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Echo's Adventures

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Hi Everybody!

September 20th 2010 8:49 am
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Hi everybody, my name is Echo and I'm new to Dogster. My mommy picked me up at the airport on Friday. Wow, that was an adventure. I flew in this great big metal thing with wings... WOW! I left the place I was living at in Texas and I had a real nice brother dobe named Ruler and I miss him:( My new mommy is really nice and she loves me lots. When she got me at the airport, she took me out of the crate right away and I jumped all over her, but she wasn't mad at all. She gave me lots of hugs and kisses and I was so happy to see her. I wasn't sure what was going on yet cause I was on such a long ride, but I was all ready for an adventure.

When we arrived at the house I met my new sister and her name is Chloe and guess what? She's an aussie just like me! She's older though, I think mom told me she's 4. She was so nice to me when we met and she played with me in the yard and we ran around and she gave me kisses:) I was really happy cause I didn't know what to expect in this new place. A little while later, I met my human brother Brett and his girlfriend Chelsea. They were really nice too. I crawled all over them and I tried to eat Chelsea's hair... BOL:D I stayed with them while mom left for a little while. When mom came back, her sister Kelsey and her boyfriend Tom came over. I was just the poplar pup and everyone wanted to see me. I don't think mom was too happy though. She said she didn't want so many people overwhelming me on my first day, but I didn't mind, I was loving the attention! When mom came back, she had a girl with her and her name was Megan. Mom said she'll see a lot of Megan and that Megan is her little sister in a program called Big Brothers Big Sisters. She said that she'll be spending the weekend with us... yipee, more people! But mom said that I had a long day morning and I needed to take a nap before we left for the mountains. The mountains, what's that? I didn't know, but it sounded like fun so I didn't give mom a hard time at all when she told me to get in the crate. In fact, I was out like a light within minutes.


First Trip to Juniata

September 20th 2010 9:04 am
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When I woke from my nap, mom said we were heading for a sister's weekend to Juniata. Even though I didn't know what it was, I knew it had to be fun cause we all loaded in the car (I as in the back seat with Megan and my big sis Chloe) and off we went. Bet you can't guess what I did on the way? Yep, I slept! Mom said she couldn't believe how good I was. I laid on the seat beside Megan with my head resting on her lap. It was me on one side and Chloe on the other. After a little while, I got sleepy so I just rested my head and went to sleep. Next thing I knew, were were there. I didn't even get to ask "are we there yet?" Chloe got really excited when we got out of the car and she started running around and nudging me. She obviously wanted to play and me, being all puppy, I was all for it! The cabin is far from the road so there was no worries about that so mom let me and Chloe play while they unpacked the car. It was so cool being able to run around and play. Chloe thought she could outrun me, but I kept up with her! Really I think she was being nice and not running her fastest because I have little legs and if she really wanted to, she could have ran away from me. But she's an awesome sister and played with me the entire time until we were both wore out and went in the cabin for a drink and break. See, that's the thing with us puppies, we play hard, but we crash hard too. For every 30 minutes we play, we sleep for hours! After dinner, when it got dark, we all sat out by the fire. Mom made me sit on her lap though cause I wasn't use to the fire and it was hot and she didn't want me getting hurt. Chloe wasn't happy about that though. Not cause she was upset that our mom was holding me and not her, she was upset cause she wanted me to play and mom wouldn't let me. I was a little upset too, but I knew I had to listen to mom so I was a good girl and laid on her lap until we went in for bed. Let me tell you, after such an exciting day, I slept like a rock.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The next morning I woke mom up bright and early to pee. Sorry, us pups do those things. Mom said I was a good girl though for doing that and I was even better for going back in the crate and letting her sleep a little more. Truth be told, I was still a little tired too and wanted to catch a couple more zzzz's. After breakfast we went to this thing called a yard sale. I don't know why they call it that cause it wasn't in our yard. There were people there with a bunch of stuff and mom wouldn't let me down at all. She said you don't know what other animals might have been there and I was too little and didn't have all my shots yet so she wasn't taking a chance. Well, I appreciate that mom, but I just wanted to walk around with my sister and check things out. Of course, I did have a higher view than she did:) All the people kept coming over to me and Chloe saying how pretty we are and petting us. Chloe and I looked at each other and we're like... "yeah, we know" BOL:D After Kelsey finished spending money, we went to some thing called an auction. All I know is this guy talked so fast I didn't understand a word he was saying. We didn't stay there long though. Mom said the prices were too high and all the good stuff was gone. Don't know what she was looking for, but I didn't mind leaving cause I had to stay on a leash and I don't like the leash and neither does my sister. Boo hiss to leashes!!

When we got back we went for a ride in this thing called a Kubota. Chloe calls it a Bota, call it fun!!! I sat in the back with Megan and Chloe first while mom drove. First we went up the mountain... then we went down the mountain... then we went through the field... then we went around the trees. After a while, mom let Megan drive and that's when it got interesting. Kelsey sat in the back with me and Chloe was the smart one cause she got out. Let me tell you, Megan, she has a lead foot! Mom said the Bota only goes 25 miles an hour, but it felt like we were on a racetrack cause Megan was flying! At one time she made a turn and I was trying to look at mom and all of a sudden it was like... weeeeeeee around we went so fast! Other than being a little bumpy, the Bota thing rocks! After the ride, Chloe and I played while mom, Kelsey and Megan made dinner. I learned that I have to stay away from the table while everyone eats dinner. I didn't quite understand why Chloe always sat by the sofa while they ate, but now I know so us doggies nap while our family eats. After dinner, we did the fire thing again and it was nice. I still wasn't allowed down though. Mom said maybe next weekend. When we came back in and everyone showered we were winding down for bed. Well, at least everyone except for me. This is when Chloe and I had our first sibling spat. See, I wanted to play, but Chloe, she was winding down and laying by the sofa. I was on the floor with Megan,but I really wanted Chloe to play with us so I kept jumping on her and nipping at her face. Well, she didn't like that so she growled at me. That freaked me out! I went bezerk and I lunged at her, all teeth growling and barking and she sunk back against the sofa. Megan quick grabbed me and mom told me NO! Mom picked me up then and told me that wasn't a good dog and that she knows that I thought Chloe was going to hurt me and I was just defending myself, but that Chloe would never hurt me and she just wanted me to leave her alone. I gave her a kiss to let her know I understood and when she put me back down, I went to say sorry to Chloe, but Chloe wanted no part of me the rest of the night. I tried to play with her and to say sorry, but she stayed far away from me. I felt very sad:'( Mom said it would be okay in the morning and that Chloe was very timid and that I scared her when I attacked her like I did, but that we would work things out just like siblings do.

Sunday morning I was cautious around Chloe. I didn't want to push her since I knew I scared her last night so I took it slow and you know what? It worked! Mom was right, everything was okay. Chloe played with me after breakfast outside while mom was putting stuff away. We went back to our old selves, chasing each other around and Chloe was nudging me just like before and I was happy that things were back to normal. After mom had the chores down, Megan took us all for a ride in the Bota again. This time, mom rode in the back with me and Chloe. We went to visit the neighbors up the mountain, Clair, Velma and their granddaughter Trish. They are really nice people. Mom said they're not really dog people, but they liked me, I could tell. After we visited for a while, Megan took us up the mountain, then down the mountain and over to the appletree hollow. At least this time I didn't feel like we were in a race car cause mom told Megan she had to drive a little slower. It wasn't as bumpy either:) After our ride, we packed up and headed home. Yes, I slept the entire way on the backseat with Megan and Chloe. I figure if I sleep we get to where we're going faster. And I was right, but it wasn't home.It was another strange new place...


First Trip to the barn

September 20th 2010 11:16 am
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Again, mom wouldn't let me walk around so she carried me. Chloe was allowed to run around, but I knew the drill so I didn't fuss, especially after what I saw inside... I couldn't believe my eyes... there were these enormous creatures, so big, I swear they were giants! This thing that mom called "Tequilla" stuck it's long nose out at me and sniffed. I showed my teeth a little, but mom pet me and told me it was okay, that she wouldn't hurt me. She said this is a horse and we go riding with her. I have no idea what riding it yet, but this horse thing is so big she would crush me in a heartbeat! He pushed so close to mom, she thought I was going to crawl inside her. Tequilla kept sniff at me and one time she made this noise that was so loud that I jumped in mom's arms. Mom said it was a sneeze. After a few minutes, I began to realize that Tequilla wasn't going to eat me so I did relax a little and then mom carried me in the stall. Tequilla was eating and I sniffed her while she ate. Hmmmm, she smelled funny. I kept getting closer and closer, I wanted to check her out. She didn't seem so scary. At one point, I put my paws on her and mom figured I wanted on her so she put me on her back. Wow, that was so cool! I was way up high sitting on this big "horse" and I could see everywhere! Chloe looked up at me like "hey, what's you doing up there?" Mom kept a hold of me so I wouldn't fall, but I wasn't going anywhere cause Tequilla wasn't moving, she was too busy eating. Mom told me once Tequilla is feeling better (apparently her leg hurts)and she can be ridden, she'll take me for a ride. Yipee, I think that would be fun:) She said trailing riding is one of Chloe's favorite things and when I'm bigger and know how to act around horses, then I can go on them too. But I won't be doing that for a while cause doggies really have to be careful around horses so they don't get too close or they could get kicked and hurt really bad or even killed... yikes! Anyway, after I met Tequilla, I got to meet this really nice woman named Deb. Mom said she takes care of Tequilla and her doggie Madison is friends with Chloe. Madison wasn't there though and she said once I have all my rounds of shots, then I can play with Madison. I sure hope I get all my shots soon cause I hate being carried around. I want to run around like my big sis does! After meeting Deb, we had to take Megan back to her mom. I got to meet her and I gave her lots of kisses too. On the ride home, Mom said Chloe is the frontseat dog since she's oldest and that was ok with me because I had the entire backseat to myself! I stretched out and took a nap... of course:) When we got home, both me and Chloe had to get baths since we were in the mountains all weekend and because mom said I was going to meet daddy for the first time and she wanted me to smell good. I can't wait to meet my daddy. Check out my next entry to hear all about it.


Meeting Daddy

September 20th 2010 11:42 am
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Mom brought me in from the potty and told me that daddy was home. I was finally going to get to meet him. Daddy was sitting on the sofa. He was a big guy with no hair. Kind of scary looking if you ask me. But he spoke to me so nice and he didn't seem so scary anymore. I was so excited, I started shaking my little butt and I wanted to go to daddy. Mom handed me to him and I kissed him all over! He gave me kisses back and hugged me and said I was so cute:) He played with me and scratched my belly... let me tell you, daddy is an awesome belly scratcher! I like my daddy so much that I laid beside him on the sofa for a while. I don't think Chloe was too happy about it, but she got to have mom all to herself for a little so I think she was okay with that. She's going to have to learn how to share our mom and dad. It's obvious that they have enough love for both of us and I can see that and I'm only 10 weeks old.

Shortly after meeting daddy and spending time with him, daddy's sister Linda and her daughter Lauren came by to visit. Daddy's birthday was last week and they wanted to bring him his card and of course, to see me:) Lauren is Megan's age (13) and I jumped all over her and she loved it! You know how kids love puppies. Right after they left, Brett showed up. He stayed for a while and played with me and Chloe too. I just love all the attention. I never had so much attention as I had the past couple of days... it's been great! Mom said not to get too use to it though cause she goes back to work soon, and so does daddy and once everyone meets the "new puppy" then the company stops. That's to not fair! Anyway, the rest of the night I played with mom, dad and Chloe and I napped in between. I heard daddy say a couple of times he can't believe how quite I am and that I am a good dog. That made me very happy to hear daddy say that. All I want is to make my family happy. I know they will give me unconditional love, that I can tell already, even my big sis Chloe. If they are happy, then I am happy:)


Meeting Gizmo

September 20th 2010 11:52 am
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Mom and dad both got up before me this morning. Mom got me out right away and way carrying me downstairs to take me out to the bathroom, but I really, really had to go and accidently tinkled on her leg:( She wasn't upset at all though cause she knew it was an accident. I did finish outside and I went poop like she told me to do too. Mom said people are amazed how her dogs go to the bathroom on command. I follow what Chloe does and Chloe does what mom and dad tell her to do so I figure I should too.

Mom was getting ready for work and Chloe and I were hanging in the bathroom with her. At one point mom went into this other room to clean some kind of box out. It had a funny smell to it, but I didn't see anything in it so I really didn't think anything of it. A few minutes later, mom went into the bedroom and told someone named "Gizmo" to go into the crate. I was in the hallyway with Chloe. The next thing I knew, this thing went flying by me and into that room with the crate and the funny smell. I darted into the room after it and mom followed. This thing was on the other side of the crate as I sniffed. Mom said that's Gizmo and she's a "cat" and that I'm suppose to be nice because Gizmo is older. I tried to go in the crate with her to check her out some more, but mom said no, that was Gizmo's space. I listened, but I really, really, really wanted to check her out so I went to the other side of the crate again. She seemed to be checking me out too and was sniffing me. I was careful not to scare her and we sniffed each other a little more. Hmmm, she's kind of boring actually. She didn't do anything except sit there. No thank you, I like things that play, so I left. Mom said that Gizmo is older and doesn't play much, but once in a while she'll play with Chloe. Hopefully one day she'll play with me too.

After my encounter with Gizmo mom took me out one more time to potty then I had to go to my crate cause she had to go to work. I don't like that work thing cause it means I just chill until someone gets home. Mom said Brett would stop by at some point and that dad would be home in the afternoon. Oh wel, I'll just sleep and they better be ready for the rip roaring puppy when they let me out!


Fun with kids and first walk

September 21st 2010 6:12 am
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Last night when daddy came home, he took us outside and the neighbor kids (Miranda, Dane and another boy) came over to play with us. I love kids! It was lots of fun playing with them and playing with Chloe too. After the kids left, I chased Chloe around for a long time. We played with the frisbee and played tag and everything! She's such a good sister because there is no doubt she is faster than me and can keep the frisbee away from me, but she let me catch her and let me take the frisbee from her once in a while. Now that's a good sister! When mom went in the house, dad played with me too. He was teaching me how to go get the frisbee and bring it back to him. He was very proud of me when I did it and gave me lots of praise:)

Later that evening, mom took Chloe and I for a walk. This was the first time I ever went for one. Chloe doesn't have to use a leash cause she stays right with mom and knows the rules, but because I'm just a pup, I must wear one. I wasn't too sure about this walking thing at first. I was getting tangling up in mom's feet and I kept going on the wrong side, but with mom's direction, it only took a few minutes for me to figure out what I was suppose to do and mom said I was walking like a pro. She was so proud of me! She was really happy when I would look up at her from time to time. She said that was such a good puppy and she just couldn't believe how wonderfully I was doing on a leash. I'm glad my mommy was proud of me:)

When we got back, Chloe and I just played in the house while mom and dad watched TV. This is kind of when the not so proud moments begin to happen. I had a little accident on the carpet. Mom wasn't too upset about the first one because she knows until I understand the bathroom thing, it's going to happen. However, what upset her was after she took me out and I went to the bathroom, we came back in and within like five minutes I went again. She was not happy! I don't know why I did it, honest:( I know mom was upset cause she told me I was a bad puppy, made me go outside again (I couldn't go since I already went in the house) and when we came in, she put me in my crate. I knew I upset her and I didn't make a peep in my crate. She didn't let me in there real long, but long enough. When I was allowed out, she made me stay with her on the sofa. It was obvious she was afraid I was going to go to the bathroom on the floor again. That's okay, because I like spending time with mom. I did want to play with Chloe though, but Chloe wasn't in the mood to play either. I notice that when I get in trouble, Chloe gets upset. I don't think Chloe likes me getting in trouble either. Hopefully I figure out this bathroom thing fast! At any rate, other than my little incident, I had a really fun night. Not sure what we'll be doing today. Mom and dad both went back to work today so my dad is in the crate until Brett comes at lunch to let me out and play a little bit. I'll try not to piddle on him like I did yesterday... sorry Brett:(


What's up with daddy?

September 22nd 2010 8:01 am
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So daddy came home from work yesterday and boy was he in a mood. He was acting really strange and it was stressing Chloe out. Because she was stressing, she didn't want to play with me and because I wanted to play and she didn't, daddy got mad at me and put me back in my crate after about an hour:( What's up with daddy? What did I do wrong? Why did he put me back in my crate? I was SO happy when mom got home! She gave daddy the "what for" and told him that just because he had a bad day and was stressed, it was not a reason to take it out on me. He should know that Chloe picks up on him being stressed, then she gets stressed and that's why she didn't want to play and of course I want to cause I'm a pup and I'm in my crate all day, and it's all his fault for being stressed in the first place. He felt bad then and picked me up and said he was sorry and I gave him kisses to let him know that I don't hold grudges and we were okay:)

When we went outside there were even more kids then the day before. Now I like kids, but there were just way too many for me and I stuck close to mom. She realized that this bothered me and she held me then after a few minutes made an excuse for us to go inside. I was glad for that cause there was just too many of them and they were loud! Later on, daddy's "stress" level came down and so did Chloe's so she decided she wanted to play with me. We had fun together playing. We played in the house for a while then when it was getting close to dark, mom and dad took us outside. Mom said all the kids would be inside so they wouldn't bother us and she was right. Chloe and I ran around in the yard playing with the frisbee and it was soooo much fun! When we came in I just played with mom or my toys the rest of the night. Mom said she was proud of me when I let her know I had to go to the potty. Can you believe I didn't have an accident last night? She was happy about that:)

Mom said that tonight we're going to see Tequilla since the vet is coming and doing a bunch of tests on her today then I'm going to meet my grandma:) For now, I'm going back to napping in my crate until Brett comes to play at lunch... zzzzzzzzzz

P.S. A big THANKS to my new pup pal Wesley's mom for doing my page for me. Now I really feel like a part of the Dogster family:)


Meeting grandma

September 23rd 2010 6:22 am
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Last night me, mom and Chloe went to the barn, but this time, mom let me off the leash! There were no other dogs there so mom said I could be off, but she kept a hawkeye on me that's for sure. I had soooooo much fun running around and playing with Chloe. We played tug with Tequilla's lead rope and she didn't seem to mind. Mom did teach me to stay away from the horse's feet which is a good thing. Oh yeah, the little horses they have at the barn, they got out of their pasture. Mom had to wrangle them up and Chloe and I helped! Well, Chloe did and I just followed her around, but it was fun:) I did stay away from their feet though like mom told me. I also met a couple new people. I met Dave who owns Chicka. Chloe barks at him all the time, but I don't know why because he was really nice to me. Then I met Jen who is one of mom's friends. She is really nice too. I gave her lots of kisses! I watched her play with one of her BIG horses for a while. It was pretty cool how she had the horse on a long leash and made him go in circles and stuff. I guess he didn't listen though cause he had to be on a leash and mom said you have to be on a leash when you're a bad puppy or out for a walk so I guess he was a bad horsie since he wasn't out for a walk.

After we were done at the barn, we went to meet my grandma. She was really, really nice! She gave me lots of hugs and kisses. Of course, I just wanted to get all the stuff that she dropped on her floor and all the stuff she had in boxes. She had so much cool stuff for me to get into! It was hot in the house though cause she didn't have the A/C on like we do at our house, just a fan. We stayed for a little bit, but then we headed home cause mom wanted to beat the storm and we did, but barely!

The rest of the night we didn't do much. Chloe didn't want to play with me much and laid on the loveseat with mom. I took a nap on the ottaman for a little while. Oh yeah, mom brought Gizmo our cat down and I wanted at her in the worst way, but mom and dad wouldn't let me anywhere near her. One time I jumped at her and she hissed at me! After that, mom and dad watched me like a hawk so I just gave up and went playing with my toys. I had a very fun day and was pooped and crashed on mom's chest later until it was time for bed. Mom said I snore, but I don't believe her cause I know I don't snore. I never hear it... BOL:)


New Friends!

September 24th 2010 8:00 am
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Last night mom took me to Chloe's best friend Tanner C.'s house. Tanner has a new little brother too, a 9 wk. old boxer pup named Bettis. He is sooooooo cute! I just loved him to death! Tanner, not so much at first cause he is soooooo BIG! He came running to greet me and it freaked me out and I barked and growled at him and snapped. Mom was quick to let me know that Tanner wouldn't hurt me and once I got to sniff him a few times and he licked me, I knew he was an okay guy. Our moms made the Chloe and Tanner go outside to play while Bettis and I played in the house for a little. It was really nice having someone my own size to play with. I am a little bigger than Bettis but not much, although I must say, I am a really good wrestler and kind of kicked his butt... BOL:D We were wrestling and Bettis' grandma kept giving me the 3 count! After a little while, our moms took us outside to play with the big dogs. I loved running around with Tanner and Chloe too, although, I wrestled with Bettis more. Bettis' mommy was freaking out though, afraid I was going to break his neck. Hello Bettis' mommy! We're puppies, we're suppose to play rough! Besides, when I was getting too rough, Bettis let me know. He might be smaller, but he wasn't going to let me be a bully either. He is a cool dog and I can't wait to play with him again! We played for about an hour, then it was time to go home. I totally crashed for over an hour when we got home. I laid down beside Chloe on the floor, but she got up and laid on the loveseat then. I really wish I knew why she didn't like me. It's strange. She loves me outside. She'll play with me and carry on and give me kisses and everything, but in the house, she wants nothing to do with me. I know sometimes I can be a pest and not leave her alone, but at times when I am being good and I just want to lay with her, she won't let me:( I sure hope she soon learns to like me, just a little cause I love her, she's my big sis and I look up to her. I know she gets upset at our mommy too cause she doesn't want to share, but I can tell you that mom is NOT slighting her attention at all. She cuddles with Chloe and everything. I don't mind though cause mom gives me plenty of attention and so does daddy. When mom is cuddling with Chloe, I get to cuddle with daddy:)

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, this is my 3rd day with NO accidents!!! Mom said I am so VERY well with this housebreaking. I think I know that I'm suppose to go to mom or dad when I need to go out. As long as they don't ignore me, I think we'll be good to go.

Well, that's about all for now. Mom said we're going back to Juniata this weekend with Nanny and Poppy Waple. I didn't get to meet them yet, but mom said they are nice. She said Poppy looks scary like daddy, but really he's not. So I'm looking forward to going away this weekend and will fill you in on my weekend adventures when I get back.

P.S. Mom has pix and vid from me playing with Bettis yesterday which I'm sure she'll post along with stuff from this weekend. Have a pawsome weekend!


Fun, Fun, Fun Weekend!

September 29th 2010 8:06 am
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We went to Juniata this past weekend and I met Nanny and Poppy Waple for the first time. They are super nice! Chloe is a little scared of Poppy Waple, but I don't know why cause he was really nice to me:) When we got to the cabin, Chloe and I ran around and played. Some guy named Randy showed up and dad left with him. Nanny, Chloe, mom and me went for a ride in the Bota. I rode in the back with Chloe and mom said she was so proud of me for being such a good puppy and laying down like I'm suppose to and not trying to jump out. I was just doing like my big sister and when she laid down, I laid down. I learn a lot from her. When we got back, dad and that guy were back and another guy named Tim. Mom started cutting the grass on the tractor. I would didn't like that thing cause it was so loud so I hung out with Chloe and dad the rest of the people by the cabin. That Tim guy left and a little while later he came back with two dogs. One was a border collie and one was a blue heeler. That dog wasn't nice. He growled a lot. I wasn't out with them long though cause I saw mom fly off the tractor and yell something at dad and the next thing I knew, I was in my crate. Boy was mom mad at dad! A little while later, mom did come get me, but she held me on her lap and wouldn't let me near those other dogs. Mom said I'm only 11 wks old and I can't be around strange dogs, especially ones that go running around the woods chasing other animals and ones that probably don't have their shots. She thinks the dogs owner took offense, but she really doesn't care cause she doesn't want me getting sick. I love my mom for taking such good care of me:) That guy finally left with his dogs then I was allowed back down to play with Chloe. Later that night we all sat out by the campfire. I was allowed down this time cause mom said I knew the area now and she knew I wouldn't run away and would stay close and she was right. I stayed right in the area and played with Chloe until it was time to go in for bed.

Saturday was another fun day. Chloe and I ran around and played most of the day. We also got to go for more rides in the Bota. Boy do I love that thing! It's a little bumpy, but fun:D That evening Clair and Velma came down to visit. I met them last weekend and they are really nice. I pretty much just chilled while they played cards because Chloe wasn't feeling too good. She got sick earlier after we were playing in the field. I did get in trouble though cause I went to the bathroom on the floor:( Don't know why I did it. I guess I just wanted some attention, but that was the wrong kind of attention, that's for sure.

Sunday we didn't do much at the cabin. Everyone pretty much packed up and we headed home. When we got home, I stayed in the house with daddy and watched football while Chloe was outside with mom. I really wanted to be outside too, but mom was cutting grass and she couldn't keep an eye on me while she was doing that so I had to stay inside. That's okay I guess cause I got to spend time with daddy. After mom was done cutting grass, me, her and Chloe went to the barn. That was lots of fun cause I met two new friends, Tanner B. and Madison. Tanner B. is a golden retriever and he is big! He got a little carried away with his big paws though and kind of hurt me. Not real bad, just knocked the wind out of me. Needless to say, that was the end of my play with Tanner. Then Madison came and she's a chocolate lab. Chloe loves her, but I think Madison is a little afraid of Chloe. See, when Chloe plays, she growls and barks a lot and that scares some dogs, even me sometimes. I think it scares Madison too so she likes playing with me more than Chloe because I don't do that. I had a lot of fun chasing Madison around. Boy is she fast! Mom did take all three of us in the field and play with us and I was trying to keep up with the big dogs. I didn't do too bad with my little legs. Madison had to leave so mom threw the ball for me and Chloe while Tequilla ate. Chloe always beats me to the ball, but she lets me get it sometimes. She's such a good big sister:) After we were done at the barn and got home, mom said it was bath time. She took me in the shower with her and gave me a good bath. I wasn't thrilled about this, but I was pretty dirty from the weekend and after it was all said and done, I have to admit, I did feel better. Chloe got one too so we were both smelling pretty and squeaky clean!

So, as you can see, my second weekend with my new family was another fun one. I must say, I believe I am going to love living here. We always go fun places and do fun things and I can tell that my family loves me a lot and you know what? I love them too:)

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Loving Memory)
Mickey (In
Loving Memory)


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