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January 4th 2012 11:44 am
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I hope everyone had a good holiday. I know I did! I got so many pawsome toys and even some new healthy treats for Christmas. Chloe got some cool toys too and being my usual alpha self, I tried to take them all from her. But mom and dad made sure I let her play with them first.

As you know, we went to the mountains after dinner on Christmas. We didn't do much during the week cause it rained every day (yep you heard me right... every day!)And mom was sick the first half of our trip and didn't go outside. I had fun playing with Chloe though when we did go out between the rain and mom and dad did play with us inside. I did get to relax a lot and not be in my crate much either. I only had to go in it one time when mom and dad went to each. Dag gone dad got out the tiewraps and tiewrapped by crate so I couldn't get out:( Don't worry, I'll figure that out one of these days. Nellie and Denny came to visit us one day and Nellie played tug with me. It got a little excited though and kind of nipped her a little hard. Dad was mad, but Nellie wasn't upset at all. She has a pitbull and is use to rough play. I still feel bad though cause I didn't mean to do it.

Thusday nan and pop came to visit. We did go to the covered bridge even though it was rainy and cold. We didn't stay long, but it was a nice treat to go someplace. Saturday night, Randy and Sharon came for New Year's Eve. It stank to sit there and watch them eat all the good food and not get any:( But I must admit, since mom has been careful about what she feeds me, I haven't been sick... KNOCK ON WOOD!!! At midnight mom shot off her new Tommy gun. That thing is soooo cool!! I wanted to be outside with her so bad when she was shooting it, but she said no way! So I ran around the cabin and barked like a nut until she was done. Hopefully one of these days I get to be outside when she shoots cause I do like it:)

Sunday we did get to go for a walk in the woods with mom. It started raining when we got to the top of the mountain so we didn't stay out long. The rest of the day we just watched football. Mom's Patriots won, but dad's Raiders lost.

Monday we headed home. None of us wanted to leave, but life must go on in the real world. The routine started on Tuesday and I was back in my crate for the day. I didn't even fight mom, I just went in when I saw her get her coffee and waited for my treats. When she got home, she played frisbee with us but it was SO cold, that didn't last long.

I'm not sure what is on the agenda for the rest of the week, but if something happens, I'll be sure to let you know. I do know that mom signed me up for agility classes starting February and I'm excited!!!

BTW, mom goes for her knee surgery next week and will have to stay in the hospital for a few days. I am not looking forward to being without mom for a few days. Please keep your paws crossed for mom that everything goes okay. If I don't post before, I'll be sure to post once she's home and settled.

I hope everyone had a great holiday break and a good start to the new year!



December 20th 2011 12:19 pm
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Mom finally has time to post an update for me! Poor mom has been so busy with her office relocating and working all kind of overtime I barely get to see her:(

Okay, to update you on what's been happening. As you know, over a week ago we were in the mountains for a long weekend. It was a nice little getaway. The weather was a little cold and we didn't do a whole lot, but it was still nice. Chloe and I did play outside a lot even though it was cold. I have lots of hair so it helps keep me warm. We got to go for a Kubota ride too and I always love those! Our friend Pat from North Carolina was there too so we got to visit. He likes doggies:)

During the week nothing much happened. Like I said, poor mom has been working lots of overtime and when she gets home she's so tired and falls asleep early. She does throw the frisbee for us with the front light on for a little when she first gets home. That's good cause I'm all full of energy after being in the crate!

Last weekend we did get to go to the barn on Sunday... yipee!! We ran around and played while mom was there. We played frisbee and ball too. I could hear Jada barking inside. I really wish she'd like me cause I'd love to play with her.

This is the last week mom works then she's off from Friday afternoon until after the New Year and guess what? We're going to the mountains!!! And guess what else? Santa Paws is coming soon:D Mom said if I've been naughty he won't come see me, but I know she's just kidding cause I'm a good girl and love everyone. Plus, I took a peek in the bags and saw lots of toys just for me!!

I don't know if mom will be able to post again before we return from the mountains. If not, mom and I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy and Safe New Year!!


Happy, Happy Weekend!

December 6th 2011 11:34 am
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Boy did I have a lot of fun this past weekend doing all kind of new and different things. It all started Friday when mom got home from work. We loaded into the car and picked up Megan. Then we went to Elizabethtown right by where I visit my friends at Manor Care. There were so many people around and lots of other dogs. Mom said we were going to walk in the holiday parade with Kpets. This was really cool cause I never did anything like that before. We had to wait around a while until the parade was ready to start so needless to say, I was a little fidgity. Thank goodness we finall got going. Mom walked me and Megan walked Chloe. There were people everywhere! Mom had my gentle leader on since I tend to pull at times, but I wouldn't have now cause I was just so in "awe" of everything. All the people were watching us and I did see some of my friends from Manor Care too. It was a beautiful night and perfect for something like the parade. We walked for about an hour then we were finished. I was all reved up from the parade so when we stopped at home, Megan played with us in the yard until mom was ready to go. We had to stop at the mall to get some Christmas gifts then we went to grandma's. I was excited to see her:) We stayed for a while and I got to play with grandma's kitty Faith. She is a little devil and kept hiding from me and then when I would walk away, she would pounce back out at me. It was fun playing with her. When we got back home, we all just chilled and watched tv then headed to back. I slept good from all the excitement.

On Saturday Chloe and I rode along with mom to go to that antique place we stopped at coming home from the cabin the other week. She wanted to get something for Theresa for Christmas. When we got back home, mom got Megan up then we all went to Palmyra and sissy and I had our pictures taken with Santa! I wasn't too sure of him at first cause big sissy was afraid (of course, what isn't she afraid of?), but after a couple minutes, I just wanted to play. Mom finally got us to sit still long enough for the picture. Me, I was all happy with my ears up, but Chloe, well, let's just say she looks terrified!! When we got outside we got to see Kelsey, Tom and Bandit. Bandit was coming for his picture with Santa too! I was happy to see him, but when I was in the car and he tried to come up to greet us there, I kind of a little mean and growled. Sorry, I protect my property. I like when I can run around and play with other dogs, but come into my space and look out! After the pictures we took Megan back then we got to go to the barn with mom:) It was such a beautiful day it was just perfect for the barn. I played with sissy while mom tended the horses then mom threw the ball for us for a while. When we finally got home, mom finished wrapping the gifts and of course I helped... tear things up is BOL:D But she's okay with it as long as it's not the gifts themselves. After she finished, then it was time for our dogster Christmas pictures. I watched from my crate (I wouldn't let Chloe alone so that's why I was in my crate) while mom took Chloe's then it was finally my turn. I didn't want to stand still, I just wanted to open the gifts. But after several attemtps, I knew mom wouldn't give up so I just sat there and let her get her pictures. Then mom tried to take one of me and Chloe together... that's funny:D All we wanted to do was play and we kept knocking the packages down so mom just gave up. Sorry mom!

Sunday we got to go to the barn with mom in the morning. It was a nice way to start the day:) We stayed for about an hour then went back home. Mom is getting a cold so she wasn't feeling that great and after getting a shower, we crawled back in bed for a while. I was okay with that though cause I was still recouping from the two days before. In the afternoon, mom left for a few hours. She went to something called a spa. I have no idea what it is, but whatever it was, mom was much calmer and looking more relaxed when she got back. So much so that we just laid around and watched football and a movie the rest of the night. Although I would have liked to do something in the afternoon, I know mom has to have her time too.

Monday mom came home, let us out, then back out the door she went. She was helping with something at church. I was none too happy about the short escape from my crate, but it was nice that Brett stopped by in the afternoon and I got out for a bit then too. As soon as mom got home a few hours later, she let me out right away and played with us in the yard. Even though it was dark, we still love to play frisbee cause we have great vision and love to burn that energy!

Mom warned that the next few days we won't be doing much. Mom has to work overtime then straight from work to the barn and she doesn't have time to come home for us:( But Brett is coming over everyday and will let us out and play with us so it's not that bad. Mom promised that she'll make it up to us this weekend when we get to go to the cabin for a long weekend. I can't wait!! I'll be sure to tell you all about it when I return.

I hope everyone has a good week and bark at you all soon!


Nice weekend

November 30th 2011 6:12 am
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Did you all have a good Thanksgiving? I did! Mom even let me have some turkey and it was yummy!!!!

Friday we headed to the mountains with grandma, Aunt Lois, Megan, mom, Chloe and I. We had to make some stops on the way up for them to go shopping at antique stores. Of course, us doggies had to wait in the car, but I didn't mind. I watched all the people going by. Mom did let us out at each stop to play a little and we met some nice people too. They all said I was just adorable:) We did finally get to the cabin later in the afternoon. It was such a beautiful day that when we got out of the car, Chloe and I took off into the field and played. Mom let us stay out til dark. Megan played with us too:) We didn't so much the rest of the night, but that was okay because after running around and playing for a couple of hours, I was tired.

Saturday was another beautiful day! Even better than the weather was that we didn't go anywhere!! We hung out at the cabin and played all day. Mom and Megan cleaned out the shed so Chloe and I played chase. After that, we went hiking in the woods. Mom and Megan actually walked with us cause dad at the Kubota at camp in Sully. But it was nice to have them walking with us, even if mom did have to take several breaks... BOL:D That night after dinner, we all sat around the firepit and made smores and mountain pies. Us doggies didn't get any, but it was nice sitting out there on a beautiful night. I wish we could do that every night!

Sunday was the same ole, same ole. After breakfast, us dogs got kicked outside while mom cleaned the cabin and packed to go home. BOO!!! I hate leaving the mountains. Mom said only a couple more years and we'll live there and that I'm looking forward to! We did stop at an antique store on the way home, but didn't stay long cause grandma wasn't feeling well. Poor grandma, she was sick off and on all weekend. I sure hope she feels better soon. When we got home, mom gave us both baths and it did feel good to get all the mud and grime off of me. I even had some marshmallow stuck in my fur and mom had a heck of a time getting it out. But she did and I looked and felt wonderful!

Monday when mom got home from work, we went for a long walk and then played frisbee til dark. Dad was in the mountains hunting deer (no luck though) so mom decided to wrap Christmas gifts. She cranked the Christmas music and was dancing around have a good ole time while she wrapped. I had fun when she took the empty wrapping paper rolls and played with us like it was a sword. Heck, I had that thing torn apart in seconds! It was a lot of fun:)

Yesterday was a dreary, rainy day. We really didn't do anything, but dad did come home from hunting and I was sooo happy to see him! I miss my dad when he's gone and I was glad he was home. My Brett stopped by to see me too and I was so happy I piddle a little on the floor... opps! But mom wasn't mad cause she knew I was just excited. After Brett left, mom, dad, Chloe and I all relaxed. I could actually relax myself since dad was home. I'm always on alert when he's gone so I don't truly relax, but last night, I slept like a baby:)

Mom said we're gonna have a busy weekend. We have a parade Friday night and photos with Santa on Saturday. Plus we should be able to go to the barn sometime over the weekend too... YIPEE! I'll be sure to let everyone know of all my adventures.

Well, I'm gonna run. I hope everyone has a good week and enjoy the nice weather, even if a little cooler. At least no rain!


Turkey Day!

November 23rd 2011 5:14 am
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Tomorrow is the big day... lots of yummy turkey! Mom said I can actually have some of that too cause it won't upset my belly... yeah:) I hope everyone out there gets to have some goodies tomorrow too.

Not much going on around here. Mom did groom me this week. I was happy about it too and didn't even wait for her to put me on the table, I jumped up on my own. I needed a haircut bad and really needed my nails clipped! I wasn't too crazy about the bath part, but I have to admit, I did feel better after I was done. Other than that, just going for walks and playing frisbee. Mom said that today I'll get to go to Manor Care for a visit... YEAH! We also head to the mountains Friday so I'm sure I'll have some stories to tell you when I get back.

Well, I guess that's all for now. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all and enjoy the day!


Hi Everyone!

November 16th 2011 6:15 am
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I know it's been a little while since I've posted, but mom has been really busy. I'll try to catch you up on what's been happening.

With the nice weather, mom has been taking us for lots of walks. I love it! I especially love the fact that mom is trusting me to walk off lead more and more. The only problem I seem to have is when I walk ahead of her and she tells me to wait, I don't just stand and wait. I circle back around to her, but in doing this I end up going halfway into the street and that upsets mom. After about the third time of being put back on the leash, I kind of started to get the picture and I would either wait on mom or come straight back to her without going into the street. I know she's only trying to teach me to stay on the side so I don't get hit by a car and turned into a pupcake!

Saturday we did go to the mountains when dad got off work. We went up because our friends from North Carolina were there visiting. Pat and Cherie are very nice. Cherie can't get close to us cause of her breathing problem, but Pat, he just loves us both:) It was a nice visit, even though it was short. I had lots of fun running in the woods and playing with sissy on Sunday. The weather was absolutely perfect!! I hated to leave, but mom and dad still have to work so until they can stay home all day, I guess that's just the way it is.

Last night I almost got to go to Manor Care. Mom played Hide n' Seek with us to see who would get to go. It was best of three and I found mom the first time and Chloe the second time. The third time, I found her and so did Chloe. She was hiding under the covers on the bed. But because Chloe jumped up on the bed and actually got mom under the covers, she got to go:( But mom did promise that I'll get to go next week and I'm happy about that:)

Not much else going on. With this stupid daylight savings thing, it gets dark so early now that we never have time to play when mom gets home from work. She does take us for walks as long as the weather is nice so that's something at least. She said she's hoping for some kind of class to start soon so we can go to that once a week and do something throughout the winter. She did promise that we will get back to swimming again after the holiday... YIPEE!!

I almost forgot to tell you the good news. After 37 years of working shiftwork, holidays and weekends, dad will finally work daylight with weekends and holidays off! We are all so excited cause that means dad will be home with us every night and we'll be going to the mountains at the least, every other weekend!!! We are all SOOOO happy and I know dad will feel better and not fall asleep on the sofa every night now since he'll actually be working like most normal people. He's not going to know how to act being able to live a shift-free life:)

Well, that's about all that's been happening around here. Thanks to everyone who sends me gifts! Sorry I don't get to thank you personally, but with mom being so busy lately, it's hard to keep track, but please know that I really appreciate them. You are the best pup pals ever!!


Fun in the mountains!

November 8th 2011 6:18 am
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Mom, dad, Chloe and I went to the mountains this past weekend. We didn't get there until later Friday cause dad had to work til 6. Randy, Jerrod and Barney all stopped by shortly after we got there. Barney is my buddy cause he always plays with me:) After they left, we pretty much just chilled and watched TV.

Saturday was a beautiful day! We went antiquing and this time we got to get out of the car and go along. That was a nice change instead of having to wait in the car all the time. Mom and dad found a few things. Dad said mom soon has to sell some stuff cause we're running out of room to put it all! Mom is buying things to put in the new house, problem is, the house isn't built yet so she stores them wherever she can. After we were finished antiquing, we went to the property. I LOVE THE PROPERTY! There is so much room to run and play. Mom played ball with us for a while and took some pix. Look for her to post some shortly. After about an hour there, we went to visit Clair and Velma. Us doggies have to stay outside, but that's okay cause we play chase and hide n' seek while we wait for mom and dad. When we got back to the cabin, I took a little nap. Randy and Sharon came for dinner and it smelled SOOOO good! But I'm not allowed table scraps anymore so no goodies for me:(

Sunday we all slept in. It was daylight savings time so we got an extra hour of sleep:) Although, I did wake mom up around 6am cause my bladder still thinks it was 7am. We went back to bed though since it was early. Randy came for "brunch" and brought mom some picks he found at a big flea market. After he left, mom, dad, Chloe and I went for a Kubota ride. I had so much fun running around in the woods and chasing squirrels. Chloe always thinks she can beat me, but she can't. But I know that's cause I'm younger and a few pounds lighter. After our Kubota ride, we packed up and headed home. I didn't want to leave cause it was so relaxing and fun at the mountains and now back to boundries and bordom:( And that's about what it was the rest of the day. We got home and just chilled watching football. At least I had a good weekend with beautiful weather. I wish every day could be like this past weekend. Oh well, maybe some day?????

Last night mom took us for a walk when she got home from the barn. I had to be on the gentle leader for a little, then she let me off leash. She said I did very good and I even pottied in the street and not in someone's yard. Mom doesn't like us in people's yards and it took me a while to learn that, but I know now and don't go in people's yards.

Well, that is about all that happened. Just a nice, relaxing weekend. Not sure what we're doing this week, but probably not much since it gets dark so early now:( I don't like this daylight savings thing, but I guess it's just part of life.

I'll keep you posted if anything new and exciting happens. Until then, hope you have a great week!



November 1st 2011 8:20 am
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First, I want to say HAPPY HALLOWEEN to everyone. Yeah, I know I'm a day late, but mom was kind of busy yesterday and I just seem to have the darnest time when I try to type:D

Now, about my weekend in the mountains. It was a great time! Mom, Nancy, Megan, Hannah, sissy and I all went. We got there Friday night around 630pm. After unpacking and dinner, the girls put on their costumes and we went to visit with Randy and Sharon. From there we went to this scary place that is said to be haunted by girls that were killed there by a gardener and in a fire. It was at a church beside a cemetary. We sat in the car really, really quiet and listened. I don't know what we were suppose to be listening for, but after a few minutes, I got bored and started dancing around. Mom told me to be quiet. I tried really hard and then I heard something and stared out the window. I don't think anyone else heard what I did, but I know what I heard and I kept staring to see something, but never did. I wish mom would have heard what I did cause it would have scared her and I know that is why we went. I wasn't scared, but I was cautious and kept an eye out so that if I did see something, I could bark and warn everyone. After about 15 minutes, mom got the creepies and we left. On the way back I saw my first bear. Yep, you heard me right, we saw a bear! It was dark and kind of hard to see, but I saw this big black blur run into the cornfield. I wanted to go chase it, but mom said no way!

Saturday morning we woke up to snow, can you believe it!? It was also Megan's 14th birthday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGGIE! We went for a ride after breakfast to look at all the pretty snow. We wanted to get ice cream in Mexico, (I know we're crazy wanting ice cream in the snow), but they lost power so we couldn't get any:( On the way back, the snow got heavier so we were all really quiet and behaved ourselves in the car because mom was really nervous driving. People were slipping and sliding all over the place. But mom did a really good job of getting us back to the cabin safe:) After we got back, I played outside in the snow for a long time with Chloe, and the girls. We had SOOOOOOO much fun!! Even though I'm a Texas dog, I love the snow! We got to play for about an hour then mom made us come in because our fur was soaking wet and she didn't want us to get sick. I wasn't too happy about that, but I listened and actually took a nice nap. Later in the evening the girls carved pumpkins. Of course you know me, I had to scoured the floor for droppings, but they did really good and didn't drop anything. Plus, even if they did I don't think I would have gotten any cause mom kept telling me to stay away from the table. She didn't want me to get an upset stomach again from eating something. When the girls were finished, mom made me put on my pirate costume and have my picture taken. Let me tell you, that was NOT fun! I hate dressing up! Chloe didn't seem to mind, but I guess that's cause she's been doing it for so many years. I did stand for mom to take pictures, but as soon as she was finished, I ripped off my hat and I hope I never have to wear it again!!

Sunday we headed home. We stopped by the covered bridge since Nancy never saw it before. I liked the fact that I got to run around without a leash since no one else was there. Of course, mom wanted to take pictures and she wanted us to sit on the stone wall by the bridge. Chloe had no problem with that, but me, no way! It was pretty high up and a long way down on the back side of the wall. So when mom put me on the wall, I stayed laying down. I let her snap like two pictures then I was off of there! Maybe one day I'll get use to all the picture taking, but for now, nada! When we got home we just chilled the rest of the evening. That is okay with me cause I had a lot of catching up to do.

Monday I didn't do much. The good news is I didn't get sick! Mom was so worried that she would come home to my puking again since I seem to do it everytime we go to the mountains, but not this time:) We played frisbee for a little then mom and Chloe went to Manor Care. Mom said I can go next year, but she wanted Chloe to go the first year. So I chilled in my crate until dad got home then I played with him until mom and Chloe got home. Mom had those funny teeth in again and she always teases me with them. She was Dracula and had big teeth just like mine!

I'm not sure what the rest of the week holds and if anything exciting happens, I will be sure to let you know. We are going back to the cabin this weekend so I'm looking forward to that! I hope everyone had a good Halloween and got lots of treats:D


Feeling Better

October 24th 2011 6:18 am
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I'm finally feeling better, almost back to my old self. The Addison's Disease test came back negative. The vet said he belives I may have IBD which is like irritable bowel in humans. There is no way of being 100% sure without doing something called a biopsy which means the vet would have to do surgery. Mom said we're not doing that right now since I'm better. But the vet said mom has to give me sensitive stomach food and treats. At first I wasn't too keen on the treats, but now I like them:) The only bad thing is no more bacon or table food:( Mom said this diet is expensive, but still cheaper than me getting sick every couple of months and having the vet bills. Plus, she doesn't want me to go through that all the time. Because of my recovery, mom didn't let us do too much this weekend. We played frisbee in the yard a little and I played with Chloe in the house and of course, cuddled with mom and dad:) It was a nice weekend and I would have liked to do more, but I understand mom didn't want me to get sick again. She promised that this weekend will be better cause we're going to the cabin!! Other than that, not sure what else is going on this week. If anything exciting happens, I'll be sure to let you know. Hope everyone had a good weekend!!


A little better

October 20th 2011 6:38 am
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Since I wouldn't eat for mom, the vet wanted her to bring me back in. Mom took me down yesterday and I got poked and prodded again:( I had to stay for a few hours to get that IV thing in my paw again and some medicine. I wasn't too happy with mom leaving me there, but at least I didn't have to stay overnight and I did feel better after they did that. I still wasn't thrilled about eating, but mom did get me to eat a little. She even boiled turkey for me:) I did drink water and some chicken broth. I was feeling pretty good when I woke up too, BUT I still didn't want to eat. Mom had to force feed me, then I would eat a little on my own. When I wouldn't eat, she'd force feed me again. The vet told her to do that and I know mom didn't like doing it anymore than I liked having it done. But I have to eat, I know. I did drink water on my own and some more chicken broth. I did eat my soft milk bone treat without being forced though:) My said they did a test for something called Addison's Disease, but it came back negative. The vet is very perplexed as to why my belly keeps botering me and why I won't eat. He wants to see how I do today, but then maybe more tests. Poor mom, she's gonna go bankrupt and she did tell the vet she's not sure how much more she can afford. Don't worry though cause I know without a doubt that mom will do whatever it takes to get me healthy!

If anyone out there may have an idea what is wrong with, PLEASE tell my mom. Here's exactly what goes on... I ate Sunday and was feeling fine. I drank my usual water and had my treat Monday morning before mom went to work. During the day I vomitted about 5 piles on Monday, but no more since. I had a fever Monday as well. That's when mom took me to the vet and they gave me a shot of anti-vomit medicine. I didn't eat Tuesday or Wednesday at all, no matter what mom tried to give me. I did drink some what if mom asked me to. I did have diarreha 3 times during the course of those days. I'd get little bursts of energy, but then poop out. I had ZERO appetite. Wednesday mom took me back to the vet and I had a course of IV with meds including an antibiotic. I felt great after that, but still didn't want to eat without being asked. I did eat about 1/4 can of food and a little chicken broth. Mom gave me both my anti-vomit and diarreha meds. I did eat my Beggin Strip. I slept good Wednesday night. Thursday I didn't want to eat so mom had to force me, but then I would take a little on my own. Same with water and chicken broth. I ate my soft milk bone treat without being asked. I did have a very small spot of vomit, but I'm sure that from mom sticking stuff down my throat. I have good energy. My belly was never sore and didn't hurt. I just don't want to eat. No fever since Monday either. If anyone has any clues, again, PLEASE let us know. Thanks and I'll keep everyone posted.

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