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Spiritual Awakening

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I'm sorry!!!

March 29th 2014 8:01 pm
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I wish I could tell Frank HOW SORRY I AM for grabbing his pants. We were all excited and I got carried away, and he mighta bumped me in my bad ankle and one thing led to another, and, well, I grabbed his pants. He wanted to get away and I wouldn't let him. I got carried away! It happens! But he is a sensitive soul and isn't ready to forgive me fast at all. I guess he's a smart guy for that.

We're not allowed out together unless we're on a family walk or outside in the back yard. Tonight I said, 'I like you! Let's play! Can we?' He said 'NO'. I said, 'Come on!! Let's play! We're pals!' He said 'NO'.

He is very hurt over what happened. We LOVE digging holes together, so I KNEW it would get him. I started digging a hole MADLY!! He wasn't interested. I made it look SOOOOOO interesting! But no. He didn't even bat an eye.

Mama calls it 'the friendship hole'. She says before we get to China we darn well better mend our friendship and be sweet furrends again.

Please forgive me Frank! I'm sorry! I really do love you! So so much! You're my family!

I sure hope Frank forgives me soon. I'm going to have to really work to earn his trust again and make him think I'm fun. I can do it! And I will do it!

Mama says we're still not allowed out together for a long long time. That's okay Mama. He's going to forgive me! I just know it!!


Fake crate!

March 27th 2014 10:54 am
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My sister Joey HATES to be crated. But she likes to hang out in crates if the door is open, sometimes. Sometimes me and Frank are in our crates and Joey walks around looking in but she can't go in! We're in our crates!

Because of this, Mama and Daddy are making her a FAKE CRATE! With a dog bed and a curtain of fabric that can velcro up on the closet door when Joey desires a crate and there's no crates available.

I LOVE THIS IDEA! I was as UNDERFOOT as possible during the first part of construction! And I LOVE THAT BED she was going to get! I loved it so much that Mama gave it to me! She said they'll find another one in time for Joey's bed.

Joey likes my crate a LOT. So maybe she'll take my crate and I'll get the new fake crate? We'll see!!!!!


Chewing shoes!

March 5th 2014 8:13 pm
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Since Dogster is staying Dogster, we need to write more!!!!

Did you know shoes are FUN TO EAT???


The past few days I decided I needed to COMMUNICATE WITH MOMMY. The way I'm doing that is EATING HER SHOES!

I have NEVER eaten shoes! NEVER EVER! I was past being a puppy when I got my furever family, so it was never an issue!

I ate a part of her Crocs! They felt so good and bouncy on my teeth! A lot like one of my favorite toys!

Then I ate OLD LEATHER shoes! They were very nice shoes, Mama says. Maybe 7 years ago!

I'm telling Mama all sorts of things with these actions.

First, put your shoes away! Second, don't be too attached to 'stuff'. I am the Buddha, after all! Third, I think she should get rid of her old car! Fourth, I think she should wash my bedding! It's about that time! Fifth, I wanted to get her new shoes for her barkday! And I didn't really know how! So I ate her super old ones!

It worked! She's realizing 'stuff' is just 'stuff'. She's finding a place to send her old car. She's washing my bedding tomorrow. And new shoes are in the mail! And all her shoes are put away!

Am I the best dog or what???

She tried doing the, "Did you do this?" to me, with the shoe! She forgot that she taught us to love what we do and do what we love!
I took that shoe right from her and showed her how I held it down and ripped it apart!

Mama is very happy I am her doggie. She says I make sure she stays sensible.


SO SO sad

January 19th 2014 11:53 am
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Well we are all so sad. SOOOO sad. Dogster has grown and grown and it’s too big for it’s britches and now there are no britches to hold Dogster. So it’s ending. Over. Kaput. Done.

We’re really sad. Mama says we’re going to have to move to the book of faces with her. There’s a COOL person there named ‘Stone Gang’ who is keeping a list of all the Moms and Dads of Dogster dogs so we can find them on that book of faces. Mama is working on asking for more Dogster furrends today. She’s almost done with the A’s.

Find our furrends, Mama!! Get on the book of faces, dogs! We will prevail! Message us for our book of faces name! Or look on Stone Gang’s page! We’re there! Be there or be SQUARE!


I LOVE to run!!

January 16th 2014 8:16 pm
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Did I mention I LOVE to run? Plus when I walk/ run the WHOLE FAMILY goes. THAT'S FUN!!

Today as soon as Daddy got home we ran!! Or, walked. Whatever.

As soon as Mama picked up my wheelchair harness I started dancing around! Yay yay yay! I'm going too!!

Then we RAN & RAN & RAN! It was SO FUN!!!

It has been a few days since I've been out in my wheelchair! I love it! I think it's great!! I just want those endorphins!!

Later Mama said I needed a massage since I ran a lot. I told her, "I'm still on my endorphin kick, wait until tomorrow!!"

I don't need a massage! I need to sleep!! Silly Mama! Though she thinks I'm silly!! BOL!


I'm a diary pick!!

January 14th 2014 9:19 am
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I'm a diary pick today!! And I didn't even brush my hair!! Wow! I must be special!!

All is well here! I LOVE to RUN in my wheelchair now! Our walk is about a mile and I like to RUN for most of it! Try to keep up, shepherds!! It's SUPERFUN!

So far I've never tipped over, but I have tipped backwards a couple of times when I get excited at other dogs at their fences!

When kids are playing or riding their bikes by us on our walks Mama says I'm an AMBASSADOR and am opening their worlds up to doggies in wheelchairs!

That's nice! I think! Can we go for another walk? I mean RUN! I'm in training! I gotta build muscle in my top half! It's helping me climb the stairs better at home!!!


Thank you!

January 12th 2014 9:30 am
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Thanks to my pals for the warm cups of hot chocolate to keep warm, and all the Christmas trees to chase and hunt squirrels with! We have done a good good job at keeping warm! My Mama ALWAYS puts a coat on me. She says my fur is no good for warmth! Boy is she right!

I think Joey and Frank take their fur for granted! It's SO EASY for them to run in and out with those natural coats!

Oh well. I get lots more pets and snuggles to keep warm! So there!


Happy day!

December 15th 2013 12:05 pm
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I had a happy day today! And yesterday! And the day before! I was a daily diary pick but I was so busy having fun that I couldn't get to the compooter!

Today it was kinda warm so we went for my second successful walk in my wheelchair! I needed only a little coaxing and then I was off! I like running over Mama and Frankie's feet with my wheels! Get outta my way!!

Mama said she could tell my endorphins were flowing because I was smiling!

It was a short walk, Mom and Dad say that I need to build up my front muscles - get them used to this!


I was running downhill and I picked up my one back leg and held it up so I could go FASTER! It was AWESOME! Daddy was very impressed! I'm learning how this thing works!

When Mama and Daddy are home we get lunch. We just had lunch. So we're walked and lunched, it's OFFICIALLY NAP TIME!!!!



December 1st 2013 1:52 pm
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What a CRAZY EXCITING weekend it has been! First, Daddy cooked a BIG turkey and homemade stuffing and other food too! It smelled SOOOOO good and we got to help him taste it! NOM NOM NOM!!!!!

THEN we had company for dinner! I wasn't allowed out of my crate because I DIDN'T TRUST THAT GUY!!!! I still got treats though!

THEN we all got new collars! From a non-profit lady who gives the money to the rescue Mama and Daddy volunteer with!

THEN!!! THEN!!! THEN!!! There's more!!!

Today we walked, AGAIN, in my new wheelchair. Mama pulled me down the hill by my collar. It was kinda scary but I came. Mama called it 'tough love'. I've been digging my heels in and not moving in the wheelchair lately.

Once we got down the hill, I was OFF! Walking and trotting and we went over to the park and I bounced around and was frisky and even went down a big hill!!! I was SO BRAVE! Mama and Daddy were very proud. They say I needed a little kick in the pants. I got it!

I even walked all the way home from the park! Usually Mama is scooting me in my wheelchair, lifting the rear and begging me to walk. But today? I DID IT!


I think it's time for a power nap! And a massage later!!!


Diary pick!

November 23rd 2013 6:50 am
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OMD! I was diary pick TWICE this week!!! OMD!! I was astounded! I think maybe once for me and maybe once for my wheelchair!! BOL! What a big big honor!!

I've taken a couple of days off playing in the wheelchair, but only because I've been BUSY!!

Thursday I played laser tag at the vet AND I started Adequan injections AND I got blood drawn! Mama said they were checking my liver and kidney function since I'm taking all these DRUGS now!

Guess what? My liver and kidneys are PERFECT!

Perfect will do!

I think today I will take my wheelchair to the little park nearby and sniff stuff! Maybe! If I feel like it at that moment, you know...

I walked the other day with my chair and I got down the street, then I said "TIME TO GO HOME!" It was kinda hard to go home! But I did it! It was a big hill. Mama helped me.

It's COLD outside! I gotta stay warm in the heated bed under covers! Brrrr! Maybe I'll wheelchair in the back yard! BOL!

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