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Opps, I did it again!

July 5th 2011 7:39 am
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As you all know, we went to Juniata for the 4th of July weekend. Mom, Chloe and I got there in the afternoon on Friday and dad came up early evening. Chloe and I had a lot of fun playing tag and finding sticks. Mom and dad did work outside for a while. Dad made steaks for dinner and of course, we got to have some... YUMMY!! That is one of the good things about going to the cabin, we get lots of left overs from the grill:) We did do too much Friday, but Saturday, well that's a different story.

Saturday morning the contractor came to move stone and drill holes for the fence. Dad got up early and went outside, but us doggies weren't allowed cause they were using heavy equipment and dad didn't want us to get hurt. Mom was still in bed cause she had a head booboo. Not one of those migraine things, but still didn't feel that good so she stayed in bed longer. I jumped on the bed with her, but she said I had to stay off cause I was dirty from playing outside. I was NOT happy about that. That's when I went and found a magazine on the one table. I ripped that all to shreds. When I was done with that, I went to find something else to get into. I found a bag that had these two small boxes in it. Well, you know me, I had to see what was in those boxes. I got one open and it had these 4 plastic things in it. I chewed on those until I got them open too. There was some really YUCKY stuff inside them!! So I stopped messing with those and went to get into something else. That's when the phone rang and woke up mom. Boy was she MAD when she saw what I did! Opps, I did it again, and I don't mean the Britney Spears song either. I knew as soon as she walked out to the living room that I was in trouble. Mom smacked my henie and put the crate back up and put me in it. She said I'll be lucky if I don't get sick, or even worse cause those plastic things I chewed up, well they were ant traps. YIKES!! Mom read the box, but it didn't say if it was toxic to dogs or not so she made me stay in my crate where she could keep an eye on me just in case I got sick. Plus, I was being punished for what I did. I know, I know, I shouldn't do those things, but I was mad cause dad wouldn't let me outside and mom wouldn't let me in bed. But now I wish I didn't do it cause I have to be in my crate and then when mom and Chloe went outside, mom said she needed to keep an eye on me to be sure nothing happened since I ate the ant traps, so she tied me to the front porch. Now that was torture!! Chloe was running around playing while mom cut grass and I had to sit there and watch:( Guess I should think about my actions before I do things. Mom finally did let me off the tieout when she went to cut the field so I did get to play chase with Chloe. Boy did I run! I ran so fast around the field and in through the high grass, no one was gonna catch me! We played outside for a couple of hours, then went in cause mom and dad had to get ready to go to dinner with Clair and Velma. I was okay with going in cause I was hot and pretty tired from running around. The part I didn't like was having to go in my crate while mom and dad were at dinner. She said I couldn't be trusted not to get into anything. Well, let me tell you, there was no way I was staying in the crate! So I worked the latch on the crate and kept pushing the top part (it's collapsable) until it gave and I was able to squeeze my body out. It hurt a little cause it was such a tight squeeze, and it even pulled out some of my hair, but at least I was OUT! Needless to say when mom got home, she wasn't happy that I was out of the crate. And she got home just in time cause I found the bag of chips on the counter and I got them to the floor, but didn't have time to open and eat them:( Mom put me back in my crate, but this time she took my leash and put it all through the top so I couldn't push it open again. Darn mom, you take all the fun out of things:(

Sunday was a fun day! Nanny and poppy Waple came to the cabin. Nanny, mom, Chloe and I went for a Kubota ride all over the mountain on both sides of the road. It was SOOOOO much fun! Mom let us go swimming in the hole too:) There wasn't as much water as before, but it was enough to splash around and cool off. That was nice especially since our creek by the cabin is all dried up. After we got back from our ride and playing in the swimmy hole, we went for a ride to show nanny around the area. When we got back, we just chilled in the cabin. I was okay with that cause it was hot out and I was pretty tired from running around the mountain. After dinner, we all sat outside. I love when it gets dark cause all kind of critters come out. I heard something in the woods, but mom wouldn't let me go investigate:( She did bring a flashlight to see if she could find out what it was, but we didn't see anything. You could hear it though and mom said she thinks it was a raccoon or possum. Wish I could have went to find out. Mom mad me stay on the patio after that so I just chased the moths and crickets around. I did find something that went into the hole around the well cap. I kept trying to get it out and dad looked to see what I was after, but he didn't see it. I finally got it out... it was a toad! Mom let me chase it off the patio, but I wasn't allowed to hurt it or lick it. So I just pushed it with my nose until it hopped away. We stayed outside for a long time and I loved it! Chloe ended up going in cause people were shooting fireworks and that upsets her, but not me. I'm not afraid of anything.

Monday we had to leave:( Mom let me right up front with her on the way home and although I like riding shotgun, I can't get comfortable in that seat. Mom said next time she'll let me in the back so I can stretch out. When we got home, we got to go swimming!! Mom said we had to get that stinky swimmy hole smell off of us. She said she'd rather us smell like the pool. We swam for a long time, then mom went to the barn. I was content to sleep in my crate cause I was trying to catch up from my busy weekend. When she got home, we helped her take trash out and we went to bed early cause we were all tired.

I had a really good weekend, except for getting in trouble that one time. We're going to the mountains again this weekend and our friend Dillon is suppose to be coming!!!!! I love my sis, but it will be fun to have someone else to play with. Hopefully he doesn't tire out as quick as sissy does.


Happy July 4th!

July 1st 2011 4:55 am
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My family is heading to the mountains this weekend (with me of course:), but I wanted to wish everyone a Happy July 4th before we left. Be careful and stay away from those fire crackers!!! Eat lots of goodies and have fun in whatever you do. I'll tell you all about my weekend when I get back:)


An invader

June 29th 2011 5:35 am
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Yesterday Chloe and I were out back while mom got ready for work as usual. We were chilling on the deck when this man started to open the gate to the backyard. Well, let me tell you, I was having non of that! I started barking at him. First just a little warning bark to let him know I was there. But when he continued to open the gate, I really let him have it! I barked so hard and loud that I was bouncing myself off my feet!!!!! Mom finally came to see what was wrong and when she saw the man, she called us in. Here, it was the lawn guy coming to treat our yard. Mom said I was still a good girl for protecting our house even if the man was allowed there. She said I didn't know and she's proud of me:)

This was the second time I was being protective. Last night mom and dad were arguing about something that mom threw away of dad's and he was REALLY mad. I never saw dad this mad, not even when I pee pee'd on the floor. He was yelling so loud at mom and even slammed his fist on the table. That's when I jumped on mom's lap and pushed myself tight against her. When dad was yelling, I started to growl. Yes, I know it's my dad, but I didn't like the way he was acting and I just wanted to let him know that he wasn't hurting my mom. Not that daddy ever would cause he's NEVER done anything like that, but I was just letting him know that if this was going to be a first time, he'd have to go through me first! Mom said she was proud of me for protecting her and it's good to know that if someone acted like they would hurt her, I would try to protect her.

Mom, Chloe, Gizmo and I all ended up going to bed cause mom didn't feel like listening to dad act like a nut. It was so early for bed, that it was still light out! I didn't really want to go to bed this early, but I wasn't leaving mom alone either. So we had a long night's sleep. Yesterday dad was really sorry for losing his cool and he said it's just work is stressing him out. Mom said she knew and that's why she didn't argue back with him and that she was sorry for accidentally throwing out those work papers. Mom and dad are happy again:)


Another UTI:(

June 29th 2011 5:28 am
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So daddy took me to the vet on Monday afternoon cause I had two accidents again. Yep, I have another UTI:( The vet took some xrays to see if there were any stones in my bladder... nope. He checked out my private area (which I wasn't too happy about mind you) really good and didn't see any problems. Then he took blood to see if that was okay... he said perfect. So, after not finding anything that could cause all these UTIs, they put me on a stronger antibiotic and I have to take a sample back when I finish them. If I get another one after that, then they want to do an ultrasound or give me a sedative and do some kind of scope thingy to see if there are any problems that they couldn't find from an outside inspection. That doesn't sound too pleseant! The vet did say that sometimes young dogs get them for no reason and then they just stop. Let's just keep our paws crossed that I DON'T get anymore!!!


Fun trail ride!

June 27th 2011 7:41 am
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I had a great time on Saturday!! Friday, not so much cause mom was in and out after work. She took Megan and her friends to Hersheypark where there is no dogs allowed... POO! Mom said I wouldn't like it anyway cause it is too loud. But Saturday, a different story. When mom and Chloe got home from their visit to Frey Village, we went to the barn. I was SOOOO happy to be at the barn! We don't get to go that often so when we do, I'm just so excited. What was even more exciting was that mom got a new horse and she is cool! Her name is Sophie and she's a 6 yr. old mustang. As I do with all horses, I kept my distance, but I like her. Not once did she give me a mean look or anything. I followed her around when mom was riding her in the arena and she didn't seem to mind at all. We went for a trail ride too... they are my favorite! Chloe takes the lead and I bring up the rear, but not too close. It was the funniest time ever!!!! We were at the barn for like 4 hours, my longest time I ever got to spend there. Needless to say, I was pretty tired when we got home, but not too tired for swimming! Yep, mom let us go swimming when we got home:) She didn't get in with us since the water was a little cold, but she still threw our toys for us. We got to swim for about an hour then we all went in the house and fell asleep. Yes, I'm a pup, but even pups get tired out.

Sunday mom went back to the barn, but without us:( Jada was home so that meant we stayed home. Jada is working on being friendlier with other dogs so hopefully one day soon we'll all get to play together. Jada just doesn't know what she's missing! Anyway, when mom got home, we got to go swimmy again. Mom was throwing our toys and when she threw my duck the one time, she said to enjoy playing with it because after this, it was going in the trash. WHAT???? NO WAY!!!! Mom said my duck stinks like cat pee so it was gone. Well, I was having none of that so when mom wasn't looking, I hid my duck. It was funny when mom was looking for it to throw away. She looked all over the yard and in the pool, but couldn't find it. What can I say, I'm a good hider:) She finally gave up and just took trash down without it. Ahhhh, I could breath a sigh of relief. Almost lost my duck!

We all went inside and napped until dad got home. After dinner, dad went to take the robot out of the pool. Mom told dad how I hid the duck so she wouldn't throw it out. Guess what? Dad found my dock:( The next thing I know, I saw mom put it in the trash bag. NO!!!!!! I tried to grab it, but mom said no, it was going. She told me that my birthday is coming up so she'd buy me a new one. But I don't want a new one, I want THIS ONE! I was so upset that I laid around all night pouting. Mom said that wasn't going to help so I might as well give it up. All I know is she better get me a new one for my birthday!

Last night I had a bad night. I had to two accident and had to potty really, really bad. Mom said she thinks I have another UTI. Dad is going to take me to the vet this afternoon. We don't know why I keep getting these? Mom said the doctor is going to run more tests this time to try and figure it out. All I know is that I have to pee all the time and sometime it hurts:( Mom said she'll do whatever it takes to make me feel better. I'll keep you posted.


Poor bunny:(

June 23rd 2011 6:24 am
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I woke mom up at 330am this morning to pee. I REALLY had to go. When I got outside, I hesitated cause I saw something. It was dark and yes, dogs have good vision in the dark, but I still couldn't make out what it was. It was something in the pool. Of course mom couldn't see anything since human's don't have the best night vision. I went to investigate, but mom kept telling me to get away from the pool. So I went and did my business then came back in the house. When mom let both of us doggies out at our normal time, it was light and I immediately went to investigate what I saw last night. Mom saw the same thing I did and came out to see what it was. Mom was SOOOOO upset because what we found floating in the pool was a baby bunny:( Mom LOVES bunnies and she started to cry when she saw it. Mom got it out of the pool and buried it under a tree in our yard. I felt really bad for the bunny and for mom. Mom asked me if that's what I was trying to tell her at 330am when I woke her. She blames herself that the bunny drown because maybe if she would have went out then, it may stil be alive. She said she didn't hear anything or see the water moving in the pool at that time. If I could talk, I would have told her that the bunny was already gone the first time I was out, that's why she didn't hear or see anything. But mom was just so upset. I licked her to try and comfort her, but she was still upset when she left for work. Poor mom:(



June 22nd 2011 7:29 am
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Boy did I ever have fun the past couple of days:) Monday night mom took us to Tanner C.'s house for a playdate. We just turned onto his street and Chloe took off cause Tanner was barking for her. I tried to, but mom wouldn't let me off the leash until we got to their driveway. Once she finally did, I bolted around to the backyard and joined Tanner and Chloe. We had so much fun!! The poor neighbor dog was running back and forth along his fence, he really wanted to play with us. We did run along the fence with him a little, but then mom made us stop cause she said it wasn't fair. So, we went back to playing chase and tackle with each other. After a little while, my friend Bettis came to play. I was SOOOOOO happy cause I haven't seen Bettis since we were puppies. Let me tell you, he grew up! BUT, I still can kick his butt... BOL:D We had so much fun wrestling just like when we were pups and I pinned again too:D Mom did get mad at me though cause I wouldn't share any of the toys with Bettis and actually growled at him when he tried to take them. What can I say, I'm a brat and don't like to share. Other than that, we had lots and lots of fun. We played for like an hour and then headed home. I was so tired, I barely made it, but I did. I crashed the rest of the night.

Yesterday mom promised that if we didn't bother her while she did her yoga, she'd go swimming with us when she was done. So I sat patiently and watched as mom did all the funny stretching, twisting, posing stuff and as soon as she rolled up that mat, I started jumping around like a nit wit cause I knew it was time for swimming! As promised, mom did swim with us and that was nice because she never swam with us before. It wasn't so nice when her and Chloe ganged up on me to get the toys, but then again, I was being my usual stingy self and not sharing so what choice did they have. Guess what I did last night? I finally jumped off the diving board! That was the only way I was getting my duck cause mom wouldn't throw it unless I jumped from the board so I did it and you know what? It wasn't that bad. I still don't do like Chloe and just "go board" when mom says, so she has to go in the water to the board, put the duck on it and wait for me to get on the board then she'll throw it for me. I'll eventually get the hang of the "go board" thing and then I'm sure Chloe and I will be fighting over that too.

After swimmy, mom and dad's friend Arlene stopped for dinner. I've never met her before because she's an old friend and hasn't been around in a while. She lives in Florida and just came up for a visit. She is really nice and I didn't even pee on her! In fact, Brett came for a haircut and I didn't pee on him either! I didn't pee on his last time he was here so I'm really hoping that he sees that I've stopped that and will keep me the entire time mom and dad are in CA. I want to stay with my big sis and not get split up. If he doesn't keep me, then I'll be going to Kelsey's, which isn't bad because she's nice and I love playing with Bandit. But I would really like to stay together with my sis. Anyway, I was really tired from swimming so I slept most of the time Arelen visited. Both mom and dad told both of us doggies that we were VERY good and we got an extra treat before bedtime because we were so good:)

I'm not sure what all is going on this week. I know mom is expecting a new horse so if I get to meet it, I'll be sure to fill you in. Well, that's all for now. Have a good one and bark at you later!


Fun with Megan

June 20th 2011 6:01 am
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Saturday mom got Megan and her friend Hannah. We spent the entire afternoon swimming:) I had so much fun jumping in the pool, swimming and playing with Megan and Hannah. Of course, Chloe played with us too. The most fun I had was when Megan or Hannah went underwater, I would watch them from the deck then jump right on top of them!!! They didn't think it was too funny, but I sure did... BOL:D It was the most fun I had in the pool so far. I sure hope we get to swim with Megan again soon. Needless to say, I was crashed out the rest of the night, but so was mom. She worked hard Saturday cleaning her car then working at the barn. We were all so tired that we went to bed early and I was perfectly okay with that.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you about dad. He was hysterical. He was at a golf tournament all day, but the part that made it funny was that he was up for like 32 hours straight. When he got home and sat on the sofa, he pretty much passed out. Of course, me being me, I had to go see him and he was petting me and talking to me, BUT he was asleep! It was the funniest thing I ever saw. He did wake up a little while later and got some crackers, but one time when he was putting the cracker to his mouth, he actually fell asleep midway and ended up just holding the cracker. Then, one of his friends called and he was on the phone, but the entire time, the phone was falling from his hand and although he was holding a conversation, he was asleep. Mom had to end up taking the phone from him because he wasn't making any sense. I never saw dad this tired and some of the things he did were just so funny:D

Sunday we really didn't do anything. Mom and dad went to see Ali and her boyfriend in Philly so I just chilled in my crate. When they finally came home, we just all hung out and watched TV.

Mom said we have a playdate with Tanner C. tonight so I'll be sure to fill you in tomorrow. I hope everyone had a nice weekend!


Flyball is pawsome!!

June 20th 2011 5:29 am
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Friday night mom took me and Chloe to flyball practice. I have never heard of or seen flyball before, but let me tell you, IT IS FUN!!!!! I watched as Chloe ran and jumped over the jumps, the grabbed a ball off of a box and run/jump back to mom. I was going crazy cause I wanted to do it too, but Chloe got to go first. When it was finally my turn, we started with me just running back to mom and jumping one jump. Heck, that wasn't a problem at all because the jumps weren't too high. In fact, I was just kind of stepping over them. The instructors said in order for me to only do one jump in between each jump, they needed to make the jumps higher... now that's what I'm talking about! I was so excited, that I didn't even hesitate and just leaped right over them. We started with mom recalling me over one jump, then two, three, four, then finally a full run. Everyone was amazed that not once did I try to skip a jump and go around it. And, it only took me two times over the higher jumps to do the one jump in between. I got to do like 5 rull runs, but then I had to take a break. Not because I was tired, but because they said that was enough for my first time. Mom put us in the car to rest a bit while the other dogs practiced. After a little while, mom came back for us and we got to do it again:) Chloe went first, then my turn again. This time mom used the tug to get me really excited so that I would run even faster and let me tell you, it worked. I flew over those jumps like they weren't even there! I got to do a lot more jumps this time and I kept getting faster and faster! I didn't do any ball work yet, just the runbacks, but boy was that fun! They said I was a star and that I would make a great flyballer:D I can't wait til next practice!!


Mom's strange activity

June 17th 2011 8:38 am
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So the other night mom took us for a long walk. It was a really nice walk and she let me walk off leash for a good part of it. She said I did great and pretty soon I won't have to be on leash at all:) When we got home, mom did this really weird stuff. She was like bending all over the place, standing on one leg, pushing herself onto her side with just her toes and hand. It was so strange... I never saw anything like it before. Every time I tried to get closer to mom to be sure it was really her and not some alien that took over her body, she told me to stay, she needed to concentrate. So I just laid there and watched as mom my did this strange activity for almost an hour. Mom said it's called yoga and it helps her relax and build strength. I don't know about that, but I can tell you that mom looked really funny and boy was she sweaty when she was done... yuck!

After mom finished her "yoga", she groomed us both. Chloe was first on the table so I just sat and watched. After about an hour, it was my turn. Mom said I did good except for my nails. I don't like that grinder thing at all. Mom keeps trying each time to see if I'll let her do it... NO WAY!! But she said at least I stand still to let her clip my nails so that's good. It only took mom about 40 minutes to groom me cause I'm smaller than Chloe and don't have as much hair. After we were done, mom cleaned up and then let us go swimming!! That was soooooo much fun:D I dove after my toys and jumped on Chloe a few times. Mom told me I'm gonna drown her if I keep that up. I'd never do that to my sis!!! She's good about getting out from under me so I don't worry. We also played chase, but mom put a stop to that when Chloe banged her head into the picnic table bench. Poor Chloe:( She was okay though, just a little scratch by her eye... and probably a headache.

Mom let us swim a little longer, but then we had to go inside and get our baths. Chloe was first again (she was just beating me to mom all night!) so I waited patiently for my turn. When mom called me, I walked right in the shower. I love the water, but I'm not the biggest fan of getting a bath. I learned though just to do it and get it over with. Mom shampooed and conditioned me so it took a little longer, but I must admit, I felt and smelled better after I was all clean:) Dad dried me off and he plays with me when he does that and I love it!!

The rest of the night I just slept. I was really wiped out from my busy evening. We did a lot since mom got home. I'm not sure what's on the schedule for the weekend, but if I do anything exciting, I'll be sure to let everyone know. Have a good one!

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