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Georgi Pie.

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June 25th 2010

Her freedom to do as she pleases.

Being confined anywhere.

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The red fluffy catnip mouse and the yellow squeaky ball.

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Thick Greek acidophilus yoghurt - the kind you have to spoon out of the tub.

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My husband and I really only ever wanted to keep a boypup from Crystal's litter of 9 puppies as this is the male line for our very small breeding kennel. However over the first three weeks, there was one puppy that stood head and shoulders above the rest. She was totally fearless, adventurous, more advanced than all the others and judging by her lines she would be able to cover a whole lot of ground when she grew up. We were going to call her Sofie, but decided that was too feminine a name for a "go gettem" type girl. So after a family discussion over a family lunch, she was named Georgi.

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January 15th 2013 10:53 pm
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It is with immense sadness that I wish to inform our sweet Georgi's Dogster furiends of her passing over to The Rainbow Bridge on 23/12/2012 due to a one in a million/billion complication of a routine Caesarean/spaying operation.

Georgi stood out as the most exceptional, happy, gentle natured puppy from the moment she was born - the first of her litter of nine beautiful pups.
My daughter fell in love with her from those earliest days, and she was the one to give Georgi her name.

Georgi's debut into the show ring aged 6mths old at a New Year's Day ribbon parade saw her awarded Best On Parade over several titled show dogs.
However in the championship show ring, Georgi was always competing against her extremely beautiful "Wow factor" cousin Xena, and Georgi struggled to beat her. Xena's fizzy personality and love of the showring always outshone Georgi's calm obedience apart from 4 times in her whole show career.
Her greatest achievement in the GSD specialist ring was a 2nd placing in the junior class where the judge said she placed her there because of her honesty and the fact that she calmly gave her all to those who were handling her.

Georgi was retired from the show ring at 2yrs old to become a mommy and also so that she could achieve the ultimate calling of any dog - to become a much loved family pet.
Once Georgi's beautiful puppies were weaned she went to live in the country with my oldest daughter and her family, plus Georgi's Aunty Abigail.
Country life agreed with Georgi. She spent most of her days wandering free in the pastures near the house, chasing butterflies, digging holes, sleeping in the shade of the hedge rows on lazy summer days, and being showered with the love of a wonderful family.

The agreement with my daughter regards Georgi was that she would have another litter of puppies late 2013 - early 2014, and then Georgi would be spayed.
While that was what was agreed upon, my husband went out to our daughter's to tend the gardens one day when my daughter didn't realise that Georgi was on heat and an unplanned mating between Georgi and Howard Jr took place.

Georgi returned to us to have her puppies the week before Christmas, and late on Saturday afternoon 12/22 3 healthy puppies were delivered by caesarean section 2 girls and a rather large boy.
Georgi never really recovered from her Caesarean/spay surgery and left us for The Rainbow Bridge at 12pm the next day as she lay on the vets operating table where they desperately tried to save her life.
My husband and I were suddenly left with a house full of family/visitors from overseas for Christmas, and 3 orphaned day old puppies to hand rear.
My husband and I had talked with the vet before we had left the clinic about the chances of getting a foster mother for our orphaned puppies. You hear about these wonderful things happening, but according to our vet the actual occurance of such a thing happening isn't at all common and in all the years our vet clinic has been in operation they had never had it happen once - our vet clinic being the one a huge majority of the dog breeders in our province use.
We drove home in silence from the vets.

When we arrived home my husband just stood quietly in the driveway holding the 3 puppies in the puppy carrier, and I stood beside him with tears running down my cheeks.
Normally when we come home from being out our dogs all bark like crazy, running and jumping up and down the fencelines of their runs.
This day they all just sat quietly, their big brown eyes watching us as if they had full knowledge of the desperate attempt to try and save Georgi's precious life, and of her journey to The Rainbow Bridge.

The dogs were all quiet except for Holly who is usually the quietest of them all.
Holly was whining and howling hysterically as she threw herself frantically against the chain link mesh of her run in a very obvious attempt to get out. Holly was so distressed and frantic I had to let her out of her run. She ran straight over to my husband and kept jumping up at the puppy carrier as if she was frantically trying to get to the puppies.
My husband and I stared at each other in shock/surprise as we took Holly inside with us and the puppies.
Holly ran straight into our bedroom where the whelping box stays permanently in one corner of the huge room, and she jumped into it as my husband placed the puppies into it.

Holly gently licked and washed each puppy, nudging them onto the heat pad to keep them warm. Once she had washed them all, she lay down beside them and nudged them up against her stomach as if encouraging them to suckle off her. I called our vet and told her about Holly's behavior, wanting to know what the chances were of Holly producing milk as it was 2yrs since she had her litter of puppies. The vet told me that it could happen, but that because it was so long since Holly had her puppies not to hold my breath and expect a miracle.
And so, the tiring task of trying to save/bring up Georgi's orphan puppies began as I fed them every 1-2 hours, cooking Christmas Dinner for 14 people and having a houseful of people. I think I only got about 8hrs sleep in total between 12/22 (having spent all of that Saturday night up with Georgi) and 12/30. I don't think Holly slept at all those first 10 days she spent with her newly adopted furbabies.
Holly was nurturing and protecting these puppies more than I have ever known any natural mother dog to.

Christmas Eve came and it was only as I went to give the puppies their midnight feed I noticed something unusual - Holly's mammaries were starting to swell and when I gently pulled on one of her back nipples the slightest amount of milk came out.
The most beautiful miracle was happening before my very eyes, in my house. Holly was starting to produce milk to feed her adopted family.

Christmas 2012 will forever be remembered in our family above all others.
Georgi's passing to The Rainbow Bridge will be remembered well as a time of immense sadness.
However, we will also remember how a gift of unbelievable love was given by one of the most amazing dogs I have ever known to a litter of day old orphaned puppies. Holly will long be remembered until the day we all die as the most beautiful dog with the hugest of hearts who's motherly love surpassed anything we have ever known or experienced.
While Holly has long been one of our vet team's most favorite GSD's because of her gentleness, she has won their hearts because of the miracle that happened at Christmas.
Our circle of dog loving friends have all become Holly's biggest fans. People are amazed when they hear about Georgi's orphaned puppies and Holly's truly incredible gift of motherly love.
While Holly will never ever be the amazing show dog her mother Bella was or ever possess the pizazz/presence that her sister Xena has, if we could only ever have one dog it would be Holly because of her immensely loving heart.

To date Georgi's/Holly's puppies no longer need to be fed with puppy formula as Holly has more than enough milk for them.
Holly keeps them scrupulously clean, loves, watches over, and plays with them as though they are the most special puppies ever born.
They are exceptionally healthy, and the boy is far bigger, stronger and more advanced than is normal for his age of 3 1/2 weeks.

R.I.P sweet Georgi, and thank you Holly for your amazing gift of immense love this Christmas just passed. x x x


Why can't it be Christmas every day?

December 27th 2011 4:28 pm
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It's a warm, humid day down here near the bottom of the world today, and us doggies aren't doing much apart from lying around the yard sleeping.
Howard Jr has gone up to our mountain house with daddy, and I'm pleased about that. I don't miss his bossy ways!!!!!!!!!

Phoenix the S/Vallhund was the one who started us doggies all wishing it was Christmas again. Mommy had gone out into the laundry for just a minute to get something. Phoenix glanced both ways to make sure mommy was definitely out of sight, and then she jumped up onto one of the dining table chairs. Phoenix jumped onto the dining table next to where our small artifical Christmas Tree is.

UH OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phoenix started sniffing the Christmas pawresents that are still under our Christmas tree, and then she started ripping the wrapping paper with her teeth!
The rest of us doggies all crowded around the table and sat there watching Phoenix ripping open all those pawresents. She dropped a T Shirt over the side of the table to us and Freddie started chewing it.
Yuk!!! That wasn't a doggy treat!
She dropped something else over the side of the table and I grabbed it.
Phut!!! That wasn't a doggy toy!

"Just what do you all think you are doing?" Mommy's voice called across the living room.
Everyone quickly ran outside except me. I walked up to mommy with the thing I had in my mouth and gave it to her.
"I think you all just wish it was Christmas every day," mommy said as she gave me a rub behind my ear.
"Oh yes," I thought as I wagged my tail so hard it thumped on the living room floor. "I wished Santa Paws would come again."

Mommy suddenly remembered that there were some bags of Eukanuba Healthy Extras in our showing bag, so she went and got them for us.
We were all so excited to be getting treats again - except for Xena! Xena took one in her mouth, spat it out and walked off outside. I guess she really just doesn't like eating anything healthy, but that means there's more for the rest of us!



December 25th 2011 1:26 pm
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Santa Paws came - he really did come to my house.

It was Christmas Eve, the fairy lights were twinkling on the Christmas Tree, Christmas Carols were playing and mommy took us all out into the yard to look at the clear starry sky for just a couple of minutes.
When we got back in the house there were lots and lots of pawresents around our Christmas Tree, and Santa had left a Santa hat too!
Mommy put the santa hat on Holly and she helped to give us some of our pawresents.

Howard Jr got the first pawresent to open and it was a bag of pigs ears - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - we all got one.
Mommy and daddy watched a Christmas movie and it seemed as if we were opening doggy pawresents filled with delicious treats to eat all evening.
We were all so happy it was Christmas and Santa Paws had visited our house.

It was 1am by the time we went to bed, but that didn't stop us waking up at 5am to open the rest of our pawresents.
Daddy said he had no idea why we had all woken up so early when we went to bed so late and normally sleep in when that happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mommy just laughed at daddy and told him that he was silly, because us doggies all knew it was Christmas and we wanted to open our Christmas pawresents.
So, mommy took us all back into the living room, Holly put the santa hat on again and we got the rest of our pawresents.

There were so many new toys and squeakies in those pawresents we lost count of who's squeaky was who's. This was apart from Holly who took a particular liking to a pink squeaky she received, so she took it to her place in the living room and stayed with it and a couple of pigs ears all morning.
There were pink squeakies, green squeakies, reindeer toys, doggy toys, orange squeakies, rope chew toys - too many to write about. There were more pawresents filled with doggy treats - greenie bones, pigs ears, chicken and sweet potato, beef jerky etc.......
I loved all the wrapping paper and had great fun jumping into the middle of the pile and barking at it.

Christmas was the most fun ever, and I can't wait for Christmas next year so that it can happen all over again.

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone - and Thank You Santa Paws for coming to my house. :):):):):)

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