing me. I never do that!

I've been pretty protective. When there was a new guy smoking at the field I woofed at him to get away. Then a plumber came to my house and I woofed at him a lot. I don't like strange people in my house! So there!

Mom took me on a scary walk yesterday. Different than the usual trip. We had to go by the grocery store which was scary because of the doors. Then I saw two cats on the rest of the walk. Mom has to wrap the leash around a tree to keep me from getting them. Then I had to go to a scary place where mom mailed a package. A person thought I was attacking them but really I was just trying to run away I was so scared of the door. Mom says no more places with automatic doors for me. I cheered myself up by finding 3 cats on the way back including my neighbor's cat Guster who I chased into the garage.

I got some payback at home because my brother cat chased me. I'm a little scared of him sometimes. Although we have been caught sleeping next to each other on the bed. Yup, I've been sleeping up there sometimes.

To sum things up, I hate:
Tall scary guys
Automatic doors
New walks

I love:
chasing cats
my sister Sienna
mom and dad

Hope you all are having a good March!



Happy Valentine's!

February 14th 2011 2:58 pm
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Hi everyone,

Happy Valentine's Day! I have been becoming more friendly and loving to my family. Just in time for valentine's day. They caught me up on the bed at night sleeping at their feet. They weren't supposed to see that! A few times I got embarrassed and ran off. I tend to do it in the night when no one sees me.

It used to be real tough for my mom to get a kiss out of me but I've been giving a lot of them out lately.

I'm less shy and come downstairs instead of hiding upstairs a lot. I think I am more secure and happy in my home.

Me and Sienna are on the same page a lot. We like snacks and we both look for the humans to come home at the same time. I like her.

Hope you and your humans have a great day today.
love Ellie



January 6th 2011 1:21 pm
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I was a stray and I have something called mange. It took this long to get a diagnosis. The regular vet could not get any proof of it and was scared to treat me. The finally I got in to see a dermatologist vet. But I had to go off all my meds before that for 10 days and it made me so much worse! Itchier and lost lots of fur. Mom feels so bad about it. I am pretty bald on my belly and legs. No fun.

We are mad that the vet did not diagnose it sooner. This new vet (Dr D) saw the eggs and poopies of the mange mites. I don't like that they were doing poopies on me and burying their heads into me.

I got some sort of liquid medicine to take and a pill to help with the itchies. I am finally able to take a nap.

Oh and guess what the Dr D said? That when I was a stray I probably slept with kayotes! Or in their den. That is where a lot of dogs get it from. Or from a groomer.

Bad part is now Sienna has it and has to take liquid medicine too. And mom has a small rash too but for humans it's not as bad as for people. I hope we all get well soon. Dr D says all my lost fur will come back. I can't wait until I look like a new dog. It's been a little cold without my fur.

I am soooo glad I do not have food allergies, now I can eat whatever I want again! Well other than chocolate like my bad girl sister did.

Thanks for listening
~Ellie Mae


squirrel on the porch

November 30th 2010 2:25 pm
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Oh my gosh, you pups, the most exciting thing happened! There was a squirrel on my porch! I went wild of course and whimpered, whined, and woofed. Mom was so confused about what was going on, since sometimes I can see things she can't outside. She has put some seeds out there and squirrels love those. Thanks for luring him to me. Now just open the door and I'll open my mouth. Droool.

You can see some pics here: .html

Come back again Mr. Squirrel! I'm hungry!



thank you for the diary of the day!

November 24th 2010 1:21 pm
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Wow, I can't believe I am Diary of the Day! This former stray is not used to much attention. I've been hiding under the bed or desk for awhile today.

I have had more time in the snow which is fun, but mostly inside time. Mom and dad seem to think it's "too cold". Grow a fur coat! My sister dog also wears a sweater and huddles in bed most of the time. She has no interest in playing in the snow. What a baby!

My elbows are back to being itchy again so mom and dad have to take me back to the vet again. They are becoming a little bald which is embarrassing. I need some elbow patches in black fur please. Does Dogster sell those?

I am going to try to catch a squirrel for Thanksgiving dinner. I think it would be a great way to tell my new family that I love them, don't you think? They've been giving me pumpkin and other snacks. I'll contribute the main meal. :-)

love Ellie



November 22nd 2010 9:56 pm
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Hey pups!

I had so much fun today! It snowed and mom and dad took me out twice. I love it and raced around crazy. I couldn't find any squirrels or kitties to chase though. I sniffed a lot to check. I ate some of the snow and it tasted good. I can't wait to go again later on my late night walk. Mom says she is not looking forward to it and is jealous of my long fur.

Speaking er, um, barking of mom and dad, they always want to cuddle with me! Or take pictures of me. I'm not that into it. But I am getting to be a better cuddler. I like to sit on the couch now. For a short awhile. I also like to sit next to mom while she's ont he couch or computer but if she notices me or pays too much attention to me I'm off. I'm just a shy girl I guess.

Well, let's hope the snow stays!

ellie mae


why I'm itchy

November 2nd 2010 9:26 pm
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Hey pups,

Well I had my first visit to a new vet. Sienna gave me a warning that he might give me a shot. She snapped at him last time so she said it was OK if I needed to do that too. I didn't want to get off on the wrong paw with him though.

I was a good girl at the vet and didn't chase or scare the kitty in the waiting room. I didn't want to eat the treats at first or get on the scale. But I let him examine me with mom's help. Turn out I have a bad infection from my flea bites. I didn't have too many fleas but I am extra sensitive to them. They have been gone for awhile but the bites are still bugging me. And I am allergic to them too. OUCH! No wonder I was thumping so much and scratching like crazy.

The vet was really nice to me and told me I had a good family. He knows it was hard for my pawrents to lose both a dog and a cat in a few months. He said they are lucky to have me since I'm such a good dog. Dad and mom complained a little about my squirrel chasing but he said it's normal. HA!

I took my new medicines today (spray and 2 pills) and I haven't been itching hardly at all. I feel so much better. Good enough to chase a million squirrels!!!!!

Now, off for my late night walk!




October 28th 2010 4:32 pm
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First it was the squirrels, now the cats!

Hi everyone, I have been having a lot of fun the neighborhood. I don't think mom and dad are though. Since I haven't been able to find any squirrels when it's rainy out (well other than that one in the tree. Note to squirrel: I can still see you when you put your tail over your head), I've been looking for cats instead.

Last night I hit the jackpot. There was one just on the corner near the park who was a white and orange. I tried to get over there but mom wouldn't let me. A fence also stood in the way.

Later on mom let me sniff in some bushes (boy I love this extendable leash) and I sniffed one out! He went racing across the street in a panic. Hee hee. I knew there was another in there but mom wouldn't let me keep sniffing.

And there's this grey one that keeps coming up to our door. We have glass on either side of the door so I can see out at him. He comes right up to the window to taunt me and my cat brother (who is the only cat I don't chase) and It drives me wild! I whine and light growl and go nuts. Boy I want to get a sniff of him.

The last one is the one who lives out front and likes to hide in the bushes by his house. I have chased him to the neighbor's and then he swiped me. Dad said it was ok that he swiped at me and that it was good for me. I disagree. I think someday I can catch him. Cat stew anyone?

Mom says the real lesson is people should keep their cats in to be safe and that I "need work". I am signed up for a class. That doesn't sound fun.

In other news, I have a vet appointment for my itchy skin. Boy it itches!

love Ellie



October 21st 2010 6:14 pm
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Hey everyone,

Boy fall sure is a fun time around here. There are lots of squirrels out collecting nuts. All the better for me to sniff for them, track them down, then go bonkers when I find them (usually hiding up a tree). Mom and dad had not heard me bark so much until I found a little squirrel up a tree.

I've also been kinda interested in the neighbor's cat. I don't chase the cat in my house but I do like ones outside. If they are outside, it's fair game, right? Mom let me get close to him and he hissed and swiped at me. Jeez! I backed down. He had some fight in him.

Well mom and dad are beside themselves with how to walk me. A longer leash didn't work, nor did a short. I got a really long extender leash and I like that lots. But I still pull. Mom and dad might sign me up for a training class. Sienna said they were fun and you get cheese. I guess that would be alright. But I will still want to chase and possibly eat a squirrel.

Any other squirrel-crazy pups here? Raise your paw!


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