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Long Time Between Entries

June 18th 2011 2:55 pm
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I've had to take a break on my diary. My person and I had so much going on. We're having a generator installed, and my person's friend that's installing the generator is also my best friend. I run and tell my person if I see him, and she opens the door, and I run to him like a bullet. He calls me his girlfriend and let's me give him lots of kisses and raise up on him. I just can't leave him alone because he knows everything that makes a dog happy. I'm really so happy when I see him.

People also came and put in something called a gas line (My person says I'll be happy next winter). I had to check them out and make sure they knew what they were doing. They dug a big hole and I would like to have dug with them, but my person said absolutely not.

We also had a yard sale and all my little kids came up. I actually did great with my little girl and my little boy (but not the baby boys), and I even got to stay outside during the yard sale. Several people came up to my person and asked about me and wanted to pet me. She said ok and I got lots of pets from new people.

Then, right after the yard sale, I did something that my person wasn't real happy about. I found a nest of baby rabbits in the iris bed, and rabbits went everywhere. Well, I grabbed one and took off with my new playtoy which is better than even a mole. My person tried nice "bring it here talk", but I know her and knew she would take it away from me. She was a scientist and knew that rabbits die quickly from shock and knew my "toy" had already died, even though I have a soft mouth. She gave up on getting it from me and was trying to rescue the others even though she knew they would die. She was putting them in a wheelbarrow when a mockingbird swooped down and got one. Then I shot in and got another, and she just gave up. My person said to please not eat them, but I tried one and it was good. She made me stay out, though, because she said I might throw up. I didn't though. She wasn't real happy, but she said that's what you get when you have a hunting dog.

We did make up, but that night she brushed my teeth extra good before we went to bed. She's really a picky person.

We've been going for lots of rides and walking at our city park which I just love. She said we couldn't walk at St. Joe State Park until after a freeze (What's that?) because it was a bad tick year. I got 8 last walk there, but my person found them all. Even though I'm on Front Line Plus she doesn't like them on me. It's ok since I like the city park too. We even went down to my little kid's house, which was fun, but on the way back I got really restless and my person had to find me a place to poop. That was the problem; I went right to sleep in the car after that. She's pretty smart about that stuff.

Today we're not doing much. My person thinks she might have food poisoning, so we got up at 5 with my person running to the bathroom. We've been in and out of bed and now we're computing, she's computing, I'm under the desk supervising. She told me she thinks she's feeling better and maybe we can do something tomorrow. I hope it's another ride, as I really like going in the car, and I think she said something about my swimming pool. Even when life's bad, it's not too bad.


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