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The Sun Dancer

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Ida Knogh

December 11th 2010 9:01 pm
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Hi everyone.

We were so happy to see mommy when she walked in the front door last night. We greeted her at the baby gate. Lots of warm hugs and kisses all around. She walked into the dining room and froze. Then she said, "Daxi. Who tried to eat the chair?" Me? Why was mommy asking me? I said, "Ida Knogh." Sly went into his crate and laid down. Mommy refused to believe Ida Knogh had been visiting us, again, while she was at work. She took a couple of photos. Made me and Sly go outside. Then started cleaning everything up. Mommy said it was her fault 'cause she left the gate down and she knows I'm still getting my big girl teeth. She also said she could stop complaining about that cheesy fabric and get the furniture redone. See, I was just trying to help mommy get over her procrastination. ;)


Sly's Surgery

December 9th 2010 5:25 pm
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Hello Everyone.

Sly had his surgery today. He's a little whiney, but he's doing okay. To distract him I thought a little WWE wrestling match would be good, but mommy had me tone it down a lot. I missed him today. To distract me, mommy and I had a tea party. I didn't get any tea, but I got to share mommy's holiday Linzer cookies. Then, just the two of us raked the last of this year's leaves. After some chores were done, mommy settled down to a good book and I got to snuggle and sleep with her on her sacred Dale Jr. blankey. We're glad Sly is done with his surgery. He'll be his old self in a few days. Then we'll have a real WWE match. Take care and lots of love, *DAXi*


Special Sale in the Gift Shop?

December 4th 2010 5:53 am
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Good morning everyone.

I love a big post holiday sale! Dogster must be having one in the Gift Shop this morning. The line to get in must be across the bay. I, Dakota Sioux, can see the prezzies but cannot get in. Can you believe it? I can't either! I, and Sly, have prezzies to purchase for our pallies. Hopefully, you're closer to the door than we are. ;) Have a wonderful Saturday. Stay warm. Hugs, *DAXi*


Hurray! The Holidays Are Finally Here.

November 28th 2010 7:10 am
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I have never experienced the holidays so I have gigantic expectations and a long list for Santa. Love, *DAXi*


My First Road Trip

November 26th 2010 6:57 am
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Good day all.

Early yesterday while it was still dark, we piled into Uncle David's Suburban and headed for New Jersey. It was rainy and wet, but he didn't mind us having to get in and out to go potty and sight see. We finally got to Jersey and mommy had a time getting me into the house. Fortunately, Uncle David just picked me up, said he'd send mommy the bill for his hernia, and put me inside. I was shaking like a leaf. Sly got over his shyness first. Then I was able to relax. We got to Gramma Karen's house before everyone else so we would be settled down by the time they arrived. Gramma Karen has two cats that stayed upstairs. Two other doggies, Bart the pit bull and Sadie the Doberman came to dinner too. Before each of them came in, mommy made us walk around the block with them. No one could believe we are only six months old. There was lots of people food. Everyone oooh and awed over it. But, the real treats were the big juicy meaty bones Gramma Karen cooked for us doggies. Lots of protein on those bones. We all ate an early dinner and the humans sat around with the coffee and desserts. Then trouble arrived. Aunt Colleen - sniff - that's who. She brought her little Pommies, Foxy Brown and Lil Kim, who would be cute if they weren't so bossy. Sly and Bart just turned their backs. Me and Sadie kept our eyes on them the whole time. Gramma Karen was upset because she'd asked Colleen not to bring them over. They always make trouble with the cats. Mommy tried to explain that we have pup pals who are small, but who are nice to everyone. Aunt Colleen, who lives across the street, would not allow her husband to take them home. She said they had just as much right to be there as the other grandpups. Gramma said she'd decide who was a grandpup and who was a pain in the ___. ??? Anyway, aunt Colleen got upset because one of them nipped at Sadie and Sly and Bart growled at her. That's when uncle David, uncle Ryan, and uncle Kev said it was time for the big dogs to go. Aunt Sharon was glad we were leaving too. She is afraid of big dogs. So why come to the early dinner I ask you? Thank goodness. Mommy got our bones and we headed back down to Mary-Land. Hope your Thanksgiving was delicious and entertaining too. ;) *DAXi*


Workin' For The Weekend

November 21st 2010 1:07 pm
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Hi everybody.

Mommy took us for a quick walk on Saturday morning. Then she ran some errands. Then we helped her clean the backyard. Then we helped her rake up and bag the leaves. Then we helped her vacuum the carpet 'cuz we tracked in dirt. Then we took her for a walk. Then we had dinner. Then she surprised us with ... Dinosaur bones. Yep. They are huge Woolly Mammoth bones. They are delicious. We chewed and chewed. We're still chewing today. Hope y'all had a great weekend too. Love *DAXi*


Treats! Treats! and More Treats!

November 18th 2010 2:51 pm
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Hi everyone.

As you know, my brother Sylvester Maximilian, was a featured diary pick today. We had pig ears after breakfast to celebrate. You want to know what mommy did? On her way home from work, she stopped and got us Sly's favorite treat for after dinner. Yep. We are chomping on knuckle bones as I type. We love pig ears, knuckle bones, and mommy. Not in that order, but close. Bye. *DAXi*


Happy Monday People and Puppies!

November 15th 2010 3:15 am
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Good morning all.

When mommy came downstairs she said, "Daxi, I want you to remain calm when I tell us this." Of course, I could not be calm. My little heart was racing. "You are a Dogster featured diary pick of the day." Not what I was expecting, but better! Woo Hoo! My little hiney was wriggling all over the place. Sly joined me for my happy dance. We got my favorite, pig ears, in celebration. Thank you Dogster crew. I'm having a great day. *DAXi*


Lazy Sunday

November 14th 2010 4:41 pm
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It was a lazy Sunday for me and Sly. Mommy did housework all day. Laundry, vacuuming, cleaned the carpet downstairs, etc. Then she was exhausted. She said we're going to have to redistribute the order of the chores so we can have more family time now that nighttime comes so early. That's good. Now that we have all our shots and are legal citizens of the county, we can't wait to get out and meet new people and go to new places. Happy Sunday. *DAXi*


Mommy's Valuable Lesson

November 12th 2010 12:16 pm
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Today was the first real day off, minus weekends and holidays, mommy's had in a long time. She ran some errands and located the county animal shelter. She said she didn't want to be all stressed out and trying to find it. She also said the directions are simple; if you've been there before. Anyway, she's standing in line to purchase me and Sly's licenses when this lady busts through the door yelling about a Yorkie. The shelter people calmed her down, took her in the back, and she identified the perp, huh pup. She came back, got on her cell to the owner, and said it was going to cost a zillion dollars to spring Yorkie. The owner, poor thing, wouldn't have the funds 'til next Friday. Mommy could hear her crying and was ready to pitch in. The friend, who told mommy she'd jumped out of bed, drove right down and started knocking on doors, said she'd cover it. She asked the shelter people how they knew to call her friend, since the dog had no I.D.? One of the shelter ladies said the owner posted the information and photo on the county's webpage. Light bulb moment for mommy. Then the friend turned to the Yorkie's boy and said, "You said the only thing you wanted for Christmas is your dog back. Right? Okay. I'll pay for her microchip and that will be your present from me." He was about 10 years old and crying, but he hugged her hard. Mommy said, everyone was very moved. I'm 'chipped. Sly will get his next month when he has his sirjwery. Mommy will call immediately to give the shelter his 'chip number. As she was leaving, the owner, who'd had to report into work first thing this morning, was there still teary, but obviously relieved her friend had her back. Can you imagine trying to find a cute little Yorkie in a big neighborhood? or not having the funds to cover parole costs? Mommy says, it could happen to anyone and probably has happened more times than we'd like to think. Yikes!

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