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The Sun Dancer

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New Doggie Beds

February 21st 2011 6:34 am
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Hello everyone.

Mom got me and Sly new dog beds this weekend. She put some time into deciding which ones to purchase. We have one from Boots and Barclay that is very durable - meaning I haven't yet been able to destroy it - but she went with B&B ones that are more color coordinated with our decor. We love them. They are so soft and comfortable. She keeps one eye on me because I immediately began my quality assurance testing. We won't be allowed to use them while she's at work. It hasn't been too cold this morning so she's left the sliding doors open and we've been having a great time chasing each other in and out. We're really glad mom is feeling better. Hope you're having a great time today too. xoxoxo *DAXi*


Hey Everybody!

February 16th 2011 5:12 pm
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Mommy is finally back on her feet. Thank goodness. We'll talk later. Gotta Go. Love *DAXi*


Mommy's Feeling Better

January 18th 2011 4:57 pm
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Hi everyone.

It's me Daxi. I hope you all have been enjoying the new year. We have even though mommy had a bad cold. She stayed home with us for most of it so she wouldn't give it to her co-workers. We got to love on her, which probably didn't help her cold, and she opened the sliding doors whenever we asked. That is, except for the morning the lock broke. However, sick as she was she got it taken care of and everything was back to good. Me and Sly have been having fun playing in the snow. Mommy's been too sick to go out and play with us, so we bring her lots of snow when we come back inside. ;D xoxoxo *DAXi*


Mommy's Vacation is Over

January 4th 2011 6:18 pm
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Mommy goes back to work tomorrow. Sigh. On the one hand I'm sad cause I will miss her hugs and kisses and snacks. On the other hand, I can get back to my regular nap schedule. Mommy makes a lot of noise. She's always vacuuming, cleaning up messes, mopping the kitchen floor, doing laundry. Shesh! I need a vacation from her vacation. ;D BOL! *DAXi*


Smells Nice.

January 3rd 2011 1:52 pm
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Did you see my new 'indestructable' toy? Yep. Santa dropped it off this afternoon. He was dressed like the UPS guy though. Mommy says he has to be incognito (???) sometimes. They smell so good. We tried to destroy them, but no luck so far. We have plenty of time though. Gotta go. Naptime. Hugs, *DAXi*


Happy New Year!

January 2nd 2011 3:29 pm
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Hi everyone.

I am so excited. It's a new year and me and Sly have a birthday coming soon. Woo Hoo! Mommy put down our new blankie today and ooooooh, it's so soft. I love it. I immediately put it through the Daxi test of worthiness and it passed. Good to know. I'm available to test any and all rugs, blankies, and furniture. Afterall, you only want quality goods. On New Year's day, mommy cut her hair. OMD! All of it. She'd been talking about it for awhile and said now was the time. It looks good short. She said, it's part of her plan to lead a healthier and more productive life. It's been nice having mommy home with us for a few days at a time. We've been showing her how responsible we are. Well, except for the marking incident this afternoon. It was totally clean where that rug was covering. I couldn't help myself. Darn Spot Bot! Cleaned the stain and smell like it never happened. It's okay, it rained this afternoon. I made do with tracking mud all over the carpet 'til mommy caught me in the act. They weren't no chihuahua size paw prints either. ;) Ha. Ha. Love ya! *DAXi*


Dogster Diary Pick

December 28th 2010 5:22 pm
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Hello everyone.

A very cool thing happened to my brother today. My brother Sly was a Dogster Diary Pick of the day. That is awesome. Thank you Dogster. Me and Sly would like to take this time to wish you and your families a very happy New Year. *DAXi and SLY*

NOTE: Mommy thinks she may have spoken too soon regarding me and SLY growing up and becoming 'sponsible. She noticed one or both of us has been knawing on a little accent table in the living room.


Run Of The Downstairs

December 27th 2010 3:57 pm
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Hello everyone.

It's true. I leaned on the baby gate this morning, and before you could say abra-cadabra, I was through the looking glass. At first it was fun. You know. I was just nosing around, looking out the window, and gloating to Sly that I was a big girl. Then I heard him chowing down on breakfast. I couldn't get in. I was going to miss my breakfast. OMG! I looked around and realized there was no food or toys on my side of the gate. Mommy had it neat and clean. I laid on the rug. I coughed out mommy! mommy! save me, your precious baby girl. Okay. I'm mostly exaggerating. Not about the coughing though. Sly had all the water on his side too. Mommy was so proud of me. Nothing got broken, eaten, pooped on, or wet. I had a really good day. I hope you did too. xoxoxo *DAXi*


The Fatted Calf or Puppy ...

December 26th 2010 4:17 pm
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Hello everyone.

Today was a lovely day, even if me and Sly slept most of it away. Last night the two of us pigged out (select items only) on mommy's leftovers from her brunch and holiday dinner. Delicious. We were so stuffed we didn't eat breakfast. Mommy called Grandpa Tom and his pup, over aunt Macy, is doing really well. Grandma Jo passed away earlier this year. Grandpa Tom loves to talk sports and politics. Mommy keeps up with the sports stats to keep up with Grandpa, but doesn't really watch any besides NASCAR and extreme sports. Politics she keeps up with. Sly heard mommy on the phone with Santa this morning. Seems he forgot to deliver a gift. We're hoping it's for us. I hope you all had a great day after Christmas too. xoxoxo *DAXi*


My Merry, Merry Christmas!

December 25th 2010 12:49 pm
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Hello all.

It's a beautiful, classic, cold and crisp mid-Atlantic Christmas day. At least, that is my take on it as this is my first Christmas anywhere. Mommy came down really early this morning. We got a new bed. It's big enough for both of us. It's also orthopedic, which we need 'cuz I'm prone to hygromas. We got pull toys, new blankeys, stuffed animals - doggy proof (we'll see), bones, and piggy ears. I love my furry blankey. We also got something called Musher's Secret so our feet will be comfortable when we go out in the snow. Mommy said Santa is a gentleman, as he set aside the little issue with the chair. I almost forgot this morning's snow shower. I do not like snow falling from nowhere. Actually, I don't like it touching my hair at all. It disappeared when it touched me. I was scared. BTW - This morning mommy told me how proud she is of me. It seems I was afraid of everything, including trust and love, when I came to live with mommy and Sly. Can you believe it? I can't either. I've always lived with mommy and Sly. She must have mean't way back when I was a little baby girl. My first Christmas has been wonderful. I sure hope your's was too. xoxoxo *DAXi*

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