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Tommy's Diary

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Taking a paw in the right direction

June 14th 2012 9:14 am
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Owner: My dog has never really played with anything but a tennis ball a few throws and he never brings the ball to me he always takes it to his pen. I got the flying duck out of the flying series from Hyper-pet and tried it out he ignored it for a while so I put it in his pen and put him in with it for a little while. I walked up to the pen and for once I saw him play with it all by himself. I was shocked since he likes to hide his playing with anything but his play mate who saddly passed away a few weeks ago. He wont chase after it though. And he wont play with it when our other two dogs are around either. I havent seen him play with it since then but every night I set it beside him and tell him to play with his duckey and in the morning its always in a different spot so im glad hes found something to keep him busy during the time period he is alone. My mom told me when we are all outside he needs to be out as well with us so he doesnt feel isolated to his pen. He comes into the house once a day just to see that his play mate is not in the house. Not once has he urinated on anything and there has been times that ive put him on a leash and took him out side to see if he needed to go and he went straight to the bushes by the door and peed so he has been a good boy. My parents are still saying no to the fact that he cant come in at night during the winter so my dad keeps saying that he is going to revamp the dog house and make the entrance smaller and put a heater in as well but just let me say he said the same thing last winter and he didnt do it so i guess we will have to wait oh and I found out why he was tearing up his bed and barking inside the dog house there were bees in his bed so we spayed the matress and got it out


Mommy thinks shes found out what kind of mutt i am

June 14th 2011 11:19 am
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Ive tried and tried to see what other breeds of dogs Tommy has in him and i was thinking he could be several breeds but i saw Australian shepherd, Canaan dog, and border collie and was thinking that those 3 breeds could be tommy although i do think that maybe there are more breeds that could of joined together and yea Tommy's breed status is still a mystery to me but at least im getting closer to what it is


Tommy's play day out in the yard

January 2nd 2011 5:51 pm
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Today i thought it would be a good idea to let the dogs run around in the yard and play with the snow. Ofcourse Tommy loved it so i wish i had the camera when he was hopping in the snow like a deer it was funny then he started digging in the snow and got snow all over his face it was cute he then got a hold of the cats food we left out there and it froze he grabbed the frozen mashed potatoes and the plate was stuck he continued to hold on to it and bring it into the pen when it was time to put them back in their pen it was so hilarious he is still kind of favoring his leg and shasta had the same problem but i was slowly moving her leg to see if there was any wierd grinding feeling and there wasnt so i fugured they just have sprained wrist or whatever they are called i am still going to monitar to see if it gets worse so no worries about that


Oh my gosh

December 25th 2010 5:29 pm
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Ok so i got 2 rahide bones to chew on and and eatable card for christmas my coat is done and its warm but im not used to wearing it yet so i tried getting it off in my dog house


Its Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

December 25th 2010 7:51 am
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Its Christmas and i cant wait to open presents i wonder what im going to get well we are starting right now so i will be back in a little while to tell you what i got for Christmas

Merry Christmas


Coats are almost done

December 23rd 2010 7:57 am
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well my mama made my coal but all they have left to do is sew on the velcrow so if my coat does get torn off it wont harm me

well a couple days ago i jumped the fence why? i have no clue but my collar broke and i got a sprainded ankle/wrist when i got home so my mama went to get me a heavy duety collar so it wont break it can slip off if needed to but it is thicker and instead of those plastic cheap ones she bought me the metal one where you have to do a little more work on i think its called a buckle thing on it where yhou have to slip the end of the collar through the buckle thing and thats how you hook the collar up so it wont break when its cold i have chewed through a wire chain before or maybe someone cut it who knows but i hopefully wont get out its been a long time since i last jumped the fence oh by the way my collar is reflective so if im out and about during the night time people can hopefully see me my mom was worried when she heard i was limping she thought i was hit by a car but thatnkfully when she got home i wasnt limping anymore but she still checke my wrist/ankles just to make sure and they felt normal


I got a new dog house

November 16th 2010 5:14 pm
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I got this big red doghouse in a couple months ago my mom and her dad cleaned it out so there was no signs mice had been there, there is a nice comfortable matrice in there and its insolated and i get to spend my night close to my girl Shasta she snores but thats okay with me recently i started pulling out the exposed insotation so my mom and her dad is going to patch it up after all there are wires next to the exposed insolation



October 20th 2010 3:21 pm
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Sorry i didnt get time last night to tell you all i ran next to the van without a leash oh my gosh it was so cool my mommy was so sososoooooooo pround of me she even gave me a treat and alot of praise becasue i was such a good boy


Im getting in shape

October 12th 2010 4:33 pm
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Oh my ive slimmed down so much im actually in shape now im so glad my momma is taking me on runs i think i have the right idea of running next to the car i just wish Shasta can come but shes to old and it wouldnt do a bit of good since she has arthritis and she may have cancer it might save her life in the long run though but since she cant go on a walk for a block without breathing heavy and hardly walking so we have decided not to go on walks with her although she wants to be with me its just better that way ya know?


Wow its cold out

October 10th 2010 11:16 am
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so when its cold out we dont go running even though it burns more fat and all that good stuff but its been cold out so my mom has been cooped up in the house and its been raining so it hasnt been very good days to go running hopefully it warms up and we get to go run

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