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I's Not Short, I's Just Untall!

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Rainbow bound

July 16th 2015 4:00 am
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Yesterday I held my sweet Ceeley for the last time. She passed away peacefully at her vets with myself, my niece and little Ebby at her side. She was not alone. I love you my sweet heart is broken.


Ebbers Panhandling Beady Eyes

January 20th 2013 10:28 am
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Boy oh boy has we's been eatin' good lately! I mus' give mush of the credit to Ebbers and her 'panhandling beady eyes'. You see, she are a expert at using them beadys at getting Auntie to hand over some yummy treats for us. The utter day, Auntie made a 'chiggen pot pie from 'scrash. She boiled some chiggen breasts then diced them up into little piece. She also cooked some carrots mixed them up with some frozen peas. I's in da living room napping but not Ebbers. She are inna 'kishen right by Aunties heels staring up at her with them der panhandling eyes. "P-L-E-A-S-E Mommy!!!! Can you spare some dat for me I's hungry!!!" she begged. As usual Auntie always gives in to Ebbers. I's soon heres Auntie say, "Ceeley, would you like some too?" as she drops a spoonful of peas, carrots, and chiggen into eash of our bowls! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM it are delish! As if that weren't nuff, she also let us has a little bowl of da chiggen broth. Hehehe...and I's didn't has to does nuttin' cause Ebbers Da Panhandler does all da works!!!


Skeeter's Snip Nip

January 9th 2013 2:38 pm
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Well me kitty boy toy, (Bol!) got neutered yesserday pups. Auntie gots up early & left da house with a 'bewilered' Skeeter in a crate. Poor Skeet, he don't know what are goings on but I's tol him 'Buck up Skeet! You's gonna be jus fine!" Then I's looked at Auntie and said "Please brings him back Auntie. Skeeter are me baby." Nuisance seemed nervous & kept meowing, "My baby! My baby! Please don't kill my baby, he all I gots!" Auntie petted Nuisance's head and told her not to worry. She promised to bring Skeeter back.

By da way, Nuisance's leg are almos healed. Auntie was so worried it might be broke and she couldn't 'ford to take her to da vet. Our utter purrs vet bills & Ebbers surgery kinda put us inna hole & our vet is getting sooo 'espensive, so she decided to see if her leg would get betters on its own. Don't worry pups, Auntie did her best to make sure Nuisance aren't left to suffer needless. She checked & cleaned da wound, let Nuisance stay inside on cold nights, fed her in bed so she don'ts has to put weight on her leg, bought Skeeter little boxes of Wiskers Catmilk so he wouldn't nurse as mush & hurt her when he tried nursing. Well after bout 2 weeks, Nuisance are now runnin' round, playing wif her kit as if nuttin' happen! Praise da Great Master in da sky, he came thru again!

Anywho, Auntie tooked lil' Skeet to da San Antonio Humane Society to gets snipped. She paid $45 for da surgery & rabies shot. Auntie says dat are a reasonable price. Our vet was gonna charge $195!!!!! Skeet was back da evening. He gots out of da crate as if nuttin' had happened! Nuisance seemed over joyed to see him! Almos brought tears to Auntie's eyes when she saw Nuisy run to Skeeter and sniff & lick him all over.


Ebbers has reeshed a new low pups!

December 31st 2012 6:11 pm
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You all knowes how greedy Ebbers can be when it comes to food & treats but I's tells you she's 'reeshed a new low! Lemme 'splain: Auntie gave us eash a piece of venison-beast meatz that Paw-Paw had brunged us. Well, it jus so happens that little Skeeter also likes venison-beast so Auntie gave him a little piece too. Anywho, bof Ebbers & me ates our piece & little Skeeter was playing wif his. He tossed it up inna airs & den pounced on it. He was in da 'pocess of eating it when Ebbers 'peared outta nowheres! Skeet had da meatz in his mouth & me hears Ebbers say, "GIMME DAT!!! I WANT IT!!!" She grabbed da piece that was hanging out of Skeeter's mouth & janked it out and ate it herself! Little Skeeter did trys to put up a fight & did land a puny kitty punch but it are no use, he are no mash when it comes to Ebbers greed! Tsk, tsk...takin' meatz from a baby....dat are pretty low Ebbers! Doesn't you's feel 'shamed Ebbers?!

Ebby: "Hmmmm....wells...somewhat, but not really! I's wanted dat meatz and I's got it!"


My 'brudder has passed away...

August 20th 2012 4:57 pm
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*sniff, sniff*...My Ma Letty called Auntie a while ago to tell her my 'brudder Monty has died! We so heart-broke. I got to spend time with 'brudder last week when Ebbers & me stayed at Ma's house. I's goes there to doggy-sit my 'brudders while Ma was away on a business trip. I knowed Monty didn't have much time on this earth cause he was very, very old but it still hurts to know he are gone. Monty was blind, deaf, practically 'toofless but he was so loved. My Ma Letty started fostering Monty a few years back and decided to 'dopt him herself cause noone seemed to want him cause he are a senior. Auntie always had a soft spot in her heart for Monty because he was so old & sweet (he had a personality like Wrinkles). Ma said she found Monty dead when she got home. She's going to have him cremated and plans to scatter his ashes out at the ranch. Auntie asked if she could have some of his ashes so she could keep a little piece of him. Auntie loved Monty....


Ebbers stole MY steak!

August 1st 2012 5:54 pm
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Pups I's so upset! I's wanna rat Ebbers out for stealing MY steak! You see, this weekend we was at PawPaw's. Sunday afternoon he fired up his grill and cooked some steaks for he-self, Auntie & even one for us pups. Anywho, he over-cooked one of the steaks and rather than throw it out, he wrapped it up in some foil & told Auntie it was for me & Ebbers to take homes.

Last night, Auntie took the steak outta da fridge box & cut it into 2 strips, one for me & one for Ebbers. She gave Ebbers her piece which Ebbers quickly snatched outta her hands and ate quickly. Then as Auntie leaned down to give me MY steak, Jaws-Ebbers jumped up and snatched it outta her hand! It are quite a scene: Auntie manages to grab on to one end of the steak that was hanging out of Ebbers mouth. She yelled at Ebbers to drop it and kept saying, "Ebby let go!" But Ebbers clamped down on MY steak with her 'toofers and pulled! She had deranged look in her beady eyes that said she was determined to has this steak and noone was gonna take it away from her. As the tug-o-war went on 'tween the two of them, I's on the sideline barking me fool head off! BARK-BARK-BARK-BARK!!!!! Which translate to: "GIVE IT BACK!!! THAT'S MINE! GIVE IT BACK!!!" At one point, Auntie starts to laugh as she continues to try and pull the steak outta Ebbers's mouth. You see, Ebbers had clamped down on my meatz but you's could see the back of her mouth moving. She was sawing at the piece in her mouth with her back teeth! All Auntie was able to get was tiny piece! Ebbers ran off most of MY steak!

I's 'sgested Ebbers be taken out and horse-whipped but Auntie said no! She did feel sorry for me cause I gots no meatz. She let me has a slice of bologne to try and make it up to me. I's gave Ebbers the evil-eye that rest of the night!


Rebellious Felines

June 29th 2012 10:02 am
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As you pups knows, I's surrounded by purrs 'round heres. I does me best to discipline them by barking in they's face & bossing them 'round. Me favorite tactic is to sneek up on them & bark, bark, bark! This causes thems to jump up & runs...hee,hee,hee! When they sees it are me, they stops & just gives me a dirty look & I say, 'GOTCHA!' Sometimes when they's in a bad mood or I 'nnoy them too mush, they will try to kitty punch me but I's quick & jump back so they miss! BOL!


War Declared!

May 21st 2012 4:53 pm
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UGH!!!!!!!!!!!! Pups, my war with neighbor purr keeps going. We's jus gots dones going at it again. Neighbor kitty had jus climbed the fence into our yard and I's right there waitin' for her!

Ceeley: Going somewheres?!

Neighbor Cat: again! Footlong why are you always bothering me! Quit barking in my face!

Ceeley: I's told you overs & overs to stay outta my yard! Is you high on 'catsniff (catnip) or sumfin?! Why you keep comin' over heres!

Neighbor Cat: I'm here cause I wanna be here! Now let me pass, I'm here to see the human not you!

Ceeley: You stay 'way from my Auntie! Now get outta my yard Fur-ball!!!

And with that barked, Ceeley pushs Neighbor Kitty into some shrubs. Kitty trys going around her but Ceeley blocks her way.

Ceeley: I said get outta my yard!!!!

This time Ceeley nips Neighbor Kitty in the ear.

Kitty: OUCH!!! Kitty hisses at Ceeley and lands a kitty-punch on Ceeley face.



Ceeley: NO, YOU GET OUTTA MY YARD!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks Auntie!

May 20th 2012 1:49 pm
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Finally...after constantly being made funs of, Auntie pays me a 'compament! She told me my breath smells like rotten meatz! Gee, thanks Auntie, that are one of the nicest thingys you's ever said to me! After being told that, I's been constantly licking me-self in a 'tempt to coat this 'aroma' all over my body. It's easier than having to goes out and finding something to rolls in!


The Feud Continues

May 8th 2012 11:16 am
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That dern neighbor purr!!! That's right pups, my feud with the neighbor's black purr continues. We's jus got dones hurling insults at 'eash other as I barked her back over the fence to her yard. It are all Auntie's fault she keeps coming over heres! Auntie needs to get tough like I's is and stop being so nice to her. Auntie will sometimes feed her and brush her to remove her fleas. She gets upset that the purrs humans don't take better care of her. Well I's not gonna puts up with unnuder purr 'round heres! NO SIR-REE-BOB! Auntie 'grees with me but she's weak and not tough nuff to shoo neighbor purr out so I does her dirty work for her!

Translates to: "Get outta my yard!!!"---"You get outta my face Footlong!"
Ceeley: "I's get outta your face when you get outta my yard!"
Neighbor Purr: "Whatever Footlong! You don't scare me!"
Oh that purr gets on my last nerve pups! To make matters worse, she gots herself 'pegnant and she are now a single mom! Auntie promised she will not encourage her kittens to come over here. We has nuff purrs and we doesn't need mores!

Ceeley: "Listen here purr, you's better not 'spect Auntie to raise you's
kids! How could you get you-self 'pegnant?!"
Neighbor Purr: "Mind your own business Footlong! Besides, those tom-cats
said they loved me, how could I have known they'd run
off! And who are you to talk when you are pregnant
Ceeley: "Wha..What..I's NOT 'pegnant!"
Neighbor Purr: "Oh please! Just look at your belly! You are about to
pop any minute!"
Kittys Tux, Sunshine, Raven & Sweet-Pea: "MOL, MOL, MOL, MOL!!!!
Footlong's not pregnant! She's just got a budda-belly! MOL, MOL, MOL!!!"
Ceeley: "GET OUTTA MY YARD!!!! And the rest of you purrs shut-up!!!"
Neighbor Purr: " Yeah, yeah, I'm going, calm down." And with that said, neighbor purr climbs the fence to her yard "But I'll be back!"

Ceeley: "And I'll be right here waitin' for ya!"

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