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Apology accepted

February 19th 2014 7:55 am
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Well, well, it seems like for once I am not the one in trouble. There have been pee puddles on the landing by the front door the past couple of days and a couple in the kitchen the days before. Of course I am always the one to blame cause of my issue and then I have to where a diaper. However, mom figured out that it was Chloe and thought she had a UTI and took her to the vet. It turned out that Chloe does NOT have a UTI and is just going potty in the house for no physical reason at all. So now she is the one wearing a diaper and mom and dad apologized for blaming me. I accepted their apology of course and glad that I don't have to where the diaper now and it's funny seeing Chloe wear one. But hey, if she wants to misbehave then I guess that's what she gets. Don't know why she's doing it and don't care as long as she's okay and I'm not the one getting in trouble:)

Okay, enough about Chloe. Last night we went to visit our friends at Manor Care and everyone was happy to see us:) Roy enjoyed it when Chloe and I wrestled in his room and got a kick out of me getting a drink from his sink. I stand up on my hind legs and put my front paws on the sink then mom uses her hand to cup the water and I get a drink! I think she took a pix to post so you can see me. Not the best cause she was doing it with one hand, but you get the idea. After we left Roy's room we went to visit our friends on the second floor and I'm happy to report that everyone is doing well. Although it sounded like Lois was really sick last week just like mom, but even worse cause she had to go to the hospital for a couple of days. But she's doing much better and was happy that we came to see her:) I had a good time visiting, but it was really hot in their for some reason so we got another drink in Lois' room and didn't go to the 3rd floor cause Chloe and I were too hot. Mom felt bad, but we never see the same people since they are usually only there for a week or two for rehab and hopefully we weren't missed. Mom likes to make people happy, but she always puts our well-being first and she knows that the people understand cause they love us too and want us to be healthy! Speaking of the people loving us, one of the residents was so nice and had her son buy Chloe and I each a bag of treats. That was so nice of her to think of us and I thanked her with a loud bark which she loved:)

On another note, I just heard that poor mom got locked out of her office this morning. It wouldn't have been too bad except for the fact that it was 28 degrees, freezing rain, mom didn't have boots, coat and was wearing a short-sleeve sweater this morning. She was stuck outside in the cold for almost 20 minutes until the attorney next to them came in and she went there to stay warm and wait for her boss to show up. Poor mom did not have a good start to her day. I hope it gets better for her and that this crappy weather soon goes away and never comes back!


Dogster isn't shutting down!!!!

February 18th 2014 8:00 am
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Yipee!!! We just heard the news and Dogster isn't shutting down! Thank goodness we all complained and begged them to stay up and running cause it was worth it! We're hoping when they switch to the new company that we don't lose any of our stuff, but if we do it's much better than not having Dogster at all so we will deal with it with a smile:)

Now, about what's been going on around here and it's not a whole heck of a lot. As you know mom has been home sick for the week last week, but she is better now and returned to work. We played in the snow over the weekend and I love playing keep the frisbee away from Chloe. I know that's not nice of me especially with her hip problem, but it is fun:) We've also been watching the Olympics and I love it! I really enjoy the bobsled racing and check out the pix of me watching team USA racing down the slide. A huge congrats to USA1 bobsled team for their first medal in 62 years...way to go! I also like the speed (not figure) skating a lot too. They fly around that track! Skiing/snowboarding is okay if they are doing all that acrobatic stuff in the air, but plain downhill kinda boring for me. Although I was happy to see B. Miller win a medal:) Mom can't believe how I watch the Olympics and she actually thinks I know what's going on. Well duh mom! I am a smart Aussie:)

I forgot to tell you I have a new favorite show since K-9 Cops isn't on anymore...Lassie. That was mom's favorite show when she was younger so she found it on the TV and tapes it for us to watch everyday. I hear the opening music and I am in front of that TV waiting to see who Lassie rescues next! Lassie and I have a lot in common cause we are both very smart and help people when they are lost or in danger.

Okay, now onto the week ahead. Tonight we are going to visit Manor Care and I'm suppose to have search training Saturday night. Mom's not sure if we have training though cause they are called for a search detail all day Saturday. It's really a recovery detail because the man who is over 80 yrs. and has dementia walked away during the storm last Thursday and they still haven't located him. Mom said they are still looking for him so his family can lay him to rest. I'm not certified yet so I can't help, but cause it's a recovery detail, mom said the only dog that can go is Krabi cause she is certified cadaver and air scent and trail dogs wouldn't be able to help. So sad that this has happened and even worse is the fact that this same man walked away back in August, but fortunately was located. You would think the caregivers would be more vigilant to be sure he stayed safe. Please say a prayer that he is located so the family can find some peace.

Sorry I ended on a down note, but it's part of life I guess. On a brighter note, it looks like after today the snow will be staying away, at least for a little while. Hopefully all of our pals have been safe and warm during this bizarre weather and we can all enjoy springtime very soon!


By my mom's side

February 12th 2014 10:55 am
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Since my last post it has not been good around our house. We stayed home this past weekend cause mom and dad had some kind of thing to go to from dad's work Saturday night. Mom and dad did take us for a walk Saturday, but after that, it was all down hill.

Poor mom got VERY sick Sunday and it lasted for days. I've been with my mom for almost 4 years and I have never seen her this sick. She was "kneeling before the porcelain throne" as she calls it more times than I can count and yes, I was my mom mom's side the entire time. I didn't forget what she did for me every time I was sick so I was there with her trying to help her feel better. Sunday and Monday were the worst. Mom and I pretty much slept in the bathroom Sunday night, but finally was able to make it back to bed Monday. Us animals just laid with her to keep her company until she was feeling better. She did go to work today, but she's still not feeling 100%. I think she'll be home early though and I'll curl up with her, Chloe and Giz on the bed I'm sure.

Mom did see that I was named a DDP yesterday, thank you Dogster! It's an honor to be picked again before the site shuts down. We're still sad bout that, but there is nothing we can do. Mom still doesn't know if we'll have a blog or not, but hopefully if we do we get it up and running so we can post a link for all our pals before Dogster closes.

On to the weather... we are getting yet another winter storm. It's getting to the point where I don't even like to go outside to potty anymore. It's not bad if it's the nice powdery snow, but then we get that ice on top and it's hard to walk on and I slip and slide and can't even squat without my legs going all over the place. I've had enough of this winter stuff and hope spring comes soon! Be careful if you're getting hit with this nasty weather. Stay warm and stay safe!


Something strange...

February 7th 2014 5:38 am
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Last night we had a visit to Manor Care and everyone was very happy to see us. It has been a little over two weeks since our visit because of all the snow and ice we've been getting and I'm glad to say that all of our friends are doing good. Lois seems to be coping with her loss of Joe and Jim and she was very happy to see us and petted us for a long time. Our Sara was wheeling around the halls and that was good to see cause the past couple of times when we visited she was in bed and we were worried about her, but she looks good! We met some new people on the third floor last night and let me tell you, there was something really strange on the guy's face. He had this thing on his nose and mouth and it was making a hissing sound. I wanted to help him and get it off, but mom said no. The guy did take it off and show it to me and it hissed at me! I barked at it and tried to kill it so it wouldn't hurt anyone, but no one seemed to concerned about it. Mom tried to explain to me that it was oxygen and not hurting the guy, but helping him. I'm sorry but in my world if something hisses at you it's NOT trying to help you. I kept my eye on it the entire time and before I left I made sure the guy was okay by nudging his hand and he pet me so I guess he is okay and it wasn't hurting him.

Unfortunately this weekend we are staying home. Mom and dad have some kind of casino night thingy with dad's work so that's why we don't get to go to the cabin:( I have no idea if we'll do anything this weekend, but if we do I'll be sure to tell you all about it. We have less than a month and no more Dogster:( Mom is going to talk to dad about allowing us to have a blog and if we get the green light, mom will be sure to post the info before this site shuts down.

Well, that's about all I have for now. I hope everyone is doing okay with all the snow, ice and cold. I know it's hard on people and pets, but do your best to stay warm and safe, but still have some fun!


Posted Pix

February 4th 2014 9:53 am
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I forgot to tell you, mom posted some pix of me doing my search at Hersheypark so check them out if you get a chance:)


Wholly Snowing!!!

February 4th 2014 9:44 am
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Can you believe all this snow? It's like it never stops for more than a day and then boom! We get more bad weather and let me tell you, I've had about enough of it! It's fun when it first arrives, but then when it gets hard and crunchy I don't like it cause it hurts my paws. But mom did buy us some Mushers Secret for our feet and that does help. Cause the snow was so bad yesterday, mom didn't have to go to work and it was nice hanging with her. We watched TV until the snow was done then we played outside with mom while she snow blowed. Poor mom, dad is always away or at work when it snows then she's stuck cleaning it up. She really wasn't happy that the township plowed down our trash cans and mailbox. The took the mailbox right off the post! Mom was NOT happy about that at all. Can't say I blame her. She did play a little with us when she was done with the blowing, but by then we were pretty tired from running around and didn't mind going inside for our nap:) Mom said we have two more storms headed our way so we better be prepared!

Okay, enough about the snow and onto my weekend. We did go to the cabin Friday and as usual, we didn't so much cause it's dark til we get there. Saturday mom and dad went to an auction for part of the day and of course, no dogs allowed:( When they got back, mom did take us for a kubota ride and we spent an hour or so just hanging out looking for deer. Mom even went up dad's tree stand, but we didn't see anything. I didn't like mom being up that high so I stayed at the bottom of the ladder and kept my eye on her just in case! We went across the street too, but still no deer. It was fun running around with Chloe though and I did smell a bunch of stuff, but just didn't see anything. Funny cause the deer were even in our front yard. I know cause I smelled them and you could see where they were pawing through the snow and eating the grass underneath.

Sunday mom's back was hurting cause of sitting in the tree stand so long so we headed home mid-afternoon. I got sick on the ride home and dad wasn't happy. Again, I have no idea why sometimes I get sick and other times I don't. Dad even went the smoothest way and I still got sick:( That night we watched the Super Bowl and I didn't care who won, I just like the commercials. Not as many good ones as in the past, but my all time favorite was the Budweiser commercial with the horse and puppy. If you didn't see it, go find it on YouTube, but be sure you have some Kleenex! It was pawsome!

Mom had to go back to work today so I'm just chilling in the house. I don't know if we're going anywhere tonight or not. Probably not cause we still have stuff called "black ice" around here and mom doesn't want us getting hurt. All I can say is that I can't wait for winter to be over!!!


Searching Hersheypark

January 27th 2014 9:07 am
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This past weekend I was Hersheypark Happy:) We had search training on Saturday and yes it was very cold! Good thing was though that all of our searches were inside so we didn't freeze. And mom made sure I was nice and cozy in the car too. She had like three blankets in my crate, one under my crate, one over/around my crate and I was wearing my fleece so I was nice and cozy when I was waiting for my turn to search.

I got to do three scenarios on Saturday. My first one was to find 2 people. It started outside, but then I led mom to a building and we searched inside. I found both of my people. It was pretty cool cause it was inside the Music Box Theatre and I never worked in an area like that before. Mom said I did great cause there were dark areas, all kind of stuff on the stage, seating area and different rooms. I didn't hesitate at all and cleared all the area until I found my subjects.

My second search was in the Ice Palace (or the old Hershey Museum). I had to clear two floors and I found both of my subjects. Again, mom said I did really well clearing all our areas. It's different clearing buildings then open areas cause I don't really range a lot. I just go from room to room making sure there are no people. I didn't really do recall/refind on this search because when I found the person mom was close enough to see me and the subject, but I did alert her which she said was good. The second subject I totally missed though. It was a small room and when 3 of us walked in I was just overwhelmed with all the scents so that's why I didn't hit on my subject. But mom still said I did well cause when the subject called my name I did engage with her.

My last search was in the Hersheypark Arena on the third level. Boy is that place big and loud! They were playing hockey so there was a lot of noise from that and then I was so high up it was kind of freaking me out. But mom said I did great and although I worked a little slower because I was more cautious than usual, I never stopped working and did exactly as I was suppose to. She said she was proud of me especially when she asked me to check the seats the entire way to the top... that was high! I didn't really locate my subject though, well not the way I was suppose to. There was a person sitting in the seats and I saw her, but didn't hit on her. Now my job is to alert on any person I find, no matter where they are. Sorry, but in my mind she was just someone sitting there watching the hockey game and not someone in trouble so that's why I didn't alert on her. Mom wasn't upset at all and had the subject call me so I'd engage. I did a soft alert and small recall/refind, but mom followed up with two runaways so I really got into it.

All in all, mom said she was VERY proud of me for how I did cause I haven't done any training since November and then doing 3 searches in an urban setting which I never really did before. I never stopped working and mom said that is what matters. Sooner or later that light switch will flip into the "ON" position and I'll get it all right and be able to get certified. Mom said she needs to find more time to train with me other than once a month too so it's not all my fault that it's taking me a little longer. I don't care how long it takes me cause I'm loving it and mom is happy with what I do and that's all the matters to me:)

After we were done training at Hersheypark, we went to TMI's south end cause mom is helping with the planning for March. I had to stay in the car, but I watched and let me tell you, I never saw SOOOOO many deer in all of my life! There were deer EVERYWHERE! Us dogs are going to have a field day when we're training in this area I can tell you that! I'm good about not running deer, but this is going to be hard even for me cause they are all over the place. But it was fun watching them right by the car when mom was out walking about.

As far as the rest of my weekend, I didn't so much. Mom and dad were gone most of the day on Sunday so I just caught up from Saturday. This week I think we are visiting Country Meadows then to the mountains for the weekend. Hopefully it's a little warmer cause it is COLD COLD COLD right now!

Well, I'm gonna go take a nap. I hope my pals had a good weekend and are staying warm in this frigid weather. Bark at you all later!


Dad is okay:)

January 22nd 2014 6:49 am
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Dad has his surgery yesterday and all went well and he's already back at work today. I think mom was more of a wreck from driving in the snow yesterday, but she's okay now. BTW, she has her test today so I'll let you all know how she made out once we know.

Did everyone have the snow like we did yesterday? We had about 5" and I loved it! When mom went outside to blow the snow us dogs got to play and I had a blast! Chloe and I played tag and threw snow on each other and it was just soooo much fun:) Mom said maybe we can play again today when she gets home from work if it isn't too cold. We're suppose to get that arctic stuff again and even though we have lots of hair, mom doesn't like to let us out too long when it's like this, but I'll take whatever I can get cause I love playing in the snow! I hope my pals got to have some fun yesterday and are keeping nice and warm too:)

I gotta tell you about my kitty. Looks like she got herself back in the "doghouse" (sorry couldn't resist using that one:) She pooped and peed on the floor and dad caught her so she's back to being in the crate when no one is home. I kind feel bad for her because she loved sitting under the chair or on the bed during the day, but then again, she didn't need to potty on the floor, especially since mom always made sure her box was cleaned. It stinks for me too cause I would chase her once in a while, but now that she's in the crate all day, my fun went away too:( Mom said it's only til we move to the cabin then Giz is free again. Cats! Sometime they really don't use their head!


It's all about the fun!

January 20th 2014 8:58 am
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I had a lot of fun this past weekend at the cabin. We got there Friday and cause it was still light out, Chloe and I got to play outside for a little.

Saturday was the best day though cause we were at the property for a few hours. Helene, a nice lady from PSU, came to help us plan our farm layout. Chloe and I had fun running around and exploring. We were in all the areas, including some of the woods. Mom wasn't too happy though cause I had briars all through my coat that she had to get out. Oh well, she got them out and it didn't hurt either:) Oh yeah, we did find a dead deer carcus and mom said she was proud how well we listened and stayed away from it. When we got back to the cabin, I took a nap while the peeps talked about things. When Helene left, mom took us for Kubota ride and that was fun:) We saw 4 deer and ran around and played. Needless to say, I crashed pretty much the rest of the night.

Sunday we headed home and watcher out Patriots lose the conference game:( We were really hoping they would make the Super Bowl, but they all had a really bad game and couldn't score or keep the Broncos from scoring either. Oh well, better luck next year!

Tonight I was suppose to go to Manor Care, but Barb may not be able to go and if she can't mom is taking Chloe since I have SAR training on Saturday. I know that's the fair thing to do, but I'm not happy about having to stay home.

Tomorrow dad has his surgery so wish him luck! I feel bad for mom though cause of the snow coming she'll have to drive in it to take dad to hospital and then snow blow when she gets home. Fun for us doggies to play in the snow, but no fun for mom:( Mom goes for her dr. appt. on Wednesday so please say a prayer that all turns out okay.

This upcoming weekend I have SAR training and I'm gonna be "Hersheypark Happy" cause that's where we're training. I just hope it warms up before then cause it will be cold in the car, even with all my blankets and fleece.

Well, that's about all for now. Be safe and warm during this next winter event. It seems like we have some kind of wacky weather every week. Welcome to global warming!


Big Changes?

January 17th 2014 11:47 am
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They say big changes are coming to Dogster's Community Areas, but mom said that just means they are shutting down Dogster because everything we have access to and everything we enjoy doing (diary/pix/vid/gifts) is going away and I am soooo sad! I haven't been on as long as Chloe, but I always enjoy telling my adventures and reading all my pal's adventures and sharing pix and stuff and now all that is going away. I wish there was something we can do to keep it going, but mom said it doesn't sound like it. But we're gonna keep on posting til the very end! I'd like to keep in touch with my pals even after Dogster shuts down so anyone who would like to keep in touch, please email me and mom said we'll exchange email addresses to keep it going. Even if we can't post for the world to see, we can still stay pals!

There hasn't been anything going on this past week cause mom has been busy and weather has been cold and yucky again. We are going to the mountains this weekend so hopefully we get out and about and have some fun while we are there. I hope all my pals have a great weekend and I'll bark at you when I get back!

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