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Not feeling good:(

October 18th 2011 8:25 am
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Poor mom, she came from work yesterday to find a crate full of vomit... yes, I'm sick again. I have a belly boo boo and I vomited a few times. But I did push the tray from my crate out of the way so I wouldn't have to lay in it. I was very happy when mom got home and I even started to feel a little better. I got a drink then got the frisbee and wanted to play with Chloe. Mom told me not to overdue it, but I felt good enough to play so she let me, just for a few minutes though. Mom was so worried about me that she took me along when she went to the doctor's. She didn't want to leave me alone too long. I just rested in the car with Chloe, but it wasn't long til mom was back out. She had to get some flu shot or something. When we got home and mom made dinner for dad, she made me some rice and chicken. Nope, sorry, not having none of that! She tried some minced bologna and I ate a little piece, but didn't really want it. Since mom was giving me special stuff, she gave Chloe a Beggin Strip, but I stole it from her. Mom was happy to see me eat that:) They had steak for dinner so mom tried to give me that, but I didn't want that either. Then daddy laid on the floor with me and felt how hot my belly was. Well, needless to say, mom was on the phone with the vet and then we were out the door.

The vet checked me out and took my temperature. I had a little one at 102.6, but not too bad. He gave me a shot in the butt and it hurt! He said that should start to make my belly feel better. I wasn't allowed to have any food, only water the rest of the night. When we got home, I was very thirsty, but mom would only let me have a little at a time. She said if I gulped I'd get sick and I'm sure she's right. I did get in the shower with mom since I smelled a little from my vomit and it did make me feel a little better. The rest of the night I curled up with mom and dad on the sofa and napped.

I was okay until about 230am. Then I had to potty so I woke up mom. She took me out and then we went back to bed. At 330am I was feeling worse and woke mom up. God love her, she's such a good mom. She got up with me and took me out. Then when we came in, she brought her pillow and blanket out to the living room and laid on the floor with me because I didn't want to go back in the bedroom. My belly was hot again so mom put a cold compress on me and it helped me feel a little better. Mom held me all night and I did finally get a little sleep. I don't think poor mom did though.

When it was time for mom to get up for work mom took me out again and I did drink a little water, not much. I wouldn't eat the food from the vet and mom even tried a little piece of my soft milk bones that I love, but I didn't want that either. Mom took my temperature and it did come down to almost normal at 101.9. She really didn't want to leave me and I really didn't want her to go, but I knew she has to work. So I went in my crate on my own and rested.

Nanny and Poppy Waple came over around 1030am to clean and Nanny let me out. I didn't vomit lately, but now I have the diarreha:( And I really didn't want any water either. I just wanted them to be done so I could rest. I know mom is freaking out right now because of what happened last time. Hopefully that doesn't happen again. I didn't eat anything I shouldn't have so hopefully it is just like the doggie flu or something that will be gone in a couple of days. I'll keep you posted.


Fun in the mountains!

October 18th 2011 8:09 am
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This past weekend was a lot more fun in the mountains then last time. We didn't get to the cabin until later Friday so we didn't do much Friday. Saturday we went to a fair and of course, all the people wanted to pet me and tell me how beautiful I am:) It was fun going someplace that I could actually get out of the car! When we got back, mom and dad cut the grass so I played in the yard. It was REALLY windy so I was chasing leaves all over. We didn't get to go up the mountain though cause the Kubota was broke:( Mom did play frisbee with us and that was lots of fun too. We didn't do much in the evening though cause mom got sick. We did get to what some dog shows and you all know how much I love them! Sunday we went to the new property and walked around. Boy the one side that the tornado went through was tretcherous! Mom even had to pick me up and over a tree that I couldn't get under or over. I did get to chase some squirrels and I almost caught one this time! When we got home, we watched football and both of our teams won... GO PAT and RAIDERS!

So I had a pretty good weekend. Not sure what's going on this week, but I do know that we're going back to cabin in two weeks and I can't wait!!


I love the dog park!

October 10th 2011 5:52 am
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We went to the dog park on Saturday with Megan and Grandma (and mom too!) and I had a great time!!!! There wasn't too many dogs when we first got there so mom threw the frisbee for me and sissy. But after a little while, more dogs showed up. I love running with all the dogs. Mom calls it "running with the pack". Of course, I'm never at the back! There was this one dog though that I didn't like too much. He was some kind of hound dog and his owner didn't make him behave at all. Mom was throwing the frisbee with us and she makes me share, even though I don't want to. Most of the dogs will give the frisbee back to mom to throw again, but this hound dog, he took off and ran with it. Mom kept trying to get it back, and he wouldn't give it to her. He kept pulling and pulling. When mom finally did get it from him and went to put it away, he jumped up on her then grabbed her shirt and pulled it. The owner did nothing, can you believe it!?!?!? There is no doubt in my mind if I would have done something like that, I would have gotten in big trouble. This is the same dog that a little while later did that nasty thing to me (all you girls, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about). I looked at mom and since that hound's owner was doing nothing, she said "go ahead Ech) and that was all I needed. I turned around and lit him up! Needless to say, he didn't mess with me again:) Mom doesn't allow me to be a bully (which we all know I like to be), but she won't allow me to be bullied either. That dog was just not nice at all, BUT you can't blame it all on the dog, the owner needs to take some responsibility too.

After the dog park, we went to Grandma's so mom could clip Faith's nails. I like Faith, she's funny. When we walked in, she was on her kitty condo with this thing around her neck. It looked like a blue donut. Mom said she had to wear that cause she has stitches from getting fixed. I went up to say hi and I forgot that Faith has claws. He gave me a warning hiss, but I ignored her so she let me have it... boy did that smart! Needless to say, I didn't do that again.

Sunday we didn't do much. That's our day to relax. Grandma stayed after church to watch football with us. Both our teams won and mom was a little rowdy too. Mom took us out to play at half-time during both games and that was fun. It was a bit hot so I didn't mind not staying out too long. Mom said we are having an "Indian Summer". After we were done playing, I cuddled with mom on the sofa and took a nap. I love our lazy Sundays!

I don't think we're doing much this week, but I know we're going to the cabin on Friday. Hopefully it doesn't rain this time so we can run around and have some fun:D


Pawsome evening!!

October 7th 2011 5:41 am
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Boy did I ever have a good time last night! Mom took us to the barn and the weather was perfect:) We played in the arena while mom worked with Sophie. I know to stay pretty far away from Sophie, but there was a couple times when mom was lunging her that I got a little close and Sophie dropped her head and swung it at me. Her ears were forward though, not pinned back and mom said that's cause she wanted me to play with her not being mean to me. I would play with her, but she's a big girl and I'm afraid of being stepped on so I give her plenty of room.
Chloe and I played tag for a while when mom was in the arena. It's funny cause sissy thinks she can outrun me. Truth be told, I let her. I'm only running half speed when she's going full out, but I know she likes to think she's faster so being a good little sister, I let her keep thinking that:)

After mom was done with Sophie, she went to take care of Tequilla's feet. Tequilla has something called an absess. All I know is that black, stinky stuff mom puts on the bottom of her hooves.... PUGHY! I stayed away from that stuff and out of mom's way. Tequilla was being really good though and stood perfectly the entire time. And let me tell you, mom isn't that quick when it comes to stuff like that. I had to laugh at her too cause she had to put baby diapers on Tequilla's feet and mom had no idea how to so that. My diaper was like a cover and much easier. Mom, never having a baby, had no idea how to hook the diaper. It was just hilarious:D But she finally did get it. It's good practice for her so she knows what she's doing when Ali has her baby and mom is a grandma. Opps, sorry, mom said not to call her that. Gran, that's what she wants to be called. She said she's too young to be a grandma.

Anyway, I had a wonderful time playing at the barn and was really glad we got to go. Mom said we're going to the dog park tomorrow... YIPEE!!!! It's suppose to be a beautiful weekend so I'm looking forward to a lot of time outside. I hope everyone gets to enjoy it as much as I'm sure I will!


My visit to the Manor

October 5th 2011 7:21 am
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I got a real treat this week, I got to go for the visit at E-Town Manor:D Mom usually takes Chloe, but Chloe has another visit this week so mom said she'd give her a break and take me. I was so happy about that!! I don't get to go too often and when I do, I really enjoy it. Mom said I keep getting better and better. The people loved when I said "Hi" to them, gave them high fives and walked on my hind legs across the room. I even had a convesation with a guy who thought he was a dog barking back at me. I had no clue what he was saying, but I talked (barked) to him anyway. I got to visit with a lot of people and they were all so nice:) BTW, mom wanted me to let everyone know that Joe's wife is doing better. He's one of mom and Chloe's favorites and I can see why... he is so gentle and gives lots of treats! We were there for an hour and a half and I was tuckered out afterwards. Mom said she was VERY proud of me and she promised that she'll take me again soon.


Rain, Rain, Go Away!

October 5th 2011 7:17 am
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It rained all weekend:( So needless to say, no running in the field, no playing in the creek and no kubota rides:( It was a very uneventful weekend. We did ride along with mom, grandma, Megan and Aunt Lois when they went antiquing. We got out of the car at each stop for potty and water, but weren't allowed in any of the shops. I did have one little boy come visit with me at one of the stops and that was nice. I did have fun playing with Megan in the cabin and really enjoyed our ice cream! So as you can see, a rather boring weekend. Hopefully this rain soon stops so I can go back to taking walks and playing outside!



September 29th 2011 10:57 am
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That's exacting what the last week has been... BORING! Mom has been sick with some kind of bug so I've just been hanging out cuddling with her trying to make her feel better. Nothing exciting happened. We're heading to mountains this weekend so I'm sure I'll have adventures to share with you when I get back. Until then, have a pawsome weekend!!

Thanks to my pup pal Wesley's mom for my wonderful Fall page!!


I'm Back!!

September 23rd 2011 7:42 am
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Hello everyone! So sorry I haven't written in a while, but things have just been busy for mom and us since we got back from our vacation in the mountains. But now we have a few minutes so sit back, grab the hot dog I sent and enjoy the story!

We got to the cabin on Friday (9/9/11), but really didn't so much since we didn't get their til later. Nanny Waple went along with us. I like her:) Saturday was a little bit more exciting. We had a party! There were lots of people and one of them brought a dog. I didn't like that dog too much though cause he kept going around and peeing on all my stuff! And you know me, I get along with just about anyone. But this dog, he didn't want to play at all, just pee on everything to try and mark it as his territory. Of course, I had to remark the territory he was destroying because it was MINE, not his! Fortunately he didn't stay long. We had lots of people so that meant lots of goodies and attention:) When it got dark, Brett was setting off these things that made noise and flew into the sky and exploded. Mom said they were fireworks. Well let me tell you, I loved them!!!! Chloe, she hid in the house, but me, I wanted to go help Brett set them off in the air. And some of them, when they got in the air, they went in all different directions and I wanted SO BAD to chase them. Mom had to hold me or I would run after them. She also held me cause she didn't want me to get hurt when they took off from the ground. These were just the coolest things I've seen so far in my life:)

Sunday was a lazy day. We watched some 9/11 things on TV which made mom sad and mad at the same time. I wasn't alive then, but if I was, I would have been scared too. After that, it was football time! I'm starting to like watching football. Mom likes the Pats and dad likes the Raiders. Me, I'm undecided, but I was happy that both teams won that night.

Monday was not such a good day. First we went to the property to meet with the sellers, Nellie and Denny. They wouldn't budge on their price so mom and dad were sad cause now they didn't think they'd be able to get it:( I could tell they were upset so I made sure to be on my best behavior. We went home to pick up Sophie and let me tell you everything went wrong. Mom and dad kept forgetting things and had to go back to the house 3 times. When we finally did get everything ready for Sophie, she wouldn't get on the trailer. She fought with mom and dad like you wouldn't believe and it took over an hour for her to get one. Mom was upset, but dad, he was furious!!! I made sure to not make a peep in the backseat on the ride up. It took longer cause of traffic and Sophie in tow, but we finally got there by early evening. Shortly after dinner Nellie and Denny stopped by. Guess what? They reduced the price of the property so mom and dad could buy it. We got the property!!! Mom and dad were so happy and I was happy too cause I was looking forward to living there and herding all our animals. It turned out to be a good ending to a bad day.

Tuesday we got up early and went for a trail ride. It was a lot of fun and I saw a deer and bunch of squirrels. I love chase squirrels and mom is usually okay with that, but I did get in trouble once cause I chased on down over the back hill and mom yelled and told me not to go there because those people are mean and will shot me! Yikes, I'm not going there again!! After the trail ride, mom and dad went someplace for a few hours so I napped. When they got back, we got to go for a Kubota ride and I liked that. I always like Kubota rides. Later, Tim stopped by to help mom get Sophie on the trailer. Yet another battle, but after a long time, Sophie was going on and off without much problem. But listen to what this nut Tim did... he took the lead rope and unhooked it from Sophie's halter. Can you believe that? And of course being a mustang Sophie took off into the woods. I was right on her heels trying to bring her back since I knew she wasn't suppose to be running around like that. But mom called me off and made us dogs go in the house. She said she knew I was trying to help, but really it was making it worse cause Sophie thought I was chasing her. You know, that fight or flight thing that those horses have? Anyway, fortunately when mom finally let us back out, Sophie was safe and sound in her pen. I don't think Tim will do that again cause mom was really upset!

Wednesday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!! Today was dad's birthday we no trail rides cause mom wanted to spend time with him. But poor dad, he and mom cut grass. I know, that's just so wrong cause it's his birthday and he shouldn't do any work. But it was the first day the grass was dry enough to cut and more rain on the way so they had no choice. I followed them around and played with Chloe and Sophie unti lthey were done. Mom did play frisbee with us and we had people stopping by throughout the day to wish dad a Happy Birthday. That evening mom made dad his favorite dinner and Randy and Sharon came to join them. It was nice to have the company.

Thursday we didn't do much until the late afternoon. Mom and dad were gone most of the day, but when they got back, we went for a trail ride. It didn't start off too good. Sophie was being a real brat and kept dancing around. Chloe doesn't like when Sophie does that she she ran back to the cabin. Me, I stayed with mom to be sure she was okay and to help where I could. She finally settled down then we head up the mountain again. Chloe did come back and join us. We had a nice ride until we got to the creek. Sophie likes baths and stands in the rain, but she will NOT cross a creek. Mom has no idea why, but she wants to try and help Sophie over her fear and so do I. So, with Sophie standing on one side, and mom on the other, it was a waiting game. I tried to help by playing in the creek and showing her that it wouldn't hurt her. At one point, she stepped really close and leaned down to me and I thought for sure she would come in, but nope, no such luck. After about an hour, mom finally gave up and we finished our ride. Hey, I tried!

Friday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHLOE!! Yep it was sissy's birthday so of course she got the extra attention. That was okay though cause mom did that when it was my birthday too. We got to go for another trail ride. We did the big hill again and I just love that. I fly up the hill, but it takes everyone else a little longer. What can I say, I'm younger and have more energy:) I chased a squirrel one time and almost got myself lost. Thank goodness I could still hear mom when she called and that I have such a good sniffer so I was able to find my way back. We rode for a long time too. The longest time yet. Mom gave Chloe steak and ice cream for her birthday. Of course I got some too, just like Chloe got some when it was my birthday. She got a duck like mine, a vanilla rawhide and a cool flippy flopper. Needless to say, I got a rawhide and I took sissy's flippy as soon as we went outside. Sorry sissy:( After dinner, we sat out by the fire. I love that time of night cause those some many new creatures out. Of course, ever since my toad incident, I have to stay on the patio and even then, mom has an eagle eye on me so I don't grab any toads that may cross my path. Can't say I blame her though since I got so sick last time.

Saturday was a so-so day. Mom went on a trail ride someplace else and us dogs couldn't go:( She said she was sorry, but she'd be on the rode for a good bit and she didn't know the trails she was going to so she wanted to be safe and not sorry. I was sad, but I did get to spend some time with just dad which was nice. He played frisbee with us and took us for a Kubota ride. He even let me ride in the front! When mom came home, we went for another Kubota ride cause mom wanted to put some fall flowers at the grave. After dinner, we enjoyed another night by the fire and I was a little sad. I saw mom packing some things earlier so I know that means we're going home tomorrow:( I wish I could stay here furever and can't wait to we live in the mountains!!

Sunday we packed up and headed home. Mom dropped us dogs off then went to take care of Sophie. When she got back, we played frisbee then got baths. You didn't really think mom would let us run around all week in the woods and not bath us did you? It did feel good though cause I was pretty dirty. The rest of the evening we watched football and relaxed. Pats won, but Raiders lost. I still don't know who I like better????

Monday and back to the routine. All day in my crate... poopy! But until I can prove that I won't chew up the house, I guess I'll just have to deal with it. When mom came home, she had to cut the grass. It was REALLY high since we've been gone. I followed her around and played with Chloe. Mom laughed and called us "martian dogs" cause our feet got green from the grass... BOL:D We did get to play frisbee when she was done. Oh yeah, I also met our little neighbor dog, Mitzy. She's a cute little Shitz Shu (sp?) and I liked playing with her:)

Tuesday we didn't do anything. Mom came home, let us out to potty, then she left. She had to go to grandma's for some kind of meeting and us dogs couldn't go along... so not far!

Wednesday was better cause we got to go to the barn! We didn't get to go on a trail ride though case Sophie was stiff and sore. I guess from being ridden everyday last week then mom didn't ride her for three days. I'm sure she'll be okay. At least I hope for mom's sake. Poor mom, she just doesn't have luck with horses.

Yesterday mom played with the lure and frisbee with me. It was nice too cause it was just me and mom. Don't get me wrong, I love my sissy and playing with her, but it is nice to spend time with just mom and to not always have to fight for the toys. Mom played with just me cause she was taking Chloe to the Manor. She promised to take me next time:)

So there you have it, all my adventures while I was away. I hope you enjoyed the stories. I'm not sure that I'll have anything from this weekend since it's suppose to rain. But if something does happen, I'll be sure to let you know. Check back for pix/vids from my trip, I'm sure mom will post as soon as she can. Have a great weekend everyone!!


Opps, forgot...

September 6th 2011 7:48 am
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Sorry, I forgot to tell you that mom updated my photos and videos. She had trouble getting the photos in order so be sure you look at all of them in case some of the new ones are near the end. Check out the vid of me watching K-9 Cops. That is my favorite show and I go nuts over it!!!!


First visit to dog park

September 6th 2011 7:45 am
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Well let me tell you, this was one of the funniest weekends ever! It started with mom taking me, ONLY ME, on a long walk Friday when she got back from Manor Care with Chloe. It was really nice to walk with mom by myself and spend a little one-on-one time with her. Plus, she let me walk off leash most of the time and told me I was excellent!!

Saturday was the funniest day cause I had my first visit to the dog park. I didn't know where we were, but when we got in the park and mom left me off the leash I knew it was going to be fun:D Chloe and I played together by ourselves at first, then some other dogs came to say "Hi" and we played with them. One was a really big great dane and standing next to him I looked like a midget! But he was really nice and not mean at all. More and more dogs started showing up so we had lots to play with. That's when mom put the frisbee away cause to have a frisbee with that many dogs, well, that's just asking for trouble. Especially since I don't like to share. At one point a new dog came in and we all went running after him. Mom doesn't like when all the dogs run like a pack cause she says that usually ends up in trouble. She called me, but I was so caught up in the chase, that I didn't hear her. She finally came after me and it was a good thing she did cause the next thing you know, some of the dogs that were running were fighting. And you know me, I probably would have been in the middle of it! I did have an issue with one dog, a husky. I was chilling out under the bench that mom was sitting on and catching my breath when this husky came over. He kept trying to get at me under the bench and I growled at him to back off. Mom had to tell me "easy" cause she knows I will only tolerate so much before I act on my warning. He finally did go away, but you know what he tried to do? He tried to pee on me!!! Mom saw him lift his left and yelled at him then he ran and never did, but can you believe it? How rude!!!! We played at the dog park for about 45 minutes then mom said we had to go to the barn and take care of the horses. I had lots of fun there too, even though mom wouldn't let us go on a trail ride with Megan. She said Sophie didn't need us as distractions. But mom did play frisbee and ball with us so that was fun:) After the barn we headed back home. Grandma and Aunt Lois came and then they left and went somewhere with mom for a few hours. I took advantage of that and slept cause I was tired from my busy day.

Sunday we got to go to the barn in the morning with mom again... FUN! Then I chilled for a few hours when mom and grandma went to church, lunch then someplace where mom got cowboy boots and hat... she looks pawsome! When they came back, grandma had a little kitten with her. Grandma named her Faith. You know me, I wanted to play with Faith and although Faith wasn't afraid of me, she really didn't want to play either and hissed at me a couple times so I'd leave her alone. Darn, I really wanted to play with her! After grandma left, mom let us go swimming since it would probably be the last time in our pool for the year. That makes me sad, but I know she'll take us swimming at Coleen's in the winter. After that, we just relaxed which was fine with me.

Monday we didn't do anything except watch movies cause mom's back hurt and she had a headache. But that was perfectly okay with me cause I was still catching up from my busy weekend. It was one of the funniest weekends I've had in a long time, especially the dog park.

I don't think we're doing much this week, although I think I heard mom say she's taking me to Manor Care this week instead of Chloe. If she does, I'll be sure to tell you about it. I do know that we're going on a ten-day vacation to the mountains and I can't wait!! We leave Friday (9/9) afternoon and won't be back until Sunday (9/18) in the afternoon. Mom said Sophie is going too so that means trail rides!!! I'll be sure to tell you all about my trip when we get back.

In case I don't get to bark at you before we leave, you all have fun, stay dry, and stay safe!

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