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Blame the migraine

September 23rd 2013 10:06 am
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Well, mom got hit with a really bad migraine on Friday, so bad that she came home from work cause of it. This migraine not only knocked mom down, but it kept us from going to see Emilie this past weekend and that made me sad:( I haven't seen my Emilie since who knows when and I was really looking forward to going to see her, but since mom didn't go Friday and took the train Saturday, us dogs couldn't go cause of the stupid rule of no dogs allowed on the trains. So instead of getting to have fun playing with Emilie we were stuck at home with nothing to do. Nanny and poppy Waple and Linda let us out a few times, but other than that, we did nothing. I know it's not mom's fault and I'm not mad at her, just a little disappointed, especially since it was a really nice weekend too. Mom did take us for a walk and play frisbee when she got home so that was nice.

Mom said we're going to Manor Care on Wednesday and she promises that we can go to the barn with her sometime on Saturday since she has barn duty all day. I can't wait cause we haven't been there in a long time either.

So as you can see, I have nothing exciting to tell you about and I sure hope you all had a better weekend then I did. I'm just hoping I can get outside more this week cause it's suppose to be a beautiful fall week and I love it!


A great weekend!

September 18th 2013 8:35 am
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First I want to wish my sissy Chloe a Happy Belated Birthday! She turned 7 on Monday and although I was with her all day, I didn't get to post my birthday wish so I wanted to do that first thing.

Boy did I have a great time this past weekend even though it didn't start off too well. We left Thursday afternoon and were suppose to take our horse Tequilla with us,but dad's truck died. I felt bad for mom cause she really wanted to take her and I was looking forward to going on trail rides with her, but it didn't happen. At least the truck broke before we got on the road cause that wouldn't have been good. Anyway, after all that excitement, we finally got to the cabin later than usual so we pretty much just chilled that night.

Friday mom cut grass and dad weed wacker and did something really bad... he cut down my big cedar tree that was by the patio. I was NOT happy about that cause I laid under that tree all the time. Mom took pictures of me watching dad cut it down and drag it away with the Kubota. I even ran after dad once to try and get my tree back, but I had no luck. Mom said it had to come down cause it was full of bugs and bees and we could get lots of ticks from it. I don't like ticks, but I loved that tree and it made me sad to see it go:( But mom did make it up to me cause she took us for a Kubota ride and we played in the woods for a while so that was nice. That evening was sat on the patio around the fire cause it was one of the most beautiful nights we've had in a long time. Gizmo even enjoyed being out with us:)

Saturday was dad's birthday so we did some fun things with him. We went to a Trapper's Swap Meet, but they didn't have much so we didn't stay long. But when we were there, everyone wanted to pet us and love on us. Hey, what can I say, everyone loves us Aussies! After we were done there we went to Cheese Nook and got ice cream. I was SOOOO happy cause that is really the only treat mom lets me have so when I get it (which isn't often) I try to enjoy it. I have a habit of eating it really fast then I get a brain freeze and it's gone fast, but this time I took my time and really enjoyed it. What made it even better was that we were sitting outside enjoying the beautiful day too which made it taste even better! When we got back to the cabin, dad went ridge running and mom prepared dad a special birthday dinner. It was stuffed shells and boy did it smell good! When she was done, us dogs walked to the tree with mom. It is always fun to to ride in the Kubota, but it's also fun to just walked up the hollow to the tree cause I get to smell all kind of good stuff. And let me tell you, we have a bear in the area cause I smelled him all over the place. I just wish I could see him sometime. Anyway, when we got to the tree we weren't there even five minutes when a big doe walked by. She didn't see us, but I think she might have smelled us cause she stopped for a while and kept looking to see if she could see something. Mom told us to be really still, which we did, so the doe stood there for a long time before continuing on her walk. It was really cool to watch her watch us. We stayed at the tree for over an hour then headed back to the cabin. Dad was there when we got back so mom cooked dinner and they were no sooner done when Randy and Sharon came to visit dad for his birthday. It was nice to have company since we didn't have much this past weekend.

Sunday was a nice day again, although a little warmer in the low 70's. We went to Flint Hollow so I could do a search in the cornfield and let me tell you, that is NOT easy! I found the scent right away and took off in the cornfield leaving mom behind. I was really deep in the field and didn't know where mom went. After a little while she called me and I yipeed back letting her know where I was. It was only a few minutes later when I found dad, but now I had to find mom to tell her. It took me a little while, but I found her on the edge of the field and I took her back to dad. I was a little reluctant cause I was really tired and didn't want to go back in the field, but I knew my job so I took her to dad. She was VERY happy with me and said she was proud of the job I did. I was suppose to do another search, but cause that one was so hard and I did so well, mom let me be done at that. I would have done another one if she asked, but I am kind of glad she let me be done after that cause it was hot and I just wanted to take a nap. We stopped at Randy and Sharon's on the way back, but we stayed in the car and I was okay with that cause I was still trying to recover from my search. They didn't stay long and when we got back to the cabin we all took naps then mom took us for a Kubota ride to the tree again. It was getting dark so we didn't stay as long, but it was a nice end to a good day.

Monday was Chloe's birthday, but we also had to head home. We just relaxed most of the day cause none of us wanted to leave, but we finally headed home early evening. When we got home I took a nap while mom and dad did their usual things when we get home. Mom did take us out right before dark to play frisbee and that was fun, but I was still depressed having to be home. I can't wait til we live in the mountains furever!

Yesterday mom took us for a walk and she said we did great cause there was a lot of people walking with kids and other dogs and we behaved off leash. There was even one dog who tried to entice me by staring at me, but I kept on walking. When we got back home we played frisbee, but I got in trouble cause one time when Chloe had the frisbee I wanted it and went after her and took a few clumps of hair from her. I know, I know, that's not nice and believe me, I got in big trouble. In fact, I had to sit there furever and what mom and Chloe play. Mom said I had to learn that I couldn't be mean to my sissy like that and believe me, I learned my lesson. When mom finally let me play again, I was careful not to be that mean again. I still would bark at her to tell her the frisbee was mine and sometimes she would go away and others she would still try to take it, but I knew better than to bite her again.

So now you're all caught up. We're not doing much this week, but head to see Alison, Jan and Emilie this weekend. It's been a while since we've been there and I'm looking forward to it. Mom said I need to be on my best behavior and not growl, show teeth or even worse, bite Emilie. Mom said if I would ever bite Emilie I would be gone and there would be nothing she could do about it either cause dad will not allow me to be around anymore. I wouldn't ever hurt my Emilie, but mom makes sure I am never alone with her and that I stay on my best behavior at least until she gets bigger. I only seem to have issues with younger kids, but I'm use to my Emi now so there is no worries.

Well, I'm gonna go take a nap now. Since I don't have to be in my crate anymore, I've taken to sleeping on the upstairs sofa even though I'm not suppose to. Dad caught me a few times and yelled at me to get off, but what he doesn't know during the day won't hurt him:)


I was in prison!

September 10th 2013 9:26 am
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The next time mom and dad go away and can't take us, I'm running away. It would be better than the prison I was in this past weekend. Okay, so it wasn't a prison cause they did let us out to play and took us on a few walks, but we didn't even get bread and water!

Mom dropped us off Friday and I recognized the place from a while back when we visited. It didn't seem too bad, but then again, we were only there for a few minutes playing with another dog. This time mom left us. I couldn't believe it when the guy walked us back around and mom was gone. I should have known something was up when she had our beds, bowls and bags packed. Chloe and I were both in a kennel together and we had our beds and toys so that was good. But they didn't use our bowls that mom sent and we had to share these two small bowls. That is not good cause I drink A LOT of water and Chloe drinks a few amount when she's stressed and believe me, she was stressed! We did get to go out and play for a while, but Chloe was freaking out so much that I had to stay with her so I didn't play with the other dogs much. Some of them were being pretty obscene anyway and I'm not into that. Heck at one point I thought I was at an X-rated kennel! Mom posted some pix so you will see what I mean. The worst part was not having much water (and you can see from the one pix that I am drooling cause I need a drink) and they didn't give us any of our treats. Mom spent a lot of time making us treats and putting them in bags with our names so it would be easy for them to give to us cause she knew we probably wouldn't eat much in a strange place, but they didn't give us even one treat! We knew they wouldn't treat us like mom and dad, but no treats at all, come on! I know mom was NOT happy when she got us home and all the treats were still in the bags. Anyway, We stayed there for a couple days (although it felt like furever) and mom came to pick us up on Sunday and I was never so happy to see her in all my life! I jumped all over her, piddled all over the floor and yipped like crazy. I wasn't as bad as Chloe though cause she doggy cursed mom the entire way home. I made a beeline for the car and once I was in it, I wasn't coming out til we got home. When we finally did get home I drank like 2 bowls of water cause I was soooo thirsty! Mom gave us both baths cause we smelled like the kennel and I was never so happy for a bath cause I didn't like being all smelly like that. We had lots of treats, ate dinner and spent the rest of the night on the bed with mom. I know she was just as happy to be with us as we were with her and she promised never to put us at a kennel again. I even heard dad say that if we couldn't go someplace with them and there was no friends or family to watch us that they wouldn't go. I was VERY happy to hear that!

Last night we did have some fun cause mom took us to the barn. We're going for a long weekend at the cabin and mom is taking Tequilla so she packed the trailer. Stevie's dog Zola was there and we played with her. I was happy to be running around and playing in a place I knew with my mom close by and I can't wait for this weekend either. All the family will be together having a good time:) Oh yeah, I did kind of get in trouble a little yesterday though. I decided I wanted to do a little dance in the tanbark and needless to say, dad was not impressed by my dancing and I got yelled at. I won't be doing that again anytime soon.

So that's what has been going on with me and I wish I could say I had a good weekend, but as you can tell, it was rather horrible and I hope no one has to be stuck in prison like we were. Have a great weekend and try to stay cool with the next few days of summer coming back. The part worse part is, they closed our pool yesterday:(


DDP again!

September 4th 2013 6:33 am
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I can't believe it! Dogster has given me the honor of being a diary pick twice in four days! I'm so excited I'm doing flips! I have to thank my mom too for posting all my adventures cause without her this wouldn't happen. She says I'm smart enough to post myself, but with my big paws, the keyboard doesn't like me BOL:D Thanks again Dogster!

I haven't done much since my post over the weekend. I did go swimming when we got home on Sunday and mom let us swim again last night. She said we can swim everyday this week cause the pool is getting closed next Monday. That makes me very sad:( But mom says we won't be home much after that so there is no sense in keeping it ope cause it's more work for dad. I guess I can understand that.

I did hear mom talking to dad last night and me and sissy are going to a kennel this weekend cause everyone will be at Alison's wedding. I don't know what a kennel is, but I sure hope I like it. Mom said me and sissy will be together in a kennel and we'll be doing all kind of activities and fun stuff. She did tell me that I need to behave and share and not be mean to the other dogs or I'll be stuck by myself while everyone else gets to play. I know I'm not the best dog when it comes to sharing, but if it means I get to play all day, I'll definitely share! I'll be sure to tell you all about my big adventure when I get home.

In case I don't post before than, I hope everyone has a good weekend and enjoy the nice weather.


Diary pick and fun in mountains

September 1st 2013 7:26 pm
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I can't believe it! I'm a daily diary pick today...thank you Dogster! It is always an honor to be picked and I'll keep doing my best to share my adventures with everyone.

Speaking of adventures, I'm having a fun-filled Labor Day weekend so far. Friday afternoon mom, Chloe, Gizmo and I headed to the cabin. It was really hot so mom made us stay in the cabin while she cut grass. She did let us out later in the evening when it cooled off though. When mom was all done her friend Sharon came down and we all sat around the fire pit. Yes it was warm out but the fire is not for the heat but to help keep the bugs away. Either way I was enjoying the nice night. Later Friday night dad, Brett and Poppy Waple all arrived. We sure did have lots of people here this weekend cause Saturday morning day's sister Linda came.

It was another hot and humid day so we all chilled in the shade for awhile then we took a ride to the property. When we got back mom, Brett,Chloe and I all went to the swimmy hole and it was soooooo nice! It was fun to have Brett there with us, especially since Chloe didn't want to swim much. I don't know why she wouldn't swim with me, she just hung out with mom most of the time. When we got back we went for a bota ride with mom and Brett. He's a crazy driver and we were bouncing all over in the back! Saturday night we all hung out by the fire again and that thing was making that noise again but this time is as right behind the cabin. Mom went searching for it and I went with her. We never did see what is was, but when dad's friend Tony stopped by he said it was a screech owl. At least we finally found out what's been making the noise. Speaking of searching, Friday I did a search for Brett and I did awesome. Then I did another search during the day for him on Saturday and did a night search for dad and mom said I did really well. I'm much better at finding the person then going to let mom know, but I'm still a little slow on taking mom back. But mom said she's really proud of me for how well I've been doing especially since I haven't been able to practice with the team for awhile. Oh yeah, all the hollow boys stopped by later Saturday night too.

Sunday everyone left after breakfast then it was back to all us animals and mom and dad. I like having company but I like our quiet time too. We chilled for awhile in the cabin cause it is again very hot and humid. We did go for a ride the mom took us for another bota and we saw a mommy deer with her was so cute! We hung out at the tree for awhile but didn't see anything else. I smelled something but never did see what it was. When we got back dad was ridge running so mom let me watch an episode of "Too Cute". That's my favorite show now that K-9 Cops isn't on anymore. Later on mom made some stuff on the grill and the hollow boys came again so we had a cabin full for dinner. Mom said us dogs were very good with all the people that have been here this weekend and she gave us a couple extra Beggin' Stripes since we were so good:) we didn't have a fire Saturday but us animals, including Gizmo, hung out with mom on the patio until I started thundering and lightening then we went in. The rest of the night we pretty much just relaxed and I was ok with that cause its been a busy weekend. I think we're heading home tomorrow and I'm sad about that. I can't wait til we live her permanently!

So that's what I've been up to this holiday weekend. I want to wish everyone a Happy Labor Day and I hope you have as much fun as I did!


To grandma's house we did go

August 30th 2013 8:27 am
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Grandma wasn't feeling too good yesterday and needed some cheering up so mom took us over for a visit. Of course we cheered her up, how could we not? We played and chased each other like maniacs and grandma laughed a lot which is good. She was watching this one show where this guy was stuffing animals. I mean like real animals including dogs! It kind of freaked me out, but I couldn't help myself and was riveted to the TV the entire time. Grandma still can't get over how I watch TV. Anyway, we stayed at grandma's for a long time and it was a nice visit. Mom even scared us which wasn't very nice, but it was kind of funny now that I think about it. We went looking for her in the bathroom but she wasn't there and then all of a sudden she jumped out of the bedroom door and yelled "BOO!" I barked at her for scaring me too cause it wasn't nice.

After our visit we went home and mom got all of our stuff ready for our weekend in the mountains. She packed my search gear so I know I'll be training a bit which I am looking forward to, especially after I did so good last time. I will even have some new subjects cause Poppy Waple, Brett and Linda (dad's sister) are all coming up this weekend and mom said she'll have me search for them. The cabin sure will be crowded though with 5 people, 2 dogs and a cat. But we had 6 in there last year so it can work, it's just tight and we don't get to lay on the sofa cause it will be full. Oh well, I guess I can deal with it for one weekend.

Well, that's about all for now. I want to wish everyone a safe and happy Labor Day weekend and I'll bark at you later.


Anna, vet and visit...oh my!

August 28th 2013 5:41 am
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As you can see I have been busy the last couple of days. Monday my friend Anna came home from vacation and she came over to swimmy with us. I was very happy to see her and we swam for a long time and I loved it!

Yesterday I had to get my kennel cough vaccination since I'm going to the kennel next weekend and then we went to visit at Manor Care. I saw lots of people, but I was kind of not feeling too good toward the end of my visit. I think it was the vaccination cause it was an oral one and it kind of made my tummy not feel good. But fortunately I only had a couple rooms left to visit after my tummy started to feel funny. Mom gave me a pill when we got home to help settle it down and it did thank goodness.

Today looks like a pretty yucky day. It's hot and humid again and rainy out. I don't think we're doing anything cause mom is going to clean the house tonight. I'm happy about that cause I love attacking the sweeper!!


I think we found the culprit!

August 26th 2013 6:24 am
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I don't think I told you all, but last Thursday I got sick. It was just one time so neither mom or dad worried at that point. This past weekend mom was away watching Emilie at her house for the weekend and we were home with dad. We really didn't do anything except hang outside with him and Poppy Waple while they did some things. I really wanted to swim, but dad never let us cause he had to go to work Saturday night and he wanted a nap before he left. Saturday night Poppy Waple came and left us out before bedtime. When dad got home Sunday morning he was greeted with another bout of vomit. He wasn't made at all thank goodness. We went to bed with dad and I ended up getting sick again:( Dad called mom and she must have told him about my pills cause he gave me them when he got off the phone with her. I am really glad dad called mom cause it made my tummy feel much better and mom thinks we may have found the culprit to what makes me sick. Drum roll please................................ Pupperoni! We're pretty sure that is it cause mom just started giving me some a couple weeks ago and since then I've gotten sick 4 times. We're not 100% sure, but mom isn't going to give me those anymore and we'll see what happens. Keep your paws crossed!

This week I know I have to go to the vet for my kennel cough vac and then we're going visiting at Manor Care, but other than that, I don't have much going on that I know of. I'm hoping mom lets us swim this week cause the pool will soon be closed and no more swimmy til next year:(

That's all I have for now. I hope everyone has a great week and I'll bark at you all later!


Chloe got in trouble

August 21st 2013 10:03 am
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Last night was pretty eventful for me, but the same can't be said for my sister.

First grandma came over and watched us swim then helped mom can a few hours. Later Brett came for a visit and as usual, I was so excited to see him that I tinkled all over the place. Fortunately it wasn't on his new sneakers and I was outside! The most exciting thing that happened was what Chloe did.

Dad and Brett were standing outside talking and us dogs were in the front yard when all of a sudden Chloe went running down over the hill and onto the street, barking like a crazy dog and chased a guy up the street. I just couldn't believe my eyes! This was not like Chloe, and honestly, more like something I would do. The poor guy was really scared and I felt bad for him. Dad finally got Chloe to come back and boy did she get in trouble. She can be lucky she has a bad hip cause that's the only thing that kept her from getting her butt smacked. I made sure I stayed out of the way so as not to get any of dad's wrath. When dad told mom what Chloe did, she wasn't happy either. I did kind of feel bad for Chloe, but then again, she did a bad thing so I guess she needs to deal with it. I have no idea what set her off cause the guy didn't do anything at all. Who knows why us dogs do what we do sometime????


Happy Birthday Gizmo!

August 19th 2013 8:42 am
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Today is Gizmo's birthday and I'm being extra nice to her. No chasing her up the stairs, under the bed or stealing her food. Boy am I glad she only has one birthday a year cause I wouldn't have any fun at all...BOL:D

I had a pretty good time this past weekend. We went to the mountains Friday and came home Sunday. Friday we didn't do much cause mom and dad cut grass. Randy was there when we arrived cause he opened up for us and it was nice to see him a little. After they were done cutting grass we got to hang out on the patio around the fire and that was nice. Gizmo loves being out at night now and it's my job to be sure she stays on the patio cause if she goes off it she might get eaten by some critter in the woods. I love my kitty so I can't let that happen!

Saturday we went for a Kubota ride which was lots of fun. I like when we get to the top of the mountain and mom let's us out to run around. I just love all the smells and try to find critters. I chased a chipmunk this time, but other than that, nothing else was around. After that we went for a ride to the property. We stopped at our neighbor's house, but we didn't get out to meet them. I saw them though and they seemed nice. I can't wait to meet them. Later in the evening after dinner, mom, dad, Dave, Pam, Chloe, Giz and I all hung out on the patio around the fire again. I was tired from running around the mountain earlier so I took a little nap. Yes I know I'm suppose to watch Giz, but mom took over that duty while I caught a couple winks. When it got dark I got to go on two searches. First I had to find Dave and then my second one I had to find dad. I found both of them really quick and both mom and dad said that is the best they ever saw me do. Mom said she's hoping it clicked in my brain and I now know what I'm suppose to do with the recall/refind. I haven't even been doing this for a year and it can take up to two years for me to be certified, but I'm trying to make mom proud and get it done earlier.

Sunday we didn't do much at all. Mom had a migraine so we didn't leave until later in the day to go home. It was rainy and dreary anyway so it's not like we would have done much if she felt better.

Today dad, Poppy Waple, Matt and Brett are putting tanbark down and I'm going to help. Mom said my job is suppose to stay out of the bark and I will, but I will also be the supervisor and make sure they do the job right:D I think tonight mom is going to groom us cause we have some mats from swimming. Speaking of swimming, it's suppose to be hot again this week so you know what that means... swimmy time!! I'm glad too cause I think dad is soon having the pool closed. I know it seems early, but we'll be gone every weekend after this weekend for a while so he said there is no sense keeping it open when we're not home to use it. Us dogs can use it during the week, but dad said he's not doing all that work so I better enjoy it while I can!

Well, that's about all I have for now. I'll tell you if anything exciting happens.

Say a prayer for all those affected by the wild fires!

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