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Got it Going On!

Why can't it be Christmas every day?

December 27th 2011 4:28 pm
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It's a warm, humid day down here near the bottom of the world today, and us doggies aren't doing much apart from lying around the yard sleeping.
Howard Jr has gone up to our mountain house with daddy, and I'm pleased about that. I don't miss his bossy ways!!!!!!!!!

Phoenix the S/Vallhund was the one who started us doggies all wishing it was Christmas again. Mommy had gone out into the laundry for just a minute to get something. Phoenix glanced both ways to make sure mommy was definitely out of sight, and then she jumped up onto one of the dining table chairs. Phoenix jumped onto the dining table next to where our small artifical Christmas Tree is.

UH OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phoenix started sniffing the Christmas pawresents that are still under our Christmas tree, and then she started ripping the wrapping paper with her teeth!
The rest of us doggies all crowded around the table and sat there watching Phoenix ripping open all those pawresents. She dropped a T Shirt over the side of the table to us and Freddie started chewing it.
Yuk!!! That wasn't a doggy treat!
She dropped something else over the side of the table and I grabbed it.
Phut!!! That wasn't a doggy toy!

"Just what do you all think you are doing?" Mommy's voice called across the living room.
Everyone quickly ran outside except me. I walked up to mommy with the thing I had in my mouth and gave it to her.
"I think you all just wish it was Christmas every day," mommy said as she gave me a rub behind my ear.
"Oh yes," I thought as I wagged my tail so hard it thumped on the living room floor. "I wished Santa Paws would come again."

Mommy suddenly remembered that there were some bags of Eukanuba Healthy Extras in our showing bag, so she went and got them for us.
We were all so excited to be getting treats again - except for Xena! Xena took one in her mouth, spat it out and walked off outside. I guess she really just doesn't like eating anything healthy, but that means there's more for the rest of us!


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