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Age: 7 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 26-50 lbs

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Sar-Sar, Sar, and BooBoo

Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

Sun Sign:
January 25th 2010


When I won't play with her because she's biting and rough; when I make her scoot over so I can get in bed too.

Favorite Toy:
Anything she can demolish now including soccer balls

Favorite Food:
Treats and the last bite of my meals

Favorite Walk:
Parks and subdivision; anywhere that she can walk and walk

Best Tricks:
Practicing her commands and sitting in the front car seat watching people

Arrival Story:
I chose Sara when she was one week old. Her daddy's name was Al and her moma's name was Basil. I had only had one dog as an adult; her name was Sarah and she was my neighbor's dog and I took her as she was unwanted. She was a little white mixed breed dog with an amazing personality who became a perfect house dog and my best little pal. Unfortunately she died of a multitude of health problems caused by neglect around Christmas 2090. After swearing I'd never go through the pain of losing a dog again, I started looking on Petfinder for a white female about 20-30 pounds and could find nothing. I found Sara on the internet at a breeder's site, took a deep breath, made my deposit and became the proud owner of one puppy.

Sara's daddy is very laid back as is her momma, but I had never had a puppy before and didn't know what I was getting into. Even as a puppy she loved all kids with a passion, loved all adults, but would get in my lap, growl at me, and bite the cr** out of me. I took her to a trainer to see if she was crazed and was told she was a perfect mixture of puppy and I was just seeing a strong case of puppyhood. I called the breeder and thought of sending her back and getting a milder, more cuddly puppy, but somehow she was already mine so we've toughed it through together. She was introduced to kids early, even sits and watches kids on tv, started doggie daycare after her shots and is great with dogs, has been wacked twice by cats so they're not high on her list, and even though we had a rough start, truely loves me, sleeps on the bed with me or in her open crate, hates to get up early, so takes a morning nap on the recliner with me while I drink coffee. Update: Sara is now close to 11 months old. She still loves to play rough with me but is starting to understand that a yell from me means she's hurting me and she gets concerned. She's decided it's much better to sleep with me and not in her crate and is still a bed hog but is getting a bit better. She's had her first experience with snow and loves it. I've had my first experience with ice balls on her leg feathers, but she lays down on a rug and I dry her and melt her ice balls, so we make a pretty good team. We still have to work on her lunging on a leash and jumping on people, but she follows other commands unless she gets too excited. She's a real TV watcher, running to the TV if kids or dogs are on TV and growling at any of the cat family, even though she seems to tolerate cats when she meets them. She plays well with other dogs and is getting more calm around kids. We make a great pair. Sara is a year old now and is a lot of fun. She's still a maniac, but is learning when to stop. She met a cat named Foster and sniffed him gently and he responded with lots of sniffs and a couple of pats, so it went well. She's becoming a teenager I think. Update: Sara is now over a year old, but I've found out she's probably a two year puppy. Oh, well, I've survived a year. We still playfight, but now she stops if I yell too loud over a bite. When we play fight, she growls and barks like she's killing me, and, if she's losing, she starts to howl. Then she stops and looks at me as if to say "Well, howl with me" and I do. With my yelling, her growling, and our howling, the neighbors probably wonder what's going on in our house, but we're having a lot of fun. Since we're been going to the state parks so often, Sara puts her head in my lap and gives me a look that says, "Quit what you're doing and let's go for a ride and to the park", and you know, she's right. Life's too short to not enjoy, so off we go-for a ride, for a walk, and to play in the river. The car's full of dog hair and nose smudges on the air conditioning vent and window, and sometimes a little wet from a swimmy dog, but what a great time we're having. Update: Sara is now a year and a half old, and is just a great dog. I enjoy being with her and she with me and no longer worry if my house is perfect and don't complain much when I step on a toy. It's much more important to have found this wonderful pal than it is being told during my eulogy that I kept a perfect house. All in all, I don't find having Sara in the house much different than having a toddler or younger kid in the house, definitely fewer toys, just more hair.

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Live life to the fullest

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Maybe we aren't the right home for her :-(

Sara is a beautiful dog who looks like a small golden with the white and cream markings of an English cocker. She loves to ride in the car and watches everything. She is a housedog with a half acre fenced backyard that she can roam. She hurries to get in bed before me, hogs the bed and sleeps on her back all sprawled out. She'll get down and into her crate, but in the early morning she's back in bed, cuddling against me. She has a beautiful gait, and the most beautiful face you've ever seen and can smile. She'll lay her chin on your leg and see if maybe you have a snack. She knows commands well unless she's ignoring you and watches TV, wagging her tail at kids, and barking at dogs. All in all, I've got a real winner. She has a new human pal, Kevin, and she barks and runs and tells me if he coming to visit her!, not me. He used to have a golden and knows exactly what makes her happy. I've had Sara for over two years now and she can still be a maniac. I've been told it's the Golden in her, but sometimes I think it's purely the devil in her. She's become quite the mole catcher since we've had a bad spring with little rain and the moles can't dig deep. She tosses them in the air, has figured out quickly that one end bites (had one stuck to her lip that I had to wrap my fingers around it's neck and choke until it turned loose), and knows I'll try to take it from her so stays just out of my reach. Like it or not, she's a hunting dog mix, and I've learned I'm not going to win. She still sleeps in the bed, and we have terrible play fights with lots of growling and yelling, and plenty of howling together, almost nose to nose. Her worst habit is lunging on the leash which I'm going to make an intense effort to solve, and her love of people, which can be a problem since she's so strong. Sometimes, she still has to go to her crate if she can't settle down. I'm hoping another year makes a difference. I now leave her in the house by herself uncrated, and she never bothers anything, usually just lays in the kitchen on a bed and waits for me. She is one crazy dog that loves to go to her vet. She doesn't mind exams, and when she had ear mites didn't have to be restrained while he looked deep in her ears, just let out a little cry since her ears were inflammed. All in all she's one great dog. Sara has turned into the funniest and most enjoyable dog. My bed is covered with her toys which I push to the foot which wind up back at the top. She loves to play fight and howl with me. She often sleeps on her back, and I wake up with her back legs over my legs. She piles on my leather sofa and sleeps, goes out her dog door on her own and grabs a towel to be dried off if it's raining outside or if she's rolled in the dew covered grass. Since she doesn't like ultra hot, she goes in on her own if she's hot and lays in front of the sliding glass door and watches me work. Even when I find enough dog hair to build another dog and sweep daily to get hair, grass, and mulch she tracks in, she is still a very wonderful pal dog.

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July 8th 2010 More than 6 years!

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Sara's World

A Catch Up Entry

July 31st 2011 11:52 am
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It's been a long time since my person and I put an entry here. We've had an exciting time, not all good. The good-I discovered big deep swimming pools and I love them! Our neighbor has one and by the third time, I walked down the steps, swam to one end of the pool and back and went right to the steps and walked out. It's the best thing every invented. My person found out that in September some of the pools near St. Louis are having doggie swim day, and she's going to try and take me so I can swim with other dogs.

The bad-I almost died and my person still doesn't know what made me sick. I had some diarrhea one day, but it was gone the next day and my girls came up and played with me. I ate, didn't have diarrhea, and just had a great time. That night I played with my person after we went to bed, and I got down (I do that if I'm getting hot) and she went to sleep. Well, during the night I got really sick and vomited a few times and had bad, bloody diarrhea. When my person got up and found it we were off to the vet. He said I needed a barium study and fluids because I was pretty badly dehydrated. My person left me, and even though I was sick, I was really sad, my person said.

She called the vet several times, and the vet tech said I was doing good. My person got to get me the next afternoon. They said I had been really good and was a really sweet dog. My person took me home and had to give me a antinausea pill once a day, a stomach pill once a day, and two different antibiotics twice a day. Hooray for peanut butter! She also had to feed me four times a day. She fixed me chicken with white rice and ground round with rice, which I thought was some pretty good eating. She watched me like a hawk and wasn't much fun, but she did take me on rides since she didn't want me around kids or dogs. I think she really loves me since she cried a little bit when I was sick and told me not to die on her.

I've been feeling a lot better, even with this heat, but my person limits my time outdoors and told me we really weren't going to walk in this heat, not after me being sick. We're really close now, and I don't like to stay outside long without my person. My person even said I could get on the leather sofa, and it's really fun sitting together because there's so much room. I take 2/3rds and she gets the rest. I can stretch out and snooze and even roll on my back and sleep and have so much room. When I want to cuddle I just turn around and put my head in my person's lap. We're a great team together, and my person decided I better stay on my comfort food a while longer. I didn't like being sick, but I sure like the good eating.


Long Time Between Entries

June 18th 2011 2:55 pm
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I've had to take a break on my diary. My person and I had so much going on. We're having a generator installed, and my person's friend that's installing the generator is also my best friend. I run and tell my person if I see him, and she opens the door, and I run to him like a bullet. He calls me his girlfriend and let's me give him lots of kisses and raise up on him. I just can't leave him alone because he knows everything that makes a dog happy. I'm really so happy when I see him.

People also came and put in something called a gas line (My person says I'll be happy next winter). I had to check them out and make sure they knew what they were doing. They dug a big hole and I would like to have dug with them, but my person said absolutely not.

We also had a yard sale and all my little kids came up. I actually did great with my little girl and my little boy (but not the baby boys), and I even got to stay outside during the yard sale. Several people came up to my person and asked about me and wanted to pet me. She said ok and I got lots of pets from new people.

Then, right after the yard sale, I did something that my person wasn't real happy about. I found a nest of baby rabbits in the iris bed, and rabbits went everywhere. Well, I grabbed one and took off with my new playtoy which is better than even a mole. My person tried nice "bring it here talk", but I know her and knew she would take it away from me. She was a scientist and knew that rabbits die quickly from shock and knew my "toy" had already died, even though I have a soft mouth. She gave up on getting it from me and was trying to rescue the others even though she knew they would die. She was putting them in a wheelbarrow when a mockingbird swooped down and got one. Then I shot in and got another, and she just gave up. My person said to please not eat them, but I tried one and it was good. She made me stay out, though, because she said I might throw up. I didn't though. She wasn't real happy, but she said that's what you get when you have a hunting dog.

We did make up, but that night she brushed my teeth extra good before we went to bed. She's really a picky person.

We've been going for lots of rides and walking at our city park which I just love. She said we couldn't walk at St. Joe State Park until after a freeze (What's that?) because it was a bad tick year. I got 8 last walk there, but my person found them all. Even though I'm on Front Line Plus she doesn't like them on me. It's ok since I like the city park too. We even went down to my little kid's house, which was fun, but on the way back I got really restless and my person had to find me a place to poop. That was the problem; I went right to sleep in the car after that. She's pretty smart about that stuff.

Today we're not doing much. My person thinks she might have food poisoning, so we got up at 5 with my person running to the bathroom. We've been in and out of bed and now we're computing, she's computing, I'm under the desk supervising. She told me she thinks she's feeling better and maybe we can do something tomorrow. I hope it's another ride, as I really like going in the car, and I think she said something about my swimming pool. Even when life's bad, it's not too bad.


Not too happy with my person

May 22nd 2011 9:20 pm
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We got up this morning and it wasn't raining so my person took her coffee out on the deck and I played in the yard, barking at this and that and running and having a good time. I was down by the fence checking out the neighborhood when two big animals I thought were big dogs came running beside our yard. I started to bark and thought, what are these things? Being a dog with good sense I ran to my person really fast, using my something's wrong bark. She jumped up and I got behind her, and she said "Sara, those are deer"! Well, something new, and I'm not certain I like them. They were pretty big and ran really fast.

My person decided to get the grass out of a new flower bed she had made, and I decided to help her. It's full of new daylillies that may not live to be old flowers. I need to be close to my person, so I layed right on the flowers. She finally gave up for a while, so I chased a squirrel and rolled in the mulch and some other good dog stuff. Even though it was cloudy and the wind was blowing I got pretty hot, and my person took me in the air conditioning and told me to rest and cool off. She went back out and I got in my desk cave.

Later she came and got me, and I ran around a lot and checked her work. She felt kind of bad about banning me and offered me a ride. That's all I needed to hear; I ran to the car and jumped in. We drove to a WalMart and looked at landscaping blocks (boring!) and then she went to Dairy Queen and got a chicken basket. I know Dairy Queen and was really excited wanting my ice cream, and my person got ice cream for me. When we got home she gave me my Dairy Queen and I ate it slowly and dainty like I always do.

When she started her meal, I watched for a little chicken to fall and gave her my most pitiful look. That was my downfall; she gave me two chicken strips. I think chicken and ice cream maybe don't mix. We went outside, and I ran all over the yard looking for rabbits and squirrels. All at once I stopped and upchucked my food. My person ran out and checked me and told me it was her fault. I felt a lot better after I threw up, but she was pretty worried. She cleaned up after me and took me and wiped my face and made me lie down a while, but I was ok.
She said from now on I have to rest after I eat and not run crazy. She's a little worried, but she had also switched me to a new organic food, and she thought it was maybe too rich.

She said no matter how pitiful I look that's not going to happen again. I guess she's really serious because I haven't been able to get one treat out of her tonight. I'm sticking really close to her as I know she's a little upset because a big tornado (I don't know what that is) hit Joplin, Missouri, and killed and hurt people (and probably dogs). She told me that sometimes she thought it might be nice to just be a pampered dog who doesn't worry about tomorrow. I don't know what that means either, but I gave her some licks and she gave me lots of hugs. It's nice to have a person as my pal.

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