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Happy VERY belated Thanksgiving!

December 2nd 2013 8:22 am
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I'm so sorry I am so late, but Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all had a great turkey day and got lots of yummy stuff. Thank you to all my pals who sent me a Thanksgiving gift. I'm sorry you didn't get any in return, but mom tried and the server kept telling her there was an error. Gizmo was able to send out on Catster, but Chloe and I couldn't on Dogster and I'm really sorry:(

Okay, now to catch you up on what's been happening around here. Last Tuesday we went to Manor Care and it was our friend Roy's 90th birthday so needless to say, we helped him celebrate. We wore party hats and had balloons and cake and all kind of good stuff for him. He was really happy to see us and was very thankful for the surprise we gave him:) After we celebrated with Roy then we visited all the rest of our friends. Everyone seemed to be doing well and even Joe and his wife were in the rec area which was nice to see for a change.

Wednesday mom had a lot of errands to run then she spent some time with Emilie at nanny and poppy's house. Thursday was the best day for us because mom took us to play with Emilie. I love Emilie and she really likes us dogs too. Mom said I am doing excellent with Emi and she's proud of me! After everyone had turkey dinner, mom and us animals headed to the cabin and dad came up a little later. It was soooo nice to finally get there because it's been a month since we've been there and that's way to long in my book!

Friday we went antiquing with mom and dad and played in the field for a little. It was pretty cold out so mom didn't stay out long, but that's okay I didn't mind. We were in the mountains and that's all that mattered to me:)

Saturday we did a little more antiquing and then we went for a kubota ride to the tree. We didn't stay too long though cause it was cold, but also because dad didn't want us disturbing the area much cause hunting season started on Monday and he didn't want our scents to scare away the deer. Like that would happen. Heck, there are times the deer are close enough for me to almost go sniff cause they don't care much about us dogs. In fact, jumping ahead to Sunday (we didn't so much else on Saturday after the kubota ride anyway), mom let me out to potty around lunchtime and right in the field where we play was 4 doe and a buck. Mom got all excited and took some pix and I sat and watched. The deer weren't afraid of me at all and they either didn't see mom or weren't bothered by her either cause they kept on eating. The buck kind stayed behind the round pen so we couldn't get a really good look at him, but dad thinks he was either a 4 or 6 pt. If he's lucky he better be a 4 pt. cause that means he's safe from the hunters. If he's a 6 pt. he better hide! Anyway, mom and us animals had to come home Sunday cause mom had to work Monday, but dad stayed.

When we got home, mom unloaded everything and then we went to the barn. It was pretty cold and we didn't stay long, but we helped mom bring in the horses and get them fed and settled in for the night. When we got home we all just chilled and watched TV. The Walking Dead was really good last night, but this were crazy on the show and I can't wait til February to see what happens next!

As for this week, I know we have a visit at Country Meadows on Tuesday and Poppy Waple has his heart surgery on Thursday, but other than that, there isn't much going on. Please put your paws together and say a prayer that everything goes well for Poppy on Thursday. I love him and want him to be ok to play with me for a long time.

Well, that catches you all up now. I hope everyone had a good holiday and good luck to all my pals' families who are out hunting. Bag a big one!


Whole lotta nothing...

November 22nd 2013 5:33 am
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That's what's been going on here this past week. Dad is working long hours in the outage and mom is busy taking care of things around the house and doing stuff for Christmas. She's always on the computer looking for pictures for all the picture books she's making as Christmas gifts, along with the calendars she's doing of us dogs for some of our friends in the nursing homes. All I know is that means us dogs have been doing a whole lotta nothing! Mom does throw the frisbee a few times for us, but by the time she gets home from work it's almost dark and yeah us dogs can still play in the dark, but it's also colder and mom doesn't like that much. Plus, poor Chloe's hips are bothering her more now since the weather is getting cold so although she'll play and act like nothing hurts, when we're done even I can tell her hips are bothering her. Mom said she promises to fix Chloe's hips when we move. She's hoping it can wait that long and the only reason for waiting is so we only have one floor in the house so Chloe won't have steps to deal with. Whenever she has it done, I'm going to be a good little sister and help take care of my big sis:)


Mom didn't take me:(

November 18th 2013 11:29 am
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Okay, I am VERY upset at my mom. This past weekend she loaded all our search gear, both Saturday and Sunday and went all day and can you believe that she left me at home? The nerve! Mom said she was doing her map and grid training so she could get her certification and that this was not K-9 training and no other dogs would be there. Well first of all let me tell you that I am NOT happy that they didn't include us K-9s. Hey, we all need the practice too so we should have been there. Second, mom told a lie because I smelled another dog on her. Do I think she liked that the K-9s weren't training, no, but I do think there was a dog at the training and I think it was probably Chase. Chase's dad takes him every place he goes, but Chase always has to stay in his crate unless it's his turn training. So I'm thinking poor Chase was stuck in his crate both those days except for when the team had breaks then his daddy would let him out. As much as I wanted to be with mom, sitting in the crate all day doing absolutely nothing is not for me. I don't mind waiting my turn to train, but just to go and hang out instead of hanging out at home, nope sorry, don't wanna do it. At least at home I can chill in my crate, on the sofa, on the bed, chase the cat, play with Chloe, do just about anything I want. So I'm kinda glad mom didn't take me cause I would have been bored silly!

Obviously since mom was gone all weekend we didn't so much. She did take us for a walk when she got home Saturday and played frisbee with us Sunday, but other than that, we didn't do anything. Mom said it will soon be time to go to the cabin again and I can't wait! It seems like furever since we've been there and I know with dad in this outage it's hard, but it's about making me crazy. I don't even think we have much going on this week. Maybe a visit to Country Meadows, but other than that, noda. Oh well, tis the time of year I guess.

Well, that's about all I have for now. I hope all my pals have more fun then I have been recently. Back to my nap, bark at you later:)


Fun with Emmie

November 11th 2013 9:55 am
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Saturday we went to visit with Emilie and I was sooo happy:) When we got there she was in bed, but as soon as she got up she came out to play with us. Apparently she didn't care that mom and dad were there to see her, she just wanted to see us hunds. Mom said I was excellent with Emilie and waited patiently for her to throw the ball for me. She is still small and can't throw very far, but I would wait til she threw it then grab it in mid air. Emilie thought that was the funniest thing and laughed every time. Emilie likes to pet us too and I sat very still while Emi petted me so I didn't scare her. In fact, I was happy she was petting me and I wagged my little stubby tail and that made Emi laugh too:) We got to play for a while, but then it started to get colder so we all went inside. The neighbors came over with their kids and us dogs had to stay downstairs as usual. It was making me crazy knowing all those kids were upstairs and needed to be corraled and I was stuck downstairs. Oh well, there was nothing I could do about it so I napped while they played.

One thing that was a nice surprise was that us dogs got to sleep in the bedroom with mom and dad. This never happened before cause we always had to sleep in the basement and mom would sleep with us on the air mattress. But cause mom had her surgery she wasn't sleeping downstairs, but Jan told mom it was okay that we sleep in the bedroom. This was a huge step for Jan cause he doesn't like dogs much cause he was bit really bad when he was a kid, but he's getting to know and trust us which is good. I made sure I was on my best behavior in the bedroom and didn't make a peep.

Sunday after breakfast we went outside and played with Emilie again. Mom took some pix so you'll have to check back for them cause I'm sure she'll get them posted. Anyway, I was sad when we had to leave after lunch, but I'm just glad we did get to visit and play with Emi. Mom said she'll be staying with us for a week in December and I can't wait! Mom also said she's very proud of me at how well I am doing with Emilie. Mom said she will always still want to be in the room when I'm playing with Emi, but she's not quite as worried that I'll growl or anything now. Of course I wouldn't do that cause I know my Emi now and I love her and would never hurt her.

Today it is pretty cold out and mom said it is suppose to get even colder as the week goes on. I don't think we're doing much so I'll just hang inside in the nice warm house. I do know we are going to Manor Care one evening, I'm just not sure which night but I'll be sure to tell you about it when we do go.

Well, that's about all for now. Time to hop in bed with dad and take a nap. Bark at you later!


Diary Pick...YIPEE!

November 6th 2013 5:59 am
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I can't believe I've been picked by Dogster once again for diary of the day. I am soooo honored! Thank you Dogster! I'm surprised to, especially since I haven't done anything too exciting the past few days. I guess they just like my stories when I do have them to tell:) Thanks again Dogster!


A little searching on Saturday

November 4th 2013 9:40 am
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We didn't do a whole lot this weekend, except for Saturday. Our team training was Sunday, but mom couldn't go so I went with her on Saturday when she helped to lay trails. Susan and Mitch were really nice to be subjects for me so I could get a search in. Mom said I did good and even though I'm still a little slow on the recall/refind, I make a clear indication that I found someone and I always take her back to them eventually. She was proud of me:) We did go for a walk to look at a tree stand to use for training and Chase (he's a golden retriever) went along. He is very mellow for a golden and I would have liked to play with him, but mom made me stay on the leash and so did Chase's dad.

When we got home mom cut the grass and Chloe and I played frisbee and relaxed. After mom was done with the grass we went along to the store and barn with her. We didn't get out cause mom didn't stay at the barn long, but it was nice to go along for the ride. When we got home we got bathed cause I was in some yucky stuff on my search. I didn't mind getting a bath though cause it was a quick one.

Yesterday mom and dad went antiquing all day so us dogs did nothing at all. I did check out all the cool stuff they found and mom found this cool tin cat toy that ran across the floor when you pushed the tail down. I tried to grab it, but mom wouldn't let me. She said it wasn't a toy for us dogs:(

This week sounds like it will be pretty quiet as we don't have anything on our schedule. However, you know I'll definitely post if something exciting happens. I hope everyone had a good weekend and I'll bark at you all later!


Manor Care trick or treating

November 1st 2013 6:58 am
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We went trick or treating at Manor Care last night and it was a lot of fun and not near has hectic as Country Meadows the night before. We got to visit with all of our friends and was really happy to see Joe and Lois (his wife) together after dinner. Mom took a picture of us with them which I know she'll post soon. They are such a cute couple:) Ms. Sarah was in bed, but not totally asleep so we got to see her. Mom said she knew Sarah would be sad if she didn't get to see us in costume so that's why she said her name a couple times and that's how we knew she wasn't sound asleep. Mom was right, Sarah loved our costumes, as did everyone. Heck, Joe loved mine so much he tried to take me back to his room with him before I got a chance to visit with everyone else BOL:D We visited with all our friends on the 2nd and 3rd floors then with Roy. He loved us as well and he gave us a few treats. The best part was that since Roy's was the last room we had to visit, mom let us take our costumes off after he saw us and I never felt soooooo good! I hated my hat and tried to shake it off all the time and the jacket was a little tight (what can I say, I have lots of muscles!). Mom promised that next year no hats and I'm gonna hold her to that!

Tomorrow I have search training, but other than that I don't think we have much going on the next week or so. I don't mind cause I had plenty to do this past week. Well, it's a rainy day, perfect for a nap which is what I'm going to do. I hope everyone had a great Halloween and enjoy your weekend!


Dad forgot me:(

October 31st 2013 8:51 am
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I forgot to tell you what happened Tuesday night. I had to go to potty really bad at like 3am so dad let me out. Well, I don't know what the heck happened, but he never let me back in and I was stuck outside until mom got up at 730am! Fortunately it wasn't too cold out and I just chilled on the deck. Mom felt really bad and she said dad fell asleep on the sofa waiting for me to be done and when he woke back up, he forgot I was out there. I wasn't upset though cause I know how much stress dad is under lately. The outage is taking it's toll with the long hours and we just got news that Poppy Waple needs open heart surgery. So I know he just had a lot on his mind and dad does weird stuff in his sleep when he's stressed so it's not surprising he forgot I was out there. I have to admit, it was kind of nice sleeping under the stars:)


Trick or Treat!

October 31st 2013 8:48 am
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Happy Halloween everyone! Last night mom took us to Country Meadows. I was a K-9 Cop, Chloe was my prisoner, mom was a vamped out cowgirl and our friend Barb was a leopard. Mom took some pictures of us with our friends. Sorry some of them are blurry, I kept moving cause I wanted to see what was going on down the hall. It was really crowded last night cause the staff brought their kids to trick or treat so there was soooo many people! Mom said I did great with the kids, especially since they were dressed in all kind of weird looking costumes. I am learning that kids won't hurt me, but still hesitant and look to mom for reassurance. Anyway, we spent a little time visiting in the friendship area, but then went to visit Barb's friend Redd and Brett's grandma on the second floor. It was nice to be in there rooms away from the commotion in the halls. After visiting with them, we went to Connections and the kids were done trick or treating in there so it wasn't bad at all and the residents loved seeing us all dressed up:) We didn't get to see all of our normal friends cause of the trick or treating, but mom said she's sure the residents had a nice time with all the kids. Can I just tell you that I absolutely HATED my hat! I kept trying to shake it off, but mom kept putting it back on. She promised that next year no hats, yeah right!

Tonight we are going to Manor Care and I'm hoping it's not as crowded and we get to see all of our friends. I can't wait to see Joe and Sarah and I hope they like my custom:) Well, I'm gonna take a nap and get ready for trick or treat tonight. If you all go out trick or treating, be careful and don't eat the chocolate cause it'll make you sick!


Congrats to Gizmo!

October 28th 2013 11:06 am
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Congrats to my kitty Gizmo for being named CDP today! See Giz, you're not a wussy pussy anymore:)

As you all know, we went to the cabin this past weekend and it was fun. All us animals went up with mom, grandma, Aunt Lois and dad came up later after work. It was a crowded ride, but I did my best to stay on my side of the car so I didn't crowd Aunt Lois. Chloe is the seat hog by far and tries to take some of my space too. Anyway, our friend Pat from NC was there and it was nice to see him cause we hadn't seen him in a year. He seems to be doing pretty good. Daddy came up later and of course I was happy to see him, I always am:) We didn't sit outside cause it was cold and windy so we couldn't have a fire, but I didn't mind.

Saturday us dogs went with mom, grandma and Aunt Lois to the Old Home Foilage Days. It's like a huge flea market and craft fair and as usual, everyone had to pet us. Mom said I did exceptionally well, especially when one little girl put her nose right against mine and I didn't so anything. I'm learning that when the kids come to me slow, they won't hurt me so I don't show them any kind of aggression. I still have a little bit of an issue if a kid comes running at me, but mom makes sure that doesn't happen or if it does, she puts herself between me and the kid so they can't get to me and I'm okay with that. From there we went to Abundant Blessings where grandma loves to shop. Mom went in, but didn't stay long so when she came out we played in the field then sat in the sun waiting for mom and Aunt Lois to finish. From there we went to Cheese Nook and cause we were so good, mom got us ice cream! She sat in the back of the SUV with us and held our bowls while we chowed down and it was sooooooooo yummy! When we got back to the cabin I really, really wanted to go for a kubota ride so mom finally took us. Cause it is hunting season we can't go in the woods, but she took us around the field and up and down the road a few times. Once time she got a little too close to the trees at the edge of the field and the low branches flipped in the back of the kubota. I bailed out of the back cause I didn't want to get it, but Chloe, she braved it out. Fortunately mom did make a quick turn and Chloe made it without a scratch:) After that we went back to the cabin and pretty much chilled the rest of the night. Mom did sit outside and smoke a cigar and we hung out with her, but it wasn't long cause it was really windy and cold.

Sunday we went for a ride with dad and mom too look at some old stuff, but we had to stay in the car this time:( When we got back to the cabin we went for a Kubota ride with mom and grandma to the tree and I loved running around and playing. It was cold and windy again so we didn't stay long, but we got to run back down the mountain so I took advantage of my time in the woods and chased a squirrel and smelled something else, but it was too far away for me to go after. Maybe next time. We headed home shortly after that and I rode with mom and Chloe rode with dad to give Aunt Lois more room in the back seat. I stuck to my side of the car, but was glad for more room since Chloe wasn't there to be a seat hog. It was a pretty good weekend, even though it was too windy to do a whole lot outside. At least we got to visit with Pat which was nice.

This week I have lots going on. I have two nights in a row of visiting for Halloween and then even though I can't make the regular training on Sunday, cause mom is helping set up trails Saturday the great people of our search team are going to set up a couple searches for me so I don't have to miss out this month. I just love my Midsar family!

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