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July 6th 2012 3:54 pm
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A couple months ago during a conversation my mom told me I was nothing before I got Jewel. Which taken out of context is a harsh comment from anyone let alone your own mother. But I knew what she meant. I was directionless, just "getting by", going through the motions, goalless before Jewel.

It's not many people that I would admit to that a 9lbs dog changed my life but I know dogster people will get it.

Jewel keeps me going, gets me up in the morning, gives me goals. She's aloof to most people but I know it's because she's so connected to me. She got her Pre-Novice CKC OB title this fall and I started crying in the ring. To most of the people in OB Pre-novice is nothing, a chance to take your puppy in the ring. But Jewel and I worked SO hard together.

We also tried to get our Novice A but it didn't work out. I'm hoping to get some Rally-o classes and compete in that with her. I think she'll like it better because I'll get to talk to her more.

Because of all the things I want to do with Jewel I recently (at 28) bought my first car and got my driver's license. As I came out of the dealership office my mom commented to me, "That's one expensive dog."

We've also recently started fostering. I say "we" because I brought home foster dogs and Jewel didn't pack her bags and leave. I thought it would be good for Jewel to pay forward her good fortune. We started with one dog but then got that "urgent foster homes needed" e-mail and ended up with a second. Then #2 left, a week past and #3 came in.

Jewel's a very important part of fostering, she keeps me company in the car to go pick them up, she greets them, plays with them, shows them where to potty, tells them what time supper is, teachs them which dish is HERS and so many other things. How she has time to look after her fosters, come to work with me, be that beautiful and look after me everyday is amazing!

I would say Jewel's come a long way since being dumped at a shelter matted, under-weight and pregnant two years ago. I've come a ways as well.


Second Show - First Title!

November 21st 2011 8:46 am
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1st trial - Great judge but I didn't realize that in pre-novice on the recall the dog does not have to come front! Argh! She over-shot me and was a little bit behind me and I thought we failed so I called her to the front so she wouldn't make the same mistake again. Turns out if I hadn't done that we would have passed, she just had to be with-in arm's reach.

2nd trial - Jewel stood up as the judge was walking away from the sit for examination.

3rd trial - Ribbon! Jewel got her PCD title!! Yay! I admit it I started crying in the ring.

4th Trial - What did she even do right in this one?? Oh the long sit she didn't mess up. My friend said she couldn't believe how BAD Jewel was for this one, sniffing during the heeling, following me out during the bomb.

Both Judges at this show were AWESOME! Lots of advice, little tips and incouragement!! It was a small show so they had time to talk to us all.

On the down side I felt like the other people competiting came to the show knowing just about everyone else and I was odd one out. I did not make any friends, I actually barely talked to anyone because they were all clustered around in groups yakking it up.


Good day at the office

September 9th 2011 12:35 pm
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Woooweee is Jewel having a good day at the office today! First someone was using the hotplate to make bacon and she managed to beg some off everyone. It was back bacon or "Canadian" bacon as some call it.

Secondly it's fall here which means time to refill the yard with gravel! Jewel's got three rules about new gravel; 1. roll in it. 2. Pee on it. 3. Climb it if it's still in a pile.

Two hours after her noon walk she shook herself off and a big cloud of dust flew into the air. Yessss, gravel season is fun!


First Pre-novice OB Trial

September 6th 2011 12:26 pm
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Trial #1
Bit of a panic when I found out we’d be first but some lemon oil and a nice judge got me mostly calmed down. Some tight leash on the healing and I think my arms weren’t right for the re-call but the judge passed us. First ribbon!
Trial #2
Second judge made me nervous, a few other people I talked to found him to be stuffy and a harsher marker than the other judge. Some tight leash on the healing again but the major issue was that when I recalled her she didn’t hear me. She was looking right at me but I was so nervous it came out a whisper, even the judge that was half way between us said he barely heard me. She came on the second call but we failed. No ribbon.
Trial #3
With second judge again, I was already nervous from messing up in front of him yesterday. Jewel sniffed at the leg of one of the ring stewards (but I think she had lotion on her leg because I saw a couple other dogs sniffing at her too) during the circles left & right. But the real problem was the recall again, I was nervous because of the day before and when I went to leave her I hesitated and shuffled my feet a second so Jewel followed me out when I walked away. No ribbon.
Trial #4
With first judge again! I think we might have gotten a tight leash warning written on the mark sheet for heeling again. Second ribbon!!



July 21st 2011 1:20 pm
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Well I did it, bought Jewel a harness style seatbelt finally. Ooooo was she mad! Kept giving me the eyes, "Why can't I sit with you Mommy? What is this thing?" And she turns right around so her bum is hanging off the seat and she's facing the back of the seat. Silly girl.

I told her that someday when I get a car she can have one of those fancy booster seats but for now when we're bumming rides this little portable thing is better. Of course getting a car is the prelude to me getting a second dog so I'll have a backseat full of booster seats and no one will be able to bum a ride from us! BOL


Party coming up!

June 30th 2011 10:44 am
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Well I handed out invitations to Jewel's party last night. Everyone accepted so it's going to be one crazy night, Jewel's trainer said she'll probably come without her dog because Bree's scared of all the little dogs! BOL! Poor Bree tries to sniff and play with the little ones and they just snark at her.

So depending on how many of their dogs each person brings I'm expecting between 6-10 dogs for Jewel's party! =0 I found a recipe for banana nut dog cupcake I'm going to make them and I'm going to dig out a couple little paddle pools too!

It's going to be the celebration of one year together and we're also going to call it her birthday. I'm so excited my parents think I'm nuts and have decided to just "send a card".


Adopt 2011 Contest

May 15th 2011 9:07 am
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I got Jewel from the Humboltd & District SPCA. She was turned in with an older shih-tzu-poodle mix (they were told this older dog was Jewel's mother) both of them were matted, underweight and....pregnant.

They both gave birth in the shelter Jewel to four puppies with one dying soon after birth and Kara giving birth to seven puppies all living. The SPCA listed the puppies on petfinder but I e-mailed asking about the mothers. Eventually I managed to make the 1.5 hour trip to see them and decided with the help of a volunteer that Kara had too many issues for me as a first time dog owner and adopted Jewel. I filled out the forms and paid the fee that day at the end of May but had to wait until July 12th to take her home so she could care for her puppies.

Between the time that I adopted her and came back for her Jewel stopped eating. Since she was already underweight her milk dried up and the puppies (Moo moo, Squirrel and Gismo) got sickly and had to be bottle fed while the shelter workers tried to get Jewel eating again.

The day I picked her up I got there at the same time as her last puppy was getting picked up as well. It was Squirrel, whom I later found out died in that new home she went to due to a tragic accident.

Jewel has been the PERFECT first dog for me. But she is still touched by the beginning she had in life, she won't get on furniture by herself, she didn't know what toys are, she didn't understand what chews were and she's always looking to see where I am if someone else holds her. But she's still just perfect.



October 12th 2010 8:27 pm
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Grasshoppers- 0
Jewel- 5


Hair bows bows bows

October 6th 2010 10:07 am
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Well my groomer Holly and I decided to try growing out Jewel's hair to see what happens. =0 So I went on E-bay and bought some real dog bows for her excited for them to get here. I'm hoping that as her body hair gets longer the crazy curl tames into more of wave and she'll look more shih-tzuish. She's got the same part on her head that Holly's shih-tzu has so we'll see if she gets that on her back too. So right now her face is short, her feet are short tapering up into her body and her belly & chest are short because she got a matt from her harness rubbing. Wish us luck in this hairy adventure!


Belly Rubs & Helping Kids

September 24th 2010 10:03 am
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Jewel's started rolling over for belly rubs in the past two weeks! I was so excited the first time she did it, even more excited when she did it for the shop manager at work. She's starting to trust men more...well men she knows anyways.
We ran into an older couple on a walk and she was a little nervous about the man for a few seconds but warmed up to him and he ended up taking a picture of her with his cell phone. This dog is just too cute!
I'm also very proud of Jewel, she's helping a little girl get over her fear of dogs. I took Jewel to my chiropractor's office and Paige was there, she's the daughter of one of the massage therapists that work there. Paige's mom had just been telling me the week before that Paige is so scared of dogs that when they go to anyone's house with dogs Paige goes into one room with a babygate up to keep the dogs out. I was holding Jewel in my arms and Paige came over to us and pet Jewel's back without anyone telling her to! She pulled away when Jewel turned to look at her and pet her again when Jewel looked away. Paige also has two younger sisters that got into the action. Jewel just laid on my lap and would turn her head to make sure the baby didn't get her in the eye...she was so good and calm that even Paige felt safe, everyone in the office was so impressed with her that Jewel is invited back there! In fact the next time I went and didn't bring her with me I got heck!

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