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Autumn Days

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My Gotcha Day!!

August 28th 2012 2:44 pm
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Two years ago today I came to live with my Mommy and Daddy! I got my wonderful forever home, and they got a wonderful doggie to love!

Love, Autumn


It's almost time for the best season EVER: Autumn!!!

August 29th 2012 12:34 pm
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I am named after the best season ever! Summer is fun 'cause it's warm and you can swim, Spring is fun because the weather is mild and everything is green and smells good, Winter is fun 'cause of Christmas and presents and sometimes it snows which is REALLY fun... but Autumn is the BEST!

Here are all the reasons I love Autumn:

The weather cools down and we can go for walkies right in the middle of the day instead of avoiding the summer heat by walking only in the early morning or evenings.

The rain makes the world smell so damp and rich and good!

Leaves are falling all over the place and I love to sniff them... who knows what you will sniff hiding under the layer of leaves! A mouse? A lizard? A doggie turd? Hehehe on that last one, although I do love to sniff them while on walkies.

WAY more car rides! No more worrying about the car getting too hot, no more leaving doggies home during the day! I'm a real bye-bye dog, and I love going with Mommy everywhere she goes.

After work doggie walks -- Daddy brings me to work with him in the evening, which happens to be the EXACT SAME TIME Mommy is getting OFF work, and so we go on a cool evening walkie together! We don't get to do this in the summer 'cause it's too hot in the car for me to wait for Mommy to come out of the hospital after Daddy goes in.

I just love Autumn! Cool weather, crisp, damp air that makes everything smell so good, car rides, after-work walkies..... YAY for Autumn!

Love, Autumn (the doggie not the season hehehe!)


I am a good protector

August 29th 2012 12:45 pm
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I am half German Shepherd Dog, and that is a breed that can be good protective doggies.

Well, I am discovering my inner protective dog!

When me and Mommy are in the car and I see a strange man, I do a big booming alarm bark at him! I want him to know that this is MY car and he is not allowed near it!

When me and Mommy are on a walk and I see someone who looks creepy to me, I growl! Mostly I don't growl at people, but there are some scary people out there who need growling at. For instance, there was a man who looked like he was lurking around the parking lot where me and Mommy park to go walking on the trail in town, and that man scared Mommy a little. But I made sure he knew she was MY Mommy and he was not to come near, and I made a growly sound. He came near anyway and I made a big bark and he went away!

Daddy says he is happy I am a big protective orange German Shepherd Doggie and he feels Mommy is safe with me at her side, especially since we go walking on trails or hiking or walkies in town. I won't let anyone scare my Mommy!

Love, big protective Autumn doggie

PS ~ Mommy says I remind her of Fauna, her German Shepherd who is in Heaven now. She says she always felt very safe with Fauna at her side, and now she feels that way with me!


made new friends on our walkie today

August 30th 2012 9:55 am
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This morning me and Amy and Mommy met a nice man and his two nice doggies!

The doggies were out on their morning walkie too (and oddly, the man likes to carry around baggies of poopoo just like Mommy does! What is that all about anyway?). Me and Amy sniffed and wagged at the new doggies. One of them was a very pretty white lab, and the other one was a very cute, very old long-haired white doggie. The man said he is getting a DNA test on the old doggie! Mommy told him about my DNA test.

We liked meeting the doggies and the man (he was a NICE man, so I did not bark at him the way I bark at SCARY men... Mommy is proud that I can tell the difference). Maybe we will see them again on our walkies!

Love, Autumn


Wow! I'm a doggie diary pick today!

September 5th 2012 8:52 am
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Hey I'm a doggie diary pick today! YAY!

Today I am in very high spirits because so far, today has been lots of fun!

I started the day by jumping on the bed to wake Mommy and Daddy up. Then I stole the ball from my doggie sister Amy and I ran all around with it. Then we had yummy breakfast! And today Mommy is not going to work, and this is a primary reason I am in very high spirits today! It means that for sure Fun Things For Dogs will happen!

Mommy has some plans for me (and my doggie brother and sister). One thing we are going to do is some clicker training! She has a book by Pat Miller that is a six week training plan with a clicker! I will update my diary when we start and how it's going. The book even teaches TRICKS! FUN!

Mommy also wants to take me on some fun hikes now that the weather is cooling off (it is very hot where we live). I love hiking, it smells so good in the woods! And I love spending the time with just Mommy and me (unless Amy goes with us, which she sometimes does).

Hope you doggies all have a wonderful day!

Love, Autumn


Fun walk at dusk!

September 5th 2012 8:44 pm
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Today is the first day it feels like autumn! It was cool and cloudy and there was some rain and wind! It smelled wonderful outside!

Today we got our walkies late in the day, at dusk! It was SO FUN! The wind was cool and nice and the air was moist and the clouds were pink! We could hear crickets and froggies too! There was one lightening and thunder, which kind of scared Amy (me and Amy walk together with Mommy a lot), but she did really good.

And guess what idea Mommy has now that it is getting cooler out! We are going to start enjoying some hiking! She even has a book full of dog friendly hikes. I can hardly wait!

Love, Autumn


My walk on the bike trail -- I was a good girl!

November 19th 2012 9:07 am
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Yesterday Mommy took me for a long walk on the bike trail, we went 5.5 miles!

Mommy says I was such a good girl. I didn't pull too much, and I met and greeted lots of doggies and I even said hi to some strangers! Usually I find strangers scary, but yesterday I was feeling happy and not spooky. Mommy wants to take me on the bike trail a lot more now! YAY!

Love, Autumn


My job descriptions….

October 30th 2013 7:56 am
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Hi Dogster friends!

I was noticing how Mommy puts things on her Facebook (that's Dogster for people) about what she does for work and play…. so I thought I'd do that here!

How I play:

I love when Mommy opens anything, like a bag or a box, 'cause I get the wrappings and run all over the house with them! Then, of course, I shred them!

I LOVE to be chased! I will play bow and Mommy and then race away from her, wild and crazy doggie ~ CHASE ME!!! Of course, she does!

I love to play with my doggie sister, Amy! We run and wrestle and play and play till our tongues are hanging out! Our favorite place to play is on Mommy's bed, hehehe!

My job duties:

I lick all of Mommy's plates before she puts them in the dishwasher

I bark at passersby and any birds I see in the sky

If there are any tissues or other paper products laying around, I make sure they are properly shredded all over the floor.

I keep the sofas sufficiently covered with orange dog hair.

I make sure Mommy wakes up every morning by jumping on the bed and walking all over her and licking her face (and I weigh 75 pounds!).

I love my play and my work! I'm a happy doggie and Mommy loves me!!

Love, Autumn


Mommy has to go to work

November 1st 2013 4:34 am
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I'm sad doggie this morning because Mommy is going to work today. I'm always sad doggie when that happens (luckily she only works twice a week). One of the reasons I'm sad is that I don't get a good walkie, because it's dark out when she leaves for work and dark when she gets home and we don't want to get eaten in the dark by a mountain lion or bear!

Tomorrow she does not go to work, and I'm betting she'll take us all on extra walkies to make up for boring today!

Love, bored doggie Autumn


I'm Dogster Diary of the Day!!!

November 2nd 2013 8:06 pm
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WOW!! I'm Dogster Diary of the Day! YAY!!! I was so excited when Mommy told me!

Today was a fun day! Mommy and I did the Play Bow Game, which is where Mommy suddenly reaches for me and I EXPLODE into a play bow, slamming my big white paws on the floor to make a satisfying BOOM sound! She laughs and then I run and try to get her to chase me! She usually does, but only after I do the play bow a couple more times!

Then, on my walkie, I saw deer, I heard some weird bird sounds coming out of someone's backyard (chickens? turkeys?), and I also barked at some dogs that were behind their fence barking at us as we walked by. FUN!

THEN, when we came home and Mommy went on the computer, she found out I was Diary of the Day!!

Big wags from a big orange dog!

Love, Autumn

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