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Got it Going On!


December 25th 2011 1:26 pm
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Santa Paws came - he really did come to my house.

It was Christmas Eve, the fairy lights were twinkling on the Christmas Tree, Christmas Carols were playing and mommy took us all out into the yard to look at the clear starry sky for just a couple of minutes.
When we got back in the house there were lots and lots of pawresents around our Christmas Tree, and Santa had left a Santa hat too!
Mommy put the santa hat on Holly and she helped to give us some of our pawresents.

Howard Jr got the first pawresent to open and it was a bag of pigs ears - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - we all got one.
Mommy and daddy watched a Christmas movie and it seemed as if we were opening doggy pawresents filled with delicious treats to eat all evening.
We were all so happy it was Christmas and Santa Paws had visited our house.

It was 1am by the time we went to bed, but that didn't stop us waking up at 5am to open the rest of our pawresents.
Daddy said he had no idea why we had all woken up so early when we went to bed so late and normally sleep in when that happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mommy just laughed at daddy and told him that he was silly, because us doggies all knew it was Christmas and we wanted to open our Christmas pawresents.
So, mommy took us all back into the living room, Holly put the santa hat on again and we got the rest of our pawresents.

There were so many new toys and squeakies in those pawresents we lost count of who's squeaky was who's. This was apart from Holly who took a particular liking to a pink squeaky she received, so she took it to her place in the living room and stayed with it and a couple of pigs ears all morning.
There were pink squeakies, green squeakies, reindeer toys, doggy toys, orange squeakies, rope chew toys - too many to write about. There were more pawresents filled with doggy treats - greenie bones, pigs ears, chicken and sweet potato, beef jerky etc.......
I loved all the wrapping paper and had great fun jumping into the middle of the pile and barking at it.

Christmas was the most fun ever, and I can't wait for Christmas next year so that it can happen all over again.

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone - and Thank You Santa Paws for coming to my house. :):):):):)

Barked by: Flicka ~ CGC (Dogster Member)

December 26th 2011 at 10:55 am

Yuletide Blessings and JOY !


♥Angel Georgi, truly lo


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