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Notes from Sammie

Happy Holidays

December 23rd 2012 2:56 pm
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Everyone is at my house for Christmas!!!!Wooo Hoooo!! !!!Wooff!!! I haven't seen Aunt Eileen and Uncle Jerry in at least 6 months. They just arrived around 1:30 today. Aunt Claudia and Uncle Ken are here with Nicholas and Andrew. They came yesterday.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!



July 4th 2011 8:34 am
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Jake, my COCKER CUZN from Anderson, SC is in need of POP. I know he isn't on Dogster, but he is still one of us. He visits me and my sisfurs Lollipop and Mittens who are on Catster and my CUZNZ the G-CATZ4 who live in Fredericksburg.
Jake's groomer found a tumor on Jake's back leg and since it grew so quickly, the vet biopsied this and are all waiting for the results. The vet believes it is malignant do to the fact it grew so quickly. If in fact it is, Jake's back leg will have to be amputated, hoping to get all of the cancer. I posted his picture from his last visit. Please send your positive thoughts, prayers, love, POP, his way even though he is not on Dogster. Even though furs are not on Dogster, Catster, we can still carry their souls in our hearts. Please do so...for Auntie Claudia...Auntie Eileen's sister. Thank you Dogster furrends.....


Crossed Paws and Sent Purrs to our Japanese Furrends.

March 13th 2011 7:04 pm
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My Cat CUZN Bastet wrote this in her diary just a few moments ago and I thought I would cross post this into mine.

Most of the day we have been p-mailing and sending POP to our Japanese friends, and I fear we have lost a few by looking at the location of their residence. I hope more of my Catster furrends do the same...just a POP, or words of encouragement... words of HOPE. I know electricity is down now, and many may have lost their computers, their homes, family and their furs. They are living in the streets during winter temperatures, without food, fresh water and medicine. But when our Japanese friends are able to find Catster again, our words of encouragement.... of love and HOPE will be there for them during their hardest time...the rebuilding of their new lives and the mourning of their past. The written words you will have written from your hearts will not be wasted: our time is never wasted when we do something to aid in our fellow furs/humans in distress.

My hope is those Catster Cats who live in TOKYO will be able to check on those who live elsewhere and get back to us here at Catster: that is one blessing of the internet. Maumi is concentrating mostly on Catster because of her school schedule and hopes maybe someone will pick up on Dogster and do the same.

In our family we believe: 'I am Thy Brother's keeper'. Our Japanese friends are our brothers and sisters. We are all CATSTER CATS....and our humans...the brotherhood of man. They have been devastated by an earthquake, followed close behind by a tsunami, explosions at a nuclear plant, followed now by a possible eruption of a volcano.

Love is the most powerful source in the world. Let's band together as Catster Cats to show LOVE for the side of our family who is in dire need of this. Let's show our love, support, HOPE and encouragement to our Japanese family.

And...I thank you those of you on DOGSTER.


My CAT CUZN Bastet's Test Results

October 2nd 2010 9:18 am
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My Cat CUZN’Z Bastet’s CBC results are in and there is some good news. They cannot find any organ failure. However,her lymphosytes are high and her white blood count is low. With each test the gap between each seems to get larger.

There are now 3 vets involved and they don't know if her Hemophelia and this affliction are connected? And if so, how? They don't know if she has the beginning signs of lymphoma, and don't know why bacteria continues to build in her urine. They do not know why the bacterial infection persists after 2 months of anitibiotics. They have tested for the 'conventional' possibilites as they call it, now they are going to begin testing for 'nonconventional' possibilities, such as Lymne disease,beginning next Saturday.

Yesterday Bastet didn't make it to her box a few times. She still doen't eat as well as she used to, and has begun to hide again. Auntie Eileen hopes this is because she had to swaddle Bastet in a large towel in order to get the oral antibiotic down her throat because she wouldn't take it in food; not like us dogs who are much easier. This method worked twice, but not the 3rd time because Bastet wiggled out of the towel and leaped to the floor. After she swaddled Bastet, she began to hide each time Auntie Eileen would approach. It took a few days for Bastet to trust that Auntie Eileen wouldn't swaddle her again. She did take her pill in tuna, twice, but then she knew it was in there so Auntie Eileen put it in chicken, twice. Bastet somehow sniffed out the pill and then refused to eat. CATZ. They sure aren’t as easy as us dogs….But I still love my CUZN Bastet.

Last night Bastet went outside on her harness for the first time in awhile, but only felt like staying out for about 5 minutes. That is not like Bastet. She likes to stay out for hours. That is where she is like a dog. She loves to be outside on her harness, walking, running and playing in the woods and back yard.

My G-CATZ CUZN Miss Kitty remains the same, still thin, frail, and doesn't play much. She still continues to get sick at her stomach, but if she eats the vet's food and not her sisters’ food, she doesn’t get sick as much.

Bastet and Auntie Eileen can feel everyfur's POP, prayers and thoughts and know you all have given Bastet the strength to endure the painful and embarrassing testing. They thank everyfur and everyone so much. Dogster and Catster furrends are the greatest.


I Have Met Some Wonderful Humans

August 9th 2010 5:18 am
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Since I have been here on Dogster almost 2 months, I have made some special friends like Flicka, Lucas, Cleo, Sully and Socks who live fairly close to me, Buster and Sugar and Rosie the Rottie. Also I have met some wonderful humans. My little Mommy loves to take me for walks and loves to play with me outside. My favorite place to walk is in the school playground which is over the fence behind our house. But my most favorite expedition is when big Mommy takes me to work with her. She is a computer programmer for the county school system and has to work during the summer. So...sometimes she takes me and Little Mommy to school with her which is a long trip, not the one behind us. As her office, she has a small classroom in one of the junior high schools and has set up an area with my bed, food, water and special toys. Of course on the playground there are children who are in summer school who play with me. In school I have met some wonderful humans. Teachers are so nice and kind. I found those who teach children or administrators in school are very special humans. They truly care about pets, children and in general are kind and loving. I have heard such nice things they say about their students and whenever they see me they take time from their busy planning schedule to pet, talk or play with me. Some have even brought treats knowing I am going to be there. I have been told I could have the run of the school, but big Mommy will not have that. However I do have the run of the classroom and its funny how Big Mommy has lots of visitors. In general when they come in, Big Mommy gets ignored because they come to see and play with me. Unless of course their computer has fleas. Then Big Mommy has to go and deflea them. I am such a happy dog whether I am in school or at home. I have met some wonderful humans.


Happy Ever-after in My Furever Home

July 21st 2010 8:11 am
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Hi everyone at Dogster. My name is Sammie and I have only been with my furever family since June 24 of 2010. That was the greatest day in my life. Let me tell you a little about it.

One day I was with a family, I don't remember anything about them. Next thing I know I am at the vet's having surgery, then wandering around outside with my family no where to be found.

I ended up at an animal shelter in Clark County and was there for 2 weeks when the most special thing happened to me. A young girl and her Mom came to see all the dogs. I could see by their human eyes that they had good kind souls and good kind hearts so I knew they would give me the best forever home; but I just needed them to notice me over all the other dogs.

So...I walked to the edge of my enclosure wagged my tail, stood up as tall as I could stand with my paws on the door and made eye contact with the little girl. That is all it took. I fell in love with her and she with me. Her Mom asked if we could go for a walk, and the shelter allowed the girl and her Mom to walk me down the path close by. I was so happy I smiled, wagged my tail and gave her the wettest kisses I could.

The girl's Mom took pictures of us. That is the second one on my page. That day I went home with them and if there is any such thing as living happily ever after...I am in my furever home.

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