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Not too happy with my person

May 22nd 2011 9:20 pm
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We got up this morning and it wasn't raining so my person took her coffee out on the deck and I played in the yard, barking at this and that and running and having a good time. I was down by the fence checking out the neighborhood when two big animals I thought were big dogs came running beside our yard. I started to bark and thought, what are these things? Being a dog with good sense I ran to my person really fast, using my something's wrong bark. She jumped up and I got behind her, and she said "Sara, those are deer"! Well, something new, and I'm not certain I like them. They were pretty big and ran really fast.

My person decided to get the grass out of a new flower bed she had made, and I decided to help her. It's full of new daylillies that may not live to be old flowers. I need to be close to my person, so I layed right on the flowers. She finally gave up for a while, so I chased a squirrel and rolled in the mulch and some other good dog stuff. Even though it was cloudy and the wind was blowing I got pretty hot, and my person took me in the air conditioning and told me to rest and cool off. She went back out and I got in my desk cave.

Later she came and got me, and I ran around a lot and checked her work. She felt kind of bad about banning me and offered me a ride. That's all I needed to hear; I ran to the car and jumped in. We drove to a WalMart and looked at landscaping blocks (boring!) and then she went to Dairy Queen and got a chicken basket. I know Dairy Queen and was really excited wanting my ice cream, and my person got ice cream for me. When we got home she gave me my Dairy Queen and I ate it slowly and dainty like I always do.

When she started her meal, I watched for a little chicken to fall and gave her my most pitiful look. That was my downfall; she gave me two chicken strips. I think chicken and ice cream maybe don't mix. We went outside, and I ran all over the yard looking for rabbits and squirrels. All at once I stopped and upchucked my food. My person ran out and checked me and told me it was her fault. I felt a lot better after I threw up, but she was pretty worried. She cleaned up after me and took me and wiped my face and made me lie down a while, but I was ok.
She said from now on I have to rest after I eat and not run crazy. She's a little worried, but she had also switched me to a new organic food, and she thought it was maybe too rich.

She said no matter how pitiful I look that's not going to happen again. I guess she's really serious because I haven't been able to get one treat out of her tonight. I'm sticking really close to her as I know she's a little upset because a big tornado (I don't know what that is) hit Joplin, Missouri, and killed and hurt people (and probably dogs). She told me that sometimes she thought it might be nice to just be a pampered dog who doesn't worry about tomorrow. I don't know what that means either, but I gave her some licks and she gave me lots of hugs. It's nice to have a person as my pal.


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