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The Sun Dancer

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My first diary entry

August 25th 2010 5:22 pm
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I am still amazed my new mommy recognized me as Sly's little sister. My breeder couldn't believe it either. I am so glad I will get to live forever with one of my big brothers. I really missed them when they went away. My mommy has obligations and can't pick me up for a little while but she said she is missing me already. I want to be home with mommy, Phoebe, and Lilly when Sly returns from camp. I hope he remembers me. If not, I'll jump on him until he does. I think I will have really happy dreams tonight. *Sun Dancer*


Fun in the Morning Sun

August 28th 2010 8:14 am
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Hi Everyone.

I am still with the breeder but I am definitely not bored. Early this morning a bunch of us went on a hike to the pond to play in the shallows. ??? We saw some geeses and some ducks. I don't know which is which but they sure were loud. Then we all started barking and they just got up and left. The breeder said they flewed away. Then we hiked the long way back to the barn so we could get all turkered out. Lunch is coming. Yippee! Bye for now. *DAX*


I'm Finally Home Everybody!

September 4th 2010 5:20 pm
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Mommy drove six hours round trip yesterday to pick me up and bring me home. I pooped in her car. I was very sad about that. I didn't know I had to go. I was missing my old family and it just happened. Mommy just pulled over, cleaned it up, and said it was an accident. I got a lot of praise when I went outside after we got home. She didn't notice I have a boo-boo when she picked me up. I have a vet's appointment next Saturday. Mommy's going to try to get me a late appt earlier in the week. I have a big new crate and pillow and a wubby. We were both very tired and went to bed early. Today we played. I got a bath. She introduced me to a my new pallet and some new toys. I did almost all my business outside. Mommy praised me lots. I'm not leashed trained so we've been, as mommy says, "taking two steps forward and three back," all day. I got lots of treats for trying. Mommy said not to worry, we'll get it done. I think I might like it here.


Relaxin' On A Sunday

September 5th 2010 1:29 pm
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Last night after my last potty break mommy and I snuggled on the couch. It was nice. Today, I learned to use the new ramp for the car. I walked up and down the ramp munching on treats and kibble. We sat out on the deck for a little while too. We practiced with the leash in the back yard. Stupid leash. I get all tangled but I really don't like the harness yet. Mommy praised me, saying one step at a time, so I guess I did good. I've done all my business outside today so "yea for me." Mommy says I'm so good, for now, because after breakfast I go to my pallet and play while she does chores. I only went in the kitchen to eat lunch and to get some water. She was teasing me about my first day here because I would only come out of my crate for a little bit. She was surprised when she offered me a long bully stick this afternoon and when I sniffed it, I cried and ran away. Then she was sad because I had tears. I was sad too. She said not to worry because we're going to work on my confidence and other imprinting skills. She says Sly likes the long bully sticks so we'll save them for him. She gave me a kong with peanut butter and treats. We are both very happy. Well, I would be happier if I could have another yam treat.


My Big Brother Is Back Home

September 7th 2010 2:15 pm
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Hey everybody.

Sly is home. Hooray! Well, sort of. I was really happy to see him until he tried to literaly take the treat right out my mouth. Now? Not so much. Oh well, that's what big brothers are like sometimes. Sly was sick when he got home yesterday. Mommy cleaned everything up and even stayed up most of the night with him. He was better this morning so mommy took us for a long walk. She said, "Bless the individual who invented the dog coupler cause it is heaven sent." We don't know what that means but we had fun. She took me by myself yesterday but I like when we all go together. I can climb down the front steps so I showed Sly how to do it. He, the show off, figured out how to climb up the deck stairs. Those ones are scary. He doesn't like outside very much so when mommy turned around, he was half way across the deck to the patio doors. He had the training but I always come when mommy calls. His 'tention span is short. Cause he was sick mommy monitored his food and water intake today. I can't believe how much water he wants to drink. He spills it all over the place too and he tries to gobble up my food, but mommy won't let him. Boys. I thought mommy was mad at me last night because I kept waking her up to tell her Sly was sick. She wasn't. She's just concerned about the neighbors. Hopefully mommy will get some much needed sleep tonight. Bye. *DAX*


The Vet

September 9th 2010 5:19 pm
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Today was my first trip to the vet. I didn't want to go so I wouldn't get out of the car. Mommy had to carry me every where. I pooped on their floor - hehehehehe - you should have seen mommy's face - hahahahah hehehehehe. And, I pee'd on mommy - hahahahaha. Actually, a funny looking little dog reminded me of a troll and that scared me. When we got home I made mommy take me out of the car. Then pretty as you please, I walked right up the front steps. Then me and Sly ran around on the deck and in and out of the patio doors. Everyone at the vet's office, including mommy, thought I wasn't feeling well today - hehehehehe. I might like going to the vet. It's a hilarious place. They may want to rethink those metal exam tables though. Have a good evening. *DAX*

P.S. Thank you Pepper, CGC


That Stupid Leash!

September 11th 2010 6:46 pm
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Who decided dogs needed to be on leashes?! It's not fair. Mommy says it's for my safety. I understand that because there is a lot of big, loud, and smelly stuff out there that scares me. I just don't like it. Sly loves it. He loves to sight see with mommy. Mommy tried to get me to relax. Sly says I mess up the walk because I have to stop to test the wind and to smell every little thing. So. I'm cautious and I'm curious. Mommy says I just need some 'justment time. I was really acting up this evening when she took Sly without me. I thought I'd be happy about not having to go. But you know what? I really missed them and wished I'd gotten to see what Sly saw. I wouldn't even speak to mommy when she came back. She was sad. She said we would continue to work on it and eventually I'll be fine. Then she gave me and Sly some cheese and we all took a nap in the living room. I'll try to be better tomorrow. Take care. *Dax*


It Rained All Day

September 12th 2010 5:39 pm
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Hi Everybody.

Yep. It rained all day. Me, Sly, and mom had fun. Me and Sly played in the rain, took long naps, had some snacks. We had a blast. Mommy played outside with us, but while we napped she did chores and reread one of Cesar's books. Have a good evening. *DAX*


A Day Without Mommy ...

September 13th 2010 5:11 pm
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... is like a day without sunshine. Which is odd because it rained all day Sunday so there wasn't any sunshine but mommy was home with us and today it was sunny shining bright. Hmmm. Anyway, she went to work today and me and Sly really missed her. She said we got a little rambunctious. You're darn skippy it was you who missed the pee pads buddy! Anyway, we had a good afternoon once she got home. She worked with me on going to the front door and opening it so I could get familiar with what's out there and won't be so scared tomorrow when we go walking. Or, to quote Sly, "... when we try to go walking." Brothers! Bye, *DAX*


Congratulations Sly!

September 20th 2010 3:34 am
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Mommy told me and Sly this morning that his was selected as a Dogster's Featured Diary of the Day yesterday. Woo Hoo! That's my brother y'all. Love *DAX*

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