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Wacky weather!

August 31st 2011 12:37 pm
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Okay, now somethings gotta give. First we have tornados in the spring, then an earthquake last week and a hurricane this past weekend. What is Mother Nature trying to tell us? Whatever it is, we better listen!!!! We were fortunate in our area to not have a lot of damage this past weekend. Just poor mom having to get all the neighbor's leaves out of the pool:( My thoughts and prayers go out to all those who were affected by Mother Nature these this past week.

Now, to catch up. I did do a whole lot until the weekend, that's when the fun started. Grandma, Aunt Lois, Megan, her friend Hannah, mom, Chloe and I all went to the mountains. Yeah, I know, that's a lot of bodies in mom's little Escape, but we managed. Chloe and I had to share the cargo area with the luggage so it was really tight. Of course, I had to be a hog and lay down and take up a bunch of room so Chloe stood most of the time... sorry Chloe. We were both happy when we finally got there. We stopped at property first to show grandma and aunt lois so I got to run around and stretch my legs and let me tell you, I needed to! We then went to the cabin and mom let Megan and Hannah run around in the kubota for a while. Us dogs chased them the entire time. But you have to watch out for Megan, she's a wicked driver! BOL:D After they were done, mom cut the grass so we chased her around like usual. I'm here to tell you, I was soooo tired! But not too tired to enjoy a nice night on the patio with the fire and yummy toasted marshmallows:)

Saturday it rained almost all day. No hurricane stuff, just rain. But that didn't stop us! We went running around to stores and is would stop raining off and on and when it did, mom left us out of the car while grandma and aunt lois were shopping. Boy, they like to shop! We did go to Mexico (the town, not country) for ice cream. Oh man it was sooooo good and they gave you sooooo much ice cream too! It wasn't raining when we stopped there so we all sat on the picnic table and mom said we were so good cause there were lots of people around and even another dog, but I stayed right with her like she told me to:) When we finally got back to the cabin, mom made dinner then everyone went to Clair and Velma's to play cards. Us doggies aren't allowed to go cause Velma is not a dog person and they don't let doggies in their house. But that's okay cause I was tired out for shopping all day and took a nap.

Sunday it was still raining so we couldn't do anything. So after breakfast we hung out while everyone cleaned the cabin, packed up then we headed out. I was tired out from the weekend cause Megan and Hannah played with me a lot so when we got home, I crashed and crashed hard!!

Monday mom went to the barn, but we couldn't go cause Jada was home. But mom said we will get to go this weekend... yeah! She did take us for a nice walk when she got home and I walked almost the entire block off leash. Mom said I'm doing great!

Tuesday I hung out with dad while he cut the grass and when mom got home, we watched my favorite show... K-9 Cops! It was a new one and I loved it! I almost knocked the speaker off the table with my excitement so I have to be careful. I just can't help myself, I want to go catch bad guys with the K-9 cops of Minnesota:) After that was over, we went to visit grandma. It was nice to visit with her, but she was pretty busy cleaning the kitchen so we just hung out in the living room until mo and dad were done putting up her towel rack in the bathroom.

That is pretty much what I've been up to. Tonight we won't get to do anything cause mom and dad have their fantasy football draft. Hopefully mom gets Brady cause if not, she'll be upset.

I'll keep you posted if anything exciting happens. I do know we're going to the barn this weekend, but it's suppose to rain so I don't know how long we'll get to stay. I'll bark at you all later.


Whole lotta shakin' goin' on!

August 24th 2011 5:53 am
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Wow, I lived through my first earthquake yesterday!!!! Mom said that's not something that happens much on the east coast. In fact, she has never felt on like that. She was at work when it happened. I knew it was coming, but no one was home for me to warn, so I just held tight in my crate until it passed. It was the weirdest thing! It started as a low rumble and a little shaking, then the next thing I know, my entire crate was shaking and stuff in the house was shaking and it was just wild!!!!!!! Chloe was downstairs and she came running up after it stopped to check on me, nice sissy:) We survived it without any damage, and I thought it was really cool! I hope all my pals and their families on the east coast who were affected are all okay.

Now, onto my long weekend. As you all know, we went to the cabin Wednesday after mom and dad got off work. Pat and Cherie from North Carolina where there. I haven't seen them since I was a little puppy and it was really nice to see them again:) The first two days we didn't do much. Mom and dad ran around with Pat and Cherie so when they weren't at the cabin, I had to stay in my crate. Ever since that incident with Tanner C. mom doesn't trust me. Hopefully one of these days she'll let me out again and I can prove that she can trust me... I hope!

Friday evening my friend Dick and his wife Rox came to the cabin. I hadn't seen Dick since I was a puppy either and it was really nice to see him again. He loves to play with me and that makes me really happy:D That night we all hung out on the patio and we had yummy steak for dinner! Saturday we went to the new property that mom and dad are trying to buy. It's not far from the cabin and I love it!!! I can run and run and run just like in Sullivan. If we get that property, that is where we're going to live in a few years. I sure hope cause it's beautiful and I have lots of room to run and explore. From there we went to the longest covered bridge in PA. There were a lot of people there so we had to stay on our leashes, but it was really neat to see. Mom took some pictures so I'm sure when she gets a chance she'll post them. Guess where we went from there? Yep, ICE CREAM!!! It was sooooo yummy and I licked my bowl super clean. When we got back, we were all a little tired so we took a nap. I stretched out on the bed with mom and was out like a light in no time. When we got up and mom, Rox, Chloe and I went for a Kubota ride, or as usual, run. I was all for it, but did get a little tired so mom let us ride in the back. Once we hit the apple orchard, I jumped out though cause I like to explore that area. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that Thursday mom, chloe and I went for a Kubota ride and I saw a deer! It ran right in front of us and I went to chase it, but mom wouldn't let me:( But it was really neat to see it that close. Okay, back to my story. When we were got back from our current ride, dad made dinner and then they all went to the races. No dogs allowed there so I chilled in my crate. Mom said she thinks I would have tried to chase the cars around the track if I would have went... BOL:D When they got back, we hung out on the patio and I behaved myself and didn't chase toads. Can you believe it?! Sunday we didn't do much. Mom woke up with a headache so she slept in and I stayed with her. Dick and Rox left around lunch, but mom, dad, Chloe and I stayed until after the race. We pretty much just napped which was okay with me. Yes, I'm the energizer dog, but I don't have to constantly be doing something and it is nice to chill from time to time. And that is exactly what we did when we got home too.

Monday mom took us for a long walk because it was such a beautiful evening. I really enjoyed that. Yesteday she played frisbee and ball with us and tried to teach me to do some jumps, but I really didn't want to do it so I wasn't listening too well. When we got in the house, we played some hide and seek... I love that game!

So, as you can see, I had some relaxation and some excitement over the past few days. Mom said the next two will be pretty boring, but Friday we head back to the cabin with grandma, Megan and her friend Hannah. I know I'll have fun for sure! I'll tell you all about it when we get back. I hope everyone has a good weekend and stays dry during the hurricane!


Something new!!!!!

August 16th 2011 7:54 am
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I learned something new this weekend.... lure coursing!! Boy is that some fun stuff! I really didn't do much prior to the lure coursing on Saturday. I did get to go swimming one day and on Friday mom tied one of my stuff-free toys to a line then dragged it around the yard. I had to chase it and try and catch it... I love it!!! I guess that's why mom took me to the lure course on Saturday and not Chloe. Chloe wasn't much into that on Friday.

Saturday was the funnest day ever!!! We got to the place where we had my obedience training, but this time we were outside. I had to wait my turn so I sat and watched what was going on. It was so exciting!! The dogs were chasing something around the field and I wanted to do it sooooo bad, but I had to wait my turn. When it was finally my turn and mom showed me what I was chasing, off I went! I ran as fast as I could, and tried and tried, but I couldn't catch it! After about 3/4 of the way, I decided it wasn't worth it so I broke off and went back to mom. She was happy for how good I did do, but said I had to chase it the whole way around so we'll give it another shot. Rain came in while we waiting for out next turn, so I got to take a little nap in the car. Once the rain stopped, it was only a little while til it was my turn again. I was a bit more hyped up since I did it once, I knew what to expect. When the bag (that's what we were chasing) took off, I was off after it. This time I went almost the entire way, but when it got too far ahead of me and I lost sight of it, I broke off. BUT, I did find it again so I finished the course. Mom was soooo proud of me:D She took video which I'm sure she'll post as soon as she gets a chance. When we got home from that, Chloe yelled at both of us for going someplace without her, but you know what? She'll just have to get over it. It was really nice for me and mom to have some 1 on 1 time cause we never get that.

Mom and dad cut grass then let us dogs go swimming!!!! Fun! Fun! Fun! After we dried off from swimming, them mom groomed us and I'm glad cause I was getting a littel scruffy looking. After all my excitement, I crash, and crashed hard for the night.

Sunday we didn't do much cause it was raining off and one, but I was okay with that cause I was still recovering from all of Saturday's fun. Brett and Chelsea came to visit and I did have a little accident when they came in. Mom and dad were surprised cause I have been so good without accidents since I came home from the hospital. Guess I was just too excited:D

Last night we didn't do anything cause mom hurt her back and she was in a lot of pain. I just laid on the bed with her while she had the heating pad on. I sure hope she feels better soon cause she said tomorrow we leave for the cabin and I want mom to be able to have fun and play with us:)

Mom said grandma is coming to visit tonight, but other than that, nothing else exciting will probably happen. I'll be sure to write and let you all know all about my adventures at the cabin. You all keep enjoying your summer and I'll bark at you later!!


So long...

August 11th 2011 8:19 am
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Sorry it's been so long since my last post, but with the server down and mom being busy, well, you know how it goes. But I'll do my best to catch you up.

Last week we went to the cabin for a long weekend. We left Wednesday afternoon and came back Saturday cause dad had to work. It was really busy at the cabin. It was like Extreme Home Makeover the Cabin Edition on Thursday and Friday. There were sooooo many people working you can't even imagine. Needless to say, we weren't allowed out a lot when they were there, but when we did go out, everyone was really nice and liked me. Of course, what is not to like:D We did get to go for a kubota ride with mom one day and it was really hot so normally we run along with mom, but this time, we rode back down instead of running. I also went swimming in the hole, although, I did get in trouble for it for a couple of reasons. First, mom didn't tell us we could go. In fact, she wasn't going to let us go cause it was really low and muddy and she didn't want to take a chance of me getting sick again. Well, I was hot so when mom and dad were talking to the workers, I snuck off across the road and went swimming. Well, when mom saw me come trotting across the field all wet, she was NOT happy. She was mad cause I went in the hole, but she was more upset that I crossed the road without her. She said I could have been hit by a car! I didn't think of that when I did it, I just was hot and wanted to cool off. But honestly, the water wasn't too deep and it was kind of warm so it didn't really help. I got in trouble and it really wasn't worth it. That was about all my excitement for our trip. Mom did say that dad found us a new swimmy hole so next time we'll get to go there.

Saturday and Sunday we didn't do anything. It was storming when we got home Saturday and Sunday poor mom was sick. She had a belly boo boo and a head thingy again so we just relaxed and watched TV.

Monday evening mom cut grass so you know what that means... SWIMMY!! It was fun swimming with Chloe, but I did feel bad for mom cause she was sweating so bad, but had to get the grass cut and couldn't join us:( After she was finished, we all relaxed out front since it was such a beautiful evening. Not as nice as being in the mountains with all the cool critters that come out at night and the peace and quiet, but still nice.

Tuesday grandma came home from the hospital!! Mom was with her all evening so we didn't do anything. But I understand cause mom needed to help grandma since it was her first day home.

Wednesday we went to see grandma and I was ecstatic to see her and jumped all over her:) She was just as happy to see me too! She seemed happy and feeling much, much better. I just hope she continues to get better and not unhappy again cause I was sad when grandma was like that. After we visited with grandma for a little, we went to the barn. We weren't allowed out of the car though cause mom didn't know where Jada was. But that didn't last long cause shortly after we got there, the barn owner, Theresa, came and let us out. I didn't hesitate at all and hopped right out and started running around. It took Chloe a few minutes cause you know how she is, never likes to go against what mom says, but she did eventually come out and we ran around like crazy! I love the barn and being able to run and have no boundaries just like the mountains. Plus, I really like the horses:) We were there til after dark and when we got home and mom got showered, we watched AGT. I was sleeping on the sofa with mom, but then this bulldog came on and of course, I flew off the sofa to the TV for a closer look. He was pretty amazing riding the rocking horse, but the other things he did, I could do them no problem! Mom said she knows I could too, but I have to settle down a little since my attention span is about as big as a knat... BOL:D

Anyway, I think I got all caught up now. I'm not sure what's happening this weekend, but I think I heard mom say Megan is coming tomorrow... YEAH! I'll let you know if anything exciting happens. Until then, have a good time and enjoy the beautiful weather!!


Diaper destroyer...

August 1st 2011 7:03 am
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Well, let me tell you, I had a blast on Saturday! In the morning we picked up Megan then we went to the barn. I was soooo happy to be there:) We got to stay for a long time too. I followed Megan all around the arena while she rode Sophie, but made sure to keep my distance. Although, I don't think Sophie would hurt me. We went for a trail ride then too and I love trail rides! This one was really neat cause we heard a fox and her babies barking and yipping in the woods. I wanted to go play with them, but mom wouldn't let me cause she said the momma fox wouldn't like it and she didn't want me to get hurt. Pooy! After we were done at the barn, we went home and we went swimming with Megan! That was soooooooo much fun:) Megan threw the duck for me and then I helped her get the frogs out of the pool. I didn't bite them, but I would swim behind them and make them move toward Megan and she'd catch them and put them under the fence. See, my herding instinct even works on frogs:D After swimming, mom and Megan left and mom didn't come home til really late. She was at some concert... NKOTBSB... and let me tell you what, she was so hyper when she got home, it must have been some concert! She blasted the stereo (which I really don't like) and played hide and seek with us and that was pawsome. Mom needs to go to concerts more often cause she gets just has hyper as I do...BOL:D When mom and dad finally went to bed, I was hyper and wouldn't sleep so mom put me in my crate. But guess what she forgot? She forgot to take off my diaper. Well, let me tell you, I was NOT going to spend all night in my diaper in my crate. So I took it upon myself to remove my diaper and shred it. Yep, I did it, I shredded it to pieces. Needless to say, mom was none too happy the next morning:(

Yesterday we didn't do too much. We all slept in since we didn't go to bed late. Oh yeah, forgot to tell you that we watched this really cute show late Saturday that had a lot of kittens on it. I loved it and almost went through the TV screen again after the kittens. Anyway, we did get to go swimming for a little, but other than that, we just chilled. Mom and dad went to see grandma and she's doing a little better, but still not ready to come home:( Hopefully soon cause I miss her.

We're heading to Junaita on Wednesday so unless anything exciting happens, you probably won't hear from me until we get back. I hope everyone has a good week and weekend!


Ho Hum...

July 29th 2011 11:49 am
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It's hasn't been a very exciting week. Mom came home early on Monday with one of those migraine thingys again. We spent more of the afternoon/evening sleeping. I laid on one side of mom and Chloe on the other. We did our best to help her feel better.

Tuesday we did get to go swimming!! The water was sooooo warm, but it was still pawsome jumping and playing. Mom yelled at me a few times though cause when Chloe would take my duck, I'd jump on her and push her under water until she gave it up. I know! I know! BAD DOG!!!

Wednesday mom played frisbee with us after they got back from visiting grandma. She said grandma isn't doing too good:( She wishes she could take us to visit because she knows it would help. I know it would too because I would give her kisses all over:)

Last night I hung out with dad while mom took Chloe to the manor. I was upset that I didn't get to go, but I went last week. When they got home, we watched a really cool show on tv about all the animals in the winter at Yellowstone Park. The coolest thing was this fox who was listening to a mouse under the snow. The next thing I knew, it jumped straight up in the air then plunged through the deep snow and got the mouse! I jumped off the sofa and onto the TV stand and dad had to grab me or I would have went through the screen!! Sorry, I get carried away sometimes when I'm watching my tv. But it was the coolest thing I ever saw. I liked the wolves and otters too. Oh yeah and the bears, they were funny in the snow:D


I got to do a visit!!

July 25th 2011 8:51 am
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Friday night I had to go for my check up at the doctor. He said I looked great! He was very happy to see me back to my normal self. As far as my "other issue", he is going to try some kind of medicine to hopefully stop me from having accidents. They are yummy chewable pills and I get two a day. The doctor said one of the side effects is that I may get excitable. Well, I don't know how much more excitable I can get, that's for sure! But it would be worth it cuz I haven't had an accident yet!! Mom still makes me where my diaper to bed, but at least I don't have to wear it all day or in public. Although, I know she took a picture of me with her cell phone so I'm pretty sure she's going to end up posting it here. Really, it's not that bad. I have a hot pink diaper cover so it's kind of cool... as far as diapers go that is. Anywa, keep yours paws crossed that this works and no more diapers soon!

After the doctor, mom and I stopped at Manor Care. She wasn't able to do her visit with Chloe the night before and she felt really bad so she said we'd make a quick stop. I was there once before and the people are really nice. They loved how I barked for them and also walked on my hind legs. Francis wouldn't pet me though, but mom said that's cuz she's not use to me like Chloe. But I still had a good time and was happy that I was able to brighten people's day:D

Saturday we did nothing:( Mom was at grandma's all day long cleaning. They are trying to clean it up so grandma doesn't have to worry about it and hopefully it helps her from being depressed about a dirty house. Mom did get home late so all we got to do was watch a movie, but that's okay, cuz I was with my mom:)

Sunday mom left early for barn duty and cleaning grandma's but she came home earlier then Saturday. I was really happy when I saw her grab my duck cuz I know what that means... SWIMMING!! I hadn't been able to swim since I got sick, but the doctor gave me the thumbs up and this was the first opportunity we had. The water was really warm, but I didn't care, I just want to jump after my duck. I was sooo happy to have a new duck, you can't even imagine:D:D:D Oh, remember what I said about getting excitable from my new medicine? Well I do. Poor mom is trying to watch TV after she came home from visiting grandma and I was running around and bugging her like crazy. Oh well, that's the price you gotta pay for no accidents!


I'm so smart...

July 22nd 2011 5:34 am
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You'll never guess where I got to go last night? To the barn!!! Mom was going over to drop off her check for the farrier and said we could go along for the ride, but had to stay in the car cause of Jada. Mom left the A/C on for us of course because it was hot out, but in a few minutes, she came back and let us out! I was soooo happy:D I haven't been to the barn in like furever! I ran around like a nut and mom kept telling me to settle down so I didn't make myself sick again. I tried, but I was just so happy to be there:) Mom and Theresa put the horses out, but they went bonkers. I guess it was still too hot and the flies were bothering them. They were all running around like nuts. Me, I got out of Dodge and hid until they were back in their stalls. I know, I know, I'm a herding dog and should have rounded them up, but I'm here to tell you, they are BIG animals and I know when I need to protect myself and last night was one of those times.

After we were done at the barn, we went back home. Mom said I'm so smart that she wants to start teaching me to do different things around the house that could be helpful if for some reason her and dad can't do them. Guess what I learned last night? I learned how to open the fridge door!!! It didn't take me long to figure it out, but I'm hear to tell you, that thing is hard to pull open. Mom said next she'll show me how to close it, then after that, how to get a bottle of water out. Now I don't know that I'm that smart, but I have fun trying to learn new things:D

As for my diaper issue. I'm so happy that mom only makes me wear them in the house and at night. I actually got to sleep in bed again so I can deal with a diaper if it means I get to sleep in bed with mom and dad:) I go back to the vet today for my follow up then mom will talk to him about my potty issue. I'll be sure to let everyone know how I make out.

Thanks for all of your well wishes regarding my grandma. Mom said she's still not in a good place so it may be a little while til she comes home. When she does come home, I'll be sure to go and try and cheer her up cause I love my grandma!!


I can talk!!

July 20th 2011 5:33 am
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Mom and dad were soooo happy Monday night because I talked to them! I mean actually formed words and talked just like they do:) Mom and dad have both been trying to get me to say "I love you". I have been listening to them and trying and trying and finally, the words came out! I said it twice, once to mom and once to dad. They were soooooooo excited that I did it:) Mom said I'm a super smart dog and she knew I would eventually get it. Now we'll move onto more words. Heck, who knows, I might be the world's first talking dog and can have my own TV show????... yeah right!


Onto my next issue...

July 20th 2011 5:28 am
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First I want to let everyone know I'm doing much, much better. I am back to eating like a horse, having regular poopy, and my energy is back. I did get sick a couple of times the past week, but that is because I like to gulp water and mom said that's a "no no". The vet said gulping water is not a good thing and can cause me to throw up. He's right about that! But as far as my belly issue, I think it's all cleared up:) I still have to take my meds until the end of the week, but other than that, you wouldn't even know I was that sick. Chloe and I are back to playing, although no swimming yet:( Sissy has that jealousy thing going on again, but she'll just have to get over it. Thank you all again for all of your support to me and my family during that difficult time.

Now, onto my next issue. As you all, I have accidents that I can't really help. Mom did some research that she's going to talk to the vet about, but it looks like I might have a urethra/bladder issue. My urethera/bladder did not grow the way it should have so my bladder muscles aren't as strong as they should be so when I'm relaxed, I have accidents. Mom said she's not a vet so she's not positive that's it, but I have all the symptoms they list so she's pretty sure. She said she'll talk to the vet about it on Friday when I go for my recheck. Since I had an accident Monday night and dad freaked out, mom said I have to sleep in the crate at night until we get it fixed. I understand, but I don't like it! Mom said I might also have to wear a diaper just when I'm laying around the house cause I have accidents a lot and I get so embarassed by that and mom said a diaper will catch my accidents. Come on mom, a diaper!!!! She better now make me wear that thing in public that's all I have to say!!!!!!

You know what they say... "when it rains it pours". Well it's pouring buckets in our lives right now. Grandma is in the hospital:( She got really sick in the mind and had to go to a special hospital on Sunday to get some help. She's still there and not sure how long she'll have to stay there. Mom is really worried, but I try to be there for her. Poor mom, it's just one thing after the other. Please say a prayer that grandma gets better soon!

I guess that is all that's been going on around here, but I don't think we could handle anymore. Hopefully things settle down here soon and we can lead a "normal" life without all this drama.

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