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A different kind of search and rescue

December 14th 2012 10:30 am
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I got to get you all caught up about what I've been up to. I know it's been a week, but poor mom has been so busy and as you know, when I try to type, I just break the keys BOL :D

Last Friday night all the girls came over to play poker. I just pretty much slept under the poker table, but I did show off a little with my opening and closing of the fridge. They really liked that.

Saturday was a VERY busy day for me. Grandma, Chloe, mom and I went to Country Meadows in the morning for a visit and we saw lots of people. We went into a new section that we never visited before. Everyone was in a room with these balls. I have no idea what they were doing with them, but almost everyone of them tried to give me their ball. I know better than to take them though so I just stood there and eventually they stopped. I did get to meet some weird animal in that area. The counselor was holding it in her hands. It was little, had beady eyes and a little nose. She held it down low so I could see it and me and this creature touched noses. Mom said it was a hamster and when we were nose to nose, it was the cutest thing she ever saw. Of course she didn't have her cell phone with her to take a pix. It was a pretty neat "hamster" but I lost my interested pretty fast when I knew I couldn't play with it.

After we were done at Country Meadows, we went to Manor Care. A lot of our residents were in the rec area so we visited with them all in that area. We still had some rooms to visit though. We spent pretty much time with our friend Joe and I'm glad cause I like him a lot. We did get some sad news though. Our friend Miriam, the one who would have her cat Joey come visit, passed away since the last time we were there:( We kind of knew it was coming cause she seemed worse each time we were there. Mom said it's better cause she was suffering. I'm sad she's gone, but glad she's no in pain anymore.

When we were done there, Grandma and mom went to each at Subway then to a thirft shop. Yes mom did some picking. I was hoping she'd find something for me, but no such luck. When we got home, mom made me take a nap cause I had search and rescue training for the first time with the team. It was hard to take a nap cause I knew where I was going when I saw mom getting our gear together. But boy am I glad I did.

It was a night training so it was dark. It was really weird being in this kind of setting cause I have always practiced in the woods or fields, but this time we were at some municipal public training facililty with lots of building, blacktop and vehicles. I actually spent the first hour or two just chilling in my crate in the car cause mom had to do tabletop stuff inside. When she finally came out, we just started with me doing a couple runaways. That's where I watch someone go away and hide then I find them. Easy peazy. From there I went into a building and I immediately smelled someone. Now I had to find them which I think was suppose to be difficult cause the room was set up like a maze and I had to go under and over stuff, but it was pretty easy and I found the person in like 2 minutes tops. After that I took a little break while mom helped flank other people and their dogs. My next search for in a burn building. Not to worry, it was clean with no soot. It was a three-story building, but since I'm new I started on the 2nd floor where the subject was. There were about 6 rooms on the floor, but I found my subject in just a couple of minutes again. The instructor mom was working with was really impressed. I still need to work on my recall/refind, but my search skills are really good she said. One thing everyone thought was funny was that I was the only dog who didn't jump up and go crazy to get their treat from the subject. Me, I sit there and wait patiently for them to be handed to me. What can I say, I'm a therapy dog and that's what I'm suppose to do:) My last search for the night started in some grass area beside a long row of buses. Mom and the instructor were impressed cause I ran down passed all the buses then doubled back. I caught the scent within seconds of the return search I found the bus. I was a little hesitant at first to go up the steps in the bus cause I never been on a bus and didn't know what was in there other than a person. But mom told me to "find" so I did my job and found the person. My last task for the night was going up open grate steps. I'm sure all my pals out there know what it's like for a dog to walk open an open grate so that's why they were having us all practice this. I was second dog to go. The first one took a little while to go up because she was not sure of it. When it was my turn, I all but pulled mom up the stairs. The open grating didn't bother me at all. All the members couldn't believe that it didn't phase me at all. My was so proud of me she kept hugging and kissing me and give me lots of treats. I was happy that I did so good for mom, but I was VERY tired. It was a long day and all the excitement from search and rescue training, I just wanted to sleep. We started training at 6pm and didn't get home until 1130pm. Needless to say, I was asleep in the car the entire way home and was happy that we didn't do anything on Sunday so I could catch up and get some rest. Mom told me that our next training session in January is going to be another one not in the woods. Guess where I get to search? Hersheypark! I'm not real sure what that is, but mom said it should be lots of fun:)

This past week we didn't so much cause mom was so busy. Last night we did have agility and we were fortunate that we were able to go. Dad had surgery (don't worry, he's okay) and didn't know if she would be home in time to take us. I'm glad she was cause it was pawsome! We got to do jumps, which I love! I'm not real big on the chute or tunnel when it's curved yet. I like to see out the other end. Mom said I need to get over that cause in search and rescue there may be times I need to check tunnels and big pipes and stuff like that. I know she's right and I'll work on that. We did the tire jump again and I breezed right through that. Mom has a pix of me standing on the other side before I jumped through it. Her cell phone doesn't take very good moving photos so that's why I stood for her. We did a new thing, the box. We jump up on it then we have to lay down for 5 seconds. I think mom took some pictures of us doing that which she will post eventually. Unfortunately we won't be going to class next week cause we're heading to the mountains. I'd like to say that upsets me, but I can't cause it's been a month since we've been at the mountains and I'm rip, roaring and ready to go!

So now you are all caught up. I think we are doing our Christmas visits at the nursing homes next week. I like doing them cause the people are extra happy cause we give them goodies:)

Well, this has been a long post so I'm gonna run. I hope all my pals are gearing up for Christmas and you better be on your best behavior so Santa Paws brings you some gifts!


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Barked by: ✨ Whitley ✨ (Dogster Member)

December 15th 2012 at 12:28 am

Sounds like you did pawsome! I hate walking on grates, I always walk around dem.

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