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Echo's Adventures

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My adventures...or lack thereof

July 25th 2014 5:26 am
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Last week was pretty uneventful, including our weekend at the cabin. We did get to swim Wednesday and Thursday which was great! Friday we headed to the cabin and mom and dad cut the grass as usual Friday evening and I just hung out on the patio. We did sit outside that evening around the fire pit cause it was a beautiful night. I stood guard at the corner of the cabin again just in case those black snakes tried to come back, but we haven’t seen them in a while. I also had to keep tabs on Gizmo because she has now taken to going back and forth between the front porch and patio and mom said it’s my job to be sure she doesn’t go any further. I’m on it!

Saturday we went for a few walks and did get to go swimmy for a short period under the small bridge we go passed on one of our walks. It was nice to cool off cause it was pretty hot, especially after being at the property early. Which btw is really flat! They still need to flatten it a little bit further out, but mom and dad staked out all the buildings and I was in the house:) Well, not really, but I was inside the stakes that represent our future house:) Mom did take us for a nice walk through the woods and I’m glad I get to walk cause I can check things out, but I do miss my Kubota rides. Ever since mom got that Fitbit thing she wears on her wrist, places we use to drive the Kubota we now walk. I know it’s better for our health, but come on mom, a ride every now and though won’t hurt...please! Saturday night we just hung out inside cause it rained. Sunday was pretty much the same as usual. We hung out for a while then packed up and headed home in the evening.

This week we went for a visit to Manor Care Tuesday evening and everyone was happy to see us. I even got to show off for a couple new people on the third floor. Yes, I know, I’m such a ham:) I have search training on Sunday and mom said it is supposed to be hot which I’m not thrilled about, but mom has plenty of fans and bought a swamp cooler for me to wear to help keep me cool too. Other than that, I don’t think I have anything else happening. I’m hoping we get to swim this week since we are home and it is supposed to be hot all week. I’m sure we will cause mom is good about that since she knows how much we love it!

Oh yeah, I did forget that dad’s chair broke last week and he said it was all my fault, but honestly I don’t buy it. Mom and dad have recliners and Chloe and I like to lay under them when they have them up. Mom says we’re acting on instinct and we think we’re in our “caves”. In fact, before mom puts her chair down she’ll say “out of the cave” and we know that means to get out from under the chair. Well, dad refuses to do that cause he said he shouldn’t have to say it and we shouldn’t be stupid enough to be under there in the first place. Well, last week he put his chair down and yes, I was under it. Fortunately for me I didn’t get hurt, but dad’s chair sure did. It was leaning to the side really bad and it wouldn’t close too good. Dad said I broke it, but I think it was a long time coming cause he’s up and down a lot and it wore things down and it just so happened that the time I’m under it the stupid thing broke. Mom defended me and she let’s dad in her chair til his is fixed and makes sure to keep an eye out and tells dad to let her know before he puts down the chair so it doesn’t happen again. Dad says it’s my fault so I’ll say sorry, but really it wasn’t.

Well, that’s about all I have for now. I don’t know when this will get posted cause Dogster is having so many issues lately, but hopefully they get them fixed soon and we can all get back to having some Dogster adventures for all to see!


We feelin' HOT! HOT! HOT!

July 14th 2014 8:41 am
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HOT! HOT! HOT! That about sums up how my weekend was. It was so hot that we spent most of it in the cabin in the AC and that stinks! I like being outside, but when it’s so hot, we really can’t enjoy things. Poor mom and dad had a lot of grass to cut so they had to be outside Friday when we got there and most of Saturday. Mom cut part of Clair and Velma’s place since Clair has been at the hospital with Velma every day and can’t get it done. I did hang with mom for a while Saturday, but then dad took us dogs with him to the property and we got to be in the AC in the truck which was nice. Oh yeah, you should see the property. They finally have the excavation done and it’s as flat as a football field. If it wasn’t so dang hot outside, I would have had fun chasing Chloe all over the place! Maybe next weekend it won’t be as hot and we can play there for a while. No worrying about holes or tripping on corn stalks:) We did get to go to the swimmy hole for a little later in the afternoon and I enjoyed that a lot.
Sunday morning we went for a walk in the woods before the temps got too high and that was fun, but we didn’t see any critters for me to chase:( I guess they were all already hiding in their shaded places trying to keep cool as the day got hotter. I’ll sure be happy when this hot spell is over that is fur sure! Other than the walk, we didn’t do much cause it was so hot and we headed home around 4pm and just chilled some more after we got home.
Mom said we don’t have any visits this week, so she’ll try to let us swim as much as possible as long as no storms. That’s been the major problem and why we don’t get to swim. Til mom gets home in the evenings, all the storms come and then we’re stuck in the house:( Paws crossed that they hold off until we get to swim and rain later at night.
Well, that’s about all I have for now. Mom still wants to post pix, but Dogster isn’t working right so as soon as they get things squared away, look for our pix from NC. Have a good one!


NC Trip

July 10th 2014 8:59 am
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Well, we returned from my first vacation and it was quite an experience. Mom said she felt bad cause there really wasn’t anything too exciting for us, but I didn’t mind and enjoyed just going to different places even if we didn’t do much at those places. I’m not going to go into major blow by blow detail and just give you the summary of each stop.

We left on Saturday, June 28, and had a the VERY long drive to North Carolina. We left in the middle of the night (3am) I had no clue what was up cause we never did this before, but mom had our beds in the backseat of the truck so I just curled up and slept most of the way. We did stop several times at rest stops and it was nice to stretch our legs and get drinks. I wasn’t thrilled that I had to stay on my leash, but it was nice visiting with all the people who wanted to see us. We did have one stop in West Virginia that mom let us off leash to play a while cause there was a huge area and no people around. It was a much needed break. We finally arrived in Hendersonville, NC in the afternoon and it was a really nice place. We had the entire downstairs of a big house and a yard, two decks, a gazebo and a swim spa, but no doggies allowed in swin spa:( We relaxed for a couple hours then went to Joann and Pratt’s place to visit. They have a farm with two horses and lots of room to run. They are really nice and really liked us. Apparently they use to have an Aussie many years ago and haven’t had a dog since, but by the time we left, they were talking about getting another one cause they loved us so much!

We were in Hendersonville for 3 days. During that time we spent a lot of time at Joann and Pratts and met a lot of people. They were all really nice, but there were these two twin boys, Josh and Jacob who pushed both Chloe and I to our limit. At first we had a great time playing and I even did some search and rescue training with them (which by the way mom said I did pretty good at), but then after a while they would not give us a break! I would hide behind a chair and Josh would always find me. He did this thing where he’d hold his breath and I didn’t like it at all. I tried to tell him a couple of times, but when he kept doing it, I finally pushed him with my nose and he stopped. Jacob wasn’t too bad and did leave us alone when his parents told him too. Other than that, we enjoyed our visit there a lot. We even helped Joann with the horses and went for a walk in the vineyard which is beside their farm. One day we went to Doug and Marcia’s house and we met their German Shepherd, Mojo. Mom was all worried about me being mean, when in fact it was Chloe who acted up. Yeah, you heard me right Chloe. We were all in shock at her behavior. Mojo didn’t so anything to us, but Chloe went ballistic on him and was snarling, growling and barking like I’ve never seen her. I went over to her to be sure she wasn’t possessed or something, but she was fine with me. Mom thinks she acted that was cause she had two bad experiences with Shepherds and unfortunately Mojo got the pent up wrath of Chloe. The last day in Hendersonville we went to Main Street which was really fun. We got to go in a pet store and pick out our own treats. I mean we literally reached in and picked out our goodies:) We also got ice cream and even went into an antique store, can you believe that?!?! Mom was very nervous that we would bump into something and break it, but we were on our best behavior and it was fun going into stores that we never were allowed back home. NC is very pet friendly and there were not many places we weren’t allowed to go. Oh yeah, we went to the railroad station too and it was VERY hot that time so we were only out for a few minutes, but it was cool to see where Nanny Waple use to play when she was a kid. Mom took some pix from Hendersonville so look for her to post them.

Our next stop was on Tuesday in Mocksville. This was a short stop and I’m glad cause it was VERY hot! It was even hot in the hotel at first. Dad cranked the AC full blast when we got in the room and check out the pix mom will post to see how I was taking advantage of it too. Anyway, we visited with a friend of dad’s who he use to work with. His name was Micah and his wife is Amber and they have 4 kids. But you know what? These kids were so well behaved you didn’t even know they were around. I felt bad cause they really wanted us to play, but it was so hot I couldn’t even handle laying still let alone run around and play. They had a couple dogs (Scout and Tracker), but they didn’t bother us and they have goats and chickens and us dogs seemed to upset them all cause they didn’t know us so we weren’t allowed around them much. Cuz their dogs don’t go in the house, dad didn’t want us in either, but thank goodness mom knows me as well as she does. We were on the porch in the shade, but we’re use to being in AC all day so even in the shade I was having issues. Mom could see I was really stressed and asked if we could come in and lay inside the house on the floor and we were allowed. Unfortunately, I was already overheated and got sick a little, but mom got me outside in time so I didn’t make a mess. After that, we were allowed inside the rest of the visit, but had to be on our very best behavior and believe me, we were!

Wednesday we headed to Belvidere and that drive seemed to take furever, but we finally arrived and got to see our friend Pat. He’s the one who comes to the cabin at least once a year for a visit. It was nice to be in a house with more area, rather than that hotel room. This leg of the trip was nice and relaxing cause we didn’t have to run around with mom and dad everywhere and could just chill at Pat’s. This trip was so hot that honestly, without having a pool or someplace to swim, I was happy staying inside. Mom did take us out after the sun went down and it cooled a little to play ball and frisbee. The most excitement we had of the trip was Thursday night. The hurricane was coming up the coast and although we were 60 miles inland we still had rain and wind. That evening we were watching TV when all of a sudden everyone’s cell phones went off with warnings. The next thing I know, mom was in total meltdown, I mean TOTAL! I never saw mom like I did Thursday night. Apparently there was a tornado in our area and we were in the middle of the flattest place ever with no basement to hide in. Mom made us go into the bathroom with her and we both stayed with her the entire time. At one point mom really freaked out and we went into the bathtub. I’ll admit I was a little nervous cause if you remember we were in a tornado a few years back at a Dock Dog competition, but I didn’t panic like mom. I did know something was up cause I could sense it and when I thought the tornado was right over us I jumped on mom and pushed her down in the tub. We were in the bathtub for what felt like furever, but finally dad came and got us and said all was okay. Thank goodness! That was some excitement for sure and I hope we don’t have to go through that anytime soon. We didn’t get to see any fireworks for July 4th cause of the hurricane:(

Saturday we headed home. We didn’t have to make as many stops cause it wasn’t as far, but still far enough for me. It was a nice trip, but I gotta tell you, I was happy to be home and out of the car! Needless to say, that night I slept in bed all night long and loved every minute of it!

Sunday we had a house full of people. Jan’s family was in from Germany and Emmie wanted to come swimming so there was 5 people. Then of course the entire Waple clan came over too so we had like 16 people at one point. Mom did let us swim for a while, but because I kept trying to bite Emmie’s plastic ball and kept jumping on people in the pool, mom made us stay in the house. I know it was all my fault and I can’t go around jumping on people, but I was just so excited! She did let us back out after some of the people left and we got to swim for a while with mom and dad.

Monday was back to the usual routine. Mom and dad both back to work and us dogs just lazing around the house. The weather is still hot as ever so not much walking right now. Tuesday was another bad storm and we were back in the bathroom with mom. There wasn’t a tornado this time, but mom wasn’t taking any chances just in case.

Last night we went to see our friends at Manor Care and we told them all about our trip. They were happy to hear about our adventures and mom showed them some pix too.

This weekend we’re headed to the mountains and I can’t wait! I really miss the mountains when we’re gone too long. The weather is suppose to be hot again, but at least we have a swimmy hole we can keep cool in:)

So now I’m finally all caught up with my adventures. I hope everyone had a good 4th of July and made it through the hurricane and all the storms!


Happy Birthday To Me!

July 7th 2014 6:34 pm
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Yep today is my birthday and mom gave me lots of goodies...we'll at least the ones I am allowed. We didn't do much though cause we just got back from vacation and mom went back to work today. But we did visit with grandma and mom and grandma both sang to me:)

When mom gets some time we'll tell you all about our trip to NC!

Thanks for the birthday wishes!!


Fireworks and comedy show

June 26th 2014 6:15 am
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When mom said we wouldn’t be doing my last week, she wasn’t kidding. We went for walks almost every night, but other than that, we didn’t do much at all. BUT, mom sure did make up for that over the weekend.

We headed to the cabin Friday as usual, but we stopped at the bank for a short period of time for mom and dad to do something. They left us animals in the truck with the AC running, but made sure they could see us from the window cause mom knows me all too well and knew I would hop in the front seat and try to be like those dogs in New Zealand and take a joy ride:) That stop didn’t take long and got to the cabin only a little later than our usual time. We had a nice surprise in that Nanny and Poppy Waple were waiting for us at the cabin. I just love Poppy Waple cause he really likes us dogs and pets us all the time. Things were a little out of the routine cause mom stayed inside and helped Nanny with dinner and dad cut the front yard. After dinner we all hung out on the patio and enjoyed the beautiful night.

Saturday it was raining in the morning so we all pretty much just relaxed for a while. When it stopped we took a walk to visit Clair and Velma and then took some flowers to the tree for Father’s Day. It was a nice walk and all the birds were chirping and it was nice and cool after the rain. When we were sitting at the tree I saw something down in the hollow and I watched it really close. Mom must have seen it right after I did cause she grabbed both of our collars so we wouldn’t go investigate. We watched it come closer then realized it was a HUGE possum. This is the second one that has been out during the day up here, but this one didn’t act mean and sick like the other one. However, it was making it’s way right to us and when it stopped and sniffed the air not far from us, mom stood up and told it to “get outta here”, but it just looked in our direction and stayed there. All the while I was going crazy whining cause I wanted to get that thing, but mom wouldn’t let me. She said there was NO WAY she was letting me go to get bit and maybe get rabies or something so she kept hold of our collars and we took off up the mountain. Once we got to the top and far away from the possum, mom finally let us go and of course I wanted to go back down, but when mom told me not to, I didn’t but wasn’t happy about it:( So we made our way back to the cabin and dad said this possum was probably out getting food after the rain so we shouldn’t be too worried. Later on everyone went to Heritage Days and we usually go, but it was muddy so mom said we were staying at the cabin. Although I wasn’t happy about it, I did take advantage of it and took a little nap and I’m glad I did cause the rest of my day was very exciting.

When they got back from Heritage Days we went to the property and saw that they have even more of the land moved. Mom took a picture of me and Chloe sitting exactly where our front porch is going to be. I think she posted it so check it out. When we got back from the property, it was dinnertime and then the real fun started. Our friends Pam and Dave came to visit and of course I was all excited to see Pam that I piddled all over the patio:D A little while later when we were all chilling on the patio all these cars came pulling in and all dad’s ridge running buddies came to visit. Of course Chloe and I gave them a loud welcome! We met a new guy named Pip and he was soooooo funny! Everyone was laughing so hard and I liked him cause he pet us dogs and talked to us. I really liked him cause he showed us a fireworks display like I never saw before and it was pawsome! I know most dogs don’t like loud noises and fireworks and stuff like that, but I’m an oddball and I love it! I was so excited to watch and wanted to stay outside, but mom made me go inside cause she didn’t want my ears hurt. I was NOT happy about this at all, but was glad mom let door open so I could at least watch out the screen door. I was going crazy though cause I really, really, really wanted to be outside to watch and I think I upset Chloe even more than she already was from the fireworks cause she was whining in the bedroom for me to shut up...sorry Chloe! After the fireworks were over, mom let us back out and we enjoyed the rest of the night with all our friends.

Sunday was a fun day too. First we took a nice walk down to see Sharon and on the way mom let us go into the creek. It wasn’t the big swimmy hole, but it was deep enough to swim a little and it was nice and refreshing. She let us stop on the way back too and then we went for a long Kubota ride down the hollow and got “blow dryed” by the wind so by the time we were ready to head home, we were all nice and dry. Needless to say, I was pretty tired after my busy day so far and I slept the entire way home. It was really nice cause I had my dog bed in the back seat and it was much more comfy then leaning on the armrest on the back door. We were taking our beds home cause we’re taking them on our NC trip next week and I wish we could have them in the back seat all the time! Anyway, when we got home mom cut the grass and then we all went swimming in the pool. It was a lot of fun and nice to have mom and dad swimming with us. Mom torments me though and always tries to block me when I’m heading to the steps with my toy or she’ll pretend that she can’t swim and hold onto my stub and I’ll pull her (but she really is swimming along so I’m not really pulling her:) I have lots of fun swimming for sure!

Monday night we didn’t do much cause mom had to scout out the area we have our search training in August, but she did play ball and frisbee with us a little. Tonight we’re going with her to grandma’s while mom cuts grandma’s grass then Brett and Aysha are stopping by for a visit. Tomorrow night we have our visit at Manor Care and Thursday mom cuts our grass so I’m sure we’ll be doing some swimming that night too. So as you can see, unlike last week, we have a busy week ahead and then we head to NC. This will be my first trip to anywhere other than the cabin or to search locations and I’m excited. Chloe went to the Outer Banks before I was born and I don’t think we’re going near the beach, but that’s okay, just going someplace new will be lots of fun and I’m sure I’ll have many adventures to share with everyone.

Well, that’s about all I have for now. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer as much as I am and if we ever have any down time, mom will read us all our pals’ adventures too! Have a good one!


The pool is back!

June 16th 2014 8:45 am
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As you can see from my pix, our pool is once again back! They put in the new liner and filled it up earlier in the week, but with all the rain we didn't get to use it until the weekend. When we finally were allowed in on Saturday, we had a blast! Mom didn't get in cause she was too busy working in the yard, but Chloe and I enjoyed it fur sure:)

I'm sure you can guess that I had a pretty good weekend since the pool is back, but also cause we did a lot of stuff. As you can see by the second pix on my page, we got to go on a trail ride with mom and Tequilla. Since it was such a nice day on Saturday, we hit the barn early and Jada was gone to her cabin so we were allowed to go along and I am very happy about that cause we had lots of fun! We helped mom get Tequilla ready to ride then headed to the arena first. I enjoy the arena cause Chloe and I play chase and I dart all around while she tries to catch me. I'm careful to stay out of mom's way though so Tequilla doesn't get mad at me. Chloe on the other hand likes to torment Tequilla and runs right up to her and T pins her ears and pushes her with her muzzle. One of these days T's gonna nip Chloe to teach her a lesson. From the arena we hit the trails. We didn't go real far cause T's feet are just getting better, but it was a nice ride regardless. I almost caught a squirrel too! Mom says I'll never be able to catch them or chipmunks cause they're too fast, but hey, if mom can almost catch a fish with her hands, I bet I can catch a squirrel or chipmunk with my paws! But this time I didn't so better luck next time.

Anyway, after we were done with our trail ride we went to grandma's house. It was good to see grandma and Uncle Carl was there too. I never met him before and he is really nice. We hung out with grandma and in the yard while mom cut the grass. When she was done with the grass we all went for lunch. The pizza place didn't have outside seating so we chilled in the car. It wasn't bad cause it was a nice cool day and mom left all the windows open. They sat in a booth right by a window near the car so we could see them. I watched them for a while, but then laid down to take a little nap...zzzzzzzz. After lunch we went back to grandma's and mom helped Uncle Carl move dirt and I kept an eye on the neighbor to be sure he didn't bother us. He was next door washing his car, but I was a little leary of him so I stood guard. When we left grandma's we stopped at an auto store for mom to get stuff to clean her car then we finally headed home. When we got home mom cut the grass and that's when us dogs got to swim and it was LOTS of fun! We swam off and on the entire time mom cut and then helped mom when she cut the roses and dug them out. I say help cause I made sure that anything that went in the neighbor's yard mom knew about so she could pick it up. After the roses and grass were done mom cleaned out the inside or her car then washed the outside. Anna came over and played with us for awhile and I enjoyed that too. When mom was finally done with everything on the car except waxing, we finally went in for the night. Needless to say I was beat and had no problem just chilling for the rest of the night.

Sunday mom and dad went to church and when they got home we got to swimmy again. Mom felt bad cause they were going on the river with Brett and we couldn't go so she made sure we had some fun time before they left. I was still catching up from my busy day on Saturday so I didn't mind napping for a few hours. When they got back, mom, Chloe and I walked down to Linda's house for a cookout. It was nice to see everyone and fun playing ball with everyone too. Mom said we were very good girls and we got some goodies too. I really liked the watermelon the best, but also enjoyed the bite of burger, asparagus and broccoli that we got. Chloe, she only ate the burger. She's not a healthy eater like I am. I never met a fruit or veggie I didn't like! After the cookout, Chloe rode home with dad, but mom and I went for a walk. Mom and I have been going for a lot of long walks cause she said we both need to lose our winter weight and need to get in better shape for search and rescue. I don't mind except when it's hot outside, but last night was a perfect night for walking and I really enjoyed it.

I think this will be a pretty quite week for us dogs since we don't have any visits planned. I'm hoping that means more swimmy time for use:) We are heading to the cabin this weekend so that will be fun as usual I'm sure.

Well, that's about all I have for now. I hope everyone had a good weekend and got out and enjoyed the nice weather. The week ahead looks hot so try to stay cool!


Our pool is back!

June 10th 2014 8:04 am
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Yep, that's right, our pool is back! Yesterday the pool guys came and finished putting in the liner and then a huge truck brought like a million gallons of water(okay maybe not that much)to fill the pool and I was happy to see that swimmy time was back! As soon as mom came home I showed her the pool and went to the steps waiting for her to give the nod for me to go in, but guess what? I wasn't allowed to swim can you believe it?!?!? Mom said they chemicals had to get settled first so it would be a couple of days before we could go in. I was so NOT happy about that at all and started down the steps to the pool when mom told me "don't you dare". I looked at her for a few minutes to see how serious she was and decided it was in my best interest to stop right where I was and back away from the pool. No, I wasn't happy about having to do that, but I wasn't looking to make mom mad either. So yes the pool is back, but no swimmy until tomorrow, but then you bet your butt that I will be the first one in this year!

Okay, now about my weekend. We went to the cabin and I hung out under the trees in the shade while mom and dad did the grass thing. It wasn't really hot, but I like laying under the trees regardless and I like being hidden a little and when Chloe forgets I'm there and she walks past me, I jump out and scare her BOL:D After mom was done cutting, she took us dogs for a walk with her. It was a beautiful evening and I enjoyed the walk a lot.

Saturday we went for a ride to the property and they finally have things moving. The entire top part of the field is being dug up and rolled out. That's where all the buildings will be and now it actually looks like something is going to happen soon. Me, I just enjoyed having an area to run and not be jagged by a bunch of corn husks and believe me, Chloe and I ran like nuts! From there we just took a little ride and then went back to the cabin. Mom and I went for a walk and let me tell you, it was HOT! I didn't seem too bad when we first started, but then we hit an area where there was no shade and it didn't take me long to slow down. Fortunately we came to a small creek and mom let me go down and take a break in the nice cool water. I felt much better after that and we kept on walking until dad and Chloe came by on the Kubota. Mom put me in the back with Chloe since we were now in another stretch where there was no shade, so I got to ride the rest of the way to the swimmy hole. Mom kept walking and when she finally arrive we all went down to the swimmy hole and had so much fun! Dad didn't get in, but he skipped rocks for us and I would always try to find the rock, to no avail. Mom got in with us and sat in the shallow area and she went fishing with her bare hands. Us dogs stirred up the deep hole and a trout went to the shallows to get away from us and that's where mom almost caught him with her hands. She had him dead to rights, but the rock he was under was lower then mom thought and even though she had her hands underneath him, she wasn't able to close them so he got away:( Us dogs tried to help catch him, but he darted back into the deep end so no more fishing for mom. We stayed at the swimmy hole for about an hour then went back to the cabin and took a little nap. When we got up we went for a nice casual walk through the woods. Mom and Chloe walked up the mountain slow cause of mom's knee and Chloe's hip so I took full advantage of that and did a little chipmunk hunting. You should have heard those little buggers. They were sounding off their warning alarms through the entire woods. I tried so hard to catch one, but boy are they fast! Way too fast for me, but I never stopped trying. When we were going down the hill toward Clair and Velma's a momma deer and her baby jumped up from the brush and ran. Mom told me no so I knew that meant no chasing them and I didn't and honestly, I didn't want to cause it was the first time I ever saw a baby deer and it was so cute I just wanted to watch it. Once they were out of sight we finished our walk and just hung out the rest of the night. Dave and Pam came to visit and I was back on "lookout" while they sat around the fire. I say "lookout" cause I sit at the corner of the patio and the house and watch something. Everyone keeps trying to figure out what I'm after and they look all around, but can't find it. I wish I could tell them what it is cause I am on "lookout" all the time now and don't do anything else. Maybe one day they'll figure it out. Oh yeah, I was also on Gizmo patrol cause she kept going out front and mom would make me bring her back.

Sunday was a boring day cause it was raining off and on and really hot and humid. Needless to say, I spent most of the time inside snoozing. We headed home around 5pm and just watched TV the rest of the night.

As I mentioned, yesterday they finally got our pool up and running again. We also had our visit with Danny. We went for our usual walk then played ball. Mom had to make us stop a few times for water and to rest cause it was really hot and humid again. Our visit wasn't as long either cause of the weather, but we still had lots of fun playing with Danny:)

Tonight we go to the vet for vaccinations then to Manor Care for our visit. I know we're not going to the cabin this weekend, but I have no idea what I'll be doing, but I sure hope the word "swimming" will be a big part of it:)

Well, that's about all I have for now. I hope everyone had as much fun over the weekend and enjoy your week!


Sorry so long...

June 6th 2014 11:26 am
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Sorry so long since my last post, but mom has been really busy and I have a hard time typing with my paws.

The past week or so hasn't been too busy, at least not for us dogs. Since my last post mom has been taking us for lots of walks and playing ball and Frisbee with us. Mom has one of those FitBit things so now we walk almost every night. Chloe only goes around one block with us then we drop her off (cause of her hip), then mom and I keep on going. Sometimes I'd like to stay home with Chloe, but mom said that we both need to get in shape for SAR training and she's right cause I did put on a few pounds of "winter weight". Mom did have a visit at Manor Care on Thursday, but left me at home cause she wanted Chloe to have some "mommy time" since she was going to be with me on Saturday for SAR training. I was just fine with that. I don't get near as upset by being left at home while Chloe gets to go as long as I know they're not going to the cabin or barn. Chloe on the other hand has a royal fit being left behind. Dad has to bribe her with lunchmeat sometimes so she doesn't get too upset. Wish I got lunchmeat for going along:(

Saturday I did have search training and it was evening/night training. It was unlike any kind of training I've had before and mom said considering I've never done anything like it before I did pretty good. We were at some kind of warehouse place. My first search was in an office area. There were a bunch of cubicles with desks and computers and stuff. I looked at mom like "you are kidding right? who would get lost in here?" But I did as she asked and searched the room. I tried to get done quickly and gave mom an alert even though I didn't find anyone, but she didn't buy it. Then I knocked down a PC tower (I didn't break it though thank goodness). I finally found my subject and she wasn't lost at all. In fact, she was all comfy in her chair reading a book. Anyway, my next search was in a huge warehouse. Now although we weren't out in the woods, I could see where maybe someone would hide out in this place cause it was really big and lots of places to hide. So I did my thing and cleared out the area. Mom said I did really well with my ranging and she was proud of me for going into the dark areas without any hesitation (most of the other dogs wouldn't go without their owners). I found my subject there too, but didn't give mom the alert so she had the subject call out to me. I knew he was there and I'm not sure how mom didn't see him since she was right there too, but I did give her one alert and she was okay with that. Sorry, but it was just really confusing cause mom was right there when I found the people so I guess I just assumed she saw them and didn't need the alert. Later on we did a little motivation and mom wanted me to find someone who was just laying on the ground. Again, there was no doubt in my mind that mom saw her cause she was out in the open as plain as day so I didn't alert. I just couldn't get that whole thing about alerting even in plain sight, but mom wasn't upset and even one of the chiefs said not to worry cause 99% of the time the people won't be in plain sight like that. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that I wasn't bothered at all by the floor in the warehouse at all. Some of the dogs wouldn't walk on it cause it was really smooth. Mom said she is very proud how I don't back down from anything new and as long as I'm trying and I'm having fun, that's all that matters!

We did get to go see grandma over the weekend too which was nice cause she is always a little down and I like trying to cheer her up!

Monday was a busy day for everyone. We did have a little bit of excitement at the house cause the pool guys came. I couldn't believe that they took all the water out of the pool and took out the liner. I wasn't sure what they were doing and still don't have a clue cause the pool is nothing but a concrete hole with no water in it. Check out the pick mom posted of Chloe and I in the deep end. I asked mom where the water was and she told us that the pool guys didn't have everything they needed to put in the new liner so no swimming until next week. That is really stinky cause Chloe and I were both excited about swimming. Oh well, hopefully next week. I did have fun running up and down the ramp into the deep end though:D Mom was busy with grandma at the hospital cause grandma had some kind of surgery. Fortunately everything went well and grandma is okay. I'm very happy about that cause I love grandma and would be very upset if something happened to her.

This weekend we are heading to the mountains and I'm sure we'll be going swimmy there. Who knows, if it gets warm enough maybe mom and dad will swim with us too? I think if it's hot enough mom will at least float around in her tube with us and I like when she does that.

Well, that's about all I have for now. Weather is suppose to be beautiful this weekend so get out there and enjoy it if you get the chance. Bark at you all later!

P.S. Happy Belated to Brett and Nikki on May 30th!


Super fun weekend with Emilie!

May 27th 2014 9:19 am
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This past weekend was a lot of fun! Friday we headed to the cabin with mom early afternoon cause her boss let her out early for the holiday weekend. We didn't do much when we got there cause mom had lots of grass to cut. The field was so high that it was passed our bellies so we had to stay inside until it was cut so we wouldn't get ticks. When mom was done we relaxed on the patio cause it was a beautiful evening. Dad arrived after dark and we all sat outside together.

Saturday Emilie, Jan and Reno (Jan's friend from Germany) arrived around lunchtime and I was very happy to see Emilie and she was very happy to see us "hunds". In fact, she didn't care about mom or dad, just us "hunds" and she played with us the minute she got out of the car:) We played ball and frisbee until it was time to eat. After lunch we went for a Kubota ride and that is always fun. We had to share the back with dad and Reno though, which wasn't as much fun cause I dad was in my corner of the bota. Anyway, we went for a nice long ride and even say 2 was really, really, really long (dad said like 7') and the other was smaller. I wanted a closer look, but mom wouldn't let me:( When we were done with our ride we relaxed for a little at the cabin then went for another very long Bota ride with mom and Emilie while the guys shot guns. We went way out Rhine Hollow then to our swimmy hole where we got to swim for a while. Emilie threw sticks for us and laughed when we dove in the water after them. When we got back we pretty much all just relaxed on the patio. Of course I had to supervise Emmie getting her shower and make sure she got to bed okay:)

Sunday was another fun day. After breakfast we went to the property and ran around a while there. Then we went to the covered bridge and us dogs go to go swimming some more. Emmie got in the water too and threw stones for us (mom couldn't find any sticks). We stayed there for a while then returned and attempted to take a nap after lunch. I say "attempted" because Emmie was suppose to take a nap and she wanted us dogs in bed with her. I was all for that cause I was tired from the morning, but just when I would fall asleep, Emmie would talk again. I swear that kid is related to the Energizer Bunny cause she keeps going and going and going... finally after about 20 minutes us dogs jumped off the bed and went to the living room to catch a couple zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Emmie never did nap so the boys wanted to shot again we us dogs got to go for another bota ride. We went to visit Sharon and Clair and Velma and they were nice visits. Of course they all loved Emmie. When we got back it was dinner time then Emmie got a shower (which I supervised of course) and then they headed home. Us dogs relaxed on the patio with mom for a while then we all crashed inside. It was a very fun time with Emmie, but an exhausting one too.

Memorial Day we just hung around the cabin catching up on our rest from the previous too days. We did go for a Bota ride with mom to the tree and then to the swimmy hole again. Let me tell you, yesterday was the hottest day yet so that swimmy hole felt really good! We never did leave the cabin until after 8pm which is really late for us. In fact, that was the latest we ever left, but I didn't mind cause I didn't want to go home anyway...none of us did. We all can't wait til we live there. We were suppose to get a bath cause mom said we smelled from the creek, but we were all too tired so mom said we'll get our baths Tuesday when she gets home from work.

This week I know we have a visit to Manor Care, a visit with grandma and I have search training Saturday night. It seems like furever since I had training with the team since we had training mid-March then missed April cause it was over the Easter weekend and we were away. I have been practicing though and mom said I'm doing pretty well. We wanted to practice this past weekend, but it was just so busy that mom didn't want to make me work in the evenings after all we did during the day. I'll try my best to make mom proud and do good this weekend:)

I also want to thank everyone this Memorial Day for the sacrifices they've made to give us the freedoms we have today and to also remember those who gave their lives. We also remember mom's grandfather who fought in WWII and our dear friend Joe who fought in many wars. We miss them both very much.


Surprise visit to Emmie's

May 20th 2014 11:00 am
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Okay so I thought we were going to the cabin this past weekend, but we didn't. Instead we went to see Emmie and I was totally fine with that! Dad went down Friday night, but we stayed home with mom cause she had horse duty and couldn't go until Saturday morning. Now normally having barn duty would get me excited cause that means we get to hang with mom while she does the horse thing, but Jada was home and mom was taking care of her too so we weren't allowed to go. We did go Saturday morning, but mom told us to stay laying down cause she didn't want Jada to see us. I wish Jada would like other dogs cause I would love to play with her, but since she doesn't, I did what mom said and stayed down. When mom was done with barn duty we went to Emmie's soccer game. It's inside so no dogs allowed, but they don't play real long cause little kids lose interest fast so we weren't in the car too long then we headed to Emmie's house and that's when the fun began:)

We got to play ball all afternoon. Emmie never got tired of throwing the ball and I never got tired of chasing it. Now granted she can't throw that far, but I will say she is getting much better at throwing and us dogs had a good time with her:) Sunday we went for a walk on the trail and Emmie walked us like before. Mom said I did much better walking on lead this time and I'm trying to get better at that, honest. We headed home after Emmie went down for nap, but mom said we'll get to see her this weekend again cause she's coming to the cabin...yipee!! Not only am I excited about Emmie coming to the cabin, but I'm excited cause it's a long weekend at the cabin too for the holiday:) I'm going to show Emmie all the fun stuff we can do at the cabin and I know she'll have a great time with us!

As far as the week, last night mom took us for a walk, tonight we have a visit with Danny and tomorrow we are going to visit grandma, but other than that, I don't know what else I have on my schedule. Mom said that sometimes our schedules are busier than hers...BOL:D Anyway, I hope you all had a good weekend and a great week. If I don't post before the weekend, have a Happy Memorial Day and thanks to all those who fought and continue to fight for our freedom!

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