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October 24th 2013 6:42 am
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I can't believe it! Dogster has made me a DDP yet again...THANK YOU DOGSTER! It is always such an honor to be chosen:)

I wish I had something exciting to tell you on my DDP day, but honestly, I haven't done much. Anna did come and play with us on Monday and Tuesday and that was fun, especially since we haven't seen her for a while. Last night we were suppose to go to Country Meadows, but mom wanted us to go closer to Halloween (mom is dressing us up for the residents) so we are now going to Country Meadows next Wednesday and then Manor Care on Thursday. As much as I hate being dressed up, I do enjoy how excited the residents are when they see us. It makes it worth the torture BOL:D


We saw some deer

October 21st 2013 7:49 am
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Friday we all left for the cabin in the afternoon and got there around 5pm. Brett and Asia got there shortly afterwards so Brett cut the grass which was a nice break for mom. Asia is Brett's new girlfriend and she is so cool and I really like her! Mom and Asia took us for a Kubota ride and it was a lot of fun:) Dad cooked on the grill and we all sat around the fire Friday night and it was the perfect fall evening. Gizmo thought it was a little cold and didn't stay out long, but us dogs, we loved it!

Saturday was a rainy day so we didn't do much. We did take a ride to the property to show Asia and then her and Brett headed home. Mom, dad and us animals hung out in the cabin watching TV and movies. They did put in a new gun cabinet, but other than that, we just chilled cause there was nothing we could do out in the rain.

Sunday was a nicer day and we went for a Kubota ride with mom to the tree. It was such a beautiful fall day and we sat there for about an hour and were lucky to see 3 deer. Mom still swears dad should take me hunting with him cause I know when the deer are around long before my family does. Mom said that's my pawsome sniffer! Anyway, Randy and Shuey came to watch the race with dad and I hung out on the porch with mom when she was reading. We headed home after the race and just chilled the rest of the night.

It was a nice weekend, even if we had a day of rain. I'm looking forward to going again this weekend with grandma and Aunt Lois. Our friend Pat from NC is suppose to be there too and it will be nice to see him since it's been over a year.

On another note, my search team friend Anna passed her level 1 air scent test so she is now officially a certified Level 1 air scent dog for Midsar. Congrats to Anna!!


Ball crazy!

October 16th 2013 7:06 am
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We had our visit with Danny last night and it went pretty good. Danny is still very hesitant of me because he only met me once before so while he walked Chloe, mom walked me behind them. She says she won't let Danny walk me cause I like to pull sometimes cause I don't like being on the leash. Mom told me that she's going to start only walking me on the leash and no off-leash until I learn how to walk properly...yikes! Anyway, when we got back from the walk, mom put Chloe in the car to rest so I played ball with Danny. Well, mostly his dad because Danny was avoiding me, but mom eventually got him to throw for me a couple times so hopefully he gets more use to me each time we go. I think my intensity may scare Danny a little too. Mom says I'm too "ball crazy" and I stare at whoever has the ball until they throw it and I guess that would make a little boy kind of afraid of me. Hopefully he figures out he doesn't need to be afraid.

When we got home, Brett stopped by with his new girlfriend. I don't think I told you all, but him and Chelsea weren't getting along and neither was happy so they are getting a divorce. But this new girl, Asia, seems really nice and she just thought it was wild how I watch TV, and especially how nuts I get over K-9 Cops. They stayed for a little while and I hope to see more of Asia cause she's really cool.

It's a dreary day outside today so I'm sure we won't be doing much tonight, but honestly, I could use the break. I have been going for three days straight so a night off is welcomed this week. I don't know how mom does it and then with headaches to boot!


Loss of a friend

October 15th 2013 11:08 am
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It was a sad night at Manor Care for us. The visit started out really nice and everyone was happy to see us. I was very happy to see that Joe's wife Lois is staying on the same floor with him so they can eat meals together and spend all afternoon together watching tv, reading and talking. Although physically Joe may not look like he's doing too well, you can definitely tell my his voice and smiles that he is much happier now and that makes me happy:)

But on a very sad note, our friend Pearl passed away over the weekend. She was so nice and was always very happy to see us. When we'd come in the room and go to her bed she would just get so excited and hug and kiss us and tell us how beautiful we are. I really liked her and I'm so glad we got to see her as much as we did. I will always remember her and how wonderful a person she was.

Chloe and I are going to see Danny tonight. It will only be my second visit with him, but he really likes to play with me so I'll be sure to be on my best behavior.


Search training

October 14th 2013 6:08 am
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This past weekend was a little rainy on Friday and Saturday so those two days we didn't so much. We went on some errands with mom Saturday and she took us to Hummel Trail for a walk and that was fun, especially when we got to an area that was flooded out with about 4" of water. We had to walk through it cause mom didn't want to turn around and it was A LOT of fun playing in it! The water was crystal clear and there were walnuts bobbing in the water and we went bobbing for walnuts! No I didn't eat them, just kept knocking them under the water playing with them. Mom didn't care that we got all wet either so I decided to roll in the water too! It was nice to get out after being stuck inside cause of so many days of rain.

Sunday I had search training and grandma went along. I'd like to say that I did really well considering how well I've been doing practicing without the team, but I didn't do too good:( My first search was a huge area and I had a really hard time finding the person. When I did he was laying down (the scenario was presenting him as deceased) so I sniffed him then kept on going. I was suppose to go alert mom and take her back, but I never did that. This was the first time I had to find a person laying down so I was a little confused. But mom wasn't upset and we worked through it. My next search was a motivational and a shorter one with grandma being who I had to find. Needless to day I did that perfectly. Come on it was grandma and I wasn't going to let her lost! My last scenario I was doing really well and had a scent that I was moving in on when two hikers with a dog came through our area. When this happens we have to stop and wait for them to go. Well that totally messed me up cause now I had their scents to deal with and cause my job is to find every live person, I started on their trail. Mom pulled me off them and started me from the last place I had a scent. Our flanker didn't stay with us because she didn't want to walk back up the hill, but when I came back around I now caught her scent and alerted on her. Mom praised me because I did in fact find someone (just not the person I was suppose to), but I still hadn't found the initial subject I was sent out to find. Because I was really struggling, the subject did a call out to me and then I did my thing, but still not alerting mom too well. But mom was never upset at me through all this and we just learned that I need to work with more distractions and with people laying down. We did do a couple runaways and I didn't do too great on those either. Of course it didn't help that grandma was walking to the potty and I was worried about her and not the person helping with the runaways.

As you can tell I didn't do too good, but mom was never mad and said she's proud that I never gave up even with the tough scenarios and distractions. We just now have more things to work on. I also heard her telling grandma that as long as I try, she'll never be mad and even if I don't get to the point where I get certified, as long as I'm enjoying it, we'll keep doing it. If I stop enjoying it, then she won't make me do it anymore. But that will never happen because I LOVE doing it, I just don't have the confidence on the alerts and I'm sure that will eventually come.

This week mom said we'll be busy the first couple of days. Tonight we are visiting Manor Care with Barb and tomorrow we have a visit with Danny, but then we have a couple quiet days. That is good because I am still so tired from search training I'll need to catch up!


UTI is gone

October 9th 2013 8:10 am
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I was at the vet last night for my yearly check up and shots with Chloe. The vet also checked my urine again and all is good cause my UTI is gone! Mom knew it was cause I haven't had any accidents and she's sleeping through the night cause I haven't woken her up lately either. Anyway, I was nice and relaxes at the vet this time cause I knew Chloe was with me and I wouldn't have to stay. Plus, Chloe is stressed enough, if I'm stressed too it just makes it worse for her. So I got my shots and they took blood for a heartworm test. I should know today or tomorrow if that's good too. I'm sure it will be though cause mom makes sure we get our medicine for that. My friend Becky came in with Dr. Z and I just love her as much as she loves me. Mom said IF she ever needs to have someone watch us again cause they can't take us with them, she's going to ask Becky to watch me and grandma to watch Chloe. I would LOVE to stay with Becky! I'd be sad to be away from Becky, but Becky has cats and dogs of her own so to take both of us would be too much.

We were going to stop at Manor Care on the way home, but it was late getting out of vet and mom had a headache so we just went home. Mom said we'll go next week to visit and then we visit with Danny too. It looks like I'll be a busy little visitor next week!


I knew something was out there

October 7th 2013 8:00 am
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This past weekend we went to the mountains. We got there early Friday afternoon, but we didn't get to do much cause mom had a headache. A bunch of dad's friends came and took out our sofa and then when mom's headache went away, she cleaned and they moved furniture around. All we have now are two chairs and a loveseat which means no room for us dogs to cuddle with mom and dad while watching TV and that stinks! But the cabin was crowded with too much furniture so in a way I understand and will just sneak on the loveseat when mom or dad get up:) Later in the evening I smelled something outside and bugged mom to take me out. I immediately started looking for where the smell was coming from. Mom watched me and once she figured out that something was out there, she got a light and we went looking for it. It only took me a couple minutes to find the source of what I was smelling... it was a big possum! He climbed up a tree and was sitting there eating the leaves. Unlike my last encounter with a possum, this one just ignored us. I wanted sooooo bad to go after it, but mom wouldn't let me:( She did say I did great in showing her what was out there.

Saturday mom and dad power washed the cabin. I watched most of the time and even tried to help. Mom had the sprayer and I would watch the water come out trying to figure why it only came out once in a while. Then I saw mom pulling a trigger and I knew and waited for each time she did it then I tried to catch the water. I know not too smart when it's coming out with that much force, but I was having fun:) When they were finished, mom took us for a buta ride to the tree. When we got there I knew something big was there not too long ago. Mom put fresh flowers there for her grandparents the other week and they were all over the ground and the coffee can they were in was crushed with teeth marks. It was the bear! I was sniffing all over the place and let me tell you, he was there not too long ago. Mom told me to find him and I followed his trail down into the hollow but mom called me back cause she didn't want to walk that far. Plus, mom knew he was long gone and we wouldn't find him anyway. One of these days I AM going to find that boy and I can't wait! We stayed at the tree for a little then mom took a ride around and us dogs ran and played and it was lots of fun:D That was pretty much all we did cause mom and dad were so tired we all just relaxed the rest of the night.

Sunday we headed home early cause mom and dad had some things to do. I wasn't happy about it,but I dealt with it. Mom did clip and bath us and that felt good cause I had small briars in my fur cause my hair was getting so long. Mom is usually good about keeping us trimmed, but with her headaches lately, it's been hard for her. But now that I'm all groomed up I am looking and feeling good!

This week is going to be quiet. I know we have to go to the vet tomorrow for our shots and for me to get checked and be sure I'm over my UTI which I'm pretty sure I am. We may stop at Manor Care since it's just down the road from the vet, but mom said it depends on what time we get done at the vet. If it's too late then we can't go cause the older people go to bed early, like 7-730pm. I know, that's TOO early for me to sleep that's for sure! I do have search training Sunday and I'm looking forward to it cause it's been a while since I practiced with the team. Mom said I've been doing really good practicing with her and she just hopes I show the team how good I've been doing on Sunday. Not to worry mom, I will!


Scarlett the teaser!

October 3rd 2013 8:15 am
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Last night, mom, Barb, Chloe and I went for a visit to Country Meadows. I haven't been there in a very long time cause last time it was Chloe's turn. It was really nice to be there again. We saw a lot of people and they all loved us! I met a bunch of new people in the Reflections area, but some of the ones I knew weren't there anymore. I'm hoping they got to go home and nothing happened to them. We did visit with Brett's grandma for a while. She had her surgery and seems to be doing very well. I was sad though cause we didn't get to visit with Barney. He's so nice and I really enjoy visiting with him. He wasn't at dinner and when we went to visit at his room he was sleeping. Mom's hoping he'll be okay and we can see him the next time. Oh yeah, I did get to show off a little for one resident. I walked on my back legs across the room, crawled, gave high 5 and barked on command. Yes, I'm a show off!

Last night I had a good time, HOWEVER, Scarlett, the house cat, was teasing me like crazy. When she sees us she usually runs and hides, but last night she was out in full force. She kept watching us and coming closer and closer. She was teasing me cause she knows how much I want to play with her, but she would only come close enough for me to see her, but not close enough to play. Mom had to shush her down the hall so I wouldn't be distracted from visiting. That darn cat!

I don't know what's on the agenda for this weekend, but it's suppose to be nice outside so I'm sure we'll be out a lot enjoying the weather and I hope you all can too!


A nice weekend

September 30th 2013 8:31 am
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My weekend didn't start of the best cause I had to go to the vet Friday night. Mom noticed that I had a couple accidents and just didn't seem like myself so she was pretty sure I had a UTI and took me to the vet. Guess what? Mom was right, I have a UTI. The vet checked me out and gave mom meds for me so I can get better. I didn't mind being there as much this time cause one of the techs just loves, loves, loves me and gave me a whole lotta loving. Plus, they didn't take me into the back by myself so I knew I wasn't staying. When it's just a visit like that I can deal with it. But other than that, it was a pretty good weekend.

When we got home from the vet, mom and dad canned A LOT of applesauce. Us doggies just hang out while they do their canning thing cause we're not allowed in the kitchen. It's a good thing too cause one time I hurt mom yelled and the hot applesauce spit out of the pot and burned mom's arm. Just think if one of us dogs would have been near it when that happened and got burned. It's smart of mom to make us stay out while she's doing that.

Saturday was the best day. It was a picture perfect fall day and ours started early. We went with mom to the farmer's market then to the barn. We were there for a couple of hours and went on a trail ride with mom and Tequilla. We saw some deer and mom said she was proud that we didn't chase them. When we rode around the pasture, Trinity, Ellie and Sophie (the other horses at the farm) were running around acting like nuts so I decided I'd go in and calm them down. WRONG! It made them even more nuts and they were chasing me all over the place. Fortunately I am faster then they are so they never caught me. But unfortunately for mom cause Tequilla got all wound up and tried to buck mom off and she was riding bareback. Thank goodness mom knows Tequilla and all her tricks so she didn't fall off. I would have felt really bad if she did cause I kind of made the situation worse even though I was just trying to help.

After we were done there and got home, mom canned a bunch of pickles. Us dogs hung out on the back deck since it was so nice. In the evening Grandma came over and we went to mini golf. No dogs allowed to play, but we got to watch mom and grandma play from the car since mom parked right beside the course. Since we were so good, grandma bought us ice cream! That is the only treat mom allows me to have and I am very happy about that:D After we finished our yummy ice cream, we went back to the barn to feed the horses dinner. It was dark so we didn't stay long, but mom did play frisbee with us a little. Yes, us dogs do see better than humans in the dark, but we also had the dusk til dawn light so that helped me see the frisbee so I could steal it from Chloe:) When we got home, mom and grandma watched this crazy movie. These men hurt this girl really bad so she paid them back by torturing them and boy I mean torture! There were a few times I got up close to the TV to see if I could help, but she seemed to have it pretty much under control.

Sunday we didn't do much cause mom had another headache. Poor mom, she was so happy cause she didn't have one for a couple of days and it came back:( I spent the day hanging with mom to keep her company while she tried to get rid of it. We took a couple naps and it did get a little better so she felt good enough to throw frisbee with us. I love my mom cause no matter how bad she feels, she almost always finds some time to play with us even if it's not long. I just wish I could make her headaches stay away furever!

There isn't much on the agenda for this week as far as I know. It's suppose to be beautiful all week so I'm sure I'll get to be outside on walks and play frisbee and ball. I don't know that I'll have anything too exciting to write about, but if I do, I'll be sure to post.

I hope everyone had a good weekend and can enjoy the nice week ahead! Bark at you all later


What's happening?

September 27th 2013 5:47 am
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Well, honestly, not a whole lot has been happening. Mom has been having headaches on a daily basis so she does her best to spend some time with us, but I know it's hard for her. She has taken us for some short walks and played frisbee and ball with us. She got a break on Tuesday cause Anna and her friends came over and played with us for a long time so we were pretty pooped after that. Wednesday night both us dogs went to Manor Care for a visit with mom and her friend Barb. We split up, which we never do, because of mom's headache. Chloe went with Barb to the 3rd floor and mom and mom to the 2nd floor. Mom said I did really well and Barb said Chloe did too. That's cause we know mom didn't feel good and wanted to be on our best behavior. The one thing that was nice was that Chloe and Barb joined us right when we were going into Joe's room so that really made him happy. And I'm glad too cause he seemed a little out of it. Not really bad, but not himself. Mom said as people get older they have good and bad days and he must have been having a bad day.

Last night mom took us to the park to play ball and frisbee. We like going there cause we don't have the boundaries of the yard and can run a lot farther. Of course I don't run like a nut like Chloe does cause all I have to do is look at her and she'll drop the ball and frisbee and I'll get it anyway. That's me using my brain:) Mom said we'll get to go to the barn tomorrow cause she has barn duty so I'm looking forward to that and mom also said we'll get to see grandma tomorrow which will be nice cause I haven't seen her in a while cause of all the stuff that's been going on the past few weeks.

So that's about all that's been happening around here. It looks like a beautiful fall weekend so I hope you all can get out and enjoy it!

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